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Want to take a big trip with all of your best friends, family, or relatives, but don't know which transportation to choose? Think twice before preferring the public bus or renting a few economy cars for your road adventure!

Passenger van rental is something that will allow you to get several advantages at once. Firstly, it’s freedom of movement wherever you go, and secondly, a large roomy and affordable people carrier where everyone will feel comfortable.

Book a cheap van rental at and you will find out what the real pleasure of traveling with a large company is. The huge interior of a car has enough room for all passengers, while the spacious trunk will take all your baggage. A large selection of truck or cargo van rental vehicles for exclusive transport purposes is also at your disposal.

With, you’re always guaranteed to enjoy the best van rent prices. In addition, you have the opportunity to get the desired model even cheaper - just book it in advance. You can do it right now by filling out a simple search form!

Why rent a van with

Large size is not the only positive characteristic of vans. As a modern traveler, you want to get more out of your vehicle. The reasons for choosing a van for rent are determined by the clear benefits that you have in the end, and there are really many of them. Here’re some answers to why renting a van is a great solution for you:

  • It’s comfortable: You know that comfort is not only when you are comfortably seated, but also when your bags are not on your feet. We will help you find an excellent travel van rental that will satisfy you both in terms of the number of seats and the volume of the luggage compartment. What’s more, a large passenger van usually has a soft suspension, which further guarantees a smooth ride and a good mood. Is this the main thing you expect in your upcoming trip?
  • It’s cheap: Our attractive all-inclusive van rental prices save you the hassle of thinking about the alternative of renting a few smaller cars. Yes, it’s more expensive, and yes, it’s not practical. The massive van has a fairly high fuel efficiency, which will save your budget. Plus, you won't get lost at the nearest intersection if traveling in multiple vehicles.
  • It's joyful: Rental van is a superior way to spend time together. Whether you are traveling with friends, family, relatives, or colleagues, you can have fun chatting, sharing experiences and just enjoying the ride on the go.

What is considered a van car rental?

The van car category includes two types of vehicles: the first one is associated with the transportation of goods, while the second one carries people. Also, the van has a specific size - it can be smaller or larger than the truck, but always much larger than a standard vehicle.

Most often, a rental passenger van can transport up to 15 people in the cabin, including the driver. As for the rental cargo van, it has 2 or 3 front seats and the rest of the space in the car is used for cargo purposes.

Explore all the van rental options available on our website to select the one you really need:

Passenger van rental

Passenger van rental

It’s an ideal choice for tourist trips or excursions. Different models have 8, 9, 10, 12 or 15 seats, depending on how many passengers need to be transported. Rental passenger van is a perfect option for any group travel.

Cargo van rental

Cargo van rental

This is a vehicle offering even more space for groceries, baggage, or other personal items on your road trip. Similarly to truck van rental, it also has seats for transporting people, but not as much as the passenger van option.

Sprinter van rental

Sprinter van rental

Book a rental sprinter van if you want to rent a van that is not only big, but also stylish and luxurious. Comfortable ride, outstanding interior sound insulation, and excellent dynamics are the qualities that are inherent in sprinter van rentals.

Luxury van rental

Luxury van rental

Looking for something special for your big road trip? At, you will enjoy truly top-end options in the world of rental vans so that you always get the most of your travel experience in any situation. Luxury passenger van rental is a great way to highlight your personality without compromising the comfort of traveling in a big car.

Our main goal is your successful trip, which is why we are ready to meet your highest expectations of a high-quality van rental. Whether it's a multi-functional moving van rental for the ultimate US interstate road trip, or a practical transit van rental, you're guaranteed to get exactly what you need.

Looking for a van truck rental? No problem! If necessary, one way truck rental opportunity is also presented on our website.

Van rental models in the USA

A large selection of Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes van rental, Nissan van rental deals, as well as trucks and cargo rentals from the world-leading automakers will make your every travel dream come true. Check the list of options available in our extensive model range:

Chevrolet Express Chevrolet Express passenger van 12 or 15 passengers 4 to 6 suitcases 4 doors
Ford Transit Passengervan Ford Transit Passengervan passenger van 12 or 15 passengers 6 suitcases 4 doors
Ford Club Wagon Ford Club Wagon passenger van 12 passengers 6 suitcases 4 doors
Ford Cargo E350 Ford Cargo E350 cargo van 2 passengers 238 cu.ft. of cargo space 4 doors
Ford Ecoline 150 Commercial Ford Ecoline 150 Commercial cargo van 2 passengers 238 cu.ft. of cargo space 4 doors
Mercedes Sprinter Mercedes Sprinter cargo van 3 passengers 319 cu.ft. of cargo space 4 doors
Dodge Ram Pickup Dodge Ram Pickup truck 4 passengers 5 suitcases 4 doors
Ford F-150 Ford F-150 truck 4 passengers 3 suitcases 4 doors
Nissan Frontier Nissan Frontier truck 4 passengers 3 suitcases 4 doors
Ford Econoline Ford Econoline passenger van 12 passengers 6 suitcases 4 doors
Chevrolet Silverado Chevrolet Silverado truck 2 passengers 4 suitcases 4 doors
Nissan NV3500 Nissan NV3500 passenger van 12 passengers 6 suitcases 4 doors

Such a large car doesn't suit you? We are also pleased to provide you with a wide fleet of 5 seater, 6 passenger minivan, and 7-seat minibus rentals. Follow the page about minivans to explore all the options available to you.

What is the average MPG for a rental cargo van or truck?

In general, there are more and less fuel-efficient models. If you rent cargo van, expect an average of 16 to 27 mpg. Truck rental cars feature a better range with the same amount of fuel - these cars show a value between 21 and 29 mpg.

How many passengers can a rental van seat?

Regular passenger van rental accommodates from 8 to 15 people, but most often the number of seats varies from 12 to 15. If you are going to pick up a rental cargo van, then count on only 2-3 seats to transport people.

Truck has a more compromise performance, offering a large luggage compartment along with 2-4 seats for passengers.

If van car rental is too big for you, then look at the minivans that are available on our website. Such a car has 6, 7, or 8 seats, which will be enough for a comfortable family journey.

How much room does a rental van have?

On average, a rental full size van provides a cargo area of up to 320 cubic feet. This value varies with specific make, model, and van size.

When you search for a car on our website, you will receive up-to-date information regarding the volume of the luggage compartment, which will allow you to choose the best small or large van rental, depending on what you need.

What rental van lets you take out seats for luggage space?

Whether it’s a Sprinter passenger van rental from Mercedes, Chevrolet Express or Ford Club Wagon, this option is available to you.

This means you have more flexibility when planning your trip, plus you can change the volume of the compartment for bags and personal items as needed. Almost all modern 12-15 person vans allow you to increase luggage space by taking out unused seats.

In addition to luxurious Mercedes Sprinter van rental, seat-removing ability is also available with economy vans. For example, Ford Transit passenger van rental is among them.

Top VAN car hire locations in USA

We always try to meet your ambitions, thus your desire to choose van rental near me is our concern. You will find your favorite van in thousands of airport and downtown urban locations across the USA, covering both the most popular and less-visited destinations.

Due to the high density of pickup points, you shouldn’t worry about getting a rental van near me, because it’s exactly where you need it.

Complete the search form at the top of the page to find cheap van rentals in the required destination. Otherwise, check the list of US locations with available van rentals:

Where to rent a cargo van?

With, you have no geographic restrictions to find a reliable cargo van. Looking for cargo van rental near me? No worries! Our smart search engine will do everything for you!

Also, one way cargo van rental is at your disposal if you don’t want to return the vehicle to its original location. Below you will find a list of popular spots to pick up a cargo van on our website:

Where to rent a passenger van?

When planning to book a van for a group trip, select the location convenient for you, while we will make sure that you receive the vehicle on time.

Providing thousands of pickup points with unlimited miles van rental, choosing the right place to start your trip will be easy for you. Even if looking for passenger van rental near me, you have nothing to worry about - check the list of available locations and find the nearest point:

What car rental companies rent vans in the USA?

A successful trip starts with finding a reliable provider. When it comes to choosing cheap van rentals near me, we carefully select van rental agencies to work with to ensure you have a successful travel experience.

At, you can book a van from both large well-known international providers such as Avis, Enterprise, Sixt, Hertz, or Budget, as well as from small local firms.

Are you used to working with a specific agency? For your convenience, below you will find a list of van rental companies available on our website.

  • alamo

    Alamo Car Rental

    8.6 / 10
  • europcar

    Europcar Car Rental

    8.6 / 10
  • firefly

    Firefly Car Rental

    8.6 / 10
  • international

    International Car Rental

    8.6 / 10
  • zeeba-rent-a-van

    Zeeba-rent-a-van Car Rental

    8.6 / 10
  • sixt

    Sixt Car Rental

    8.4 / 10
  • national

    National Car Rental

    8.3 / 10
  • enterprise

    Enterprise Car Rental

    8.1 / 10
  • hertz

    Hertz Car Rental

    7.8 / 10
  • dollar

    Dollar Car Rental

    7.3 / 10
  • ez

    Ez Car Rental

    7.2 / 10
  • budget

    Budget Car Rental

    7.1 / 10
  • avis

    Avis Car Rental

    6.9 / 10
  • thrifty

    Thrifty Car Rental

    This vendor accept Debit Cards 6.7 / 10
  • fox

    Fox Car Rental

    6.6 / 10
  • payless

    Payless Car Rental

    5.9 / 10

How much does it cost to rent a van?

Rental van prices largely depend on many factors. They include the specific supplier, car model and class, as well as the duration of your rental, location and season.

The average van rental cost is $70 per day. During periods of low demand, as well as in less popular travel destinations, the price can drop significantly, allowing you to get the cheapest van rental at a price of $40 per day.

On the other hand, in the summer season, and especially on weekends and national holidays, you have almost no chance of picking up a rental van for a cheap price. You'll have to pay between $130 and $140 a day for a similar van.

What is the average rental van price?

The average rent a van price ranges from $70 to $80 per day. However, don't forget that the final cost depends on many variables. The specific make and model, provider, season, travel period length, and location affects van rental prices.

How much is a van rental per day?

It will cost you at least $40-50 to rent a van for a day. Please, note that the total daily price depends very much on the length of your road trip. The longer the rental period, the cheaper the one day van rental price you get, and vice versa.

How much to rent a van for a week?

If you are going to rent a van for a week, be prepared to pay at least $1,280 for the entire rental period. The good news is that the price could be even lower. This is because weekly van rental is already considered to be a long-term rental, which will additionally reduce the price.

How much to rent a van for a month?

Monthly van rental will cost you about $3,200 in the USA. If you have a long-term trip, companies are ready to provide you with a really cheap van rental, which will make the monthly cost even more affordable. Monthly van rentals are always cheaper than daily or weekly rentals in terms of the daily price.

How much to rent a cargo van?

Usually, cargo van rental prices don’t differ much from the prices for passenger van models. On average, renting a cargo van will cost you $70-80 per day, with a minimum price of $40-50 per day, and a maximum cost of $130-140 per day during a period of high demand on cargo van rentals.

How much does it cost to rent a passenger van?

Get ready to pay about $70-80 per day for a cheap passenger van rental. Keep in mind that passenger van rental prices can vary depending on model, supplier, location and length of the rental period - from $40 to $140 per day.

How to rent a van with

Booking a van for rent on our website is undoubtedly simple. Our smart search engine will help you find the best deal quickly. You just need to follow the next step-by-step recommendation:

  1. Find our search form;
  2. Fill out the search form: enter the desired location, specify car pick-up/drop-off date and time;
  3. Click “Search” and wait a few seconds;
  4. After receiving the results, filter the offers by scrolling through the list of car types and selecting the “Large Van” option;
  5. Choose a van rental deal that you like;
  6. Include additional options in the deal if necessary;
  7. Enter the main driver’s personal and payment information;
  8. Confirm the booking.

For even more geographic freedom in your trip, take advantage of one way van rental. Also, add an additional driver to take a break on the road, because van rental unlimited mileage will allow you to travel to the most remote places without overpayments.

We are also happy to provide reliable passenger or transport van rental for one day, night, week, or even a month. Fill out the search form and you will find out what an exciting and hassle-free van rental road trip is!

FAQ about van rental in the USA

What do you need to rent a van in the USA?

Each supplier applies specific requirements for renting a van in a specific location. Summarizing them, we have prepared a list of things you must have at hand for a successful rental van experience:

  • Driver's license confirming a minimum of 2 years of driving experience;
  • Credit/debit card with sufficient limit and the main driver’s name on it;
  • A document proving your identity. For example, your passport;
  • A printed voucher confirming that you have already booked van for rental in advance;
  • Any other document required by the company.

What driver license do you need to drive a rental van in the USA?

Luckily, you don't need a special license to drive van rentals in the USA. This applies to both standard and luxury van rentals. However, remember that this only applies to tourist trips in which the driver doesn’t profit from the people's transportation.

If you are going to transport more than 15 people in your multi-passenger van rental, take care of getting a CDL license. In any case, we recommend checking the requirements on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website of the states where you will be traveling, as they may differ.

How old do you have to be to rent a van?

According to the policy of most companies, you can enjoy van rental USA if you are 21 years of age or older. Sometimes providers can demand more experience from drivers, imposing stricter age limits - 25, 26 or even 28 years old. As an exception, the laws of the states of Michigan and New York give the green light to rent a passenger van for those who are even younger than 21. The minimum age to rent a van in these states is 18 years old.

Get ready to pay the young driver’s fee, which is $20-73 per day in New York state and $25-48 per day in Michigan state. Young driver's surcharge is paid if you rent a van as an under 25 year old driver. Companies charge it on a daily basis.

What car rental companies let you rent a van under 25 years old?

Among the many companies, Avis, Ace, Budget, and NU are ready to provide passenger van rentals for under 25 drivers. However, this can only apply to economy van rental, while luxury models may not be available to underage renters. Remember that all under 25 travelers must pay a daily young driver's fee, which is taken at the rental desk during pick-up.

How to rent a van for vacation with

With, booking a van rental for a road trip will be easy and fast. Follow a few important points to get your perfect van without any problems:

  1. Choose the right time to book - it's best to do it 1-2 weeks before your trip or even earlier.
  2. Fill in the search form above or at the home page. Select the desired location as well as the start/end date and time of your upcoming trip. Naturally, your pick-up and drop-off locations will be different if you rent a van one way.
  3. Click the search button and wait for the results.
  4. Sort deals with the car selector by scrolling it to the right and clicking on the “Large Van” icon.
  5. Compare all available family van rentals using filters to find the best deal.
  6. Try to look for great deals in neighboring locations, giving preference to city pick-up points rather than airport-based ones. This will allow you to find the cheapest family van rental.
  7. Consider all the offers you like and finally choose the best offer.
  8. Check out what is already included in the deal. Pay special attention to insurance - you may need to purchase extra coverage, or take advantage of the personal insurance you already have. Mileage policy is also an equally important aspect. Although companies usually offer van rentals unlimited miles, check if this is included in the basic price
  9. On the booking page, add the required additional options. If you are traveling with children, don’t forget about a child seat - you can save money by taking yours from home. An additional driver option will be useful if there’s someone to replace you at the steering wheel. Also, take a GPS navigator if you are planning a cross country van rental trip and don't want to get lost on the US roads.
  10. Read the rental conditions carefully. Check if your rental travel van has any additional fees. Find the information regarding the return of the car, if there is any fee for early or late drop-off of your tour van rental.
  11. Next, enter the major driver’s personal and payment data.
  12. Confirm your booking and print your voucher.
  13. If you are an under 25 driver, be prepared to pay the young driver's fee, which averages extra $25 per day.
  14. Check in advance the information regarding the driver's license requirements – maybe, you’ll need to have an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Which company has the best van rental rates?

The cheapest van rental is what most money-saving travelers want to get. If you're among them, check out van rental deals from Budget, NU, or Ace - their van rental rates start at $50 per day. Always book a car rental van in advance to get the lowest price.

What rental company has the biggest van for passengers?

Budget, Avis, NU, etc. provide the biggest car and van rental - you can choose one of the spacious 12-15 passenger vehicles on our website. These companies’ cheap van rentals won't ruin your travel budget.

How to get the best price on a rental van?

Looking for a cheap van rental near me and want to guarantee a successful trip? We know how to lower the final price without sacrificing comfort, reliability and experience at the same time. Check out the following tips to open the door to cheap cargo van rental!

  1. Choose a weekday to start your trip when prices tend to go down.
  2. Prefer early booking - 7-10 days before pickup is the perfect time to look for low-price deals.
  3. Choose a trip duration of at least a week to rent a van cheap.
  4. Book a standard cheap rental van because the luxury options cost a lot more.
  5. Give up unnecessary extra options not to overpay for what you don’t need.
  6. Refuse one-way van rental as this will significantly increase the cost.
  7. Don't prepay fuel.
  8. Avoid under 25 rentals if possible.

Where to rent a cargo van one way?

You can enjoy cargo van one way rental in hundreds of U.S. locations. To find out the availability, make a search on our website indicating the desired pick-up and return points. Please, note that one way truck rental costs more as such deals already include the one-way drop-off fee.

Where can I rent a van with unlimited mileage?

Most international car rental companies offer passenger and cargo van rental unlimited mileage included in the deal. However, local renters often lack this option. Fortunately, on our website, you can find a large number of van rental unlimited miles.

Who has the best one-way van rental deals with unlimited mileage?

Avis and Budget are glad to provide one way van rental unlimited mileage in many locations in the country. This is not just about passenger vans. One way cargo van rental unlimited mileage is also available for those who need more luggage space.

Which is the best rental van for state to state movement?

Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter passenger van rentals are the most popular for driving throughout the continental USA without any restrictions. State to state van rental is the best way to diversify your trip. Luckily, companies usually allow both passenger and cargo van rental one way out of state regardless of model. The main thing is that the desired locations support this service. You can check if state to state or one way passenger van rental is available by filling out the search form on our website. Based on availability, one-way van rentals may be allowed to some USA cities.

Where can I rent a Ford Transit?

We will help you find Transit van rentals in the most convenient location for you. For this, fill out the search form at the top of the page, or select one of the following locations to pick up a Ford passenger van rental.

What car rental companies rent the Ford Transit passenger van?

As a popular full size passenger van rental, Ford Transit is present in the fleet of many companies. You can rent a passenger van Ford Transit from Avis, Budget, NU, Ace, or find a similar rental passenger van from other brands.

What is the typical cost to add a second driver for a rental van?

You'll pay from $5.99 to $10 per day for a second driver, but sometimes it's even available free of charge. The additional driver option makes traveling easier and is especially useful for long distance van rental trips. Its cost doesn’t change with the type or class of the vehicle, and is the same for both luxury and standard full size van rental.

What credit cards cover van rental insurance?

Reliable insurance is very important when you rent a van. However, did you know that a bank card is a great way to get discount van rental insurance? While American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa already have some degree of protection for your rental van, it may only have basic coverage. Therefore, always check the rental insurance coverage and, if necessary, buy additional insurance on our website - it will be especially useful for van rentals one way trips.