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Why rent an SUV?

SUVs make up nearly a quarter of the US car rental market. The great popularity of these cars speaks for their practicality, convenience, and great applicability. Indeed, an SUV for rent is the best choice for both a family trip to the countryside and an open-air adventure with friends.

Such favorites like the Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ford Escape will be a worthy addition to your road trip. If you pick one of them as an 8 passenger SUV rental for your trip, you will understand why SUVs are the kings of the road. The high seating position along with the spacious interior provides you and your passengers with an outstanding level of comfort wherever you go.

What are the benefits of an SUV rental in the USA?

As a large vehicle with high ground clearance, SUV rental gives you several brilliant benefits:

  • Plenty of room for you and your belongings. Each 7 passenger SUV rental has a spacious interior and a capacious luggage compartment. Now you don't have to worry about whether all passengers and bags will fit.
  • Advanced entertainment and security technology onboard. By picking up one of the brand-new rental SUVs, you get the latest features and advances in the automotive industry. This guarantees a fun and safe ride.
  • Improved off-road abilities. With 4 wheel drive SUV rental you can handle any travel situation in rugged terrain. This gives you even more flexibility in travel destination selection and route planning.

Where can I rent an SUV?

You have no limits in choosing a place to rent a large SUV for your trip. Sunny Florida, snow-covered Alaska, mountainous Colorado, iconic California, and thousands of other spots are available to pick up your rental SUV.

Covering most of the US locations, we are ready to provide you with a great deal wherever you go. And if necessary, you can take advantage of one-way SUV rental by choosing a different place to drop off your car. Your journey is in your hands, so it's time to choose the right destination to start your dream journey:

Why book an SUV rental with

With, you get a reliable assistant that has everything you need for an easy and fast car rental. Here's what you can enjoy if you rent an SUV with us:

  • Fast search engine and smart filters;
  • Wide range of small, large, and mid size SUV rental offers;
  • Ability to compare offers and choose the best deal;
  • Actual, all-inclusive, and cheap prices;
  • Clear and loyal car rental policies with no surprises;
  • Deals with unlimited miles;
  • No hidden payments and additional fees;
  • Affordable zero-excess insurance plans.

We have collected all the most useful information you need for a successful SUV rental in one place. This allows you to easily and quickly choose the best car rental SUV for your trip, as well as reserve it through our super convenient booking system, and avoid any hassle.

SUV rental types & categories

We present a wide variety of deals from highly trusted suppliers. Using our convenient search engine with many filters, you will find the model you want at the best price. Also, we provide complete information about our cars. For example, below you will find the types of rental SUVs and their descriptions, making it easy for you to choose exactly what you need for your upcoming trip.

How many people can fit in an SUV for rent?

Comfort is one of the main ingredients of a joyful trip. Thus, when choosing a rental car, the most important thing is that each passenger has enough space for a comfortable ride. A modern SUV for rent can accommodate from 4 to 9 people, depending on the interior space and the seating configuration.

6 passenger SUV rental is enough for a family with 2-3 children. All passengers will have the space they need. Plus, such a car has a fairly roomy trunk for 2-3 suitcases.

7 seater SUV rental has slightly more interior space than a 6-seater SUV. Usually, its trunk can hold 3-4 suitcases. Such a car will be great both for a family trip and for traveling with friends.

8 seater SUV rental has even more space both in the cabin and in the trunk, giving you additional flexibility in planning your trip. The 8-seater will satisfy the travel needs of a large family, and, if necessary, is suitable for small group excursions.

A large 9 passenger SUV rental is the best you can think of for a big road trip. You can easily fit all your bags in the trunk, while every passenger feels comfortable.

Still not sure which rental SUV to choose for your trip? Check out the table of the most popular SUV rental models and their main features:

Most popular Small SUV rentals

Buick Encore Buick Encore Small SUV 5 passengers 2 suitcases 28 mpg
Nissan Rogue Nissan Rogue Small SUV 4 passengers 3 suitcases 27 mpg
Jeep Compass Jeep Compass Small SUV 5 passengers 2 suitcases 25 mpg

Most popular Midsize SUVs for rent

Toyota RAV4 Toyota RAV4 Medium SUV 5 passengers 3 suitcases 30 mpg
Ford Escape Ford Escape Medium SUV 5 passengers 3 suitcases 26 mpg
Ford Ecosport Ford Ecosport Medium SUV 5 passengers 3 suitcases 25 mpg
Kia Sorento Kia Sorento Medium SUV 5 passengers 3 suitcases 24 mpg
BMW X3 BMW X3 Medium SUV 5 passengers 4 suitcases 24 mpg
Range Rover Evoque Range Rover Evoque Medium SUV 5 passengers 4 suitcases 23 mpg
Ford Edge Ford Edge Medium SUV 5 passengers 4 suitcases 23 mpg
Kia Sportage Kia Sportage Medium SUV 5 passengers 3 suitcases 23 mpg
Jeep Cherokee Jeep Cherokee Medium SUV 5 passengers 4 suitcases 23 mpg
Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep Grand Cherokee Medium SUV 5 passengers 4 suitcases 21 mpg
Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler Medium SUV 5 passengers 3 suitcases 20 mpg

Most popular Large SUVs for rent

Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Tahoe Large SUV 7 passengers 3 suitcases 22 mpg
Audi Q7 Audi Q7 Large SUV 5-7 passengers 3-5 suitcases 20 mpg
Ford Expedition EL Ford Expedition EL Large SUV 7 passengers 3 suitcases 19 mpg
Cadillac Escalade Cadillac Escalade Large SUV 7 passengers 3 suitcases 17 mpg
Chevrolet Suburban Chevrolet Suburban Large SUV 7 passengers 3 suitcases 17 mpg
Nissan Armada Nissan Armada Large SUV 7 passengers 4 suitcases 16 mpg

What is a standard SUV rental?

Such a car has 5 seats for a driver and passengers, as well as enough space in the trunk. Standard SUV rental is the best choice for family travel, which includes driving on country roads.

What is a full-size SUV car rental?

With the third row of seats, full size SUV rental can accommodate up to 7 people in the cabin. At the same time, its large trunk will allow you to carry more baggage. All this makes full-size SUVs perfectly prepared for long-distance road trips with friends or family.

What is a midsize SUV for rent?

This type of SUV offers excellent handling along with high fuel efficiency. Despite being slightly smaller than the standard SUV, the mid size SUV rental retains its spacious interior. As a result, you get an easy-to-drive vehicle with high ground clearance and ample room for every passenger.

What is a premium or luxury SUV rental?

Premium SUV rental is perfect for those who like to travel in style. The austere exterior and high-quality interior is its main difference from a standard or full-size SUV. Luxury SUV rental is also very popular among business travelers who need such a car to prove their status.

4x4 SUV Rentals in the USA

A rental 4 wheel drive SUV is a great choice for driving in tough off-road conditions, but in fact, you usually rarely encounter them on U.S. roads. Most of our SUVs, such as the Toyota RAV4, are not 4WD and should be sufficient for most of your travel needs.

However, if you still want to rent a 4x4 SUV, then we have plenty of deals especially for you. For example, the Ford Escape and Jeep Grand Cherokee are outstanding 4x4 vehicles that provide superior off-road performance in any terrain and have everything you expect from a large and spacious SUV.

FAQ about renting an SUV in the USA

What to consider before renting an SUV?

According to the regulations accepted by car rental companies, size is one of the main criteria for assessing the car rental cost. Small, midsize and large SUVs are common vehicle categories. If you know the main differences between them, you can easily choose the right rental SUV for your trip. Here's what you should take into account when booking an SUV for rent.

  • Passenger capacity. A midsize SUV is an excellent choice for two adults and two children, but such a car is no longer enough if there’re three kids. Especially if someone is traveling in a child seat. A full-size SUV provides a lot more space where everyone will feel much more comfortable.
  • Trunk size. This is another important feature when choosing a car rental SUV size. Typically, the trunk of a midsize rental crossover can hold 2 large suitcases. The baggage compartment of a full-size car is similar, but it can accommodate a third small suitcase as well.
  • Price. Naturally, a larger car is more expensive. However, never sacrifice comfort for the sake of the economy.
  • Specific classification. Car rental companies have different approaches to determining the vehicle class. While one provider has a certain car in the standard category, another company may move it up a class due to extra options.
  • Ease of handling. A midsize rental SUV is more maneuverable and, as a result, easier to drive. However, maybe you need a large, full-size SUV for an off-road adventure? The choice is yours!
  • Fuel efficiency. Obviously, a heavier full-size SUV consumes more fuel. At the same time, a midsize rental crossover is more fuel-effective and allows fewer visits to the gas station.

How to book SUV car rental in the USA?

At, you’ll enjoy a quick and intuitive booking process. Our search engine will find all available deals in just a few seconds, while filters will sort the search results so you can choose the best deal. Here’s how to rent an SUV in just a few steps:

  1. Select a location to start your trip
  2. Highlight the rental period by specifying the start and end dates
  3. Click the ‘Search’ button and wait a few seconds for the results
  4. Sort the search results: scroll to the right at the top of the page and click on the ‘Small SUV’, ‘Midsize SUV’, and/or ‘Large SUV’ icon
  5. Browse through a complete list of SUV car rental deals
  6. Choose the brand and model you like the most and review its rental conditions
  7. Enter your personal and payment information
  8. Confirm your SUV rental booking

How old do I have to be to rent an SUV?

Usually, you need to be 25-65 years old to rent an SUV. It largely depends on its provider, and where you are going to pick it up. Keep in mind that some SUV car rental deals allow even under 25 drivers, but are subject to a young driver's fee, or additional insurance coverage. Always read the age policy carefully before booking your rental SUV.

How much does it cost to rent a car SUV in the USA?

The final price may change with a specific location, supplier, season, and length of your trip. The best SUV rental prices are quite comparable to the economy and compact car rental rates and start from $30 per day. The average SUV car rental cost is $50 per day in the USA.

How much to rent an SUV for a week?

Based on daily price, the average weekly SUV rental cost starts from $210 per week. The greatest chances for low weekly rental are periods of low demand when prices are down.

How much is it to rent an SUV per day?

You can expect to book a cheap SUV rental for $30 per day. Remember that the daily price will be cheaper if the total rental period is longer.

How much is an SUV deposit in the USA?

Usually, the minimum deposit is $200 but the actual amount depends on several points. The first is the type of your bank card - credit or debit. Also, the class of the SUV matters. Typically, a luxury SUV for rental requires a larger deposit than a standard or mid-size one. In any case, read carefully the rental terms and conditions where you will find all the necessary information.

How to rent an SUV for cheap?

Finding cheap SUV car rental has never been as hassle-free as with You simply enter the place to start your trip and we will find the right offer for your special travel needs.

Working closely with global car rental brands, we do everything to ensure that you get the best price on the market. Plus, you additionally enjoy the discounts and promotions available on our website. Therefore, when going on a short trip with your family or a long road trip with friends, you can rely on us. Check all the available options in your desired location right now and choose the cheapest SUV rental for your next journey!

Do I need insurance for renting an SUV car?

Yes, you do. When driving a car, especially if it’s a large SUV rental, you can damage it. This is a financial risk for the car rental company, so they must make sure that the rental car is insured.

Outside the United States, even if the company's policy doesn’t mention insurance, you must have it, or buy it on the spot. To drive your car rental in Mexico, you will also need additional insurance. If you pick up an SUV for rent in the USA, you should provide insurance as well. However, don’t rush to buy it, as the insurance that comes with your credit card may be enough.

What SUV models are available to rent in the USA?

Ford Escape, Jeep Cherokee, and Ford Edge are available for rent in the USA. If you are looking for a large SUV rental 8 passenger pick up the Chevrolet Suburban or the Chevrolet Tahoe.

What is the most popular SUV rental in the USA?

The most popular full-size SUV rental in the USA is Ford Escape. Indeed, it has a spacious interior, large trunk, high ground clearance, and an affordable price. All this makes it the most rented car among all vehicle categories.

Are all SUV rentals in USA 4x4 (4WD)?

No, budget models are more likely 2WD, but if you want to rent a 4WD SUV, check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee. By the way, luxury options such as the BMW X3 are often all-wheel drive as well.

What is the best rental agent for SUV rental in USA?

Enterprise is the best agent providing SUV rental deals in the USA. According to our customers, the company has achieved a rating of 8.8/10 in the last 12 months, which speaks of its reliability, high-quality service, and affordable price.

Is it possible to rent an SUV one way?

Yes, you can pick up a rental SUV one way by choosing one of the available drop-off locations. Restrictions and additional fees may apply in this case. Please note that one-way rental prices already include drop-off fees.

Can I rent an SUV with unlimited mileage?

Yes, you can pick up SUV rental unlimited miles, but each company has its own mileage policy. For example, big car rental brands like Hertz and Enterprise often provide unlimited miles exclusively for in-state driving while interstate traveling usually incurs a per-mile charge. Also, some agencies limit the mileage for all weekend rentals.

With about $0.25 per extra mile, you should think twice before choosing a limited mileage deal. This is probably not what you wanted for your trip. Therefore, always try to follow the unlimited mileage offers, especially if you rent large SUV for a long-distance trip.

Fortunately, almost all of our deals come with unlimited mileage included, so you don't have to worry about any travel restrictions.

Can I rent an SUV with a debit card in the USA?

Most of the companies, such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz, allow you to pick up full-size SUV car rental, but at the same time, they set additional requirements for the type of your debit card and the required balance left on it. All this can make the whole car rental process longer and more challenging.

However, you can still rent an SUV with a debit card. Just carefully read the terms of the deal you are going to choose.