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Do you need a large, roomy, and practical vehicle for transporting things or goods? Consider pickup truck rental, which is a cross between an SUV and a truck in functionality. With a large cargo area in the back and a spacious interior, this car is great for moving, traveling, business, and other needs associated with moving bulky items.

At, you will find affordable, high quality, and most importantly the cheapest pickup truck rental. Among them are excellent mid-size Nissan Frontier, full-size Ford F150, Dodge Ram, and other similar vehicles for your special purposes. Book your best rental pickup now and guarantee a successful experience in the future!

Why rent a pickup truck?

In most cases, a minivan, SUV, or full-size vehicle is enough for a family and working needs. However, sometimes you need a multi-functional car that can handle any challenge. Renting a pickup truck is the best solution for all cases that require a fairly large space for personal belongings, goods, and other items. At the same time, you won’t sacrifice passenger capacity, which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride. Let's check out all the reasons to rent a pickup truck:

  • Best transport for the moving day. If you’re moving into a new apartment, benefit from a pickup truck. Moving pickup truck rental is easy to drive and can accommodate all your belongings at the same time.
  • Meet your personal and business needs. Often you want to quickly move something from place to place. Delivery of furniture, removal of unnecessary things from home, or even towing a broken down car - a spacious and powerful pickup truck will do the job well!
  • Go on a long family trip. Rent a pickup truck unlimited miles and go on a long vacation. Don't worry, as your 2 tents, 5 suitcases, and 4 small bags and even more will fit easily into the large trunk.

Top Pickup Truck car hire locations in USA

We serve most of the United States locations, including major cities and smaller destinations. Our pickup points cover airports, train stations, ports, and downtown city locations, so you can easily choose an excellent pickup truck rental unlimited miles exactly where you need it.

Still not decided where to grab your pickup truck for rent? Check the list of all available locations and find the most suitable place to start your trip:

Why renting a pickup truck with

The key things of a good car rental are fast booking along with excellent service, reliable vehicles, and affordable prices. The good news is that you as a renter can enjoy all of these benefits at once, resulting in an enjoyable experience. Here are some great reasons to rent a pickup truck with

  • Convenient web interface and a simple mobile app to use;
  • 24/7 booking and support system;
  • A quick search for both small, and full-size pickup truck rental offers;
  • Large selection of pickup trucks including Nissan Frontier, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, or similar models;
  • Instant comparison of deals by price, rating, and other features;
  • Offers with unlimited miles;
  • One-way pickup truck rental options;
  • Best prices with NO hidden payments and additional fees;
  • Customer-friendly car rental policies suitable for everyone;
  • Availability of Excess insurance plans.

All our features turn into your benefits. Therefore, makes it easy and fast to provide you with the best pickup truck rental wherever you go!

How many people can sit in pickup truck rental?

Despite the main focus on the cargo area, pickup truck rental vehicles also vary in terms of passenger capacity. Depending on the size, these cars usually have 2 or 4 seats.

For example, Dodge Ram is an ordinary small pickup truck rental with only 2 seats - for the driver and the passenger. However, its cargo hold has been enlarged due to a smaller interior. This makes it a great choice if the size of the storage space is more important to you than the passenger capacity.

Nissan Frontier is another cheap pickup truck rental available on our website. With 4 seats for the driver and passengers and a large cargo area, it combines the advantages of an SUV and a truck. So you won’t regret it if you rent a pickup truck from Nissan for your special transport or leisure purposes.

Our other pickup truck options include the good old Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. They both have very similar characteristics in terms of carrying capacity and size. However, the Ford F150 is slightly more fuel-efficient and is a 4-seat monster.

Check out the most popular pickup truck options and their specifications below. If you would like to find even more models available, please fill out our search form at the top of the page.

Nissan Frontier Nissan Frontier Small/medium truck 4 passengers 3 suitcases 19 mpg
Dodge Ram Pickup Dodge Ram Large truck 2 passengers 4 suitcases 22 mpg
Chevrolet Silverado Chevrolet Silverado Large truck 2 passengers 4 suitcases 18 mpg
Ford F-150 Ford F-150 Small/medium truck 4 passengers 3 suitcases 23 mpg

How to rent a pickup truck in the USA?

Now you no longer need to browse dozens of websites to rent a pickup truck. collects offers from all available car rental suppliers and allows you to compare them by price, rating, and technical parameters. As a result, you will choose what you need much faster.

How to find the cheapest pickup truck rental deal? Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Scroll up the page and find our search form;
  2. Select the desired pick-up/drop-off location. If necessary, you can make them different;
  3. Specify the start and end dates of your trip;
  4. Click the ‘Search’ button and wait a few seconds for the results;
  5. Filter the search results: scroll through the car categories on the top of the page and click on the ‘Truck’ icon;
  6. Choose the car that suits you best;
  7. Add extra options to your booking, such as an additional driver, child seat, GPS device, etc;
  8. Enter the main driver’s personal details and payment information;
  9. Confirm your online booking;
  10. Print out your confirmation voucher that will be sent to your e-mail.

FAQ about cheap pickup truck rental in the USA

How much does it cost to rent a pickup truck?

On average, the daily price is around $40 per day, which is equivalent to the price of a full-size SUV. However, the final pickup truck rental prices depend on the vehicle size, specific location, provider, the length of the rental period, and the current demand.

How much to rent a pickup truck for a week?

With an average rental price of $40 per day, a weekly pickup truck rental cost is often less than $236. This is because the longer the rental period, the lower the price of each separate rental day.

How much to rent a pickup truck for a month?

Despite the budget pickup truck rental price of $40 per day, you can reduce the daily price to $25-35 per day for a monthly rental. As a result, you’ll pay $725 a month for a pickup truck rental.

How old do I have to be to rent a pickup truck?

According to the age policy of most rental companies, you can rent a pickup truck if you are at least 25. The specific pick-up location also affects the age limit, making it possible to rent a car for under 25 and even under 21 drivers.

Remember that all under 25 pickup truck car rental deals are subject to a young driver's fee, or additional insurance coverage. Read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you meet the age restrictions.

Where can I rent a pickup truck for cheap?

It’s very easy to find cheap pickup truck rental in the right place - we guarantee the best price wherever you go. All you need to do is select the desired location.

As our customer, you can be sure of a really low price, as close cooperation with global car rental brands allows us to provide the most affordable deals. What's more, the instant price comparison available on our website will help you get the best offer.

If you are searching for the cheapest pickup truck for rent in a certain location, you will get it with us. Fill out the search form at the top of the page and enjoy a complete list of offers for your special purposes!

Where can I rent a one-way pickup truck?

A wide range of rental pickup truck one-way options are available on our website. Let us know your pick-up and drop-off location and we will show you all the possible deals. Remember that some restrictions and additional fees may apply in the case of one-way rental.

Please, search for the desired pick-up/drop-off locations via our search form, or contact us for more details and exact prices.

Where can I rent a pickup truck for going out of state?

With the pickup truck rental one-way option available on our website, you can easily go out of one state and drive to another one. However, avoid offers with limited miles, as you risk overpaying a lot in this case. Instead, look for pickup truck rental unlimited mileage deals that will allow you to enjoy interstate travel within almost any budget.

Where can I rent a pickup truck for a day?

We make it easy to rent a pickup truck for a day, week, or month on our website. Find the best deal according to your needs in thousands of our car rental locations around the USA and the globe.

How to rent a pickup truck for a day?

Find the best deal in the location you need by filling out the search form at the top of the page. For this, enter the desired start and end date to rent a pickup truck and you’ll receive a list of all available offers.

Can I rent a pickup truck with a debit card in the USA?

Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and other major car rental companies allow pickup truck rental with a debit card. However, their rental policy has additional requirements for the type of your debit card, which can make the whole car rental process a little more difficult. The good news is that you can enjoy renting with a debit card - just carefully read the rental terms and conditions, and especially your voucher.