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Minivan rental deals at have a perfect combination of high quality service, well-maintained vehicles, and affordable cost, which saves you the hassle of compromising. Reliability, comfort, and safety are what everyone expects from a family car. Along with that, price also matters because most of us have a limited travel budget.

Book a cheap minivan rental now to ensure the success of your future trip. We provide cars in all possible airport and city locations in the United States, making your travel experience easy and worry-free. Fill out the search form on the top of the page to find your ideal cheap minivan!

Why rent a minivan with

Roomy like a van, but no less maneuverable than a standard car - this is the main feature of the rental minivan. This is why it is so popular with family travelers. If you're still in doubt, there are several good reasons to choose a minivan for your upcoming trip:

  • Great level of comfort. Rent a minivan and you will no longer want to travel in a regular car. The soft suspension and excellent dynamic performance make it the first-priority choice for both short picnic trips and long-distance mega-tours.
  • Plenty of space in the cabin. Travel with friends or family without feeling crowded around. The easy-to-adjust seating and spacious interior will create the best conditions for your trip, while the large trunk will take care of your personal belongings.
  • High degree of security. Minivan rentals are always on top when it comes to passenger health. Modern security systems will do everything to ensure a smooth journey.

What is a minivan class for car rental?

According to the generally accepted classification, a car rental minivan is a vehicle with 2 or 3 rows of seats, which can be configured to suit individual needs. Moreover, some of the seats can be removed altogether, thereby increasing the size of the luggage compartment.

Most often, you can pick up a 6 or 7 passenger minivan rental that will fit perfectly into your family trip idea. However, there are also cars for 8 people. With a 2-3-2 seating formula, the minivan is a great vehicle for those who value practicality. Besides family travel, it’s ideal for small group travel with friends or work colleagues, as well as excursions. Do you like to travel on country roads? No problems! A spacious 7 seat SUV minivan is a suitable option for you.

Whether you are looking for a cheap minivan for rent for a single day, week or even month, you will get exactly what you want in time. We offer a large selection of 6, 7, and 8 seater minivan rental deals for your multi-purpose needs. Start booking now to enjoy the lowest prices. Below you will find a list of models available in our fleet:

Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey 7 passengers 1 suitcases 22 mpg
Ford S-Max (5+2) Ford S-Max (5+2) 7 passengers 3 suitcases 26 mpg
Peugeot 5008 (5+2) Peugeot 5008 (5+2) 7 passengers 2 suitcases 25 mpg
Ford Galaxy Ford Galaxy 7 passengers 2 suitcases 26 mpg
Seat Alhambra Seat Alhambra 7 passengers 2 suitcases 35 mpg
Dodge Grand Caravan Dodge Grand Caravan 7 passengers 3 suitcases 20 mpg
Vauxhall Zafira Vauxhall Zafira 7 passengers 3 suitcases 31 mpg
Volkswagen Sharan Volkswagen Sharan 7 passengers 2 suitcases 35 mpg
Nissan Quest Nissan Quest 7 passengers 3 suitcases 22 mpg
Chrysler Town & Country Chrysler Town & Country 7 passengers 3 suitcases 20 mpg
Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna 8 passengers 3 suitcases 21 mpg
Chrysler Pacifica Chrysler Pacifica 7 passengers 3 suitcases 22 mpg

Need a bigger car? Check out our list of rental vans to find the best 9-, 10-, 12- or 15-passenger van for your journey.

What is the best minivan to rent?

The concept of the best minivan is everyone's personal preference - you can rent a Toyota Sienna minivan, a Ford Galaxy, a Peugeot 5008 or any other model available on

For example, Dodge minivan rental is suitable for those who are used to driving American cars. On the other hand, Toyota's Sienna minivan rental has 8 seats.

In order to make the final choice, check the car’s characteristics that are important to you.

What is the best 6 passenger minivan for rental?

In fact, each 7-seater car can turn into a 6 passenger minivan rental. This means that 6 people can easily fit in the cabin of the 7-person minivan, while you get more interior space and can use 1 free seat for personal belongings.

So, rent Honda Odyssey minivan, or pick up Vauxhall Zafira - both options will be equally good as a 6-seater.

How many seats in a rental minivan?

Typically, a regular minivan rent a car has 7 seats arranged in 3 rows while some large minivan rental cars have 8 or even 9 seats.

If you need an even larger vehicle, consider a passenger van.

How much luggage fits in a rental minivan?

Most minivan car rental models can hold 3 large suitcases, which equals 6 small bags. However, some manufacturers are reducing the size of the trunk by increasing the passenger space. When you rent a minivan on our website, see the parameters of the trunk indicated next to the car image.

How many MPG for a budget rental minivan?

The technical parameters of all minivan rentals are quite similar - almost all have an MPG value of between 20 and 26. Also, you can pick up a budget minivan for rent that has outstanding fuel efficiency of more than 30 mpg.

What is the best gas mileage minivan you can rent?

Volkswagen Sharan and Seat Alhambra rental car minivan have the largest mileage reserves - according to official data, both vehicles can travel up to 35 miles per 1 gallon of fuel. You will also find other efficient and cheap minivan car rentals in our fleet, such as Vauxhall Zafira with 31 mpg.

Top Minivan car hire locations in USA

With thousands of locations throughout the country, finding minivan rentals near me will be easier for you than before. At, you can pick up a 7-seater both at the airport and at the city office. Do you want to return the car to a different location? Ok, we have everything for a successful one way minivan rental trip!

New York, Miami, Chicago or Seattle - the incredible density of pickup points will allow you to remove any geographic limits and enjoy a minivan rental near me or anywhere else you need it. Check out the following list of minivan locations and choose the desired starting spot for your road trip!

Where to rent a minivan near me?

There are several ways to get minivan for rent near me:

  • Via our website. Fill out the search form at the top of this page by choosing the pickup point closest to you.
  • Via our app. Activate the location option on your phone, go to the app and you will see cheap minivan rentals near me.

What car rental companies rent minivans in the USA?

Choosing a car rental provider for your upcoming trip is just as important as choosing the vehicle itself. However, when do you rent a minivan which company do you trust? Fortunately, we only work with reliable providers to ensure a successful experience for you.

Both large international agencies and small local firms offer the best minivan rental deals through our website. Moreover, you can compare them to choose the only greatest one. If you remain loyal to a particular company, find it from the list below:

How much does it cost to rent a minivan?

First of all, the final minivan rental rate depends on several components, including a specific supplier, location, season and length of the rental period. Average minivan rental prices are in the range of $70 - 80 per day. If you're lucky, you can enjoy the cheapest minivan rental rates at as low as $40 per day during low demand periods.

On the other hand, on weekends in often-traveled locations, it will be difficult for you to find cheap minivan rentals, because high demand pushes the price of such cars up to $140 - 150 per day.

How much to rent a minivan for a day?

You can rent a minivan for a day for a minimum of $40. Choose weekdays and low season to receive the lowest price minivan rental deal. Remember that one day minivan rental prices will be cheaper if the total rental period is longer.

How much to rent a minivan for a week?

The average cost to rent a minivan for a week ranges between $420 and $490. The greatest chances for low weekly minivan rental are periods of low demand when prices are down. When picking up a car for a longer period, the likelihood of getting the best price minivan rental increases significantly.

How much does it cost to rent a minivan for a month?

Monthly minivan rental is considered to be a long-term deal. This means you will have a really cheap minivan rental cost per each individual day. Consequently, it will cost you at least $1200 to rent a minivan for a month during periods of low demand.

How much is it to rent a minivan for a weekend?

Weekend is not the optimal time to get the best minivan rental rates, because these days everyone needs a car, which automatically increases its cost.

Despite this, on our website you will find affordable cost to rent a minivan for the weekend, starting from $50 per each single day.

What is a good daily price for a minivan rental?

A good price is a low price, thus $40 - $50 per day is considered to be a low cost minivan rental. Avoid weekends and holidays as the starting date of your trip to enjoy the best minivan rental rate wherever you go.

How much is a minivan to rent one way?

Minivan rental one way is a good way to diversify your family trip. When using the one way option, passenger van rental prices are usually more expensive due to one way fee. One-way minivan retinal price includes rental rate plus one way drop-off fee, while the fee extremely depends on the distance between your pick-up and return points.

We offer cheap one way minivan rentals in many U.S. locations. In order to check availability, fill out the search form for the desired pickup and drop off points.

How to rent a minivan with

If you don't like spending a lot of time looking for the right car, then you are in the right place. With, your best minivan rental is closer than you think. The following step-by-step guide will allow you to book a car in a few minutes:

  1. Find the search form at the top of this page
  2. Select a location to pick up a car, and don’t forget to pick the dates and times when you want to collect and return the vehicle;
  3. Click “Search” button and wait for results to appear;
  4. Filter deals by scrolling through the car types and clicking on the “Minivan” tab;
  5. Choose 6, 7 or 8 passenger minivan rental deal that suits you;
  6. Apply additional options if necessary;
  7. Enter the lead driver's personal and payment data;
  8. Confirm your reservation.

At, you will benefit from cheap one-, two-, three-day deals, as well as monthly or weekly minivan rental offers.

Want to add more spontaneity to your trip? Rent a minivan one way and don't be tied to one area. We are also happy to provide minivan rental unlimited mileage deals to ensure you have no limits while exploring the vastness of the United States.

FAQ about minivan rental in the USA

What do you need to rent a minivan in the USA?

We cooperate with many suppliers, each of them has its own policy regarding what you should provide in order to pick up rental cars minivan.

Check out the list of must-have things to access the best deals on minivan rentals available on our website.

  1. Full driver’s license held for at least 2 years, without serious endorsements. Licenses in non-Latin alphabet must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit.
  2. Credit card with a credit limit available in the name of the driver who rents a minivan.
  3. A document to verify your identity. For example, your passport.
  4. Booking voucher for your rental minivan.
  5. Any other document the supplier may require.

How old do you have to be to rent a minivan?

The minimum age to drive rental cars minivan is usually 21 years old. This minimum age to rent a minivan is caused not just by the particular provider's policy but also by the local legislation where the car is picked up. Therefore, in some locations, such as Michigan and New York states, even 18 year old drivers can rent a cheap minivan.

All minivan rental under 25 deals are subject to a young driver's fee. The amount of an underage fee depends on your age, provider you are renting a car from, and your rental location. See table below for more information:

Location Minimum age Young driver’s surcharge
Most of USA states 21 $15-35/day
New York State 18 $20-73/day
Michigan State 18 $25-48/day

How to rent the cheapest rental minivan?

Each road traveler would like to find the cheapest way to rent a minivan. Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand, but there are some tips to help you keep your vehicle's rental cost down without sacrificing quality, comfort and experience:

  • Prefer early booking. By booking 1-2 weeks before your upcoming trip, you enjoy a truly wide range of models along with the discounted prices. This is the cheapest way to rent a minivan for a week, a few days or even a month.
  • Start your trip on a weekday. Weekdays are a period of low demand and more affordable prices. Hence, this is another way to save money.
  • Rent a minivan for a week at least. Long road trips are more profitable in terms of the daily cost. Choose a long-term rental to lower your price.
  • Search in neighboring locations. Usually, the cheapest minivan rentals are not available at the airport but in nearby city points. Be sure to check around.
  • Avoid one-way rentals. Picking up a car in one place and returning it to another is pricier due to the one-way fee.
  • Choose a standard rather than a luxury minivan. Among the affordable minivan rental deals are such models as the Dodge Grand Caravan and Toyota Sienna. They are as good as newer models but are cheaper.
  • If possible, don’t use underage rentals. Both under 21 and under 25 deals are more costly for a renter. If there’s someone over 25 traveling with you, let him book and drive.
  • Look for minivan rental specials. In addition to minivan car rental coupons, promotions are also a great way to find a low-price deal.
  • Don't take unnecessary options. For example, if you already have personal insurance, don’t buy additional insurance at the rental desk. This will lower the cost of your rental tremendously.

Where is the cheapest place to rent a minivan? is the cheapest place to rent a minivan, especially if you book in advance. How to do it? Just fill out the search form at the top of the page, indicating the pickup location and time. The cheapest minivan deals on our website start from $40 per day.

You can also compare prices of all suppliers offering a similar vehicle, including Budget, Avis, NU, Ace, and others - this will guarantee you get the cheapest minivan rental available at the time of reservation.

Who has the best minivan rental rates?

Among all the companies, Budget, Avis, and NU offer the best minivan rental prices. Plus, their minivan rental deals unlimited mileage along with free extras like GPS navigator or additional driver make them an even better choice.

Find the best price on minivan rental by filling out our search form and comparing all available options.

What is the smallest minivan you can rent in the USA?

Considering the size, rent a Toyota Sienna minivan with a length of about 16 feet and 8 inches or pick up any Honda minivan rental model that is a little longer.

As for seating, check out our compact 5-7 seater range and choose what you like.

What is the largest rental minivan?

Chrysler minivan rental is the largest vehicle in our fleet in terms of overall dimensions – Chrysler Pacifica rental model is 16 feet and 11 inches long.

On the other hand, Toyota minivan rental provides a spacious interior with 8 seats, which speaks of the largest interior space available in Sienna.

Where can I rent a minivan with a debit card?

You can do it on our website at affordable minivan rental rates! Although most companies require a credit card, we have 7-seat minivans available with a debit card in some locations in the United States.

However, your debit card must meet our specific requirements. To check the availability of this option, carefully read the rental terms of a particular deal. Please be aware that prepaid cards, gift cards, and cash are not an acceptable method to complete minivan car rental deals, regardless of location.

Where can I rent a minivan with unlimited mileage?

We are pleased to offer you a reliable rental minivan with unlimited mileage already included into the price. If you are a local renter, some providers may limit your miles according to their policy. Before booking a car, check what is included into the basic rate in order to guarantee a minivan rental with unlimited miles.

Who has the cheapest one-way minivan rental?

Avis and Budget provide minivan one way rental deals with the cheapest rates. Sometimes they even have special offers where you don't have to pay a one-way fee. Find the best cheap minivan rentals with unlimited mileage by making search in the desired pick-up and drop-off spots.

When is the best time to rent a minivan?

It’s recommended to book a rental minivan a few weeks before the planned trip, when prices are the lowest and the choice of cars is wide enough. As the rental date gets closer, car rental prices usually either rise, or fall. In popular destinations and during a high season, car rental rates usually go up closer to your pick-up date. While in lesser traveled destinations and off season, car rental companies rather provide you with cheaper minivan rentals than have those cars standing on their parking lot.

How to get a last-minute minivan rental?

There are many ways to get a last-minute deal, but most of them are bad in terms of price. The best idea is to check cheap minivan rentals on our website and make the reservation before walking up to the counter. Having a confirmed booking on hand is the best argument for getting a profitable last-minute minivan for rent.

What does it mean car rental minivan or similar?

There is a special coding system, according to which each rental vehicle has a unique 4-letter code indicating its technical characteristics. So, most of the 6, 7, or 8 passengers minivan rental cars are denoted the same as MVAR. When you book a luxury minivan rental, the company doesn’t promise you exactly the car model you book online, but a similar car with MVAR code.

So don't be surprised if, after booking a cheap rental minivan Dodge Grand Caravan, you will receive the keys to Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, or Chrysler Pacifica on the counter. All these minivan rental models usually have the same “ACRISS” code.

What equipment does a rental minivan have?

At, you can rent a minivan with cheap additional options that will greatly simplify your trip. Among them are: child seats of all sizes, satellite navigator, winter tires, ski racks, etc. Special rental minivan deals with free additional options already included are also available on our website.

How to find the best minivan car rental?

Having your favorite vehicle on the weekly minivan rental special list doesn’t guarantee you a successful car rental experience. Fortunately, we can share with you some recommendations that will help you find the best deal on minivan rental wherever you go:

  • Choose a spacious car. A lot of space in the cabin is important, especially if you pick up a long term minivan rental for a family trip.
  • Don't be confused by the low prices. Promotions and minivan rental discount codes are a good way to save money, but carefully check all the conditions so as not to get hooked.
  • Benefit from alternative booking options. In addition to our website, you can use the mobile app. It’s easy to operate and will allow you to find the cheapest minivan rental near me quickly.
  • Always check the mileage policy. Many renters are used to getting unlimited mileage minivan rental by default. However, sometimes companies provide them for extra money, especially when crossing the borders of neighboring countries.
  • Read everything about your insurance. The insurance included in the deal is the best way to rent a minivan without overpayments since you don't have to buy it separately. Of course, check if it reliably protects you.
  • Add the necessary extras. Equip your minivan rental car with extra options that may come in hand. What about a child seat, GPS device, or additional driver?
  • Check your car before leaving the garage. If you don’t want to spoil your impression of the best minivan to rent upon returning the car, ask for all scratches, chips, or other body damages to be included in the contract. This will save you from possible claims.