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During the last couple of years, exotic car rental in the USA has certainly been a rising trend. Often represented by luxury or convertible class vehicles, exotic cars are usually the choices of tourists willing to search out the best possible car hire experience. Exotic car rental will be an excellent argument for a favorable outcome of your negotiations on a business trip. A prestigious vehicle will make your potential partner believe in the seriousness of your intentions, and this can be a key factor in making a decision.

So, where to rent exotic car rental near me, and finally, how much does it cost to rent an exotic car in the desired location? We’ve gathered answers on this page so that you can choose a stylish and powerful vehicle anywhere you need it. So keep reading to see what we’ve got for you!

TOP exotic car rental locations in the USA

How can I find exotic car rental near me? This is one of the greatest issues for novice road travelers who need a stylish Mercedes or Porsche in the USA. You can easily pick up exotic car rental Las Vegas, where an expensive car is an attribute and a must-have accessory.

New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are also popular places for this. Want to rent an exotic car in Miami? No problems! We are ready to provide such deals almost anywhere in the United States, thereby not limiting you from a geographical point of view.

The following list of top places allows you to find the nearest point to enjoy exotic car rent near you.

In order to find the cheapest exotic car offer for you, first navigate to your desired pickup location page and then compare the existing options. Each car will have the car supplier indicated in the lower right corner. If you are committed to using a single car supplier, you can use this method to narrow your search options and limit them to the supplier you need. In some instances a certain supplier may have some benefits over the others. Car rental conditions of Enterprise exotic car rental in the USA can be vastly different from SIXT exotic car rental in different pickup and return locations in the United States.

Why should I use Rental24H.com to rent an exotic car?

Reliability, simplicity, and speed are what you expect from a provider when searching for a rental car. Rental24h is a combination of these features, which is why you can enjoy the following benefits each time you rent an exotic car:

  • All available offers of all available companies are collected in one place. This means you don’t need to go to the website of each provider to find the most attractive exotic car rental rates.
  • You can compare cars in many ways, which will narrow your search, allowing you to choose the only best deal.
  • Don't worry about anything. You book a car, then pick it up and enjoy the trip. The rest is our concern.

Navigation on Rental24H.com doesn’t cause any worries - you go to the website, specify the place to pick up exotic sports car rental, and the dates when you need it. After that, you will see a list of available offers that you can filter, thereby simplifying the search process. It will also be a suitable solution in case you are looking for a car from a specific provider.

Use our powerful search to compare the offers from all over the USA. The most popular providers of exotic car rental USA are:

Exotic Car Rental models and rates in USA

These exotic rental cars in USA can be picked up both at on airport and off-airport locations and are mainly represented by:

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Buick Cascada Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Ford Mustang Convertible

Mini Cooper Convertible

Mercedes E Class Convertible

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Audi A4 Convertible

Mitsubishi Spyder Convertible

Mazda Miata Convertible

Ford Flex

The most popular destination in the USA for Convertible and Exotic car rentals is Florida. Exotic car rental rates are also among the lowest ones there.

The cheapest Exotic car rental in the USA was once booked in Miami - Airport [MIA]. Ford Mustang Convertible from AVIS costs $19.34 per day.

If you are heading to Orlando, you should also check the exotic car rental rates. You may find Mitsubishi Spyder Convertible from NU car rentals for just $28.62 per day.

The lowest rate for Volkswagen Beetle Convertible was found at Fort Lauderdale Airport [FLL]. SIXT car rental company provided it for just $36.99 per day.

The most frequently booked Exotic car rental in the USA is the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. It is inexpensive in Las Vegas Airport [LAS]. You can rent it from Thrifty for only $44.28 per day.

What is exotic car rental in the USA?

When you want to rent a car exotic, you want distinction. You want your driving to shift from being a task to being an experience, and with that, making a WOW-impression upon your arrival is some kind of a bonus here. So you start to search for places to rent a car exotic and may not fully understand what it is. Many drivers mistakenly think that this is the same as a luxury car, but there is a big difference. Let's make sure of it right now:

  1. Exotic cars are most often sports cars. They are rare on public roads, and you won’t see them as often as Mercedes, Audi or Cadillac.
  2. The number of exotic car rental vehicles is usually not large, since they may not be available due to small production volumes. For example, Maserati, Ferrari, or McLaren are created in limited editions, which adds an element of mystery due to their exotic origin.
  3. High power and maximum speed is a hallmark of exotic cars. Therefore, they were designed not only for traveling on ordinary highways but also to set speed records on a race track.

This once again says that you get extremely exclusive transport when renting an exotic car.

Why choose an exotic car rental?

Each of our customers has a reason to rent a car exotic. Perhaps, in the following reasons you will find your own idea to get behind the steering wheel of a powerful and exclusive car:

Drive in Style Test It Before you Drive It Unforgettable Experience
It may sound strange, but owners of exotic cars use them several times a year for unique occasions, continuing to pay taxes all the time. You can avoid it! Just enjoy the exotic rent a car whenever you want and save your wallet. You got used to the idea that sports cars are available at a high price and only on the racetrack.
Affordable exotic car rental prices from major providers will allow you to rethink your beliefs. Now you can give free rein to adrenaline in the blood without losing your budget!
Do you want to spend the day in a unique way to remember it for life? Then rent an exotic car for a day to dine in a luxurious restaurant, and go to the club after that. Your friends will have a reason for envy! This works for any other occasion. You even don’t need to think about how to rent an exotic car for prom - just go to our website and book it!

How to rent an exotic car in the USA?

Car rental is a crucial moment, especially when you are going to rent an exotic car. We have prepared a small starter guide that highlights the key features of the vehicle pick up phase.

Check them out so that the whole process runs smoothly for your upcoming trip:

  1. Get the information you need about the car After you have received the key to your dream vehicle, ask the company employee to familiarize you with the main features of driving a car. As a rule, exclusive cars have high technological options on board, and you should know them to get the best exotic car rental experience.
  2. Discuss all the deal nuances Know the terms and conditions of the agreement before arranging for your rental. You should always know what to count on and what to do in emergencies. Therefore, ask your supplier questions regarding mileage, possible breakdowns, fueling procedure, and road assistance.
  3. Choose the best pickup/drop off option Your provider probably has multiple locations to pick up/return exotic car rent. For example, it’s sometimes very convenient to have a car delivered to a hotel or office. Ask for more options.
  4. Make sure the vehicle is in good condition Sometimes cheap exotic car rental can be suspicious because the vehicle may have some hidden breakdowns or shortcomings, which can lead to big problems in your journey. We recommend that you always check the condition of the car.
  5. Let your expectations be realistic We know you’ve picked the car of your dream and want it to be just perfect. Still, be ready for a certain level of wear and tear, and don’t let such issues spoil your unforgettable experience while renting an exotic.

Exotic car rental in the USA: what are age restrictions?

As regulated by the age policy of companies, the lower limit for picking up an exotic sports car rental in the USA is 25 years old. However, young drivers can also count on a successful deal, since under 25 rentals may also be enjoyed under certain conditions:

  1. Renters of 21-24 must pay an additional daily age fee, which is $25-35 per day;
  2. Travelers in the states of MI and NY have the opportunity to rent an exotic car between the ages of 18 and 21, as well as 21 and 24. Underage fees are also applied.
  3. Government employees traveling on official affairs can pick up a car from at least 18 years old anywhere in the United States and without underage fees.

All of these requirements are mandatory, and companies are not entitled to present special conditions regarding exotic rent a car.

Fuel consumption of exotic car rentals in USA

Regular or Premium: What type of gas is better for an exotic car?

Regular and premium are two types of fuel presented at a gas station. They are suitable for most non-diesel cars but differ in octane rating. So, what does it mean and what kind of fuel to choose if you rent car exotic class?

Premium product is able to produce more energy when burning the same amount of fuel, but the car engine should be designed for this. Fortunately, exotic vehicles have just such engines - they require premium fuel to operate at full power. Well, now you know what type of fuel to choose at a gas station!

Fuel MPG for exotic cars, USA

Gasoline consumption differs from model to model. On average, the fuel consumption of Exotic vehicles is about 30 MPG (miles per US gallon) in a city and about 40 MPG during highway driving.

As the price of gasoline in the USA is approximately $2.65 per US gallon, you will spend from $7 to $9 on the 100-mile drive.

VIP services for exotic car rental

Chauffeur Services

Sometimes you need to appear at an important event, but you don’t want to be unnecessarily stressed in finding a parking lot or when driving in dense city traffic on the way to your destination.

A great solution would be to book an exotic car rental hourly with a professional chauffeur included. He will pick you up at the appointed time at the desired location, and then drop you off at the end of the rental. All you need is to relax while the driver makes your trip maximally comfortable.

FAQ about exotic car rent in USA

This is a great solution to rent an exotic car for a day, and have a first-class journey while enjoying a fast, stylish car along with a high level of comfort. But don’t rush to pick up the keys to the vehicle before you know answers to a few crucial questions. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions from our customers and answered them below:

How much is it to rent an exotic car in the USA?

Exotic car rental rates are formed based on the market value of a particular model and a specific brand. For example, such rare vehicles as Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Maserati will cost more than sports models from Mercedes or Audi. However, this mainly depends not on the automaker than on a particular vehicle.

There is a system for the approximate calculation of exotic car rental prices - on average, each day costs 1% of the total market value of a car. This means you can always figure out how much is Enterprise exotic car rental, or a similar model from another company.

Based on this, a Porsche for $75,000 will cost you about $750 a day. But this is not the final price. The following factors also affect the price to rent a car exotic class:

  1. Car age
  2. Pickup location
  3. Seasonal factor and current demand
  4. Unique features onboard
  5. Prestige level
  6. Mileage limit

Find below several examples of exotic car rental rates you can obtain from our site:

BMW 6 Series or similar available at $133.60 / day
Buick Lacrosse or similar available at $91.80 / day
Ford Mustang Convertible or similar available at $106.94 / day
Chevrolet Camaro Convertible or similar available at $93.50 / day

How to rent an exotic car?

A clear and simple reservation process on our website doesn’t require much effort and time. As a result, you have everything you need to book the best exotic car rental for your upcoming trip.

The following guide will let you find your desired car in a few clicks:

  1. Select a location to pick up a car;
  2. Enter the start and end dates of the rental period;
  3. Press Search button;
  4. After the search results appear, filter them by vehicle type, selecting Convertible, Premium, or Luxury cars;
  5. Click on the best cheap exotic car rental deal;
  6. Enter your identification and payment information;
  7. Confirm reservation.

What do you need to rent an exotic car in the USA?

Probably your first question after you decide to drive your dream vehicle will be: what are the requirements to rent an exotic car and what you need to provide for this. Actually, it's simple - you need to comply with the rental policy of the company and meet its conditions. According to it, you should have the following documents in your hands:

  1. Valid driver's license. It can be issued both in the USA and in any other country. An international driving permit is required if your home license is not in English.
  2. Credit or debit card. It must be issued in the name of the main driver to rent an exotic car without any problems.
  3. Insurance coverage. You can order it on our website, or use the service of third parties, including your credit card provider.

NOTE: renters with a non-US driving license are required to have a passport. Photocopies and temporary permissions are not accepted.

Can you rent an exotic car for a day?

You will be able to drive a car for 1 day if a provider is ready to prepare it on the required date and time. But exotic car rental hourly may not be available, depending on the agency.

How do I get insurance for a exotic rental car in the USA?

In general, you have several ways to arrange insurance for a rental car:

Use the coverage of your personal car insurance But firstly, clarify if it applies to rented vehicles, and check the classes of cars that may be insured.
Benefit from your credit card coverage This is a great bonus that will allow you to enjoy cheap exotic car rental without an insurance fee; however, be sure it works for all types of cars without exception.
Try to find an independent insurer This coverage will probably have an excellent price, but it may not be straightforward for you to find a reliable provider.
Purchase insurance from your rental provider Often, this is the most convenient option, which eliminates the need for a long search.

Does my car insurance cover a exotic car rental?

Yes, your car insurance can cover exotic car rent. Moreover, the amount of coverage is usually equal to the amount specified in the contract. This means that if your insurance plan covers material damage in the amount of $10,000, then your rental vehicle has the same protection. For more information, contact your domestic insurer and check if there’s enough maximum coverage to compensate for potential damage to your exotic sports car rental.

Does my credit card cover a exotic car rental?

Some types of credit cards have an additional insurance option, and you can use it to your advantage. Most often, they include theft and collision protection but may not apply to all classes of cars, namely, it doesn’t work for those vehicles that have a market value of more than $50,000. Unfortunately, most exotic car rental vehicles are much more expensive, and this insurance plan will simply be inappropriate. Check it with the bank that issued you the electronic card.

If exotic cars are not included in regular insurance, then some credit card providers, such as American Express, offer to buy premium coverage that protects SUVs and luxury cars. It’s available for $25 for a maximum period of 42 days, which is usually quite enough when you rent a car exotic.

How much does exotic car rental insurance cost?

Insurance is a must if you are traveling in an expensive car. The cost of covering a premium car can be a significant part of the budget, so it’s vital to know how much rental insurance is on exotic car in advance.

With leading providers such as Hertz, Dollar, Avis, Enterprise, Alamo, and Thrifty LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) coverage are included into the rental price shown on our site. The price also varies for each provider, starting from $20 per day and more. Some companies may offer you these types of insurance at a counter. If you want to use the protective plan of your car for insuring exotic rent a car, then most providers will allow this opportunity.

The policies and requirements of each company are unique, and we recommend that all details be clarified before you confirm the reservation. A critical point is an amount that you will need to compensate in case of damage, theft, or any other situations involving material waste.

How to save money on exotic rental car insurance in the USA?

Due to the high exotic car rental prices and expensive insurance, it makes sense to look for ways to save. For example, you can try to refuse the pricy coverage provided by the company, but first, you must make sure that you already have at least one of the following backup plans:

  • You use insurance from a credit card provider;
  • You benefit from domestic personal car insurance.

It’s imperative to be 100% confident that you are protected because otherwise, you will suffer large financial losses if you rent a exotic car and damage it. Thus, carefully study the insurance coverage which you intend to use.

Is there any exotic car rental app?

Enjoy the freedom of action by renting a car at the world's major airports and city locations on the go. You can always stay in touch with the best exotic car rental offers if you have a Rental24H.com application installed on your smartphone. Moreover, there you will find cars of absolutely all available classes: from the economy, compact and mid-size to luxury, convertibles, minivans, and SUVs.

Safety Tips for exotic car rental in USA

We want your experience to be maximally positive and not be overshadowed by some ridiculous accidents. Therefore, take into consideration some safety tips to spend your exotic moment in the coolest way:

  1. Park in the covered parking lots. This will protect your car from any weathering and vandalism, which may later be the cause of the claim by the company.
  2. Take all the valuables from the car when you leave it. Your exotic car rent and everything inside it can attract thieves and scammers. Don’t give reasons for hacking the vehicle, and you will avoid bad situations.
  3. Activate the security system when you go far from the car. This will protect the car from theft and allow you to stop thinking about bad scenarios.
  4. Don’t accept street racing challenges and don’t exceed the speed limits. Think that renting an exotic car can give free rein to your thirst for speed? This is an erroneous opinion. Always follow the traffic regulations and avoid street racing.