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What are the benefits of convertible car rental in USA?

Do you want to diversify your American trip and make it as memorable as possible? Convertible car rental in the USA is a splendid solution! It’s an ideal vehicle to effectively appear at a meeting or a romantic date, arrange a cool party, or hold an original event. When picking up a convertible car in the USA, you get a bright and original car both for everyday use and special occasions.

Each driver knows that these legendary vehicles have become a symbol of power and prestige. Thus, convertible rental cars in the USA make the audience come to silent delight, fill the drivers with a unique sense of inner freedom, allowing them to enjoy the breath of a refreshing breeze. The advantages of convertible cars rental in USA include:

  • Excellent observation ability and the almost complete absence of blind spots;
  • Presentable and exotic design along with outstanding speed characteristics;
  • Perfect aerodynamics and roofs, which can be easily removed.

The fleet of convertible rental in the USA is presented by such automakers as:

  • Volkswagen
  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • BMW
  • Mini
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • Chrysler
  • Mercedes
  • Audi
  • Opel
  • Peugeot
  • Nissan
  • Citroen
  • Fiat
  • Jeep
  • Abarth
  • Buick

Summing it up, a convertible car is a dream of many travelers. Rent your perfect convertible with and enjoy your freedom, high speed, and special pleasure from the road.

Where can I rent a convertible in the USA?

It’s obvious that convertibles are most relevant for such warm regions as California, Nevada, and Florida. However, the high demand for these unique cars led to the possibility of renting them in many major spots of the country. Austin, Indianapolis, Nashville, Phoenix, or Atlanta - you are offered the best convertible cars for rent in the USA wherever you go.

But there are destinations where convertible rental in the USA is especially popular. Among them are:

Each of these locations has a vast range of convertible car rental USA options, making the selection of the right vehicle as easy and fast as possible. However, the price for this type of cars varies depending on the certain pickup spot – the most expensive locations for convertible cars rental in USA are New York, Los Angeles, and Orlando, while the cheapest offers can be found in Denver, Miami, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

What is the best company to rent a convertible in USA?

A huge selection of convertible USA car rental companies is a guarantee that you can find your favorite vehicle at the most affordable price and with customer-friendly rental conditions. Business travelers will be happy to book Avis car rental USA convertible because the company’s benefits concerning official renters reach up to 30%.

National, Alamo, Enterprise, and Dollar are considered to be the cheapest USA car rental convertible providers, and will maximally suit the needs of budget travelers.

The full list of suppliers offering car rental in USA convertible includes:

Companies set the rates on convertibles in such a way that sometimes car rental USA Mustang convertible can be even more affordable than the midsize or full-size car. Therefore, pricing policy allows you to rent a high-end car at an affordable price. This means that each budget traveler can also benefit from a convertible rental car in USA.

The most cost-effective convertibles available on the USA car hire market are:

  • Ford Mustang Convertible (Alamo) - $53.71/day;
  • Chevrolet Camaro Convertible (Dollar) - $55.86/day;
  • Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (Sixt) - $75.21/day;
  • Mazda Miata Convertible (Enterprise) - $81.82/day;
  • Mitsubishi Spyder Convertible (NU car rental) - $84.33/day;
  • BMW 4 Series Convertible (National) - $112.68/day;
  • Mini Cooper Convertible (National) - $125.61/day.

What rental cars come in a convertible?

A convertible/spider/spyder/cabriolet vehicle class is a dream of many travelers. It’s considered to be an embodiment of freedom, excellent speed and unique feelings on the road. Throughout the globe, the convertible also means high status in society and wealth.

Modern convertible rental cars are vehicles equipped with a foldable soft or hard roof made of vinyl or cloth. As a rule, convertibles are created on the basis of ready-made sedans, hatchbacks or coupes and equipped with two or four doors.

Therefore, you can rent a BMW convertible, which will be the same as your favorite full-fledged model with a roof. Of course, this applies to any other auto brand.

The standard convertible rental car list includes many options that are suitable for various purposes. For example, if your dream is an unforgettable summer trip on Highway 66, then it’s hard to come up with something better than renting a Ford Mustang convertible. However, a Chevrolet Camaro convertible rental would also be a great solution for this aim.

Those who need an open-top car for a trip to the beach can rent a Mini Cooper convertible, which will satisfy with its attractive appearance and economic engine.

Finally, convertible models of such brands as Audi, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce are perfect for business people and just for the fans of luxury.

In general, most automakers have convertible versions of their popular models, and with, they are all at your disposal.

What category is a convertible in rental cars?

Similarly to regular hardtop cars, convertibles can be grouped by body size and class. This makes it possible to choose exactly the vehicle that will suit your preferences best.

Mini, compact, mid-size, or standard convertible rental - in this case, the main parameter of the difference between cars is the size of the cabin and trunk.

Also, you may rent convertible cars of Exotic and Luxury classes. Here are a few convertible samples representing vehicles in a certain category:

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Ford Mustang Convertible

Mini Cooper Convertible

Mercedes E Class Convertible

Audi A4 Convertible

Mazda Miata Convertible

FAQ about convertible car rental in the USA

How old do you have to be to rent a convertible in the USA?

According to the age policy of companies offering convertible car rental in USA, the minimum age to pick up a convertible car is 25. However, under 25 rentals are also possible, but subject to certain requirements:

  • If you’re 21-24 years old, you’ll be able to pick up a car anywhere in the USA, and from any provider. An underage daily charge may be applied – the cost is usually $15-35/day depending on the car rental company.
  • Under 21 car rental is also available, but in New York and Michigan States only. Additional young driver surcharge must be paid by 18-20 years-old renters.
  • Official government persons who are 18 and older can pick up a car anywhere throughout the USA, and without an underage surcharge.

In addition, USA car rental companies are not authorized to provide special age requirements or discounts for convertible cars.

Can I rent a convertible when I am 21 in USA?

Probably, driving an open-top car is a cherished dream of many youngsters. Unfortunately, companies' policies regarding underage drivers can ruin someone’s plans.

Typically, the minimum age for picking up a convertible car rental in USA without any restrictions is 25 years old. But usually, there are special conditions for those between 21 and 25. They will also be able to travel by car but with some extra conditions. Among them are an additional ‘young driver fee’ and a ban on some vehicle classes, including luxury cars and sometimes even mini convertible rental.

Why is this happening? The fact is that young drivers negatively affect the accident rate, increasing the number of road incidents due to lack of experience. To compensate for possible losses, companies use the so-called ‘young driver fee’.

As a result, you can easily rent a convertible Mini Cooper or Ford Mustang if you are at least 20 or 21, but it will cost extra money.

Moreover, in MI and NY states the legislation is even more faithful to young tourists, allowing them to enjoy convertible for rent even at the age of 18-19. Yes, it certainly will cost even more.

How much does it cost to rent a convertible car for a day in USA?

Usually, the price is a determining point when booking a car. Therefore, getting the cheapest possible cost to rent a convertible is the goal of each traveler.

Convertible car rental prices may vary widely in different U.S. destinations. This is caused by the level of demand in a particular location, seasonality, and other related reasons.

However, on average you will have to pay $60-70 per day for such a vehicle, while the lower and upper price limits are $31 and $206 per day respectively.

How to get a cheap convertible rental in the USA?

You will be happy to rent the convertible USA at a lower price than planned. For this, check out a few money-saving tips:

  • Start the trip on the right day. It’s a well-known fact that most people have the opportunity to travel on weekends. Do the opposite to rent convertible for cheap and on more favorable financial conditions. On weekdays, the rate will be much lower, and the choice of cars is much wider. But remember that this applies only to most-traveled tourist places since when visiting the world centers of industry, you run the risk of overpaying on weekdays due to the high demand for cars among businessmen.
  • Don’t wait too long before you reserve a rental convertible car. This rule is equally effective both for booking airline tickets and for car hire. When you search at least 10 or more days before your pick-up date, you will be surprised at a lot of cheap convertible rental cars. If so then don’t hesitate to reserve. The later you book, the more you pay.
  • Search for a car in several locations at once. Of course, this applies in case the pickup points are located relatively close to the place where you really need it. The fact is that the same cars can vary significantly in price in neighboring locations. Thus, if you just look and compare them – it’s possible to rent a convertible for a day at a better rate.
  • Benefit from long-term deals. Companies’ policies work in such a way as to encourage inveterate travelers. That is, if you rent convertible for a longer period, every single day will cost less. Based on this, it’s much more likely that a weekly rental will be cheaper than a 5- or 6-day deal.
  • Refuel the car by yourself. On the vehicle reservation section, you will be offered the option of prepaid gasoline. Actually, it’s very convenient, but it also costs money, because the price of each gallon will be more expensive. There is probably nothing difficult to find a gas station with a good price wherever you go, so with pickup full-to-full petrol option you can save a lot and pay only for the gas you consumed.
  • Avoid one-way convertible rent and border crossing. One way and crossing the border will allow you to travel without limits. But if your goal is a budget trip - forget about these opportunities.
  • Check available discounts and promotions. Did you realize that your rental car convertible coupon code can save your wallet from extra wastes? Indeed, using discounts and various coupons is another way to cut costs, and this is what almost every road traveler desires.

How to rent a convertible for a road trip in the USA?

Speed, simplicity, and reliability are what you get when booking a car on our website. The whole rental cars convertible reservation process won’t take too much time, while you’ll find a vehicle according to the desired request.

For this, you just need to follow an intuitive step-by-step recommendation:

  1. Choose a suitable airport or city location;
  2. Select the period you decided to rent a convertible car;
  3. Click the Search button;
  4. Click on the ‘Convertible’ tab at the top of the page to filter out unnecessary vehicles;
  5. Choose the best offer by comparing cars by such parameters as price, fuel policy, provider, rating, special offers, and specifications;
  6. Enter the major driver’s personal information and payment data;
  7. Approve the reservation and print a confirmation voucher.

How much to rent a convertible for a week in the United States?

A weekly road trip is a way to benefit from long-term deals. What does this mean? It's simple - each rental convertible day will cost you much cheaper than picking up a vehicle for 3, 4, or 5 days.

Moreover, in case you expect a 6-day journey, then in most cases it will cost more than the overall cost of a 7-day service. Therefore, you may use this trick for your goals.

As for approximate cost, convertible cars for rent are available in the USA at a rate of $400-1,000 per week.

How much to rent a convertible in California?

It's hard to imagine a better place to enjoy a trip behind the steering wheel of a convertible than California. Endless beaches, beautiful national parks, and the bright sun will make your experience truly unforgettable.

The price to enjoy convertible car rental in California ranges from $31 to $152 for a variety of models, including standard, luxury, and exotic ones.

Among the companies that have such cars in their fleet are Silvercar, Economy, Alamo, Thrifty, Enterprise, Budget, Avis, Advantage, National, Dollar, and Hertz.

How to rent a convertible in California?

As elsewhere in the United States, vehicle pickup in California won’t cause a loss of time or headache. By using our website, the whole procedure will take several minutes.

To get started, you need to select the appropriate California convertible car rental location in the search form. It can be Los Angeles Airport LAX, San Francisco SFO Airport, San Diego or any other popular point. Also, you must specify the full length of your travel period, that is, the start and end date of the rental.

After you see a list of all available vehicles, filter them by clicking on the ‘Convertible’ tab. Then compare your favorite cars by price, rating, special offers, and fuel policy, thereby choosing the best deal.

Well done! Now go to the next page to enter your personal details and payment information.

Also, the last step you need to print a voucher confirming that you successfully rent convertible in California.

Where to rent a convertible car for a week?

There’s no shortage of companies in the USA because they offer their services at thousands of pick-up points throughout the country. However, how to choose a really good provider among such leaders as Hertz, Dollar, National, Enterprise, Budget, Alamo, Sixt, Thrifty, or NU, if you don’t have any experience with at least one of them?

It’s for this purpose that our website is really good. has a convenient search engine that allows you to compare offers from all car rental companies on the go. Whether your main criterion is price, rating, or something else, you can be sure to rent a convertible for cheap and on the most favorable terms.

The range of extra options, the presence of discounts, as well as an extensive set of cars is your way to a successful trip that will bring you an ocean of pleasure and save your budget.

Still not sure where to rent a cheap convertible car? Then find the search form and fill it out!

Where to rent a convertible for the weekend?

An open-top car can give you a new experience, even if you have been traveling for many years. The feeling when a fresh wind blows over you and you can see a beautiful blue sky above your head will turn your understanding of the perfect summer trip.

Of course, this is all possible if you choose the right provider with whom you won’t have any problems during the journey. With, you have the cheapest way to rent a convertible from a well-trusted supplier.

Alamo, National, Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, Sixt, NU, Thrifty, and Dollar offer their best models through our website, so you always have direct access to them by using a simple search engine.

Simply enter your location and dates to reserve a cheap convertible car rental in an instant.

Can I rent convertible cars one-way in USA?

Avoiding your pick-up/drop-off locations to be the same can significantly expand your travel horizons. Therefore, convertible car rental USA one way is the best solution for those who want to explore more interesting destinations.

The return of your convertible car rental to a different location may be due to such reasons:

  • you plan to cross the territory of the USA;
  • you don’t want to waste time on a round trip;
  • your plans suddenly changed;
  • you need another place/airport to head home.

Remember that one way convertible car rental USA means additional drop off fees. The greater the distance between the pickup and drop off points, the bigger it is, but on average you pay $25-100 per day. Also, this amount is regulated by the company, so make a comparison to rent a convertible car at the best rate.

How to get a convertible car rental for less?

A convertible is able to give a lot of new incredible impressions of the trip. In order to find the best car and at the most affordable price, follow several valuable tips:

  • Make a car hire booking in advance Remember that pre-booking is always cheaper than last minute car rental. Try to search for your perfect car 1-2 weeks prior to the actual pickup date – and you’re guaranteed to get a cheap convertible car rental in the USA. What’s more, the selection of cars will be much more impressive.
  • Check out neighboring locations This means that locations situated close to each other may offer different prices. So, you’ll be able to choose the best rate, even within the same city.
  • Choose your car attentively A wide range of convertibles can confuse even an experienced renter. If you want to drive a car rental USA Mustang convertible, then this is a perfect choice. The car looks extremely stylish and equipped with a powerful engine. However, a convertible car fleet in the USA features many other beautiful vehicles according to your taste. Thus, think twice before making a final decision.
  • Take advantage with one-way rentals Sometimes your arrival and departure places are different. For this reason, one-way convertible car rental in the USA will fully satisfy your needs. When searching for your car, set the desired pick up and drop off spots, and you’ll get the list of the available cars along with their prices.
  • Inspect the similar offers of the companies It may be so that the same car is offered by several companies at once. Thus, check out such deals thoroughly and choose the most suitable option.
  • Study your insurance In most cases, CDW and SLI insurance options come with each reservation free of charge. You should find what is included and what is not included in the rental price in order to avoid extra payments.
  • Make your trip longer The fact is that each rental day will be cheaper if the whole rental period is longer. So, keep this rule in mind when making a reservation.
  • Search for additional discounts Sometimes, companies provide weekly specials or various promotions. This is another way to save money and get a cheap car rental for your vacation.

Where can I rent a convertible car near me?

It often happens when an open-top vehicle is needed here and now. That’s why such a search query as ‘rent a convertible car near me’ is very common among those who like spontaneous journeys.

Indeed, such a car is able to give new emotions, impressions, and experience, as well as take a fresh look at road trips. Freedom, kilometers of roads ahead, and the wind flying in your hair - what do you need to feel it?

Just enter the desired location in our website’s search form to receive a complete list of convertible car rental near me. In the USA, the best places for a pickup are Florida, and the West Coast, on the territory of which the sun doesn’t stop shining all year round. If you are currently in one of these places, then the ‘convertible for rent near me’ request will be more successful than ever.

Of course, in the summertime, Arizona, Texas, and many other states are also great for traveling by car with an open roof.

Another way to rent a convertible near me is to use Rental24H application. Like our website, it has a convenient search form. But another function is to search for a vehicle by your current location. You simply enter ‘convertible for rent near me’ and get a list of available offers from different companies.

How to get a good deal on a convertible car rental?

A good deal is key to a successful trip. It’s a combination of such factors as good value, high rating, along with top-tier service on the counter and reliable support.

When it comes to an open-top car, the condition of the vehicle itself is also particularly important. A well-maintained car will give you many hours of an unforgettable trip that won’t cause any problems. In turn, this will have a positive effect on your mood and trip.

Of course, the price of the vehicle also matters, and most of us want to rent a convertible for cheap, and without losing a high level of quality. But how to do it? Check out some valuable tips:

  • Start your search not later than 7-10 days before the pickup. The most advantageous offers appear in advance, so early booking is the shortest way to cheap convertible rental.
  • Check nearby locations. It’s a myth that the cost of the same cars in the nearby pickup points is also equivalent - very often the difference reaches 10-20%. The cheapest place to rent a convertible can be found via rate comparison available on our website.
  • Pick up a car on a weekday. The weekend is considered to be a period of high demand, which automatically raises the price of cars. Thus, if possible, choose a weekday as the starting day of the trip to rent a cheap convertible.

How to rent a Ford Mustang convertible in USA?

Ford Mustang is a true embodiment of power and style, while its iconic appearance makes the driver admire the car again and again.

Due to its unique characteristics and American origin, the rental Ford Mustang convertible is a popular choice for travelers to the United States. If you are among them, then you would like to pick up this vehicle on your next trip.

Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how to book a Mustang convertible car rental on our website:

  1. Scroll to the top of the page and find the search form
  2. Set the desired pickup location, and determine the length of the rental period by clicking on the start and end dates in the calendar.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. On the page of available cars, click on the ‘Convertible’ tab to remove all unnecessary vehicle classes from the list.
  5. Search for your desired car. If there are several, compare them by price, provider, special offers, and other parameters that are of interest to you, and choose the best one.
  6. Enter the major driver’s information and payment details.
  7. Confirm the reservation and print the voucher to show it on the counter.

Remember that the supplier can’t promise you an exact model, but is obliged to give a similar vehicle. In case you precisely want to rent a Mustang Convertible but not an equivalent car, then search for offers with the ‘Guaranteed car model’ inscription.

How much does it cost to rent a Ford Mustang convertible in the USA?

Despite its wild nature, predatory appearance, and excellent dynamic performance, Ford Mustang is very popular among travelers.

The price range for Ford Mustang convertible rental is $30-200 per day, while the average rate is about $60 per day. Of course, this is a very favorable price for such a cool car, because it belongs to the class of luxury/exotic vehicles. Its spacious interior and a sufficiently large trunk are perfect for 4-5 passengers and their bags.

Plus, the Mustang allows you to feel the real American spirit placed in this car, which gives your trip even more positive emotions and motivation.

Where can I rent a Ford Mustang convertible in USA?

Due to the great demand for this car, you can book it at most airport and city locations in the USA. So, planning your itinerary for a trip by Mustang Convertible rental won’t be a headache anyway.

Below are the available pick-up places in each state, among which you will find the most convenient points to rent a convertible Mustang and start an unforgettable journey on American roads.

What car rental company rents Ford Mustangs convertible?

When searching for a convertible Mustang for rent, you will not be limited in choosing a U.S. supplier, because this car is in the fleets of most companies.

Are you used to dealing with Avis? Or maybe you want to pick up Enterprise rent a car Mustang convertible? No worries. The following list of vendors includes both large international companies and local landlords, providing a truly wide selection of options for you:

What rental cars are similar to Ford Mustang convertible?

You know that because of the constant updating of the companies’ lineup, it’s not always possible to choose exactly the model that you reserved. This means your rental Mustang convertible can be replaced with an analogous car - it will also be open-top and with relatively similar technical specifications.

The good news is that you will be offered to rent a Mustang GT convertible, which is even better than the original model, as well as many other equivalent cars. The closest substitutes are:

  • Ford Mustang GT Convertible Rental
  • Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Rental
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible Rental

In the absence of these models, you can choose one of the following vehicles from alternative brands:

  • Audi A5 Convertible
  • Audi S3 Convertible
  • BMW 2 Series Convertible
  • BMW 4 Series Convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class Convertible
  • Buick Cascada
  • Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
  • Mazda MX-5

What does Budget rental car mean when they state Ford Mustang convertible or similar?

Yes, your Budget car rental Mustang convertible can actually be replaced with a similar model from any automaker.

In the understanding of the company, an equivalent car doesn’t mean color, engine power, interior decoration, etc. You should be provided with a car featuring the same size, class, type, with the same number of doors, and fuel specification.

Therefore, get prepared to receive the following cars even if you rent a car Mustang convertible:

  • Ford Mustang GT Convertible
  • Chevrolet Camaro Convertible
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

Which car rental companies guarantee Mustang Convertible?

An offer with the ‘Guaranteed car model’ inscription is the only case when you get what you see. Otherwise, any company can’t promise you a specific vehicle model.

However, you can try to rent a Ford Mustang convertible from SIXT, Dollar, Budget, or EZ, as most of their open-top cars are Ford Mustang Convertible models.

How much does it cost to rent a convertible Camaro in the USA?

Chevrolet Camaro is another iconic conqueror of American roads. Similarly to Mustang, its powerful engine and character speak for itself, while stylish appearance is recognizable even from afar.

Fortunately, this is not reflected in the price, and you have the ability to rent Camaro convertible at a fairly affordable price from $30 to $200 a day. A specific provider, location, seasonality, and reservation time are those factors that greatly affect the price, and you should take this into account when looking for a really profitable offer.

As for the average rate, a Chevy Camaro convertible rental costs about $70 per day with taxes included.

Where to rent a convertible Camaro?

This is always excellent when your selection range is large because it means you are more likely to single out the most suitable option that meets your personal criteria.

In relation to Camaro SS convertible rental, the list of companies to deal with includes Silvercar, Economy, Alamo, Enterprise, Advantage, Budget, Avis, National Thrifty, Dollar, and Hertz.

Comparing all suppliers by price, quality, mileage policy, and other important parameters, you rent a Chevy Camaro convertible on the most profitable conditions.

All these companies operate in thousands of locations in the USA, thus searching the right spot to collect the convertible Camaro rental car is easy.

You might even find the necessary rental Camaro convertible pickup point in the following list:

What does a VW hardtop convertible cost to rent in the USA?

The Volkswagen AG family also has a great vehicle for incredible summer trips. Those who rent a VW Beetle convertible rely on a small cozy car with a stylish appearance, and efficient fuel-saving engine, and a nice price. And they get it.

The Beatle has all the features of a reliable German vehicle, which is great for leisurely trips to the beach, national parks and just wherever you want.

You can rent a Volkswagen Beetle convertible at a price of $30-160 per day. The final rate is influenced by the specific provider, location, time, and period of the reservation, as well as the current demand of the car. On average, you will pay $50-60 a day for such a car.

Where to rent a convertible VW Beetle in USA?

Actually, it would be much faster to name those places where you can’t rent a Beetle convertible. Simply, this car is available through many suppliers in most states: Economy, Alamo, Enterprise, Advantage, Budget, Avis, National Thrifty, Dollar, and Herz are the companies that are ready to provide you with this small stylish vehicle.

Now you can plan your trip without looking at the list of available locations, as a convertible Volkswagen bug rental can be reserved at many major points in the USA. Plus, it’s excellent because you may always have a flexible route without being tied to a specific area.

For your convenience, check the row of locations to rent a Volkswagen Beetle convertible and start an incredible trip on American highways!

What convertible do you get when you rent Volkswagen convertible Beetle or similar?

Always be prepared for the fact that the supplier won’t have the car that you saw in the reservation picture. That is when you rent a convertible VW Beetle you don’t 100% get the keys to this particular vehicle, and this is completely legal.

So, the company will provide you with an analogous car of another brand and model. It could be:

  • Fiat 500 Convertible;
  • Mazda MX-5 Convertible;
  • or Mini Convertible.

Each of these vehicles will fit perfectly into the concept of a summer trip to the beach, along the scenic ocean coast, or just for a romantic journey.

Where can I rent a BMW convertible?

The Bavarian brand has always combined a restrained style with a strict appearance and luxury. Therefore, it’s a good choice among convertible cars for rent wherever you go. California, Florida, Texas... this car is available in many locations in the United States. Fill out the form on our website and find convertible car rental from BMW exactly where you need it.

How much does it cost to rent a BMW convertible?

In general, the price of a rental car convertible is not a constant value, because it’s influenced by many factors, such as the pickup location, provider, vehicle model, seasonality, as well as the booking time and travel period.

Thus, the price can vary from $40 to $200 per day. On average, you can rent a BMW 3 series convertible for $60-70 a day.

What rental agency BMW convertible?

You can check it on our website. Enter the required car rental convertible location, the desired trip dates, and start the search. The process will take several seconds. After that, filter the offers by type of car by selecting ‘Convertible’.

Then scroll down the list and look for companies that rent a BMW convertible at the moment.

Where do I rent an Audi convertible?

It is a great idea to rent an Audi convertible and go on a stunning road trip along the ocean coast. But where to pick it up? Many companies rent Audi A4 convertible in such states as Florida or California only, where the weather is warm all year round.

However, with the help of our search engine, you can find this exotic car anywhere in the USA in a few clicks. Fill out the form, get a list of cars, and then rent an Audi A5 convertible.

Where to rent a convertible sports car?

In fact, most convertible auto rental cars have a sporty appearance and appropriate driving characteristics. But among them are models literally born for racing. If you are a fan of the German car industry, then the Audi R8 convertible rental will satisfy your thirst for speed. For the fans of American vehicles, there’s also something delicious - the Chevy Corvette convertible rental will show who the king of the highways really is.

Many of these vehicles are waiting for you in 1000+ pickup locations in the USA. Fill out the search form on and click the search button. Then go to the luxury convertible rental cars section - very often sports cars can be found directly there.

Where to rent a luxury convertible?

If you need an executive car with an open-top, then it makes sense to rent a Chrysler 200 convertible. Its outstanding interior decoration and elegant appearance will fit perfectly into the concept of a business trip. However, Rolls Royce convertible rental also meets these criteria, and offers even more, because it’s one of the most uncompromising vehicles of all time.

Of course, you can find any luxury convertible rental on our website. Your only task is to enter the search data and select the desired car.

Where to rent a convertible Jeep?

From time to time you need to rent a convertible so that it has good off-road abilities, and increased ground clearance. No problems. Here you will find several suitable options.

Convertible jeep rental is the best vehicle for traveling over rough terrain, which feels confident on any road surface, and is ready to give a lot of positive emotions from driving in the open air.

Everything is simple: enter the required location and dates in the search form and the full list of convertible car rental deals will be at your disposal!

What rental convertible does Enterprise have?

It’s not surprising that many travelers choose Enterprise rent a convertible as one of the top-rated and reliable companies. Moreover, the lineup of its open-top cars has models for all needs, including leisurely road walks, business trips, and long-distance interstate journeys.

What convertible car rental from Enterprise is available in the United States? Among them are:

  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata
  • BMW 1, 2, 4-Series
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK, C-Class Convertible

How much to rent a convertible via Enterprise in the USA?

Despite the outstanding reputation of the company and the specific type of car body, Enterprise rental convertible price is not as high as you might think right away.

Of course, the cost of budget models and luxury brands can differ by more than 4 times, but usually, it remains stable - between $40 and $180 a day.

What type of convertible does Alamo rent?

Alamo is a highly trusted provider and therefore is the goal of many road travelers. The fleet of Alamo car rental convertible vehicles consists mainly of various Ford Mustang specifications.

But if you need something special from your Alamo convertible car rental, then the BMW 1, 2, 4 series, Mercedes-Benz SLK along with Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro are also at your disposal.

What type of convertible does National rent?

If your choice fell on National car rental, then the company's model lineup for open-top cars is simply impressive.

National car rental convertible fleet includes vehicles for daily trips, exotic cars to emphasize individuality, as well as premium samples for businessmen.

Does car roof construction important to you? No problems! National rental car convertible types feature foldable soft or hardtops.

Here’re all available sizes and classes of the company’s convertible vehicles:

  • Compact - Mazda MX-5 Miata
  • Standard - Ford Mustang Convertible
  • Mid-size - Mini Cooper Convertible
  • Luxury/Exotic - Audi or Mercedes-Benz Convertibles

Which car rental company has the best convertible cars in USA?

The concept of the best car can be based both on the vehicle itself, its configuration, cleanliness, and price, as well as the result of excellent service on the counter, easy pick-up/drop-off, and the general impression of the trip.

Judging by a combination of factors, the best cars are provided by National, Alamo, Avis, Enterprise, Budget, and National. However, each of them has its own merits and advantages.

For example, the National car rental convertible is distinguished by positive customers’ reviews, and all offers of the supplier have a high average rating. The same applies to Alamo car rental convertible cars that are of high quality at a reasonable price.

For those who want to find the best deal in terms of price, Budget rental car convertible deals should be taken into account. Our company works closely with this provider, allowing you to have the lowest rate. Therefore, a Budget car rental convertible is by far the best choice for money-saving travelers.

If your motto is high quality without compromise, then Avis car rental convertible will satisfy your strongest ambitions. Many years of supplier-oriented experience has proved the correctness of the chosen path of the company. As a result, your Avis convertible rental impression will always be on top, and even higher. In addition, the company has special corporate offers, which attracts many business travelers.