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Why rent a 9 passenger vehicle?

Travel is the key to relax and have a great time. Thousands of kilometers of high-quality US roads will give you unforgettable emotions behind the wheel of an iconic Ford Mustang or an economy Chevrolet Spark. However, what a trip without family, without relatives, and without a large company of best friends?

A trip with the dearest people will allow you to refresh your memory of all the pleasant moments spent together, and get a fresh experience of new adventures. The only thing you need for this is suitable transport.

A rental car for 9 people is the best solution for any group trip, including business or leisure purposes. Each passenger gets the comfort he needs, while the bags are in the large trunk and not at the feet.

Saving money is another reason to choose 9 passenger car rental. If earlier you had to book two full-size cars, now a single large vehicle with 9 seats will free you from unnecessary expenses. It’s cheaper in terms of rental price, plus efficient engines of the modern people carriers consume less fuel than two standard vehicles.

Book the reliable and affordable 9 seater car rental USA at and you can truly enjoy your road trip in a massive car. This guarantees you a pleasant experience, hassle-free driving, and a great mood!

What do you get with 9 passenger van rental?

  • A large but at the same time maneuverable vehicle
  • Plenty of interior space for each passenger
  • Roomy luggage compartment for personal belongings
  • Cheap way to travel for group trips

Finding the best 9 passenger minivan rental on our website won't be a hassle. We are always one step ahead so that you receive the most current offers from reliable suppliers. Need a 9 seat rental car? Then it's time to get the car you dreamed of!

What is 9 passenger car rental?

Ease of movement is the main thing we look for in a rental car. 9 passenger vehicles for rent are characterized by their large size, resulting in a spacious interior and comfort for each passenger.

However, group travel in a 9-seater van promises to be not only comfortable but also includes several other pleasant benefits:

  • Safe movement from place to place. You don't need to worry that someone gets lost on the way to the next sight, as happens when using a public bus. You will all be in one place.
  • Saving the travel budget. Picking up a single 9 passenger SUV rental instead of two standard cars is cheaper. Plus, you save even more on fuel.
  • New shared experiences. Traveling with a large company is a fun pastime. Share pleasant emotions with your fellow travelers and they will double!

We have a huge range of vehicles to suit your needs. If you prefer a reliable and practical car - Mercedes, Opel, or Ford 9 passenger van rental will allow you to get the most out of your trip at an affordable price.

9 passenger Suburban rental SUV from Chevrolet is the best choice for those who like to move away from the usual routes, traveling over rough terrain. In turn, such options as the Mercedes Vito will delight the fans of the luxurious interior and the highest level of comfort.

Depending on your preferences and purposes, we are ready to provide you with the best car. Check the most popular 9-seater people carriers in the following table and choose the one that suits you:

Most Popular 9 Seater Car Rentals

Mercedes Vito Mercedes Vito
  • 9 passenger van
  • 5 doors
  • 4 suitcases
  • 45 mpg
Ford Transit Passenger van Ford Transit Passenger van
  • 9 passenger van
  • 5 doors
  • 4 suitcases
  • 26 mpg
Volkswagen Transporter Volkswagen Transporter
  • 9 passenger van
  • 5 doors
  • 4 suitcases
  • 46 mpg
Ford Tourneo Ford Tourneo
  • 9 passenger van
  • 5 doors
  • 4 suitcases
  • 49 mpg
Renault Trafic Renault Trafic
  • 9 passenger van
  • 5 doors
  • 4 suitcases
  • 49 mpg
GMC Yukon GMC Yukon
  • 7 to 9 passenger SUV
  • 4 doors
  • 3 suitcases
  • 18 mpg
Chevrolet Suburban Chevrolet Suburban
  • 7 to 9 passenger SUV
  • 4 doors
  • 3 suitcases
  • 18 mpg

Top 9 seater car hire locations in USA

The high density of pickup locations means that you can easily find a 9 seater rental car in the USA exactly where you need it. In addition to airport points, where it’s most convenient to start your trip, we provide cars in nearby city offices, as well as near railway stations and the major attractions.

As a result, you have geographic freedom, which gives you many more opportunities to plan your itinerary in advance. Looking for 9 passenger van rental near me? No problems! Please select a suitable location in the list below:

Where can I rent a 9 passenger GMC Yukon or Chevy Suburban?

These cars are great if you want to travel off-road but still need a big and roomy vehicle. However, be careful – similarly to the GMC Yukon, the Chevrolet Suburban may actually be not a 9-person car, but a 7- or 8-seater. You will need to clarify this question when booking your 9 seater SUV rental USA.

Both vehicles are available in many locations throughout the country, so you can plan your trip flexibly. Below you will find a list of places where you can pick up a GMC Yukon or Chevy Suburban 9 seater rental.

Which car rental companies rent 9 passenger vehicles in the USA?

Choosing the right rental company is more important than ever, especially when it comes to a large family car. When booking 9 seater van rental USA through, you have access to a huge list of agencies willing to provide you with the best deal.

Whether you are looking for a car from a major supplier, or want to get a great deal from a small firm - we always respect your choice and do our best to make it right. Therefore, 9 passenger vehicles for rental available on our website are only from the most reliable and highly trusted companies, both international and local:

How much to rent a 9 passenger van in the USA?

The average price for such a car is between $70 and $90 per day. This is a pretty good deal, but in the low season you can pick up a 9 passenger van for rent even cheaper - just at $40 per day. During the holidays, prices tend to rise, reaching $130 per day for the same car.

Why is there such a wide range of prices? This is because many factors influence it. Among them is the current demand in a particular location, the seasonal factor, as well as the unique pricing policy of each company.

Of course, there’s always a way to get the best price for rental cars that seat 9 passengers. Check out some helpful tips and use them to your advantage:

  • Book your car in advance
  • Choose the right days to book, avoiding weekends and holidays;
  • Explore nearby city locations in terms of price;
  • Rent a car at least for a week;
  • Don't prepay fuel for your 9 seater vans rental;
  • Allow all drivers to be at least 25 years old;
  • Don't purchase additional options you don't really need;
  • Return 9 seat passenger van rental to the original location.

How to rent a 9 passenger van in the USA with

Surely you would like to rent a 9 passenger van quickly and easily. Our search engine allows you to make a booking even faster than you think. Here's how to get started:

  1. Find the search form.
  2. Fill in the blank fields by entering the desired location, date, and time to pick up 9 passenger van rental.
  3. Click search and get a list of all currently available vehicles.
  4. Find a horizontal list with car types, scroll to the right and click on the “Minivan” icon.
  5. Sort cars by price, rating, or other parameters.
  6. Choose the best offer by clicking on it.
  7. Read the rental terms and add the necessary extra options.
  8. Enter your payment and personal information.
  9. Confirm your booking.

What do you need to rent 9 passenger vans in the USA?

The list of necessary things is regulated by the company’s rental policy, and it may differ slightly for each provider. Most often, the essentials for picking-up a 9 seater car rental in the United States includes the following documents:

  1. Driver’s license issued to the main renter. Also, the main driver must have at least 1 year of driving experience.
  2. International driving permit, but only if your domestic license is not in the Latin alphabet. Provided along with the original license only.
  3. Passport or another available form of identification.
  4. Credit or debit card with the main driver's name on it.
  5. A printed version of the voucher confirming 9 passenger rental booking.
  6. Any other document requested by the company.

How old do you have to be to rent 9 passenger vehicles in the USA?

Driving a 9 passenger vehicle for rent requires a lot of responsibility and experience. Thus, don’t be surprised if you see 25, 26 or even 28 years old in the minimum age requirements in the company’s rental conditions.

The fact is that a young driver behind the steering wheel of a massive vehicle causes additional risk. As an exception, in some states nine passenger van rental is allowed starting from the age of 18 – these are New York and Michigan. This opportunity is enshrined at the legislative level.

Please note that if you are under 25, you will have to pay a young driver's fee. Its value depends on the driver’s age, and varies between $25-48 per day in Michigan and $20-73 per day in New York.

Don’t forget to check the age limit for the desired location before booking car rental 9 passenger. This will waive any surprises when appearing on the counter.

Which 9 passenger van rental is the best?

For every traveler, the concept of the best car rental for 9 people is different. This is because we have different tastes and different goals. A large selection of 9-person cars available on our website is the key to rent the best option for your exclusive need. If you're not sure which one to choose, here’re some great 9 passenger vans for rent and their features:

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito

Comfort, style and luxury are the main characteristics of a 9-passenger car from Mercedes-Benz. Its interior is a great example of what a premium car should look like, while its exterior is striking with its smooth lines and attention to every detail. If you want to get a little more than a regular van, the Mercedes Vito 9 Seater Rental will fully satisfy your expectations.

Ford Transit

Ford Transit

You probably know the Ford Transit as a reliable cargo van. It has retained all its advantages and is now transporting people. Ford Transit can’t boast of a luxurious interior, but it doesn't need it - it was created for those who value affordable price and good capacity. An efficient car engine completes the list of its advantages.

VW Transporter

VW Transporter

This 9 passenger rental van is built with German meticulousness, as seen in its design. It’s distinguished by attention to detail, reliability, practicality and at the same time reasonable price. The car's interior is made at a high level: it allows passengers to feel comfort and relaxation. A large trunk is another nice thing about Volkswagen.

Which is the best 9 passenger SUV 4 wheels drive to rent?

If your travel itinerary includes driving on country roads, then a 9 passenger SUV for rent would be a great solution. Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon are two options available on our website. Which one should you choose? Check out the following review and make your final decision:

GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon is a car that will surpass all your wishes for a large off-road family car. It allows you to keep all personal belongings in the trunk, while each passenger will feel comfortable. The all-wheel drive and large fuel tank of this 9 seater SUV rental car will fit perfectly into long-distance travel.

Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban

This is a true American who knows no barriers. A powerful engine, four-wheel drive, huge trunk and spacious interior are why travelers love this 9 seater SUV for rental. The laconic and functional interior of the car sets you up for a comfortable and pleasant trip wherever you go.

How much is a 9 passenger rental car deposit in the USA?

The deposit amount is influenced by the type, class of the car, its market value and the policy of the rental company. Obviously, a nine seater car rental requires a larger deposit than a standard car - on average, between $200 and $2,000 will be secured on your credit card. Make sure that the corresponding limit is available on it.

The blocked money will become available in up to 15 days after you return 9 passenger vehicle rental.

Can I get rental cars that seat 9 with a debit card in the USA?

The ability to pick up a car rental 9 passenger van with a debit card is allowed only by certain rent-a-car companies due to the absence of a credit limit, which is a guarantee of the renter's solvency.

However, in some locations, many companies allow 9 passenger rental vehicles without a credit card if your debit card meets all of their criteria. All the necessary information regarding payment methods is available in the rental terms and conditions of a particular deal. You can’t enjoy car rental with a gift or prepaid card, or cash.

What insurance do you need for a 9 seater van rental?

Firstly, you can’t pick up your vehicle, regardless of type and class, unless you have active damage and liability insurance. And secondly, you always have at least basic protection when you pick up 9 seat passenger van rental on our website.

The insurance issue is quite complex and has many nuances. We have prepared some valuable tips to help you choose the best security plan for your 9 seater rental.

  • Specify what kind of basic insurance you can count on. Standard insurance is not always exactly what you need. Check its basic parameters, especially the excess. Excess is the monetary degree of your liability, which you pay in the event of an insurance incident.
  • Explore alternative offers if necessary. You don't have to rent 9 passenger SUV with included insurance, because you have the freedom of choice. There are many insurance providers in addition to those offered by rental companies. Moreover, your credit card may have one. Inspect all the options to find the one that suits you best.
  • Analyze the insurance you are going to take. You don't always get what you see, and this may apply to 9 seater minivan rental insurance. Read the insurance terms, paying attention to all the details, especially those written in small letters.
  • Check the credit limit on your bank card. In case of an insured event, be prepared to pay the excess amount before the insurance company covers the rest of the loss. Most often, it’s deducted from the deposit that is frozen on your credit card.
  • Take a photo of the car before leaving the parking lot. It often happens that the 9 passenger rental vehicle you are going to pick up already has scratches, chips, or other interior/exterior damage. If the car rental staff don’t specify them in the contract, then you risk paying for them when returning the car. In order to avoid this scenario, make sure all the damages are mentioned in the contract and take pictures of all the problem areas of your 9 people car rental and use this as evidence.

Can I get 9 passenger vans rental with unlimited mileage?

Usually, companies don’t limit the mileage of their vehicles, but sometimes special categories of cars such as SUVs, luxury vehicles and vans don’t come with unlimited mileage included.

When searching for 9 passenger vehicles to rent on our website, check the rental conditions for all possible restrictions. This will allow you to avoid embarrassing situations during the trip.

What equipment do 9 seater rental cars have?

Despite the excellent equipment and a large number of seats available in 9 person passenger van rental, you may need some extras:

  • Child seats for all ages
  • Satellite navigation device
  • Ski rack
  • Winter tires

You can add them at the reservation stage or before picking up a 9 seater car rental on the counter.

How to get a cheap 9 seater van for rental in the USA?

Low cost is often a priority for budget travelers. However, the affordable price shouldn’t be due to poor quality of services. We know several ways how to choose a budget car rental 9 passenger van and are in a hurry to share them with you:

  • Book van 9 passenger rental at least 2 weeks before the trip to enjoy the low prices.
  • Avoid renting on weekends and holidays, choose a weekday to start your road trip.
  • Check prices not in a single airport location, but in the neighboring city points as well.
  • Compare offers by different parameters to find a truly budget 9 passenger van rental.
  • Don’t rent a car for a too short period – it’s too unprofitable.
  • One-way car rental options are more expensive.
  • Choose the standard 9 seater minibus rental over the luxury.
  • Try to avoid underage rentals.
  • Don’t prepay fuel, and use the Full-to-Full option.
  • Catch discounts and promotions available on our website.