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Why rent an 8 passenger van?

If you are looking for a vehicle that can accommodate more people, an 8 passenger vehicle for rent might be for you. Increase the number of seats from 5 to 8 and free up more space for passengers. offers a wide range of 8 seat car rental options. We offer a choice of 8 or more seat minivans, minibuses, and SUVs. Whether you are traveling in the city or looking to cover long distances, booking an 8 passenger rental at will bring you luxury.

We offer a variety of premium 8 passenger minivan rental models that are ideal for family outings or colleagues on a business trip. You can also find a variety of 8 seat car rentals at in the United States.

Why rent an 8-seater car?

  • Comfortable driving;
  • Additional seats for passengers;
  • Space for 2 or more suitcases;
  • Safe transportation.

The advantages of an 8-seater family car include:

  • Use of space and comfort for long family trips;
  • Ideal for large families or trips with friends;
  • Ideal when you have a lot of suitcases or need to transport sports equipment;
  • Provides excellent road-holding;
  • A suitable vehicle if you are traveling with tall people or if you prefer a higher seat.

What is an 8-seater car rental class?

This type of vehicle offers extra space and comfort for you and your family. With extra seats in this car, you can make the most of your vacation. With this vehicle, you can tilt and lower the backrests or move them to a different position. 8 seat vehicles rental is ideal for families looking for comfort and relaxation while traveling.

Our vehicle fleet consists of more than 20,000 types of rental cars from leading car manufacturers with the best car models to offer our customers the best driving experience. On, you can select the best 8-seater vehicles from the best brands on the market including Chevrolet, Opel, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, or Volkswagen, just to name a few. allows you to choose from a wide range of vehicles with different functions. Other options are 7-seat minivans for large groups/families or family cars if you don't need a lot of space.

To help you with your choice, we have made up a comparative table of the best 8 seater SUV rental vehicles and 8 passenger minivan for rent models with the description and basic characteristics of each option.

Large SUV rental 8 passenger

Chevrolet Suburban Chevrolet Suburban
  • 8 passenger Suburban rental;
  • high cross-country ability;
  • great power potential a higher level of comfort;
  • six-speed or four-speed automatic transmission;
  • Chevrolet Suburban 8 passenger rental has a spacious interior with high functionality;
  • roomy trunk is ideal for transporting bulky cargo.
Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Tahoe
  • American 8 passenger Tahoe rental has been replaced by 3 generations;
  • equipped with a 6.2-liter petrol engine with 426 hp, an automatic transmission, 4x4 drive;
  • comfortable seats with electrically adjustable position;
  • variety of driver assistance systems.
Dodge Ram Pickup Dodge Ram Pickup
  • seats for 8 passengers;
  • the top engine for the Dodge Ram is the v8 5.7 Hemi gasoline engine;
  • driver's seat is adjustable in height, and the steering wheel is set according to the angle of inclination;
  • heated and ventilated front seats, glazed roof panel, and much more.

8 Passenger Van Rental

Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna
  • 8 passenger Sienna rental is mated with 6- or 8-band automatic transmissions and a standard front axle wheel drive;
  • Toyota Sienna 8 passenger rental can accommodate 7 or 8 seats - it all depends on the layout of the middle row;
  • even with a full load of passengers, the trunk of the Toyota Sienna 8 seater rental is huge - 1105 liters. With the third-row seats folded down, the compartment expands to 2,465 liters.
Kia Sedona Kia Sedona
  • rear row of seats can be folded down into the floor, thereby increasing the luggage compartment. If necessary, the second-row seats can be turned 180 degrees, allowing passengers in the cabin to sit facing each other;
  • this model comes with a 6-cylinder V-shaped engine of 3.3 liters (276 hp), which only comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission;
  • developers have also installed the UVO multimedia system, which gives the user access to digital radio stations and streaming audio services.
Nissan Quest Nissan Quest
  • equipped with 3.5L petrol engine with 260 HP, CVT, and front-wheel drive;
  • inside, it's a chic and comfortable car with 7 seats;
  • the second row does not deprive passengers of a seat. Separate captain's chairs make for a comfortable long journey. There are two hatches for additional visual space;
  • the third row is wide, and will easily take adult passengers on a long journey.
  • Nissan Quest minivan has a convenient interior transformation system. The third and second rows fold down flush with the boot floor.

What rental vehicles seat 8 people?

Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Ram Pickup, Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona are rental cars that seat 8 passengers. All of them will allow 8 people to have a comfortable journey. So if you need that middle seat in the second row, then your choice is limited to these 5 models, and only they can accommodate a full-size adult passenger there. Also, these cars have the most spacious third row of seats.

How much room is in an 8 passenger van rental?

Everything is well thought out in car rental 8 seater minivans. While passengers are sitting in the cabin, their luggage is not located on their knees or under the seats - a luggage compartment is provided for your belongings. As a result, passengers travel in comfortable and unrestricted conditions without reducing the free space around them.

On average, the luggage compartment volume is about 1000 liters, and the possibility of transforming the seats with a small number of passengers allows increasing the luggage compartment by more than 2 times.

How many MPG for 8 passenger vehicle rental?

As for fuel consumption, it practically does not differ from that of cars of the same price class, being within 14 mpg in a purely urban mode and 24 mpg on the highway with an average combined - 21 mpg. The most economical options are Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona with combined gasoline consumption of 20 mpg. Then comes Dodge Ram Pickup – with 19 mpg. Next is Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD – 17 mpg, followed by Chevrolet Suburban AWD – 16 mpg.

Top 8 seater car hire locations in USA

In the US, there are plenty of 8 seater car rental near me locations where it is possible to rent a minivan – a compact modern comfortable minibus with a capacity of about 8 people, convenient for moving around the city, and traveling outside of it.

Many people are familiar with the situations when the presence of a spacious 8 passenger van rental near me vehicle is needed.

To solve the issue of fast, convenient, and safe transport of a group of people, numerous 8 passenger SUV rental near me locations are here for you:

Which rental car companies have 8 passenger minivans for rent?

All the leading companies operating on the US rental market are ready to offer you to rent 8 passenger vehicles that are modern, comfortable, and richly equipped. All 8 seat van rental cars are under constant technical control, which guarantees their perfect condition, reliability, and safety on the way. Choose any of the car rental companies presented below, and you will not be disappointed with the services received.

How to book 8-seat car rental with

With our online search engine, you can easily compare 8 passenger car rental prices at your chosen location. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your location;
  2. Select the date and time;
  3. Click “Search”;
  4. Scroll right with the top selector of the car and tap on the Minivan option or scroll down to the filter to get cars with 6 or more passengers;
  5. Results are filtered by options containing 8 passenger vans for rental;
  6. Choose the most desirable minivan or rent 8 passenger SUV;
  7. Enter basic driver information and payment details;
  8. Confirm your booking.

How much to rent an 8 passenger van in the US?

Car rental rate highly depends on the company you deal with. When you book an 8 passenger vehicle rental with such providers as Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise, Green Motion, Thrifty, Sixt, National, Hertz, Budget, etc., you might pay $80 per day in the US on average. A good bargain for an 8 seater car rental is $40-$50 per day, while in summer, the price can be as high as $130 per day.

There are certain factors that influence the price of an 8 passenger van rent:

  • When booking: Renting a car is similar in many ways to buying a plane ticket. The sooner you start looking for rental cars that seat 8, the better you will get. If you need to book your car the next day, you will pay a lot more than if you gave yourself at least a week to buy the best deal before you have to drive.
  • When driving: Most car rental companies in small towns earn mainly on weekdays from business travelers who need a car to get around unknown cities. Therefore, you are more likely to get a better deal if you rent a car for the weekend than if you need it for a business trip. But in a tourist destination like New York, Miami, Orlando, prices for 8 seater car rental USA may be higher on weekends. If you need a car for Christmas or Thanksgiving, be prepared to spend more money.
  • Pick-up location: Renting a car at the airport is incredibly convenient and a bit more expensive at the same time. If you're traveling to a large city that offers a convenient taxi service, be sure to check out car rental off-airport for great deals.
  • Drop-off location: Returning your rental car to a different spot in the city will cause additional costs. One-way car rentals usually include drop-off fees.
  • Duration: Typically, the longer you use a rental 8 seater, the lower your daily rate will be. Please note that in most locations it is impossible to rent a car for less than 24 hours. Even if you only need a car for a few hours, you still have to pay for a full day to use it.
  • Car type: Each car rental service classifies rental cars differently. In general, however, the bigger is the car, the more you pay. Cheaper transportation is usually possible in a small car. Surprisingly, a minivan can cost nearly double the price of a regular fuel-efficient car.
  • Refueling: Regardless of whether you refuel an 8-10 passenger van rental or not, it is always advantageous to return the rental car with the same amount of gasoline as you collected the vehicle. However, don't think that you will be paid back for returning a full tank of gasoline - you won't get a financial reward for your efforts.
  • Age: If you are under the age of 25, the rental companies in each area charge a young driver fee between $20 and $70 per day. Even if there is another driver over 25, you still have to pay if one of the drivers is under 25.
  • Additional services: No matter where you rent from, the company will try to sell you additional services to increase their profits. One of the most common is supplemental insurance - most major credit cards will cover your car rental, you just need to pay for it with your credit card.

Is it cheaper to rent an 8 seater van or SUV in the USA?

Everything depends on the location and the provider. But an 8 seater van rental is generally cheaper than a large 8 passenger SUV rental. So, if price is your only concern, look no further.

Who does a one way rental of 8 passenger van in the USA?

If you do not wish to take and return your rental car 8 seater in the same place, use the one way rental. allows you to rent 8 passenger van in one city and return it elsewhere in another city or state. As we have a large number of car rental companies in the United States, we also have a number of one-way car rental offers.

For those looking for a one-way 8 passenger vehicles for rental without drop-off fee, it will be exactly what they want. All of our one-way car rental rates in the United States already include one-way fees.

What do you need to rent an 8 passenger van?

  1. Driving license and some other documents

    If you are American and rent 8 passenger vehicle in the United States, you must have a valid driving license held for a minimum of 1 year.

    If you rent an 8 seat minivan rental abroad, you still need a driving license and a valid passport. Some countries may also apply for an International Driving Permit.

    Keep in mind that car rental companies usually require your name to appear on your driving license and other documents, such as on your passport.

  2. Driving age

    The minimum age to get an 8 passenger car for rent is 25. You can still rent a car if you are under 25. However, this usually means that you will have to pay an additional fee, commonly called a "Young Renter Fee ".

    If you are 25 or older, you can rent a car in any state in the United States.

  3. Credit or debit card

    You will need a credit or debit card to cover a deposit for a car rental 8 passenger deal. The credit or debit card must be in the renter’s name and must have sufficient funds to cover the deposit.

  4. Confirmation voucher

    You will receive an e-voucher by email after the booking is confirmed.

That's all you need to hire 8 seater rental cars.

How old do you have to be to rent an 8 passenger vehicle in the USA?

As noted in the age guidelines of most car rental companies in the United States, they do not offer 8-seater car rentals to drivers under 25. Sometimes drivers must be at least 26 or even 28 years old to hire an 8 passenger rental car.

However, age requirements may vary by location. In New York and Michigan, some US companies allow renting 8-seater vehicles even for travelers over the age of 18. In this case, the company typically requires drivers of 18 to 24 years of age to pay a young driver fee of $25 to $48 per day in Michigan and from $20 to $73 per day in New York.

There are no other special age requirements or discounts for 8 seater cars rental in the United States. It is always recommended to check the exact age requirements when renting certain 8 seater car models in the United States.

How much is an 8 seater car rental deposit in the USA?

The vast majority of car rental companies require to pre-authorize a deposit upon arrival at the rental office.

As we work with many suppliers, the amount of the deposit may vary from $200 to $2000. Another factor to consider with 8 passenger vehicles for rent is the type of car you want to rent. If you only want to take a standard car, the deposit is usually the lowest. However, if you are interested in a large 8 seat passenger van rental, 8 passenger SUV for rental or luxury car, the deposit is usually higher.

The deposit is a pre-authorized amount that is simply stored on the driver's credit or debit card. The amount will not be charged to the card, but will be retained for the entire rental period and released only after the car is returned. Sometimes it can take around 10 business days for them to appear in your account again.

Can I rent a car for 8 passengers with a debit card in the USA?

Do you want to rent 8 passenger rental vehicles without a credit card? We gathered many car rental companies that allow you to get an 8 seater rental using a debit card in certain locations of the United States, but you must obviously meet certain requirements. For more information on renting a car with a debit card, see the rental terms of the selected car rental agreement.

Cash, prepaid cards, and gift vouchers are not accepted.

Can I get 8 passenger vehicles for rental with unlimited mileage?

While most standard car rentals include unlimited mileage, some rental car categories such as large and luxury models may not include unlimited mileage, depending on the location or provider. However, you can find many unlimited mileage 8 passenger SUV for rental and 8 passenger van rental unlimited mileage on

Most US companies do not limit the number of miles an 8 passenger SUV rental unlimited miles can travel.

What does it mean to rent an 8 passenger minivan or similar?

The first thing you need to know is that when you are looking for a car rental for 8 passenger van, you are not booking a specific car. Instead, select 8 passenger rental cars that comply with the four-letter system codenamed "ACRISS" (Association for Car Rental Industry Standards):

  1. The first letter of the code indicates the car's class, which roughly corresponds to its size. For example: "Mini", "Luxury", or "SUV".
  2. The second relates to the number of doors and other key vehicle characteristics. For example, 4-5 doors, an 8 seater vehicles rental van, SUV rental vehicles that seat 8, etc.
  3. The third concerns the transmission of the car: it has an automatic or manual gearbox.
  4. The fourth and final letter indicates whether the car has an air conditioner and what type of fuel it uses (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, or electricity).

When using ACRISS, the Toyota Sienna with an automatic transmission and an air conditioning running on indefinite fuel will be PVAR coded. However, as the code does not indicate a specific mark for the exact make or model of the vehicle, a Kia Sedona will also have the same PVAR code if it also has an automatic transmission, air conditioning and any fuel.

In practice, it is difficult for car rental companies to ensure that they always have your chosen make and model of car available. This is because the fleet can change frequently and cars need to be cleaned or repaired at different times.

How to get a cheap 8 passenger van rental in the USA?

Here are the top tips on how to get cheap rental vans 8 passenger:

  1. Compare prices to get the best price for an 8 seater minivan rental.
  2. Cheap 8 passenger SUV rental prices are guaranteed if you make an early reservation.
  3. Consider which is more profitable: a car with gasoline or diesel.
  4. Know the mileage and fuel consumption of the rental car 8 passengers in advance.
  5. Avoid unnecessary services and check all possible additional fees.
  6. If you are going to use 8 passenger rental near me, drop off the car at the same location you collected it to avoid a one-way fee.
  7. Prepare for a deposit. When renting a car, rental companies usually block a deposit on your bank card - this is called "holding". When you return the 8 seat rental car, the amount is fully unlocked and will be available again.
  8. Consider rental dates. Many rental offices have discounts for long-term rentals.
  9. Inspect the car before renting. Examine the vehicle carefully and mention all scratches and defects in the contract.