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What are the benefits of a 7-seater minivan rental in USA?

Comfort and safety are the major components of a successful trip. Thus, if you’re going to visit America with a big family or in the company of friends, then 7 seater car rental in USA will meet all your demands.

The crucial idea of 7-seater minivan is the combination of such characteristics as high passenger and luggage capacity, safety, comfort, mobility, and economy. The road performance of 7 seater rental cars in the USA is similar to estate cars. Due to the transformation mechanism, typical for cars of this group, sometimes the same car models can be introduced as 6-seater, 7-seat SUVs and 8-seater minivans at once.

Distinctive features of 7-seater vehicles include:

  • 7 passenger seats placed in 3 rows;
  • Huge trunk;
  • 5-doored/sliding doors;
  • The ability to remove seats and increase luggage compartment;
  • High safety level.

Therefore, you can benefit from minivan rental in USA in case you:

  • Need a spacious vehicle for up to 7 people;
  • Want your passengers to feel safe and comfortable on the long-distance road trips;
  • Plan to take lots of luggage.

Each traveler who is going to have a trip to America will be happy to know that USA car rental 7 seater market is represented by such well-known vehicle brands as:

  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Kia
  • Chevrolet
  • Nissan
  • Hyundai
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • GMC
  • Audi

Where car I rent a 7-seater minivan in USA?

Since 7-seat vehicles are most often chosen for family trips, it’s likely that sunny Florida with its beaches, and in particular, Orlando full of amusement parks will be one of the most popular 7 seater rental USA locations.

California and its main cities are also the top traveled points among the customers of 7 seater rental cars in USA.

However, you shouldn’t worry about getting a suitable car in other parts of America - you can instantly find on the most convenient spot to pick-up your 7 seater minivan rental in USA, as it’s available wherever you go.

The complete list of the most popular 7 seater rental USA destinations features the following cities and airports:

Due to the popularity of these USA car rental 7 seater locations, the suppliers provide the greatest selection of vehicles there, making the choice extremely easy. The most budget-friendly pickup spots for 7 seater car rental in USA are Orlando, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Miami. Remember, city locations are usually cheaper than on-airport, but you can find the biggest car fleets in the airport locations.

Which rental car companies have 7 seater minivans for rental?

Actually, almost every company offers 7 seater car rental in USA, which gives the possibility to select your ideal vehicle among numerous deals.

Because of the large abundance of providers, the same 7 seater rental USA car can be accessed through different companies, thus each user can choose the lowest price along with the most suitable rental conditions.

The cheapest providers of 7 seater rental cars in USA are Sixt, Fox, Ace, Alamo, Routes and National, but the price of other suppliers is also quite reasonable.

The range of the companies to choose your USA car rental 7 seater vehicle includes:

The pricing policy in relation to 7 seater car rental in USA is as money-saving as possible. As a result, travelers can pick up a reliable 7-seat vehicle by the price equal to a full-size and even a standard car.

This is good news for budget drivers, who are able to rent such a comfortable transport at the most affordable rates:

  • Dodge Durango 7-Seater SUV (Routes) - $61.89/day;
  • Ford Explorer 7-Seater SUV (Fox rent a car) - $70.05/day;
  • Dodge Caravan 7-seater minivan (Alamo) - $79.79/day;
  • Kia Sedona 7-seater minivan (EZ) - $90.04/day;
  • Chrysler Pacifica 7-seater minivan (Sixt) - $110.24/day.

How old do you have to be to rent a 7 seater minivan in the USA?

As stated by the age policies of most car rental agencies, they don’t provide 7 seater car rental in USA to under 25 years old drivers. Sometimes drivers need to reach minimum 26 and even 28 years of age to be able to book a 7-seater vehicle

However, the age requirements may differ depending on the location. In New York and the Michigan States, some companies are authorized to allow USA car rental 7 seater vehicles even to 18 years old travelers. In this case, a company usually requires 18-24 years old drivers to pay young driver’s age fee of $25-$48/day in Michigan, and $20-$73/day in New York.

Any other special age requirements or discounts on 7 seater car rental in USA are not offered. It’s always recommended to check the exact age requirements in the rental conditions for particular models of 7 seater rental cars in USA.

How to get cheap minivan rental?

The fact that the price for 7 seater rental in USA is greater than for economy or full-size vehicles is quite expected. However, it’s still possible to reduce the final cost of your car by following some valuable tips:

  • Pre-booking makes your car rental cheaper. This means, if reserving 7 seater car rental in USA in advance, the price is always more attractive. This rule applies to all types of vehicles. It’s recommended to perform the search process 1-2 weeks prior to the desired pickup date – the rates will be as low as possible, and you’re guaranteed to get a more impressive choice of cars.
  • The rates in city locations are always lower than at the airport. This simple rule gives you another chance to choose the best price for your favorite car, even within the same city.
  • The perfect car is a guarantee of a successful trip. When searching for 7 seater car rental in the USA, think several times before completing a reservation. Make sure that this is the best car that you need by checking its technical characteristics and equipment.
  • The same deals of different suppliers can be different. If your favorite car is available through different companies, first compare their rental conditions and prices, and then choose the best deal.
  • Long-term rentals are cheaper in terms of price per 1 day. The general rule claims that if the duration of a rental period is bigger, each rental day will be much cheaper. Thus, you can try to correct your traveling plan in order to get the lowest rate for 7 seater rental in USA.
  • Car rental insurance can be already included in the price. Therefore, you need to inspect all items you pay for – if CDW and SLI insurances come with your reservation, you don’t need to purchase them at all.
  • Discounts and promotions help to save your money. If you’re a budget traveler, don’t miss special offers or promotions. This is another way to find money-saving 7 seater rental cars in USA for your upcoming trip.

What is minivan class for car rental?

Imagine that you are going on a big family road trip, or want to have a great time with all your friends somewhere in America. The first thing you need is a suitable car - so that it’s big and spacious like a van, but at the same time its excellent maneuverability and compactness allows any person to drive it effortlessly. But how is it possible to combine such opposite parameters in one car?

It’s very simple - you need 7 seater rental in the USA. Such a vehicle has increased capacity features of both the interior and the luggage compartment while maintaining the practicality of a mid-size car.

Moreover, there’s also a 7 seater SUV rental class, which also includes excellent driving characteristics on country or mountain roads. Such a car is capable of carrying a maximum of 7-8 passengers, while 2-4 large suitcases will be in its luggage. As an example, Ford Explorer rental is one of the most popular representatives of this type of cars.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (5+2) Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (5+2) 7 seats 5 doors 2 suitcases 27.6 mpg
Ford Galaxy Ford Galaxy 7 seats 5 doors 2 suitcases 25.7 mpg
Ford S-Max (5+2) Ford S-Max (5+2) 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 26.3 mpg
Peugeot 5008 (5+2) Peugeot 5008 (5+2) 7 seats 5 doors 2 suitcases 25.4 mpg
Seat Alhambra Seat Alhambra 7 seats 5 doors 2 suitcases 34.7 mpg
Vauxhall Zafira Vauxhall Zafira 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 30.6 mpg
Volkswagen Sharan Volkswagen Sharan 7 seats 5 doors 2 suitcases 34.6 mpg
Dodge Grand Caravan Dodge Grand Caravan 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 19.8 mpg
Nissan X-Trail (5+2) Nissan X-Trail (5+2) 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 35.3 mpg
Volkswagen Touran (5+2) Volkswagen Touran (5+2) 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 42.7 mpg
Nissan Quest Nissan Quest 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 22 mpg
Chrysler Town & Country Chrysler Town & Country 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 20 mpg
Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna 8 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 21 mpg
Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Tahoe 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 22 mpg
Ford Explorer Ford Explorer 7 seats 5 doors 3 suitcases 24 mpg
Nissan Armada Nissan Armada 7 seats 5 doors 4 suitcases 16 mpg

How much luggage fits in a rental 7 seater SUV or minivan?

A large luggage compartment is one of the reasons to choose a 7 seater car rental instead of a full size or standard car. Indeed, the trunk of such a vehicle holds up to 8 pieces of luggage, which is equivalent to 4 large suitcases.

Thus, with minivan rental, you don’t have to worry about taking too many unnecessary things on a journey.

How many seats in a rental minivan

7 seater rental vehicles are designed to carry a maximum of 5 people in the first and second rows of seats, plus 2 people in the third row.

Also, some automakers have 8- or even 9-seaters in their lineup. However, don’t be crowded if the number of passengers is a little more – it’s recommended to look at van option.

How many MPG for a budget rental minivan?

MPG is a parameter that depends on many aspects, including the volume and type of engine, as well as the size and weight of the car itself.

Typically, 7-seater vehicles that also have 4x4 or SUV capabilities show a value between 13 and 23 mpg.

In turn, budget minivans are more likely to save fuel, and for them, 26 mpg, 35 mpg or even 46 mpg are quite normal indicators with a moderate driving style.

What is the difference between 5+2 and 7 seater minivan?

We are all used to the fact that 5+2=7. However, if we talk about minivans, then your knowledge of mathematics won’t be useful. A 5+2 vehicle almost always turns out to be smaller than its ‘real’ full-size 7 passenger minivan rental brother.

One suitable example is the 5+2 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso. Although formally it’s a 7-seat minibus, the reduced legroom and luggage space make it not as convenient and comfortable as, for example, the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Therefore, be careful when making a choice and keep this fact in mind.

Which is a better minivan rental Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town and Country?


The Dodge Grand Caravan has everything that is expected from 7 seater car rental USA: a large cargo area and spacious interior are perfect for traveling with friends or family. Also, it has increased ground clearance that allows you to use it on any type of road. Inside, the car looks practical and even a little sporty.

7 passenger minivan 5 doors 19.8 mpg Has enough space for 3 large suitcases in the trunk

With Chrysler Town and Country rental minivan, your big family trip will be 100% comfortable and easy, because thanks to the large interior space you won’t feel crowded, while the large trunk will accommodate all your suitcases. The interior of the car is classic and even a little luxury.

7 passenger minivan 5 doors 20 mpg Has enough space for 3 large suitcases in the trunk

How to book 7 seater car rental?

Your quick and trouble-free reservation is our top priority. By using a clear principle and powerful search engine, the 7 seater minivan rental process will be as easy as never before.

The next step-by-step guide allows you to book a car in just a few minutes:

  1. Decide on a pickup location;
  2. Select the required pickup and drop off dates based on the entire rental period;
  3. Click the ‘Search’ button;
  4. In the results box, select the ‘7-Seat Minivan’ filter;
  5. Pick the best cheap 7 seater rental;
  6. Fill in the fields for identification of the major renter, as well as your payment details;
  7. Confirm reservation.

How much does a rental minivan cost in the USA

Many road travelers wonder why minivan rental so expensive. Such a car is much smaller than a van and slightly larger than a full-size car. However, everything is obvious - with the increase in the size of the vehicle, its price also increases.

In addition, rental minivan cost per day is a value that varies from supplier to supplier. It’s normal that Thrifty, Enterprise, Dollar, Hertz, Green Motion, National, Alamo, Sixt, Budget have different rates.

The average price for a USA car rental 7 seater is approximately $70-80 per day. If you are lucky and you get a discount, then it’s quite possible to find a suitable 7 seater for $40-50 per day. However, in the high season, there’s a sharp jump in price - it can sometimes reach $130-140 a day.

Despite the approximate price indicators, there’s always a chance to get the desired car cheaper than you expect. For this, follow some significant recommendations:

  1. Book your car maximally early. It will be better to reserve a vehicle at least 7-10 days or even a month before the date when you are going to pick it up. After all, the closer this date, the higher the final price.
  2. Choose your starting date carefully. When traveling to such popular tourist destinations as Miami or Los Angeles at the weekend, you are unlikely to receive a minivan rental cheap price. The fact is that many travelers choose weekends for their trips, which causes increased demand and the greater price of cars.
    The same thing happens with less-popular destinations on weekdays when many cars are rented out to business travelers, as well as national holidays, which also cause a significant growth of rates.
  3. Benefit in urban locations. You know that most companies are concentrated in airports. Of course, it’s very convenient to land at the desired destination, claim your luggage, and immediately pick up a car. But this requires additional costs from the supplier in the form of the so-called airport tax. In turn, this entails an increase in the vehicle price.
    Therefore, try to check the nearest city locations - maybe there you will find the cheapest 7 seater car rental.
  4. Avoid one-way deals. Your trip can be more memorable when using a one-way rental. However, if your pickup and drop-off locations are different, then get ready to pay a significantly larger amount from your wallet. Consequently, if you cancel a one-way option, you save money.
  5. Increase the duration of the trip. There are situations when the cost of 6 rental days is bigger than if you rent a car for 7 days. This is not surprising since the weekly rental is recognized as a long-term deal.
    Thus, every day using a car turns out to be much cheaper than when picking it up for a shorter period of time. If there s no fee for returning the car ahead of schedule, this is a great option to save.
  6. Choose the car according to your needs. The main rental rule is the larger the car, the higher its price. This also applies if you only need 7-seater. Even inside the same class of cars, the Ford Explorer can cost one and a half times more expensive than the Toyota Sienna. Hence the conclusion is: take advantage of a large car only if you really need it.
  7. Check your gasoline policy. If your plans don’t include overpaying for gas, then full-to-full is the only right option for your travel. In this case, you will pay exactly as much as you consumed.
  8. Don’t use underage rentals. Usually, the vehicle price is indicated for drivers who are 25 years old or older. For those under 25, the price will be higher by $25-70 per day, depending on the specific location. If possible, let the adult driver drive the car.
  9. Skip unnecessary additional options. Each company employee at the front desk will try to sell you as much as possible. This applies to additional equipment and optional extras. But if your goal is a cheap rental, then refuse those things that you don’t need at all.

Who has the cheapest oneway minivan rental in USA?

There’s nothing worse than being tied to one locality, especially in case you travel by car with your family.

A one-way minivan rental is the best solution to fill your journey with new emotions and impressions from the many places you meet on your way. Now you can enjoy it, but often it’s impossible to pick up cheap 7 seater car rental, because the drop off rate is imposed on the total price, and it can completely ruin your budget.

Fortunately, Alamo, National, Enterprise have a pretty loyal one-way rates. The most common travel destinations among their customers are:

  • Orlando to Miami
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco
  • Houston to Dallas
  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon
  • Seattle to Portland

Selecting the cheapest minivan rental with a one-way opportunity doesn’t require much effort if using Rental24h.com. You just need to decide on the pickup and return location, the necessary dates of the beginning and end of the trip and click the ‘Search’ button. After that, you will have access to the most complete list of vehicles with the already included drop off fee.

Which 7 seater vehicle is best for rental cars?

Among the many brands and models, choosing a car that will satisfy all your requirements can be quite seriously complicated. Indeed, the ideal 7-passenger minivan rental is a whole set of positive characteristics of the vehicle, and their choice affects your upcoming trip.

To narrow your search, here’s a list of the very best rental car minivan offers available in the US market:

  1. Toyota Sienna
  2. Chevrolet Tahoe
  3. Subaru Ascent
  4. Kia Sorento
  5. Mazda CX-9
  6. Chrysler Pacifica
  7. Kia Telluride
  8. Toyota Highlander
  9. Honda Odyssey

Is it cheaper to rent a 7 seater minivan or SUV in USA?

The main thing that determines the cost of the best minivan rental deals is the specific location and the availability of special discounts for a particular model.

However, if you look at a certain pickup point, then most often SUV 7 seater rental will cost you a little more than a regular minivan due to improved suspension characteristics and off-road capabilities. In case the price is your main guideline then choose what is cheaper.

7 seater 4x4 and luxury SUV car rental

Sometimes we need not only a spacious car but also one that would have an excellent driving performance on rough terrain. So, 7 seater SUV car rental with 4x4 or AWD capabilities is a frequent request among customers.

Although most 4x4 SUVs are 5-seaters, on our website you can still find a car that meets your requirements.

The range of cheap 7 seater SUV rentals with AWD includes the following models:

Volvo XC90 Volvo XC90
Range Rover Sport Range Rover Sport
Audi Q7 Audi Q7
Dodge Durango Dodge Durango
Land Rover Discovery Land Rover Discovery
Ford Expedition EL Ford Expedition EL
Nissan Armada Nissan Armada
Chevrolet Tahoe Chevrolet Tahoe

How much is a 7 seater minivan deposit in USA?

Each provider is authorized to block a deposit on your credit card. This is a certain amount of money that is needed to compensate for possible material losses through the fault of the driver in those cases when the insurance doesn’t work.

When you select 7 seater car rental in the USA, the vehicle size and the vendor providing it are the items influencing the sum of the deposit. On average, $200-2,000 will be frozen on your bank account if you rent a minivan.

This amount is not paid at the counter but remains on your credit card and you can’t use it on your journey. After returning your 7 seater van rental, the company's employees will check the car for damage, fines and all kinds of violations. If there is nothing to charge you for, your money will be available to you at 100%.

Unfortunately, you will again be able to use this money for your personal needs only after 5-10 business days. It depends on the speed of banking operations.

Can I rent a 7 seater minivan with a debit card in USA?

Your desire to make a minivan rental deal in the United States by using a debit card will be fully ignored in the vast majority of cases.

The policy of most companies expects the presence of a credit card and reservations can be successfully carried out exclusively with this payment method. However, there are exceptions when a debit card can serve as a rental payment source only. Anyway, it’s recommended to carefully study the terms and conditions of the company from which you decided to pick up the vehicle.

Can I rent a 7 seater minivan with unlimited mileage?

In the USA, almost every car comes with limitless miles already included in the deal. But this most often applied to economy, compact, mid-size, and standard cars. For such vehicle classes as luxury, SUV, van, or minivan rental unlimited mileage may not be available.

You should clarify this question at the car reservation stage.

What equipment does a rental 7 seater minivan have?

With every 7 seater vehicles rental, you can find the available optional equipment to make your trip easier. In addition, some of them are simply necessary. The following items are at your disposal:

  • Child seats of all sizes (Booster Seat, Child Seat, or Infant Seat)
  • Winter Tires
  • Sirius XM Radio
  • GPS navigation device
  • Ski rack, etc.

Get prepared that some car rental minivan models are not compatible with ski rack option because of the unique roof structure.

Where to rent a handicap minivan rental in USA?

Rental24h.com doesn’t have 7 seater rental cars for drivers with disabilities, as well as minivans with stow and go seats. This means you need to look for specific companies that are happy to provide you with a lift-equipped van.

Here’re a few suppliers who rent vehicles with wheelchairs lifts in many major locations throughout the United States and their contact details:

  1. Wheelchair Getaways, wheelchairgetaways.com, (800) 642-2042
  2. Wheelers Accessible Van Rentals, reservations@wheelersvanrentals.com, (800)-456-1371

It should be noted that Rental24h.com doesn’t cooperate, nor has a relationship with any of these companies and provides this information exclusively with the aim to help our customers.

What does it mean car rental minivan or similar?

This may seem unusual, but very often you get another car that you see in the booking picture. This is because the company can’t guarantee you a specific brand and model of rental 7 seater, but provides only a car that meets its characteristics determined by a four-letter code, known as an “ACRISS” code (Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards).

This code establishes the vehicle class (i.e. compact, full size, minivan), the number of doors, the type of transmission (automatic or mechanical), the presence of an air conditioner, and the type of fuel, which all together form a unique four letter code.

For example, the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan rental with automatic gears and air conditioning that uses Unspecified Fuel has the MVAR code, but Ford Galaxy, Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, and Toyota Sienna will all have the same MVAR code since they also have an automatic transmission, air conditioning and use unspecified fuel.

As a result, when booking a 7 seat car rental, you will receive not a specific model, but one of several options.

This complexity is caused by the fact that suppliers must constantly repair, maintain, and clean their cars, which makes it absolutely impossible for the list of available minivan rental deals to be constant.

How to get a last-minute minivan rental in USA?

Usually, we all try to reserve 7 seater rental cars in USA in advance so as not to make a fuss later. But there are situations when you need a vehicle for 7 passengers here and now. It can be caused by an urgent business trip, a spontaneous decision to go on a journey, the cancellation of your flight, or other significant circumstances.

In all these cases, you need the last minute minivan car rental deals. However, such operations may hide many nuances regarding price, availability of a car, and other risk factors.

To protect you in this procedure, check out a few tips. They will allow picking up the last minute 7 seater car rental for cheap and without any problems.

  • Don’t be afraid to reserve at the last moment. If you plan to appear at the counter and immediately receive a good offer without prior booking, then you probably will not succeed. The walk-up price will always be higher than the one available online. Therefore, even if you make a reservation 1 minute before arriving at the rental desk, you will 100% get the best rate.
  • Try to benefit from coupons and discounts. Discounts and promotions are the last things you think about when you need a last-minute car hire. Think again! Minivan rental coupons can save you some money in your wallet if you use them.
  • Search in the surrounding locations. If you didn’t find suitable cars at the airport of your arrival, then it makes sense to search at nearby pickup points. Moreover, prices in city locations are usually lower, which will cover your costs of a taxi from the airport.
  • Don’t rush to buy insurance on the spot. Insurance costs money, especially in case you buy it at the last moment. But try to check if your credit card or domestic coverage also protects you when renting a car abroad.

How to rent the cheapest rental 7 seater minivan in the USA?

Probably you would like your 7 seater minivan rental to cost you less than you expect. Then, you could spend the saved money on personal needs. Sounds tempting? The following tips will guide you to the world of the lowest minivan rental prices:

  • Book a car at least 7-10 days before pickup. You will get a wider choice of vehicles, while the prices will be very attractive.
  • Search in off-airport locations. Vehicles in urban locations are less expensive, even if it’s the same car and the same company. Use this trick to save your money.
  • Compare 7 seater car rental deals from different suppliers. This makes sense only if you are not tied to a particular company with a coupon or special offer.
  • Don't use one-way minivan car rental deals.. Choosing different pickup and drop-off locations you have a risk of overpaying. Therefore, avoid this option if you really don’t need it.
  • Try to find a discounted 7 seater offer. Any type of promotion is a way to get a discount, and therefore a cheap 7 seater cars rental. So, don’t be afraid to spend a little time in case this can bring you good benefits.