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Why rent a 12 passenger van?

A big family journey with relatives, a group excursion, a fun adventure with friends, or a business trip with coworkers - in all these cases you need a big car. Among all the options available, 12 seater van rental will be the most appropriate solution. As a rule, such a vehicle has a spacious interior that will provide comfort for each passenger, while a huge trunk can accommodate all personal belongings and even more.

But that's not all you can expect from car rental 12 seater - there are many more good reasons to choose it for your purposes:

  • Cost-efficient travel. Using a single spacious vehicle instead of several compact or standard cars may cost less. We are talking not only about the total rental cost, but also the cost of fuel, which will be almost 2 times cheaper.
  • Convenience for everyone. The large sliding doors of the 12-passenger car are very wide, which means you don’t need to experience the inconvenience of getting out or entering the vehicle.
  • Infinite baggage compartment. Typically, 12 passenger rental vans have a large or even huge trunk. This is exactly what you need to take all the necessary things on travel with almost no volume restrictions.
  • Practicality and safety. One of the reasons for picking a large multi-seater is the ability to travel together. This is very convenient as nobody gets lost, as is often the case when using public transport. Plus, you can have fun and share your travel experiences during your journey - all together.
  • Alternative use of space. Sometimes, the amount of baggage per 1 passenger is simply huge and it is difficult to fit it even in the full size vehicle. In this case, it makes sense to pick up a rental 12 seater van and benefit from the unused passenger seats for your personal belongings. Also, the long and high interior of a 12-seater vehicle will make it easy to transport such bulky items as skis, climbing or fishing equipment.

What is a 12 passenger van rental?

When it comes to group travel, including attending sporting events, business transportation, or just a family trip, a 12 seater rental van is the best way to reach your final destination with ease. The large interior and roomy trunk will relieve you of any inconvenience, allowing each passenger to feel comfortable and not worry about transporting personal belongings.

Each 12 seat car rental is capable of carrying 12 people in the cabin and 4 large suitcases in the baggage compartment. However, other characteristics may vary from model to model. The following rental vehicles that seat 12 passengers are available at - check them now and choose the best option for your trip:

Ford Transit Passenger van Ford Transit Passenger van
  • Ford Transit 12 passenger van rental is a reliable and modern solution for group travel. The attractive design of 12 passenger Ford Transit rental makes it not only a good helper but also your hallmark. You can count on 12 passenger Transit van rental in any situation, regardless of the purpose of your trip.

Ford Club Wagon Ford Club Wagon
  • 3 words are enough to describe Ford Club Wagon 12 passenger rental. It's huge, it's powerful, and it's roomy. You will be surprised how much baggage and people this vehicle can carry without sacrificing comfort.

Ford E350 Ford E350
  • Good old Ford E350 12 passenger van rental knows how to get you from point A to point B quickly and easily. As always, your travel experience with this vehicle will be enjoyable and hassle-free.

Ford Econoline Ford Econoline
  • Reliability proven over the years is what distinguishes Ford 12 passenger van rental from similar cars. The updated design as well as many unique options on board 12 passenger Ford van rental will allow you to enjoy your group travel in a new way.

Chevrolet Express Chevrolet Express
  • Chevrolet has prepared up to 15 seats for the most avid travelers. As a bonus, you get a huge baggage compartment and a powerful engine to suit your purposes.

Nissan NV3500 Nissan NV3500
  • Nissan 12 passenger van rental offers true Japanese ergonomics combined with practicality and reliability. High-tech electronics and rich equipment of 12 passenger Nissan van rental will be your key to a comfortable trip filled with bright emotions.

Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van
  • The main difference between 12 passenger Sprinter rental and similar cars is the luxury both in the cabin and in the appearance of the car. Should you need even more space for your baggage, 12 passenger cargo van rental from Mercedes will satisfy your requirement without hesitation.

How much luggage can a 12 passenger van hold?

It all depends on how many free seats are in your rental van 12 passengers. If it’s fully loaded, you have about 5,000 liters of baggage compartment, which will allow each of the 12 passengers to fit 1 suitcase there. But in case there are free seats, use them as additional space for personal items.

How many seats in a 12 passenger vehicle rental?

It’s obvious. According to the technical specifications, a 12 seat passenger van for rental has enough space to comfortably accommodate 12 adults. Placing more people is not recommended, as it’s contrary to safety rules.

How many MPG for a car rental 12 seater van?

A large and massive vehicle requires more fuel. On average, 12 passenger car rental has a MPG rate of 13 in a combined travel mode. On the highway, this figure rises to 16 mpg, while in the city it can decrease to 11 mpg.

Top 12 seater car hire locations in USA

There’s good news for those who are often in search of 12 passenger van rental near me. You can find the right vehicle in hundreds of locations throughout the USA. Sunny Florida, hot Texas, trendy California, or snow-covered Alaska: the desired 12 seater rental is available exactly where you need it via

Whether you’re choosing a pick-up point at the airport, railway station, or just in an urban location, count on a positive search result. But how can you book a 12 seater van rental near me right now? It's very simple - find the nearest spot on our website!

Which car rental companies rent 12 passenger vans?

Both large international and smaller local companies will be happy to provide you with 12 seat passenger van rental through our website. The main thing is that we individually cooperate with each provider so that you receive the highest quality of service.

You also have the option to compare several agencies with your favorite rental car for 12 passengers available in their fleet.

Do you need a specific supplier with whom you have been traveling for a long time? This is not a problem - you will find it in the list of companies offering 10-12 passenger van rental via

How much is a 12 passenger van rental in the US?

12 passenger van rental rates vary from provider to provider. Usually, the more famous and reliable the company is, the more expensive is the price. On average, you will pay $70 per day for a vehicle for 12 passengers.

If you're lucky, you can get a rather attractive 12 passenger van rental price of $40-50 per day. In some locations, the price of a 12 passenger van may reach up to $150 per day

With such a large price range, you would probably want to know about the factors affecting the cost of a car. Keep reading to find them out!

  • Time when you book a car. Early booking increases your chances of getting the best price 12 passenger van rental. The optimal time is at least 1-2 weeks before the expected start of the trip.
  • Length of the rental period. Longer trips are more cost effective, meaning that every single day you use the van will be cheaper. Thus, you can count on 12 passenger van rental costs to be 40% lower than the original rate when renting for a week or more.
  • Specific pickup location. If you compare 12 passenger van rental prices in a city location and at a nearby airport, you will be surprised at the significant difference. The point is the airport tax, which increases the final price for the customer. This automatically makes the urban location more profitable from the financial point of view.
  • Car size. Similar class vehicles may differ in size, and as a result, have different prices. For example, rental vans 12 passenger prices are higher than the cost of a 7-, 8-, or 10-seater car. This is obvious since such a vehicle has a higher market value.

How to rent a cheap 12 passenger van rental?

If your goal is a budget, and at the same time a reliable and comfortable car, then we know the best ways to go. The following money-saving tips will help you enjoy the cheapest 12 passenger van rental in any situation:

Plan to start your trip not on a weekend but on a weekday when the choice of cars is high and prices are low.

  • Try to book a vehicle much earlier than your trip - about 7-10 days before its beginning.
  • Look for your favorite 12 seater minibus rental not at the airport but in a city location.
  • If possible, choose a car exclusively according to your needs, because the smaller it is, the lower the price.
  • Inspect additional options and discard those you don't need.
  • Don’t use the one way options unless it’s critical - this makes cheap 12 seater van rental simply impossible.
  • Don't reserve your car for a too short period, but benefit from a weekly rental while enjoying a budget price.
  • Clarify the details of fuel policy/mileage, and result in the most profitable solution.
  • Avoid under 25 deals if you expect 12 seater van rental at a cheap price.

Are there rental SUVs that seat 12 people?

Without any doubt, 12 passenger SUV rental would be a perfect option for a group trip to the Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, or any other amazing nature-friendly spot in the United States. However, this type of car is produced with a maximum of 8 seats, making 12 seater SUV rental impossible.

Here’re some of the popular 8-passenger SUVs available on our website:

  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Honda Pilot
  • Toyota Highlander
  • GMC Yukon

How old do you have to be to rent a 12 passenger van in the USA?

Large vehicles require a more responsible and experienced driver. Companies take this into account in their age policies, and often 12 passenger van rental is available only for those who are already 25 years old. Moreover, some providers raise their minimum age limit to 26-28 years old.

Along with companies, certain locations also matter when determining the minimum age of a driver to pick up a rental of 12 passenger van. For instance, New York and Michigan are among the the US states that have specific minimum age regulations:

New Yor Michigan Other US states
Minimum age 18 18 19-21
Young driver’s fee $20-73 per day $25-48 per day $20-35 per day

Young driver fee is obligatory for those who don’t correspond to full age, and is charged on a daily basis. Consequently, underage deals are not a good idea to find 12 passenger van rental for cheap. Always check the rental conditions and age policy before making a reservation to avoid any troubles on your future trip.

How to get a rental van 12 passenger in the USA with

When you ask how to book 12 seat passenger van rental near me, you expect to enjoy an easy and intuitive car booking process. With, you have exactly that!

The following step-by-step guide is your key to a hassle-free, instant booking of 12 passenger vehicles in the USA. So what do you need to do?

  1. Find the search field at the top of the page.
  2. Fill it in carefully - enter the name of the desired location and then select the start/end date of your upcoming trip.
  3. Click the search button, after which you will see a complete list of cars of all types and classes.
  4. Sort the search results by selecting the ‘VAN’ option in the car type selector.
  5. Browse all 12 passenger rental van deals currently available and select the offer that suits your needs by simply clicking on it.
  6. Review the booking details, and enter your personal and payment information.
  7. Confirm your booking!

What do you need to rent a 12 seater car?

Our rental 12 passenger vans are waiting for your unforgettable travel experience. On your part, you must meet the necessary requirements and have the demanded documents on hand.

So what do you need to enjoy 12-15 passenger van rental in the USA?

  1. Meet the age requirements of the company in the desired location.
  2. Have a valid driver's license that meets all the requirements.
  3. Provide any additional form of photo identification.
  4. Have a suitable payment method, i.e. a credit or debit card (if allowed) in your name if you are the main driver.

What driver’s license do you need to drive a 12 seater rental van in the USA?

You don’t need a special license in case you don’t intend to use your 12 seater bus rental for such purposes as:

  • towing;
  • public transport services;
  • transportation of people in non-profit organizations;
  • driving a 12 seater car rental for a profit.

If you are not covered by any of these clauses, 12 seater passenger van rental is available to you with a standard valid US driver's license.

Can I rent a 12 seater minivan rental one-way?

Yes, you can easily book one way 12 passenger van rental, thereby making your trip even more interesting and exciting. The providers we cooperate with have offices in hundreds of locations throughout the country, which means an excellent opportunity for you to pick up a 12 seat one way rental and then return it to a different city or even a state.

More importantly, the 12 seater van rental price already contains a one way fee, which saves you from having to carry out additional calculations.

How much is a car rental 12 passenger van deposit in the USA?

Typically, each company has its own unique policy regarding the authorized deposit required at the counter. Still, there are some general principles: the higher the vehicle’s market value, the higher the deposit. Accordingly, for luxury 12 passenger van rental you will pay more than for the standard or full size 12 passenger van rental model.

On average, the amount of the deposit varies in the range from $200 to $2000, and again, depends on the provider and on the class of the car. Be prepared that this money will be frozen in your account and you won’t be able to spend it until you return your rental car 12 passenger van to the company's parking lot. Plus, it will take several days (5-14 depending on the bank) until the authorized amount is available to you again.

Can I rent a 12 seat van with a debit card in the USA?

Reserving a van 12 seater rental with a debit card can be a real challenge for every traveler - most providers are only willing to work with credit card holders. The fact is that the credit card has a credit limit, which serves to cover 12 seater van rental costs in case of non-insurance claims.

Of course, every rule has an exception, and in some locations in the United States, we are ready to provide you with a van rental with your debit card, but it must meet all of our requirements specified in the rental conditions.

Unlike debit cards, cash, gift and prepaid cards are not used to rent a rental under any circumstances.

Can I get a 12 seat passenger van rental with unlimited mileage?

Most often, companies don’t limit the allowed traveling distance of their cars, unless you are a local renter. Thus, 12 passenger van rental unlimited mileage is more common than the exception.

There are other cases when unlimited miles only come with compact, standard or full-size cars, and are not available for luxury cars, vans, etc. Please check booking conditions carefully to select 12 passenger van rental unlimited miles only.

What equipment do rental vans 12 passenger have?

Traveling with twelve passengers may require some additional options. You have the opportunity to include them in the deal both at the stage of 12 passenger rental booking, and directly on the counter. Here’s a list of all the extras available:

  • Satellite navigator
  • Ski rack
  • Child seats of all sizes
  • Winter tires

There’s also a roof rack option, but make it clear that your rental 12 passenger van is compatible with this equipment.

What insurance do I need for 12 passenger van rental in the USA?

The two main insurance plans you should have are Damage Waiver and Liability Protection. They are usually included in 12 passenger vans rental price on our website and implicate some excess, which shows the extent of your material responsibility. The good news is that you can reduce the excess by purchasing additional coverage products.

Since insurance for your 12 or 15 passenger van rental can be a headache, there are some tips to help you organize it quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable price:

Check if basic insurance comes with your vehicle

In pursuit of a nice price, you can fall into a trap. Cheap 12 seater passenger van rental doesn't always mean a great deal as some companies don't offer any insurance included in the price. This means you will need to buy it for extra money.

Look for a profitable insurance provider

You can always opt out of the original insurance coming with the deal. There are many independent car insurance companies around and in addition, we also provide excess insurance along with rental cars.

Examine your basic insurance in all respects

This will allow you to understand what to count on. When choosing 12 seat van rental, pay special attention not only to the main points of the insurance contract, but also to exceptions and limitations.

Don’t forget about your credit card

Having a credit card is already 50% of success when trying to find deals for 12 seat rental. The company blocks a security deposit on it for the subsequent payment of the insurance excess, if necessary.

Check your car and take some photos

This is what you should do as soon as you see your van. The fact is that the car rental 12 passenger you are going to drive may already have some chips, scratches, or damages. If there are any, take a picture of them and tell them to be included in the contract.