Thrifty car rental USA overview

A nice-looking and reliable vehicle is really what all car travelers need. Being a subsidiary of Hertz Rent-a-Car, Thrifty car rental USA strives to suit the high quality of the parent company, but at the same time offers more affordable prices and pleasant discounts.

As a result, each driver who has ever used Thrifty rental car in USA, notes his positive experience and is ready to use the service again.

The principal characteristics of car rental USA Thrifty can be described through the great benefits available for everyone:

Thrifty car rental locations in USA

The company is ready to provide a cheap and high-quality service at 300+ pick-up and drop off points. Therefore, it’s simply impossible to specify a complete list of Thrifty car rental locations in USA. The high density of pick up points makes the choice of a perfect Thrifty USA rental car location quick, thereby saving your time.

Travelers have the opportunity to find the right vehicle in the most popular destinations, including airport terminals, urban locations, as well as pick-up points near railway stations.

Having made a deal with the supplier, you have access to the best cars anywhere you go, and thousands of happy Thrifty car rental USA reviews show a high level of service available in each site.

The top list of Thrifty rental car locations in the USA includes:

Thrifty car rental brands in the USA

Extensive car fleet makes choosing the right car easy. In addition to attractive vehicle rates, Thrifty USA rental car range offers a multiple selection of car rental groups:

  • Compact
  • Midsize
  • Economy
  • Standard
  • Full Size
  • Premium
  • Luxury
  • SUV
  • 4x4
  • Minivan
  • Van

Those renters of Thrifty car rental in USA, who are used to choosing a deal not by type of vehicle, but by its brand, are offered the following list to pick up:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Chrysler
  • Jeep
  • Hyundai
  • Dodge
  • Buick
  • Volkswagen

Ford, Volkswagen, and Toyota are often chosen by the customers - the key of the car rental brands’ popularity is their price. Among them, several car rental USA

Thrifty models will be a superb solution for a budget trip:

Car Rental Insurance with Thrifty in USA

The insurance is very important since it affects the degree of material responsibility in the case of an incident. Thus, each Thrifty USA rental car can be accompanied by one of the protection packages:

Comprehensive car rental USA Thrifty insurance integrates all the above-mentioned protection options, and its full price can be checked at the counter.

Also, the company is authorized to freeze a deposit of $200 plus the full rental cost on your credit/debit card. Remember that it can’t be used during the whole rental period.

Thrifty car rental fuel policy in USA

The refueling policy of Thrifty car rental in USA claims that travelers can both prepay gas and use full-to-full option.

Prepaid fuel implies the purchase of a full tank of fuel when hiring a car. The bigger the vehicle’s tank, the more fuel it holds, and accordingly, the more expensive the Prepaid Fuel will cost. On average, the price starts at $37 for economy cars. You won’t be charged for the unused fuel.

With full-to-full option, the renter should pick up and return full tank of gas to avoid any extra fees. Moreover, it’s required to refuel Thrifty USA rental car within a 10-mile radius from a drop-off location and provide a receipt confirming refueling. Otherwise, the missing amount of gasoline must be reimbursed.

Consequently, the full-to-full option is considered to be the cheapest policy, as the cost of 1 gallon of fuel on the gas station is less than the supplier asks.

Age Restrictions from Thrifty car rental in USA

Age policy of the company permits to rent a car for 21 years old drivers everywhere in the USA. However, in Michigan and New York States the minimum age for car rental is 18 years old.

All under 25 renters are subject to car class restrictions and young driver fees. The following table shows all Thrifty car rental USA age restrictions:

Minimum age 21
Maximum age -
Car class restrictions NO SUV, convertible, van, minivan, luxury, premium cars
Under 25 fee $15-35/day
Michigan State 18-20 years old fee $48/day
Michigan State 21-24 years old fee $25-28/day
New York State 18-20 years old fee $73/day
New York State 21-24 years old fee $35-42/day

As an exception, 18-years-old rentals are available for government members having a business trip. There are no special age concessions or discounts for students.

FAQ - Thrifty car rental in USA

How to cancel a car rental with Thrifty?

The reservation needs to be canceled before the vehicle pick-up time specified in a voucher. Otherwise, Cancellation or No Show charge may apply.

Is it possible to get a one-way option from Thrifty in the USA?

Although one-way rentals are available with Thrifty in USA, not all pick-up points can be used for this option.

How much are Thrifty one-way car rental fees in the USA?

You’ll be charged about $200 for Thrifty one-way rental, but the exact amount depends on the locations.

What is Thrifty cross border fee?

A car can be driven to Canada. Border crossing with Mexico requires an additional Mexico Insurance. No fees charged.

What’s the value of Thrifty additional options in the USA?

What are the additional driver requirements for Thrifty car rental USA?

An actual driving license, compliance with age rental qualifications and an additional driver fee payment are required for using additional driver option.

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