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Thrifty car rental USA overview

A nice-looking and reliable vehicle is really what all car travelers need. Being a subsidiary of Hertz Rent-a-Car, Thrifty car rental USA strives to suit the high quality of the parent company, but at the same time offers more affordable prices and pleasant discounts.

As a result, each driver who has ever used a Thrifty rental car in the USA, notes his positive experience and is ready to use the service again.

The principal characteristics of car rental USA Thrifty can be described through the great benefits available for everyone:

  • cheap all-inclusive rates;
  • reliable and new cars;
  • attentive service;
  • fast pick up and return;
  • no extra payments;
  • hassle-free amendment and cancellation;
  • acceptable rental conditions;
  • 24/7 support.

How to book Thrifty car rental through

A satisfied customer is our primary goal, so each time you want to reserve a Thrifty car rental USA, we do our best to speed up and simplify the process, while not losing the high quality of service.

At, you will enjoy an instant rental that takes only 3 steps:

  1. Fill out our search form, indicating a location and period for which you need a vehicle;
  2. Browse available options, compare them and choose the best Thrifty USA rental car;
  3. Confirm your reservation.

Comparing more than 2000 offers from major providers, we try to get the best price, but remember the cost also depends on a particular brand and model of car, location, current demand, equipment, and duration of your trip.

What other benefits do you get at

  1. User-friendly interface and intuitive search engine;
  2. Low prices for Thrifty car rental in the USA;
  3. Easy filters to quickly find what you need;
  4. Possibility of 24/7 booking online and via phone;
  5. Free and quick amendment/cancellation;
  6. No hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises - you pay only for what you get;
  7. Affordable insurance plans;
  8. Friendly and reliable customer service and support.

For you to make an informative decision, we’ve prepared a detailed Thrifty car rental USA review, where you’ll find answers to all your questions. Keep reading!

What do you need to rent a car from Thrifty in USA?

Under Thrifty car rental terms and conditions USA, you should have the following documents at hand:

  1. Driver’s license. It must be active, and you should own it for at least 1 year before the rental date. You may also need to have an international driving permit (IDP) in case your original document is not in the Latin alphabet. Persons who at the time of a pickup are disqualified from driving in their country won’t be able to rent a car in USA from Thrifty.
  2. Passport ID. It serves as a photo-identification of a person, and an employee on the counter can ask it for authorization.
  3. Credit card. It’s necessary to keep a deposit and cover other costs associated with the rental. The credit card must be issued in the name of the main driver.

Thrifty car rental locations in USA

The company is ready to provide a cheap and high-quality service at 300+ pick-up and drop off points. Therefore, it’s simply impossible to specify a complete list of Thrifty car rental locations in USA. The high density of pick up points makes the choice of a perfect Thrifty USA rental car location quick, thereby saving your time.

Travelers have the opportunity to find the right vehicle in the most popular destinations, including airport terminals, urban locations, as well as pick-up points near railway stations.

Having made a deal with the supplier, you have access to the best cars anywhere you go, and thousands of happy Thrifty car rental USA reviews show a high level of service available in each site.

The top list of Thrifty rental car locations in the USA includes:

Thrifty car rental brands in the USA

Extensive car fleet makes choosing the right car easy. In addition to attractive vehicle rates, Thrifty USA rental car range offers a multiple selection of car rental groups:

  • Mini
  • Compact
  • Midsize
  • Economy
  • Standard
  • Fullsize
  • Premium
  • Luxury
  • SUV
  • 4x4
  • Minivan
  • Van

Those renters of Thrifty car rental in USA, who are used to choosing a deal not by type of vehicle, but by its brand, are offered the following list to pick up:

  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Chrysler
  • Jeep
  • Hyundai
  • Dodge
  • Buick
  • Volkswagen
  • Kia
  • Mazda

Ford, Volkswagen, and Toyota are often chosen by the customers - the key of the car rental brands’ popularity is their price. Among them, several car rental USA

Thrifty models will be a superb solution for a budget trip:

  • Standard Volkswagen Jetta ($49/day);
  • Compact Nissan Versa ($29.47/day);
  • Standard Volkswagen Jetta ($31.17/day);
  • Intermediate Toyota Corolla ($30.63/day).

Age Restrictions from Thrifty car rental in USA

Age policy of the company permits to rent a car for 21 years old drivers everywhere in the USA. However, in Michigan and New York States the minimum age for car rental is 18 years old.

All under 25 renters are subject to car class restrictions and young driver fees. The following table shows all Thrifty car rental USA age restrictions:

Minimum age 21
Maximum age -
Car class restrictions NO SUV, convertible, van, minivan, luxury, premium cars
Under 25 fee $15-35/day
Michigan State 18-20 years old fee $48/day
Michigan State 21-24 years old fee $25-28/day
New York State 18-20 years old fee $73/day
New York State 21-24 years old fee $35-42/day

As an exception, 18-years-old rentals are available for government members having a business trip. There are no special age concessions or discounts for students.

Car Rental Insurance with Thrifty in USA

The insurance is very important since it affects the degree of material responsibility in the case of an incident. Thus, each Thrifty USA rental car can be accompanied by one of the protection packages:

  • Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). The LDW is an optional coverage, which shifts expenses to the insurance company in case your vehicle is damaged or stolen. The cost of LDW starts from $11/day and depends on the specific car class.
  • Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS).. The LIS allows a renter to avoid responsibility for third-party damages. This protection option is available right at the desk and covers material losses up to $1,000,000.
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection (UMP). UMP is an additional option to SLI coverage, which includes injuries and damages made by the driver of an uninsured car. Renters are able to purchase it in the Thrifty office.
  • Protection Plus for Canada. By using the Protection Plus package, you will secure yourself from medical and ambulance losses, as well as expenditures related to breakdown assistance or towing of the vehicle while driving in Canada. It can be purchased on request at the counter.
  • Personal Protection Plan (PPP). It consists of Personal Effects/Accident Insurance (PEI/PAI) and covers ambulance expenses, as well as the harm caused to the passengers and the major renter. The upper limit of the compensation value is $1,500. The PPP is optional and can be formalized at the counter.

Comprehensive car rental USA Thrifty insurance integrates all the above-mentioned protection options, and its full price can be checked at the counter.

Also, the company is authorized to freeze a deposit of $200 plus the full rental cost on your credit/debit card. Remember that it can’t be used during the whole rental period.

Thrifty car rental fuel policy in USA

The refueling policy of Thrifty car rental in USA claims that travelers can both prepay gas and use a full-to-full option.

Prepaid fuel implies the purchase of a full tank of fuel when hiring a car. The bigger the vehicle’s tank, the more fuel it holds, and accordingly, the more expensive the Prepaid Fuel will cost. On average, the price starts at $37 for economy cars. You won’t be charged for the unused fuel.

With a full-to-full option, the renter should pick up and return a full tank of gas to avoid any extra fees. Moreover, it’s required to refuel Thrifty USA rental cars within a 10-mile radius from a drop-off location and provide a receipt confirming refueling. Otherwise, the missing amount of gasoline must be reimbursed.

Consequently, the full-to-full option is considered to be the cheapest policy, as the cost of 1 gallon of fuel on the gas station is less than the supplier asks.

One-way car rental Thrifty USA

If you want to pick up and drop off your rental car at different locations, take advantage of Thrifty one way car rental offers. With, you can collect your rental vehicle in one city and return it at another Thrifty location in a different city or even state. As Thrifty is a global company and offers car rental in a large number of offices around the USA, they also provide quite a few Thrifty car rental one way deals.

You won’t have to pay an additional Thrifty one way fee during pick-up as all our one way car rentals already include drop fees. Check out the most popular Thrifty one way car rentals in USA:

FAQ about Thrifty car rental in USA

As a customer, you probably have some questions regarding the Thrifty USA rent a car left. We tried to answer some of them so that you are fully informed. This will avoid surprises on your trip, and have a really outstanding travel experience.

How to add a driver to Thrifty car rental, USA?

You can add the supplemental driver to car rental USA Thrifty during an online booking on our website, as well as directly on a counter upon request. Any number of additional drivers is available to you, but be sure each of them meets the same requirements as the main driver.

Similarly to the major renter, extra drivers are covered according to a rental agreement.

How do I get a free additional driver at Thrifty car rental?

When collecting USA car rental Thrifty, there are several ways to avoid paying for an additional driver. For this, you must be:

  1. A state employee traveling on official order;
  2. A member of the Thrifty Blue Chip Loyalty Program;
  3. A customer who goes by using a corporate account;
  4. A person who is accompanying another traveler with disabilities.

Also, a rental company can check your driver’s history and apply additional fees if an extra driver is under 25 years old. Requirements can change with the location, and it’s always better to inspect USA Thrifty car rental terms and conditions in the exact spot where you are going to pick up a vehicle. This will give you 100% reliable information.

How many additional drivers can I have for my Thrifty rental car?

You can add as many supplemental drivers as the number of seats available in the car you intend to pick up.

What is the hold amount for Thrifty car rental in USA?

From the moment you pick up the car, the Thrifty car rental deposit USA is a guarantee for a rental company. It includes a certain amount that consists of the total cost of your rental, plus the money necessary to compensate for potential losses that are not covered by insurance.

By signing a rental agreement with Thrifty, you are giving your rental provider the green light to freeze such a deposit on your bank card. Subsequently, this amount won’t be available for the period you use Thrifty USA rent a car service, and you won’t be able to pay with it for your personal travel needs. Thus, we suggest planning your budget considering this variable.

But what is the exact deposit amount? It depends on each location and specific vehicle category and usually starts from $200. What’s more, the main factor affecting this amount is the type of bank card:

Credit card

The required amount that should be available on your card is calculated as the total cost of Thrifty car rental USA plus a minimum of $200 over the price.

You can also avoid paying a deposit at all, but you need to meet certain conditions:

  1. be a member of the Thrifty Blue chip program
  2. use a credit card with the Visa logo. Keep in mind that this only works when you pick up a Thrifty USA rental car with a Visa card for the first time.

Debit card

Blocking a deposit on a debit card also doesn’t cause any difficulties. However, it must comply with the company’s policy regarding debit cards:

  1. only debit cards with Visa, Discovery and MasterCard logos are accepted;
  2. you must reserve USA car rental Thrifty not later than 24 hours before pick up;
  3. two additional forms of identification and proof of your travel plans are required when you rent on the spot or less than 24 hours before the trip;
  4. current balance on the debit card should be enough to cover the deposit and the cost of your rental.

Extra identification may also be obligatory when collecting special vehicle classes, such as a luxury or exotic car rental USA Thrifty.

USA Thrifty car rental: when do I get my deposit back?

The deposit amount will be unlocked and again available to you on a credit or debit card within 5-14 days after returning the car rental USA Thrifty to a drop off point. How much time this process will take doesn’t depend on Thrifty but your card issuer.

Your deposit will be returned in full if certain conditions are met:

  1. you returned a car on time;
  2. your vehicle is in excellent condition (clean, without any damages, scratches etc.);
  3. you didn’t violate any traffic and parking regulations, or anything else that could lead to a fine.

Otherwise, a rental company will return your deposit after they’ve extracted all fees, fines, and other extra payments from the deposit amount.

Can I use a debit card to pay for my rental upon return of the Thrifty vehicle?

You definitely can! It’s possible to provide a debit bank card, a prepaid card, or even stored-value card as a payment method for Thrifty USA rent-a-car, but only after dropping off your wheels.

What credit score do I need to rent at Thrifty car rental, USA?

In terms of financial responsibility, each debit cardholder who rents a car is potentially less reliable than someone who uses a credit card. As a result, those who have only a debit plastic card may be less attractive for a rental provider. Thrifty rental needs to have a guarantee of one’s solvency in case of damage to the Thrifty USA rental car. And if a credit card has a limit that compensates for any repair costs, then a debit card has only personal funds of the user.

That’s why an additional credit score check is applied if you rent a car with a debit card. But there’s no definite credit score which must be reached to rent a car USA Thrifty. A provider is looking in your history for overdue credit lines open over the past 3 years. If you don’t have such, then you will be allowed to rent.

How early can I drop off my rental car Thrifty?

If you decide to return your rented wheels more than 24 hours earlier before the time specified in the agreement - then expect to pay an extra $25 for the fact Thrifty won’t be able to rent out a vehicle in these remaining days. At the same time, you will only pay for the period when you used Thrifty car rental in USA.

Having decided to return a vehicle earlier, you can call Thrifty USA support service 1-877-283-0898, thereby warning them the final rental date has changed. This will give a rental company a chance to rent out your car again, which will reduce your fee.

How to return a Thrifty rental car after hours?

Returning your rented vehicle after hours may be a necessary measure if your flight departures late at night. Fortunately, most Thrifty rental car locations in the USA are loyal to travelers who need to drop off a car in non-business hours. You need to arrive at a parking garage, leave a copy of your rental contract in the cabin, then lock up a vehicle and toss keys in a special dropbox.

If you've returned a car after hours, then formally employees will accept it only after opening the location. Therefore, to avoid possible claims, take a picture of the vehicle's mileage and fuel level on its gear panel before leaving it in a garage.

Thrifty car rental Insurance Hints for USA

When you rent a car USA Thrifty, you must consider all possible scenarios of your trip, because something may not go as planned. In the event of an accident, theft, or injury, you would have to spend a lot of money to compensate for material losses, but if you have valid insurance, then you don’t need to worry. Insurance will allow you to remain calm and fully devote yourself to a road trip.

How to arrange insurance for Thrifty car rental USA?

If you are a U.S. citizen

Check your credit card provider and personal insurance plan. Perhaps, it will include coverage for a rental vehicle. If not, you can purchase full insurance at a rental company office.

If you are an international renter

Regardless of nationality, car rental USA Thrifty is prohibited without insurance, and in general it’s illegal in terms of legislation. Therefore, take care of purchasing a suitable protection package before going on a trip, or car rental employees will offer it directly on the counter.

How much is Thrifty car rental insurance?

The approximate Thrifty car rental USA insurance cost for 1 day is:

  • CDW/LDW - between $20 and $22;
  • LIS – between $15 and $17.

When reserving a car on our website, you don’t have to pay for insurance if you want, because the minimum coverage already comes with Thrifty USA rental car. If you need full financial protection for your road trip, you can always add the necessary insurance options directly on the counter.

Every particular location, class, and vehicle category, as well as the seasonal factor, affect the final price of the insurance plan, so you better contact a supplier for the exact cost in the desired pick-up point.

What is the excess on a Thrifty car rental in USA?

The excess is a certain limit amount that indicates the degree of your liability. This means that in the event of an insured event, you must cover an excess amount, and Thrifty rental company compensates the remaining cost. Very often, car rental USA Thrifty has the following insurance plans included:

  • Theft Waiver (TW), Excess 0 USD
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Excess 0 USD
  • Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS): Excess 0 USD

Zero excess says you are generally exempted from liability, and it’s the rental provider that is fully responsible for any insured incident.

At, you can benefit from a Thrifty car rental in the USA with zero excess, thereby protecting yourself from any potential spending.

If I have an accident in a Thrifty rental car what is the maximum liability?

According to the insurance policy, the most significant amount of compensation is provided in the case of third-party claims. LIS coverage from Thrifty reimburses property damage as well as body injuries of persons affected by accident in the amount of up to $1 million.

What to do if involved in an accident with a Thrifty rental car in the USA?

Traffic accidents, car theft, or personal injuries are the last things you think about when you rent a car USA Thrifty. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and even the most experienced drivers can get into an unpleasant situation. If this happens, then don’t panic, but stick to the correct algorithm of actions.

If your car has been stolen

  • First of all, call the police 911 or another law enforcement agency and report what happened.
  • Then inform your provider of the incident and contact the nearest spot of Thrifty car rental in USA. In case necessary, call the toll-free telephone number 1-800-847-4389.
  • Report to your insurance provider about what happened.
  • In the Thrifty’s location, you will go through the standard procedure, after which you will again receive a new rental vehicle.
  • Before leaving, ask about the breakdown policy that operates in this pickup location.

If your vehicle was damaged

It all depends on how severe the incident is. If your Thrifty USA rent a car is significantly damaged, and you need a car replacement, the list of actions will be similar to the one used when a vehicle has been stolen. Otherwise, you need to contact Thrifty and find out what to do next.

To fully protect yourself from any harmful situations during next trip, it makes sense to purchase additional waivers. They will help to avoid problems and continue your journey no matter what. But as a user, you should also help reduce any risks that can lead to dangerous consequences when traveling by Thrifty USA rental car. Therefore, always be careful on the road, observe traffic/parking regulations, and don’t let unauthorized drivers behind the wheel. Also, close the trunk, doors, and windows of the car so as not to attract thieves. Remember that ignoring the clauses of your rental agreement will invalidate the protection.

How can Thrifty car rental charge me administrative fees for toll charges?

We recommend you contact the tolling service provider before collecting a Thrifty car rental in USA to choose one appropriate payment method. If you do not use any of the possible ways, then, in the end, you will pay for:

  • ❖ all facts of using toll roads;
  • ❖ additional administrative fees of $15 for each toll case ($9.99 in Florida and Massachusetts), or a maximum of $90 for the entire travel period;
  • ❖ any other extra toll-related charges.

How to add a toll to my Thrifty car rental in the USA?

The most natural and most obvious way to ensure timely payment is to add PlatePass® All-Inclusive Tolling to your Thrifty car rental USA deal. It allows you to automatically pay for all travel facts on paid sections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is very convenient since you will avoid all possible fines associated with incorrect or untimely toll payments.

Moreover, in some states, there are roads where cash is not accepted at all. Having driven USA car rental Thrifty on such a path, the system reads the license plate. If it’s not registered in the electronic toll service, then you will pay a toll, taking into account additional administrative fees. In total, it will be more expensive than the standard price; thus, PlatePass is an ideal alternative for paying tolls.

How much is a toll pass device for Thrifty car rental?

Toll pass devices are available for booking at the majority of Thrifty rental car locations in the USA at $10.49 per day.

Our smart search engine will find all available options from Thrifty in the desired location and sort them by price or rating. Also, you can view car specifications and use a filter to systemize search results by such parameters as car category, fuel policy, type of credit card available for payment, and level of equipment.

What is considered a full size rental Thrifty car rental for the United States?

When collecting a full-size Thrifty USA rental car, expect to get a comfortable 5-seater sedan with a trunk capable of holding up to 4 bags. Remember Thrifty is not obliged to rpovide you with the exact brand and model you see on the booking page, but only guarantees a car equivalent in size, class, type of transmission, and the number of seats.

On our website, you can find an extensive full-size Thrifty car rental fleet USA, and the following models are the most typical representatives of this class:

  • Dodge Charger
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Nissan Altima
  • Toyota Camry
  • Ford Taurus

What is a Thrifty rental car wild card?

Wild Card is an opportunity to get an excellent full-size, minivan, or even an SUV vehicle at the rate of a compact car. What does it mean? Everything is simple - you allow you to select a car for you automatically. This program is an excellent way to save on Thrifty car rental in USA.

How to get a discount with Thrifty car rental in United States?

The opportunity to save is never superfluous. Therefore, it would be nice to get a vehicle you want at a lower price, leaving a few bucks in your wallet for personal purposes. We have several ideas for you to find an affordable price without sacrificing comfort on your upcoming trip.

We continuously monitor that you receive the most favorable prices, thus often, you can find discounts on vehicles, especially during seasonal sales. Thrifty car rental coupon USA, as well as AAA membership, are also ways to lower the final price tag.

What other benefits do you get from AAA membership?

  • free extra driver option, subject to having a similar membership;
  • free baby seat if you make a reservation online;
  • satellite navigation device with a discount of up to 10%.

What if my Thrifty rental car breaks down?

A car breakdown somewhere in the middle of the desert can not only ruin the trip but even be life-threatening. Therefore, add Emergency Roadside Protection to your rental to save yourself and your passengers from unpleasant circumstances associated with the malfunction of Thrifty car rental USA. This can be done directly upon receipt of keys on the counter.

What to do if you lost the Thrifty rental car key?

The company offers Premium Roadside Protection, one of the points of which is the coverage of lost keys. If this happens and if you’re protected, the provider is obliged to take care of the safe continuation of your trip.

What is the mileage limit on a rental car Thrifty in the USA?

Usually, you have unlimited miles when you rent a car USA Thrifty. Customize your Rental24H search accordingly to see all available car deals with unlimited mileage.

How to contact Thrifty car rental, USA?

Please reach Thrifty car rental usa contact number 1-800-847-4389 for instant communication. This toll-free number is available in the United States and Canada.

What is Thrifty car rental cleaning fee?

When dropping off a dirty vehicle, you are violating the policy of a rental company, according to which Thrifty USA rental car must be in good condition and clean. This necessitates additional cleaning of the interior or car body, which will result in an additional fee for you as a renter. Such cost can start from $50 and reach up to $250 if a provider needs to temporarily take a vehicle out of service for more thorough maintenance.

How to add child seat Thrifty car rental, USA?

Traveling with a small child without a child seat is prohibited at the legislative level, and will result in a fine. Therefore, add the appropriate optional equipment to your online reservation or pick it up directly at the airport. Probably, if you forget to do this, the employee will ask if you need a child seat for your car rental USA Thrifty.