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The first official car rental desk operated by Payless was established in Spokane, WA in 1971. Now it is one of the leading car rental businesses with about 120 rental locations around the world. Usually, Payless provides car rental services in both the airports and the cities. This makes the company an ideal base for tourists or business travelers.

So, how to use our service to rent an appropriate vehicle from Payless? Here you may find useful and relevant information about the company, choose the auto of the desired class, and book it via our extremely convenient service.

Top Payless car rental locations in the USA

There are plenty of Payless Car Rental offices in the USA. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the list of the top company’s rental locations presented below.

Why book Payless car rental with us?

Our services and solutions help customers to know which car rental businesses provide non-expensive vehicles on your route. By using our site you have the opportunity to compare their prices in order to choose the option that suits you best. But what are the differences between us and other consultants? We provide our clients with the following:

  • maximal convenience of the search for the actual car rental deals for any visitor;
  • current prices and cars availability;
  • online booking is available 24 hours a day;
  • easy and convenient filters to get a better price for the majority of vehicles;
  • free cancellation or amendment options;
  • no additional (hidden) costs: you only have to pay for what you get;
  • the opportunity to choose between various insurance options based on price, benefits, and other features.

In addition to Payless Car Rental USA, we work with other top rental agencies.

Payless one-way car rental in the United States

If you don’t want to pick up and drop off your rental car at the same location, take advantage of Payless one way car rental. With, you can collect your Payless vehicle in one city and return it at another Payless location in a different city or even state. Payless provide quite a few car rental one way offers.

If you are looking for one way car rental no drop fee, you are exactly where you have to be. All our one-way car rental prices in the USA already include Payless one way rental fee. Check out the most popular Payless one way car rentals in USA:

Payless Rental Car USA does not allow renters to cross the borders of other counties without a special authorization document issued on paper. You can get it from the rental location. Note that such permission may contain extra rental restrictions.

FAQ about Payless car rental in the USA

What do I need to rent a car from Payless car rental?

To make a reservation and get a car from Payless car rental USA, you have to meet the standard agency’s requirements related to age and driving license. Usually, the requirements are straightforward and unchanged.

Firstly, the driver must reach the age of 25. However, drivers from 21 to 24 years of age are allowed to rent almost any vehicle with an extra charge of about $25 per day. Also, check your license. It should be valid for the entire rental period.

As for international drivers, they should show a full driving license. It has to be issued by their country of residence. Furthermore, to use the services of Payless Car Rental in the USA, you must show an insurance policy issued on paper.

If you own a foreign license and plan to rent a car outside of your country of residence, you may be asked to present your passport (or other additional ID) to confirm your identity. The name of the license owner should coincide with a name written on the document. Payless USA provides some advantageous conditions for Canadian citizens: they have the ability to only show an enhanced driving license.

Besides, the driver must be a credit card owner. However, you may use either credit or debit cards when booking via our website.

How much is the Payless car rental deposit?

Payless USA has general regulations covering the entire process of car renting including deposit operations. Each rental is followed with prepayment in the form of blocking a security deposit on your credit card. The amount of security deposit depends on the car rental class you choose and is not less than $200. During the entire period of rental, an estimated sum will be frozen in your card account as well as the rental value.

In some pick-up locations, debit cards are accepted to cover a deposit as well. An estimated sum of money will be frozen in the card account on top of the rental fee. When you return the vehicle, Payless USA will release your money; nevertheless, the funds are unlikely to be available during the same day or even during the following week. It primarily depends on your bank.

Payless Rental Car USA may check your credit report before concluding the contract with you.

How to pay online for a Payless rental car?

You should take several simple steps to book an auto via our website. Firstly, choose the preferred date and pick-up location. Then select your age from the drop-down list and press the search button. Your search may not return exactly what you are looking for, but scanning the results may give you ideas for other terms. To customize the search and limit results, use special filters.

When Car Rental USA Payless confirms your reservation, you will get a voucher; it is recommended to have it with you when you go to the pick-up location mentioned in the document. Further details are set out below.

  • The full cost of service is based on a calculation that includes the order parameters (dates, locations, vehicle type, etc.) of your choice. If you change them, the total price may also change.
  • On average, the sum of the standard rental deposit is $200 – the costs will be frozen in your credit (or debit) card account during the entire rental period.
  • You need to have a credit card with you at the time of pick up. Additionally, Car Rental USA Payless accepts debit cards in some instances.

How do I cancel a reservation with Payless car rental?

To do that, you need to take two easy steps. Firstly, reach a special section in your rental voucher – «Manage Booking». Then find there an online cancellation option and use it. The prepayment sum will be returned in full if the cancellation was made in more than 48 hours before pick-up. For further details on our cancellation policies, please contact us.

How do I check a reservation at Payless car rental?

Once you have made your reservation and Payless Rental Car USA confirmed it, you will receive a confirmation voucher. It provides full information on rental vehicle, location, and dates.

How to use Payless car rental e-toll?

Plan your trip carefully, bearing in mind toll roads that are likely to be encountered in your way. It is very convenient to have an electronic device (transponder) in your car because it allows using toll sections of roads and highways without stopping

At the same time, if you chose to drive an auto without a transponder, you can be charged additional costs even if you passed through an e-toll road accidentally or failed to find the cash line.

If you plan not to use an electronic transponder, note that you will have to pay all toll fees in cash during the entire rental period. Remember that in case of non-payment, the vendor has the right to charge the renter an extra fee of $3-15 a rental day beyond the unpaid toll costs. To find out about further details on the vendor payment policies use Payless Car Rental phone number (in USA 1-800-729-53-77).

To avoid extra charges, you can use Payless e-toll services. The company offers cashless toll processing in the north-east of the USA as well as in California, Colorado, etc.

The standard cost for tolls is between $2.95 a day and $14.75 a month. If you have some questions related to the work of a toll transponder, please call E-Toll directly at 1-866-642-20-00.

4 Ways to Avoid Paying Extra for a Rental Car Toll Transponder

  1. Try to block the device. Just find the lead-lined box in the rented car and close it so that the toll plaza can’t see the transponder. In addition, or alternatively, you may use a Faraday bag (Faraday shield) which blocks electromagnetic wireless fields and signals.
  2. Use cash to pay for toll roads. Usually, cash is only accepted in designated lines but note that some highways are electronic-only.
  3. Take your car’s transponder with you. After you pick up the rented vehicle, add its license plate to your account online or by phone.
  4. Get yourself a transponder. It is a very cheap and useful device, both in everyday life and on a road trip.

What fuel options are available with Payless USA?

  • Prepay fuel option. You get the vehicle with a full tank of fuel; you can pay for the fuel at the time of pick-up. This option gives you the opportunity to return the car with an empty tank.
  • Full-to-full option. You pick up and drop off the vehicle with the same level of fuel in the tank. This option is usually more preferred as you won’t have to pay the car rental company for the gasoline you used.

What insurance options are available with Payless in the USA?

In case of an accident, you should notify the vendor by calling Payless Car Rental USA phone numbers; you can find them on the front page of your rental document. The agency will send an agency representative to you immediately.

  • Personal liability. Under its terms, the agency will cover up to $1300 of expenses related to a road accident.
  • Collision Damage Waiver. This may reduce your responsibility for an accident including some cases of theft.
  • Personal Accident. Under its terms, the insurance agency will cover you up to $8000 of medical expenses.
  • Supplementary Liability. SLI covers the cost of damages caused to third persons. Don’t forget that this policy does not cover damages caused to the rented vehicle itself.
  • Tires, Glasses and Rims. As the name implies, that is supplementary insurance that will cover the expenses related to tires, windows, and panoramic windshield of the auto.
  • Extended Protection. Umbrella insurance that covers almost the total cost of damages caused to the renter, his vehicle, third persons, and their property. EP is valid only on the United States and Canada territories.
  • Roadside Program. Acquiring it, the driver gets a special phone number; in case of need, they can receive emergency assistance on request. Significant among additional PR benefits are emergency gas delivery and flat tire change.

Check the terms of your own travel insurance before you buy an extra insurance policy.

How is Payless car rental?

Payless is famous for its relatively low prices in comparison to most other similar businesses. The company’s experience and top class service is the guarantee for meeting any requirements of customers.

How much does it cost to add an extra driver at Payless car rental?

The average cost for an extra driver is approximately $13-15 per day.

Additional drivers have to show a valid license issued in her or his name and a credit card. Car Rental USA Payless may check your credit history if you use a debit card to rent a vehicle. Age limitations may also apply.

What is Payless car rental mileage policy?

All Payless car rental deals offered on our website include unlimited mileage. So there is no limit to the distance you can drive with a Payless rental car booked on

How to pick up a Payless rental car after hours in the United States?

Contact the office of Payless for details regarding rental car pick-up (or return) during non-working hours. In most cases, drivers are allowed to pick up and return rented vehicles outside their working hours.

Payless car rental return: what if I am late?

You will have to pay an hourly fee if you are even one minute late. Any Payless rental contract is based on a twenty-four hours period; in addition, the renter has a period of grace (29 min).