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Hertz car rental USA

It always takes time to find a reliable car rental that would correspond to your idea of a perfect trip. Hertz rent a car in USA is ready to satisfy the highest expectations of travelers by providing quality service throughout the country.

The company was established in Estero, Florida, and characterized by an attentive approach to each customer. Are you going on an official trip? Or maybe you just want to relax with the whole family. Hertz USA is the provider which you can fully rely on, regardless of the purpose of car rental.

Responsibility in respect of users forces the supplier to always be one step ahead, making the entire rental process faster, easier and friendlier. As a result, the efforts of Hertz car rent USA are aimed at providing the following advantages to the renters:

  • affordable Hertz car rental USA prices;
  • vast selection of reliable cars;
  • attentive Hertz USA customer service;
  • smooth pick up and return process;
  • no extra charges provided;
  • easy cancellation;
  • customer-friendly rental conditions;
  • excellent Hertz 24/7 USA support.

For receiving Hertz rental car in USA a person should suit the age policy, have an acceptable credit/debit card and show a valid driving license. Also, foreign renters need to add domestic license.

Top Hertz car hire locations in USA

When choosing a suitable starting point for your trip, you won’t be limited, as the assortment presented on Hertz car rental location map in USA is just impressive. The company covers over 3,000 pick-up spots, including 1,635 airport-based sites.

In addition to the airport offices, a perfect rental car of Hertz in USA can be found anywhere you need – the supplier’s map has hundreds of cheap locations near bus and railway stations, as well as within the hotels.

A huge vehicle fleet at pick up spots makes the choice of a good Hertz car rental USA deal easy and quick. Moreover, the most popular locations feature the bigger choice of cars - Hertz car rental in Florida USA and California are among them.

The list of the most traveled Hertz car rental locations in USA contains the following destinations:

Hertz car rental brands in USA

One of the reasons for choosing Hertz USA is the largest selection of vehicles on the American car hire market. The supplier’s list of car size groups includes not only the common vehicles but also hybrids and Hertz exotic car rental USA. The rest vehicle categories provided by Hertz are:

  • Standard cars (economy, compact, minivan, mid- and full-size);
  • Estate cars;
  • Prestige collection;
  • Dream exotic cars;
  • Green traveler collection;
  • SUV/4x4 cars;
  • Adrenaline collection;
  • Convertibles;
  • Vans.

Speaking of car rental brands, a collection offered by Hertz rent a car USA is incredibly wide. The following car manufacturers present the company’s vehicle range:

  • Ford
  • Infiniti
  • Volkswagen
  • Range Rover
  • Chrysler
  • Jaguar
  • Buick
  • Chevrolet
  • Porsche
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
  • Dodge
  • Chevy
  • Lincoln
  • Hyundai
  • Cadillac
  • Jeep
  • GMC

Ford, Mazda, Volkswagen and Chevrolet are considered to be the most popular brands, as their models belong to the cheapest Hertz rental car types in USA. Thus, budget travelers choose them most often. If you’re among them, the most attractive deals are offered below:

  • Mid-size Mazda 3 ($29/day);
  • Standard Volkswagen Jetta ($30/day);
  • Compact Ford Focus ($29/day);
  • Full-size Chevrolet Malibu ($32/day).

Hertz car rental fuel policy in USA

As stated by Hertz car hire in USA, each driver can choose the most convenient option to refuel his vehicle:

Fuel Purchase Option with Hertz USA

Fuel purchase option means you need to pre-order a full tank of fuel when reserving a car from Hertz. The average cost of a prepaid fuel is $35-40 for compact, mid-size and standard cars. No fees for the unused fuel are provided.

Fuel and Service Charge with Hertz USA

The company supplies you with a full tank of fuel, and then you’ll pay for the used volume of gasoline at the end of the rental. Keep in mind that the final price includes service charges, thus it can be somewhat higher than you expect.

You refuel with Hertz USA

You pick up your vehicle completely refueled, and your task is to return it with the same fuel amount in the tank. Consequently, you need to refuel your rental car by yourself. This is the cheapest way of refueling, as unlike the previous option, the price on a gas station is much lower than the car rental agency provides.

All about car rental insurance with Hertz in USA

Removal of all financial risks on your road trip is a guarantee of a calm and smooth traveling. With Hertz car rental insurance in USA you can protect yourself in case of an accident or any incident happened on your way.

Thus, the following Hertz USA car rental insurance options can be added to your personal plan:

Loss Damage Waiver from Hertz car rental USA

This package covers expenses associated with damage or theft of the vehicle. The cost of LDW varies depending on the specific car type and pick up location.

Personal Accident Insurance from Hertz rent a car USA

This insurance plan protects you and your passengers from ambulance/medical expenses up to $250/$2,500 respectively. PAI is not a mandatory option and can be requested at the counter.

Personal Effects Coverage from Hertz rent a car USA

PEC covers theft or damage of personal property and provided together with PAI only. PEC spreads on the driver and his family.

Liability Insurance Supplement from Hertz car rental USA

The LIS protects the driver from third party claims. This protection option can be requested at the counter and is not mandatory. The maximum coverage ability of LIS is $1,000,000.

If you’re interested in purchasing a full coverage from Hertz in USA, then you should clarify the final cost in the office. Also, don’t forget that Hertz car rental deposit USA of a minimum $200 will be withheld on your credit/debit card.

Age Restrictions from Hertz car rental in USA

Generally, the minimum Hertz car rental USA age limit is 21 years old. Unfortunately, this age is not enough to rent the cars from Adrenaline and Prestige Collections, as well as Dream exotic cars groups, as these vehicles can be provided for 25+ years old drivers. Check out some requirements for Hertz rental in the USA:

  • An underage charge of $27-30/day should be paid by 21-24 years-old renters.
  • Hertz car rental in USA under 21 is available exceptionally in New York and the Michigan States. Underage fees of $73/$48 per day respectively will be applied.
  • Hertz doesn’t provide the oldest age limit.
  • Government members can rent a car starting from 18-years-old age and avoid an underage fee at the same time.
  • Students can’t be offered special discounts.

FAQ - Hertz car rental in USA

What is Hertz car rental cancellation policy USA?

In case cancelation was made 24 or more hours prior to the pick-up time, $50 will be charged, but if canceling the reservation in the last 24-hour period, then it will cost $100. The whole prepaid amount won’t be returned if cancellation and pick up periods have expired.

What is Hertz car rental USA toll-free number?

Hertz USA phone number is 877-826-8782.

How to pay online for the USA Hertz car rental?

You can prepay car rental at the stage of reservation, in Review & Book Section. Credit/debit card type, card number, as well as its expiry date are required.

Does Hertz car rental accept a debit card in the USA?

Hertz allows using debit cards as a way of payment, but additional identification documents need to be presented at the counter.

Is it possible to drive the Hertz rental car from the USA to Canada?

Hertz customers can drive their vehicles to Canada. However, it’s necessary to approve in advance a border-crossing possibility at the counter.

How much are Hertz one-way car rental charges in the USA?

If using one-way car rental from Hertz, you’ll be charged a drop fee of $10-15.

What is Hertz cross border fee?

Hertz doesn’t apply cross-border fees for its rentals.

What’s the cost of additional options from Hertz car rental in the USA?

For the convenience of the driver and passengers, the supplier offers a selection of extra options. For example, Hertz USA car rental GPS can greatly simplify the search for the desired destination, while child seat is an obligatory equipment item if you travel with your little kid. The list of additional options includes:

  • Additional Driver - $13.50/day
  • GPS Satellite System - $16.99/day
  • Sirius XM Radio - $7.99/day
  • Child Seat - $13.99/day

What is the deposit for a Hertz rental car?

Hertz requires a deposit of a minimum $200 to be frozen on your credit/debit card. The exact deposit amount depends on the car rental class of the vehicle you rent.

What is the Hertz policy concerning pets in the USA?

Pets are allowed in Hertz rental cars if a special animal carrier is used only. As an exception, service animals, accompanying a passenger or driver with disabilities are allowed without an animal carrier.