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Green Motion USA car rental

The problem of environmental degradation is becoming increasingly important. Consequently, if you are a traveler who cares about global ecology, Green Motion car rental will be a perfect way of moving around the USA.

The company’s iconic target is to reduce the amount of harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through the providing of well-maintained cars and the active use of green technologies.

As a result, each reservation with Green Motion car and van rental helps to make our world cleaner and better.

In addition to eco-friendly social position, the supplier does everything to satisfy the renter. Thousands of Green Motion car rental reviews suggest the trust of customers and an outstanding level of service.

In order to meet the highest drivers’ expectations, Green Motion USA provides such benefits as:

  • reliable and fuel-saving cars;
  • affordable rates;
  • excellent service;
  • smooth pick up and return procedure;
  • no extra charges;
  • easy amendment and cancellation;
  • acceptable rental conditions;
  • 24/7 support.

Green Motion car rental locations in USA

Being a global company, Green Motion car rental is trying to be closer to its users in the USA. Pickup points can be found both at airports and in urban spots near significant tourist sights of California, Louisiana, and Florida.

When traveling to America, the desired Green Motion rental car is at your disposal at the following destinations:

  • Miami International Airport
    • Address: 4111 NW 27th Street, Miami
    • Working Hours: Monday through Sunday 7am-11pm
  • Miami Beach
    • Address: 1564 Washington Ave, Miami Beach
    • Working Hours: Monday through Sunday 8am-4pm
  • Fort Lauderdale International Airport
    • Address: 2600 SW 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale
    • Working Hours: Monday through Sunday 5am-11pm
  • Orlando Airport
    • Address: 7640 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando
    • Working Hours: Monday through Sunday 12am-12am
  • New Orleans Airport
    • Address: 1701 Airline Dr, Kenner
    • Working Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-1pm
  • San Diego Airport
    • Address: 3355 Admiral Boland Way, San Diego
    • Working Hours: Monday through Sunday 6am-12am
  • San Diego Downtown
    • Address: 1025 W Laurel St, San Diego
    • Working Hours: Monday through Sunday 8am-5pm
  • San Francisco Downtown
    • Address: 450 Sutter Street, San Francisco
    • Working Hours: Monday through Sunday 7am-6pm

Green Motion car rental brands in USA

Since the company is a supporter of environmental protection, its vehicles feature lowered CO2 emissions. Having picked up the Green Motion rental car, you can be sure of its reliability and fuel efficiency.

An extensive range of vehicles makes your choice easier and faster. Among the available car size groups offered by Green Motion USA are:

  • Compact
  • Economy
  • Standard
  • Full-size
  • Intermediate
  • Minivan
  • Sport Utility Vehicle
  • 4x4
  • Van
  • Cargo Van

If you are accustomed to certain car rental brands, then Green Motion has deals offering models of such automakers as:

  • Nissan
  • Hyundai
  • Volkswagen
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Chevrolet
  • Mercedes
  • Jeep

Nissan, Volkswagen, and Hyundai are chosen most often, especially by budget travelers. These brands are mainly presented in compact, economy, intermediate, and standard segment, which means their cars are fuel-effective and cheap.

Any money-saving trip won’t be complete without the cheapest Green Motion car rental offers:

  • Compact Nissan Versa ($26.42/day)
  • Economy Hyundai Accent ($27.04/day)
  • Standard Volkswagen Jetta ($29.16/day)
  • Intermediate Nissan Sentra ($29.68/day)
  • Full-size Nissan Altima ($29.68/day)

Green Motion car rental fuel policy in USA

Fuel policy reflects the way gas is purchased and used. As for Green Motion car rental, it‘s ready to offer 2 options for drivers:

Prepaid Fuel

This means that you buy a full tank of fuel when picking up a car, and can consume it on your own. The presence of residual gas in the tank is not a reason for a charge, so you can return the car with any amount of fuel.


With Full-to-Full rule, your Green Motion rental car will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. Your task is to fill the missing amount of fuel before returning your car, otherwise, you’ll be charged if the fuel tank won’t be full. In fact, you only have to pay for the amount of fuel you used. That’s why this fuel option is the most convenient and cheap.

All about car rental insurance with Green Motion in USA

The insurance policy is a very important point, as it regulates the degree of driver responsibility in the event of various traffic accidents, and also provides material protection for passengers.

Each Green Motion car rental deal may be accompanied by the following insurance options:

CDW – Collision Damage Waiver from Green Motion USA

In the case of using CDW insurance, the supplier is obliged to cover material losses caused to the vehicle. CDW protects damages, but not car theft.

International renters have this option included in the booking, while US residents must purchase it additionally. The price varies between $29 and $59 depending on the vehicle class.

SLI – Supplemental Liability Insurance from Green Motion USA

The SLI protects renter from third-party damages. This protection package helps to avoid responsibility by covering material losses up to $1,000,000. Similarly to CDW, SLI comes with each reservation for free if the renter is not the US resident. Otherwise, Americans can be provided with this option for $15.99/day.

RLP – Renters Liability Protection from Green Motion USA

The RLP covers the cases of accidental damage to third-party property or injuries to another person. It removes the renter’s liability up to $2,500 and is available at additional $19.99/day for everyone, regardless of nationality.

PAI/PEC - Personal Accident/Personal Effects Coverage from Green Motion USA

The PAI will compensate medical/ambulance expenses related to the driver or any passenger up to $2,500/$500 respectively.

PEC can be bought in combination with PAI. It covers the driver’s and the passengers’ material losses, including damage and theft of personal belongings. The maximum coverage value is $750/person. PAI/PEC is available in combination only – the price for this optional package is $6.99/day.

The full coverage from Green Motion car rental will cost $72-102 for the US residents and $27 for international renters traveling in America. The supplier is authorized to withhold a deposit of $500 on your credit card for compensation of possible violations of the rental terms.

Green Motion car rental Age Restrictions in USA

In order to complete a reservation, the renter should meet Green Motion car rental age policy, which features certain restrictions:

  • the minimum driver’s age is 21 years old;
  • 15-seat van is NOT available for under 25 years old customers;
  • all 21-24 years old drivers need to pay an underage fee - $24.99/day;
  • the maximum renter’s age is 99 years old;
  • drivers over 70 years old are charged additionally - $10/day.

The supplier is not authorized to provide age concessions or any discount rates for students.

FAQ - Green Motion car rental in the USA

What is Green Motion car rental cancellation policy USA?

When making cancelation, you need to take into consideration the period left to the actual pick up date:

  • 7 or more days - $15 administration fee will be charged, the remaining amount will be refunded;
  • 3-6 days – 50% of the prepaid reservation will be charged;
  • 2 days – 75% will be charged;
  • 0-1 day – 100% will be charged.

Is it possible to get one-way option from Green Motion in the USA?

One-way rentals between Orlando and Miami, as well as San Diego and San Francisco, are allowed.

Does Green Motion car rental accept the debit card in the USA

Unfortunately, Green Motion car and van rental accept credit cards only.

How much are Green Motion one way car rental fees in the USA?

One-way rental drop off fee is about $149.

What’s the cost of additional options Green Motion car rental in the USA?

You can be supplied with such optional extras as:

  • Child seat $12.99/day;
  • Additional driver $15.99/day;
  • Wi-Fi $9.99/day;
  • GPS $12.99/day;
  • Road Assistance $6.99/day.

What is Green Motion cross border fee?

Any Green Motion rental car can’t be driven abroad.

What is the deposit for a Green Motion rental car?

A deposit of $500 will be withheld on your credit card for reimbursement of possible violations of the rental Terms & Conditions.