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Fox car rental USA information

The modern tourist requires that the travel industry becomes more technological, environmentally friendly and cheaper. Fox rent a car actively develops this idea by providing well-maintained vehicles along with first-class service and discount prices.

One of the original goals of Fox rent a car in USA is to meet the needs of travelers, and even exceed them, because this is exactly what everyone expects from a progressing car hire company. Judging by thousands of Fox rent a car reviews, the supplier succeeded to gain the trust of customers, which means it’s on the right way.

Each Fox rental car in USA is a combination of reliability, innovation, comfort and affordable price, which is the result of well-coordinated work of all employees.

Why USA Fox rental will be a perfect solution for your trip?

  • Impressive selection of vehicles
  • Impeccable Fox rent a car customer service
  • Budget-friendly rates and additional discounts;
  • The absence if extra fees;
  • Maximally smooth pick up/drop off process;
  • Easy and fast cancellation or amendment;
  • Convenient rental conditions
  • Excellent 24/7 support.

Fox rent a car corporate office is situated in Los Angeles, California. If you need to contact it via phone, call 310-342-5155.

In order to deal with Fox rent a car in USA, the renter need to have a non-expired driver’s license. Foreign drivers are obliged to present a domestic license along with an international one.

Fox car rental locations in USA

The high density of Fox rent a car locations means that it will be quite easy for you to find the right one without any U.S. geographical limits. The company has corporate offices in 27 cities throughout the country so that all major US destinations are always at hand.

Fox rent a car specializes in airport locations only, occupying the most-traveled American getaways. Do you need a reliable Fox rent a car at LAX Airport, or somewhere else? The service quality is always at the highest level and doesn’t depend on where you go.

A vehicle range in each USA Fox rental pick up spot is different and based on availability. The top-chosen locations among the company’s users are:

Car rental brands available from Fox car rental company in USA

The vehicle range of Fox rent a car in USA is so extensive that the difficult process of choosing the desired car turns into an easy task. The company works only with leading brands that have established themselves in the car rental market. This means that your Fox rental car in USA will be nice-looking, comfortable, reliable, and easy to manage.

The vehicles of the following automakers are available through Fox rent a car:

  • Nissan
  • Jeep
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Kia
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Volkswagen
  • Chevy
  • Cadillac

Each car rental brand can be presented in a single or several car size groups. If you search for a perfect Fox rental car in USA according to the certain purposes, you’ll be able to select such car types as:

  • Mini
  • Compact
  • Economy
  • Full-Size
  • Intermediate
  • Compact/Standard SUV
  • Premium
  • Minivan
  • Standard/Premium Convertible
  • Special

Thus, minivan or full-size car is the obvious choice for big families with lots of luggage, while compact/Standard SUV is excellent for the country or mountainous roads.

Budget renters will be happy to get the cheapest mini, economy, intermediate and compact cars introduced by Nissan, Toyota, Kia and Volkswagen. Their most affordable Fox rental car USA models are:

  • Intermediate Toyota Corolla - $16.17/day;
  • Compact Nissan Versa - $16.30/day;
  • Economy Toyota Yaris - $16.30/day;
  • Standard Volkswagen Jetta - $19.37/day.

What is the Fox car rental fuel policy in USA?

With each car provided by Fox rent a car in USA, the only one refueling option can be used – Full-to-Full, or Pick up Full-return Full.

The meaning of this option is quite simple: your car comes fully refilled, and you must also return it with a full tank of fuel. If you return a car with an insufficient amount of gas, then Fox rent a car will additionally charge you for the missing amount of gasoline in the tank.

This option is quite money-saving since you refuel a vehicle by yourself and therefore, you can choose the gas station with the lowest prices.

All about car rental insurance with Fox in USA

During your trip to the USA, sometimes on the road, there may be a dangerous situation leading to an accident, or your car just may break down. Expenses associated with such incidents can significantly disrupt your plans, which is bad news for your vacation.

In order to protect yourself from any incidents not only on the road but throughout your entire trip, you can add the following Fox rent a car insurance options to your reservation:

LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)

This insurance type will help the renter to avoid financial responsibility in the case of a vehicle’s damage or loss. It works during the entire rental period and is available at a daily cost of $11-$33.

PAC/PEC (Personal Accident/Effects Coverage)

The PAC covers medical spending of the driver/passengers, while PEC compensates the cost of the renter’s personal effects in case they were damaged. Also, PEC spreads on the driver’s family members traveling with him. The price for PAC/PEC is $3.34-$4.99 per day.

RLI (Rental Liability Insurance)

This is the major insurance which covers losses caused by third-parties. Its coverage amount and cost depends on the state where the car is rented.

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)

The SLI starts providing protection for third-party claims, if the amount of material losses exceeds the protection ability of RLI, up to a maximum of $1,000,000. The price of this package varies by the state.

RSA (Roadside Service Assistance)

After purchasing RSA, the company will cover up to $400 for towing, tire change, gas delivery and car lockout. RSA is available at $6.49 per day.

Mexico Insurance

It’s required in case rental car will be driven to Mexico. Renters can purchase this insurance at $31 per day in such locations as San Diego, Los Angeles, Ontario, Phoenix and Orange County only.

If you want to use full protection package with Fox rent a car, it will cost about $60-80 depending on the location. The company requires the minimum deposit amount of $150, while for some special/premium cars it can reach $500-$1,000.

Fox car rental Age Restrictions in USA

According to the supplier’s policy, its age restrictions depend on the type of the location, since Fox rent a car feature corporate and non-corporate pickup spots.

What’s the age policy for Fox corporate locations?

  • The minimum age for car rental is 19, while the maximum age is not provided;
  • 18-years-old official renters are allowed, the underage fee is not applied;
  • Fox rent a car under 25 requires additional young driver charge - $20-$26/day;
  • Under 21 renters should also pay an underage fee - $25-$35/day;
  • No extra age concessions or discounts are available for students.

What’s the age policy for Fox non-corporate locations?

Location Min/Max Age Surcharges
San Diego Cross Border Express (SANC01) 21/- $10/day for 21-24 renters
Maui Kahului Airport (OGG) 21/85 $14.95 for 21-24/70-85 renters
Billings Airport (BIL) 25/- -
Newark Liberty Intl Airport (EWR) 21/80 $20/day for 21-24 renters
John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) 21/80 $20/day for 21-24 renters
Vernal Regional Airport (VEL) 21/- $14.95 for 21-24 renters

FAQ - Fox car rental in USA

Does Fox car rental accept debit cards in USA?

Fox rent a car with debit card is available, but the following restrictions will apply:

  • Local renters are allowed if residing more than 150 miles away from a rental location.
  • Debit electronic cards with MasterCard/Visa emblem are permitted only.
  • The driver’s license and a card should be in the same name.
  • Under 21 rentals are not provided.
  • Extra forms of ID, as well as airline round-trip ticket are required.

What’s the cost of additional options from Fox car rental in the USA?

The company offers the selection of additional options, among which are:

  • Additional driver $10-$13/day.
  • Child safety seat $10-12/day.
  • GPS Device $10-12/day.

What is Fox additional driver fee in the USA?

With Fox rent a car additional driver fee is $10-$13. In California – free of charge.

How much are Fox one way car rental fees in the USA?

One-way fee varies by a specific drop off location - about $100-$150.

What is Fox car rental cancellation policy USA?

If you make and cancel your reservation via official Fox website, then cancellation fee is not charged, regardless of the time left to the actual pick up date.

By using any other provider for Fox rent a car, you will be responsible for cancellation before that provider.

What is Fox cross border fee?

No cross border fee is established. Special insurance is the only document you need for traveling to Mexico.

Is it possible to get one-way option from Fox in the USA?

One-way rentals are supported by FOX corporate locations of Colorado, California, Arizona, Washington, Utah, and Nevada only.

What is Fox policy for driving a rental car from USA to Canada?

According to Fox border-crossing policy, vehicles rented in Washington State are only allowed to drive to Canada, British Columbia. No fee is provided.

What is the deposit for a Fox rental car?

The company requires the minimum deposit amount of $150, while for some special/premium cars it can reach $500-$1,000.