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E-Z car rental USA information

It’s incredibly important to have a reliable and strong assistant for your trip to America. Thus, the needs of those who are searching for a perfect vehicle have become a top priority of EZ car rental in USA.

The company is managed by Advantage Rent a Car, and there’s no doubt in its competence and high quality of service. The work of EZ car rental USA is based on providing a positive experience to the customer, making the whole hire process easier, quicker and better.

In order to fully understand what is EZ car rental in USA, you should appreciate the full scale of the benefits open to travelers:

  • Fast booking;
  • Excellent value and attractive discount prices;
  • Rich selection of vehicles;
  • Clear rental conditions with no surprises;
  • No hidden services or extra charges;
  • Dedicated customers’ support;
  • Simple amendment and cancellation.

Top E-Z car rental locations in the USA

Operating in 30 locations, EZ car rental USA is represented in the major tourists’ transportation hubs of the country. Whether it’s Alaska, Florida, Washington, or California, travelers are always able to discover a suitable pickup spot.

The company's counters work mainly within airports, providing shuttle bus access, but also EZ is ready to welcome guests in several city points.

The convenience of locations, as well as a large selection of cars in them, is the indisputable advantage of EZ car rental USA. As a result, you will receive a pleasant car hire experience wherever you go.

The following pickup destinations are the most highly-traveled among the customers of EZ car rental USA, which is an excellent indicator of the company's productive work:

EZ car rental brands in USA

The primary goal of the company is to provide the renter with a reliable car at an affordable discount price at the same time. That’s why EZ car rental USA vehicle fleet includes such car size groups as economy, compact, intermediate, standard, SUV, 7-seat minivan, premium, luxury, and fullsize only.

The list of the supplier’s car rental brands features the world’s most recognized automakers, among which are:

  • Kia Sedona
  • Nissan Versa
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Kia Forte
  • Toyota Camry
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Hyundai Santa Fe, etc.

Tourists often choose cars that suit their requirements. For example, economy Toyota Yaris ($26.87/day), compact Nissan Versa ($24.15/day) or intermediate Kia Forte ($26.06/day) is a perfect solution for 2-3 passengers traveling on a budget, while full-size Toyota Camry ($28.27/day), standard Hyundai Sonata ($28.27/day) will fully fit 3-4 car travelers.

Big families will be happy to choose 7-seater Kia Sedona ($30.53/day) and adventure seekers who are going to travel off-road need to pick up SUVs – Toyota RAV4 ($30.85/day) or Hyundai Santa Fe ($43.83/day).

Extensive vehicles selection along with discount rates will absolutely satisfy each EZ car rental USA customer.

All about Car Rental Insurance with EZ in USA

Safety and confidence are exactly what USA car travelers need. This means that the driver must first take care of the insurance. EZ car rental USA is ready to provide the following protection options:

CDW - Collision Damage Waiver

EZ insurance policy says that CDW helps to avoid a material responsibility if your car was hit in the incident or stolen. CDW is optional and can be purchased right at the counter.

SLI - Supplemental Liability Insurance

SLI protects you from liability with respect to third parties, by covering damages and injuries up to $1,000,000. This insurance type is available as an additional protection tool and requires a daily charge. SLI can be ordered at the EZ office.

PAI/PEC – Personal Accident/Personal Effects Coverage

PAI incurs unforeseen medical expenses, as well as ambulance expenses in the event of injury to one of the passengers or the driver. The coverage amount is up to $2,500/$500 for medical/ambulance expenses respectively.

PEC applies to the driver and passengers, and available in combination with PAI only. This protection package compensates material losses caused by theft or damage of personal belongings, and its maximum amount of coverage is $750/person.

The cost of full insurance from EZ depends on the type of car and location – the overall cost should be specified in the office. If you purchase one of the insurance types (CDW, SLI, or PAI/PEC) from a third-party supplier, then you must provide relevant evidence.

Remember that EZ car rental USA freezes a deposit of $200 plus full car rental deal price on your credit/debit card. It can be used again within 3-5 business days after drop off.

EZ rent a car fuel policy in USA

Fuel policy regulates the methods and procedure for refueling a rental car. EZ car rental USA offers three options to select from:

Fuel Now

Your car will already be supplied with a full tank of pre-paid gas, and you can use as much as you need. The residual amount of fuel is not refundable.

Fuel Later

You pick up a vehicle with a full tank of gas and pay for the amount of used fuel plus service charges on the return of the car.


This fuel option is also called ‘full-to-full’, or ‘pick up and return full’. In this case, you start driving a rental car with a full tank of fuel and then refuel your car at any gas station right before drop off. If the tank is not full enough when you return the car, extra charges will apply.

EZ car rental in USA - Age Restrictions

The age policy of the company claims the minimum driver age of 21 years old, while the maximum renter’s age is not limited at all. As stated by EZ car rental USA age restrictions, an underage surcharge of $20/day and a ban on the rental of certain car classes may apply - this is because young drivers are much more often inclined to get into accidents, which is a proven fact.

In order to have the ability to pick up EZ car rental in USA, avoiding any additional fees and limitations, the renter should be at least 25 years old.

The supplier doesn’t offer any special age conditions or discount rates for students.

FAQ - EZ car rental in the USA

Is it possible to get the one-way car rental deal from EZ in the USA?

One-way opportunity is supported by all the company's USA pick up sites.

How much are EZ one way car rental fees in the USA?

The price depends on the specific locations. In particular, pick up in Las Vegas and drop off in San Francisco will cost $750.

What is EZ cross border fee in the USA?

EZ customers can use border crossing with Canada. No fees and no extra charges apply.

What’s the cost of additional options from EZ car Rental Company in the USA?

  • GPS $16.99/day
  • Child Seat $12.49/day
  • Mobile Technology $21.99/day

How to get EZ tag for a rental car?

First of all, a the driver should sign up via phone or EZ Tag website. After that, it’s possible to receive car rental tag at the counter.

How to cancel a prepaid car at EZ car rental?

You should follow Car Rental Reservations section of the official EZ website. Then search for your booking and use the Cancel option.

EZ car rental how long to get a deposit back?

Deposit will be available within 3-5 business days after drop off.

How long will EZ car rental hold my reservation?

The reservation is active until the close of the business on the day of arrival, specified in the confirmation email.