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One of the main desires of each traveler is to get a more enjoyable experience and spend less money. This is especially true when you need to rent a car. Budget car rental USA reads your mind, providing high-quality service along with friendly-priced vehicles. Millions of customers from all over the world have already appreciated the advantages of this supplier, and this is not without reason, because it’s really worth it to deal with.

What to know about Budget car rental company in the USA?

When booking a car for a road trip, each traveler tries to find a compromise between price and quality. By providing money-saving deals along with outstanding service, Budget car rental USA eliminates the need to spend extra time searching for a suitable vehicle.

Budget USA car rental is a fast-growing industry leader, and the secret of its success is that its main goals coincide with the wishes of travelers.

The company’s commitment is to satisfy all who pick up Budget rental cars in the USA, thus many customers note their positive experience and are ready to cooperate with the supplier again.

Such high trust of the renters was made possible thanks to the efforts and proper interaction of the staff, which is one of the features of Budget rent a car in the USA.

Why should you deal with Budget car rental in USA?

  • Perfect selection of cars in each location;
  • Customer-friendly service;
  • Attractive all-inclusive rates, promotions and additional discounts
  • NO extra charges;
  • Hassle-free pick up/drop off procedure;
  • Quick amendment/cancellation;
  • Reasonable rental conditions;
  • Instant 24/7 support.

The Budget’s corporate headquarters is situated in Parsippany, New Jersey – you can contact it via phone by calling 1-800-214-6094. Each driver who wants to pick up Budget rent a car in the USA must have a non-expired driving license in his name. Foreign renters should complement their driver’s license with a passport and return flight ticket.

What do you get booking Budget car rental through Rental24H.com?

  • Powerful comparison tool;
  • A broad range of cars to suit any taste;
  • Friendly attitude regardless of the situation;
  • Sufficient and up-to-date information about offers in the USA.

While enjoying these benefits, you can also rest assured how good is Budget car rental, as we have received hundreds of reviews from our real customers across the USA to confirm the positive rental experience with this supplier.

If you want to rent a car Budget USA but still confused by some questions, below we‘ve revealed the most common topics that will help you get ready for your next trip.

Wondering who owns Budget rent a car? The company is part of a large family, initially managed by the Avis Budget Group. The corporation is based in Parsippany, New Jersey, and has similar rental car providers such as Payless and Avis under its authority. Car rental Budget USA works for money-saving travelers.

Budget car rental locations in USA

All road travelers who are going to visit America won’t have any limits when choosing convenient Budget car rental USA locations. The agency operates in almost 1,370 pick-up sites, which means you’ll have a perfect opportunity to find the desired car in any required place.

The map of Budget rent a car locations in the USA includes airport offices, city neighborhood points and covers almost all geographic areas of the country. Consequently, you will also be able to select the most suitable spot to start your trip even within a specific destination.

Such a great density of the company’s counters confirms that Budget USA car rental is in a high demand among travelers. As a result, this allows the supplier to expand the boundaries even more so that everyone has access to the best vehicle wherever it’s needed.

Budget car rental brands available in USA

A large selection of car rental brands is one of the characteristics of a successful company, and Budget is among them. Every driver will be fully satisfied with the Budget car rental fleet in the USA, since the vehicle choice will impress even the most demanding customer.

With Budget USA car rental you have access to the vehicles of the following automakers:

  • GMC
  • Volvo
  • Buick
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford
  • Cadillac
  • Hyundai
  • Mercedes
  • Smart
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • Lincoln
  • Honda
  • Infiniti
  • Kia
  • Toyota
  • Chrysler
  • Jaguar

In case you search for the desired Budget rental car in USA not by the specific brand but by the car size group, then check out the list of all available types of vehicles:

  • Mini
  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Standard
  • 7-seat minivan
  • 12-seater
  • 15-passenger van
  • Intermediate
  • Exotic
  • Convertible
  • Premium
  • Fullsize
  • Pickup truck
  • SUV
  • Luxury

Among them, a 7-seater, fullsize, or 12-15 passenger van will suit the needs of big families. On the other hand, business travelers can choose luxury, sport, convertible, or premium cars.

People looking for wallet-friendly rental deals should consider the smaller car size groups – Compact, Economy, Intermediate, or Standard. Check out the latest prices for such car classes from Budget car rental in the USA:

  • Economy Ford Fiesta - $19.92/day;
  • Compact Ford Focus - $19.98/day;
  • Intermediate Hyundai Elantra - $20.57/day;
  • Standard Volkswagen Jetta - $21.21/day.

Budget car rental fuel policy in USA

The general rule concerning the fuel usage says that Budget car rental in the USA needs to be returned with a full tank of fuel, since it will be completely refueled at the time of pick up. This fuel option is usually called pick up full return full, or full-to-full.

This means you must purchase the missing amount of gas at the gas station, and provide a receipt at the counter. Otherwise, Budget USA car rental is authorized to apply fuel charges.

Full-to-full fuel rule is the cheapest way of refueling, because you pay only for the gasoline you use.

Also, your Budget rental car in the USA may use a prepaid fuel, which should be bought at the stage of making the reservation. According to this policy, you’ll rent a car with a full tank of fuel, and can drop it off with any gas level without any extra fees.

Budget one way rental in USA

If you don’t want to pick up and drop off your rental car at the same location, take advantage of Budget one way car rentals. With Rental24H.com, you can collect your Budget rental vehicle in one city and return it at another Budget location in a different city or even state.

If you are looking for one way car rental no drop fee, you are exactly where you have to be. You won’t have to pay an additional Budget one way fee during pick-up. All our one-way car rental prices in the USA already include one way rental fee. Check out the most popular Budget one way car rentals in the USA:

The most-traveled locations to pick up Budget rental car in USA are:

Car rental insurance with Budget USA

Financial responsibility is something that every auto-traveler is trying to avoid, because sometimes there can be unpleasant situations on the roads leading to material losses.

Therefore, the company's aim is to provide protection for such cases by using the following Budget car rental USA insurance options:

LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)

If the renter accepts LDW, Budget car rental USA agrees to take responsibility for the vehicle’s loss or damage. This coverage is purchased in the office at request, and implies daily charge, that depends on the pick-up location

PAE (Personal Accident and Effects)

This protection package provides medical benefits in the case of an accident, and covers bodily injury. Also, it insures damage or loss of personal property of the renter or its family traveling with him. PAE is available at a daily fee.

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)

SLI will compensate material losses caused to third parties as a result of an accident. The maximum coverage ability of the plan is $1,000,000. It can be purchased optionally.

ESP (Emergency Sickness Plan)

ESP starts operating in the case of sickness, and can be provided for foreign renters only. The minimum price is $5/day.

ERA (Extended Roadside Assistance)

After purchasing ERA, Budget USA car rental will provide you 24/7 support by covering such incidents as low battery, lost keys and flat tires.

Also, a Budget rental car in the USA can be supplied with full insurance coverage – its final price is available when booking a vehicle. The minimum deposit of $200 is required for each reservation – this amount will be blocked on your credit card.

Budget car rental age restrictions in USA

The age policy of Budget rent a car in USA is based on the certain restrictions:

  • The minimum age to pick up a car is 21 years old, while the oldest age limit is not applied. This rule works in almost each Budget car rental USA location.
  • Under 25 renters need to pay a daily young driver’s surcharge. Its price is $27/day.
  • In New York and Michigan States a car can be rented out for under 21 drivers – the minimum age is 18 years old.
  • In New York State, an underage fee for 18-20 years old renters is $52/day, for 21-24 years old - $35/day.
  • In Michigan State, 18-20 years old renters should pay additionally $41/day, while 21-24 years old drivers - $28/day.
  • Official government members are able to get Budget USA car rental starting from 18-years-old age. No extra fees are provided.

FAQ about Budget car rental in the USA

How to rent a car from Budget, USA?

Vehicle reservation on our website is effortless - you only need an active Internet connection and the presence of a debit or credit bank card (it’s required to confirm your booking). Also, when picking up a Budget rental car USA, you will need to carry some additional documents with you. Which ones? Keep reading below!

What do you need to rent a car from the Budget in the USA?

Budget USA has its requirements regarding documents that you need to submit as a renter. In general, a list of things that are necessary to make Budget car rental in USA possible includes a driver's license, any form of identification, as well as a bank debit or credit card. Let's take a closer look at what you should have on hand to pick up a vehicle successfully

Valid driver's license

This is an essential document that allows you to drive a vehicle. If you want to collect USA Budget car rent, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Those who live in the United States should have a driver's license in their name.
  • Canadian citizens intending to rent a vehiclein the United States must provide a passport as an additional document, or an extended driver's license issued in their name.
  • Other international travelers who need Budget rent a car in USA should be ready to show on the counter their passport in addition to the domestic license. However, if it's not in the Latin alphabet, the renter is required to have an international driving permit (IDP) with a home license, as well as a passport.
  • Please note that non-US residents will be asked to show a return ticket. Otherwise, higher prices for Budget rent car USA may apply.

Debit or Credit Bank Card

An electronic bank card has a must-have status for every traveler. Budget car rental USA deposit is necessary to compensate for possible damage to its property. This deposit covers non-insured events, thereby protecting a rental supplier from material risk. The amount to be frozen on the card with all Budget car rental USA deals is 25% of the total price or $ 200 - more is preferred.

Remember that unlike a credit card, on a debit card, a portion of your funds will be blocked so that they will be temporarily unavailable for the entire trip.

Additional Forms of ID

In some cases, the third form of personal identification may be required. For example, this happens when you want to reserve a Budget car rental debit card USA. What documents are suitable for this purpose? You will find them in the following list:

  • Return flight ticket, including electronic ticket, as well as the travel itinerary, indicating the name of the renter and the date of the start/end of the trip.
  • Valid Insurance Card;
  • Passport or military ID card;
  • Copy of telephone bill, utility bills, or personal bank statement for the last 60 days.

Can I rent a car with a temporary license from Budget, USA?

USA Budget car rental with a probationary licence is entirely possible. But be careful to meet other requirements, and upon request, provide additional forms of photo identification if necessary.

Can you rent a car with a suspended license in USA?

A suspended license is considered to be invalid. This means you won’t have the legal right to enjoy Budget USA rent a car. Before you collect a vehicle, make sure that your license is not expired, not suspended, active and valid on the U.S. territory. Otherwise, you will be refused.

How long will Budget car rental hold my car?

At Rental24H.com, you don’t need to adjust to the schedule of the Budget’s counter because you can reserve a car for the desired time. If your flight is delayed or any other reasons for being late occurred, Budget rental car USA will be held for 24 hours from the scheduled pick-up time for you. Until this moment, you won’t be charged.

Also, don’t worry in case arriving at the counter during off-business hours due to a delay, because you can collect your Budget rent car USA within 2 hours after the official closing time.

What is the whole process of booking a Budget rental car USA through Rental24H?

Your enjoyable car rental experience is our primary goal. So, we’ve made a booking with Rental24H pretty straightforward:

1. Find the best deal 2. Confirm reservation 3. Pick up your car
Search for a car by specifying the desired pick-up point and the estimated period of your road trip. Then check prices in the neighboring Budget car rental USA locations and select a vehicle from the favorite category. Use our in-built filters. Once you have made the right choice, enter details and payment information. Confirm your reservation, and immediately print a voucher that you will need to take with you. Here, your task is also easy. Reach the Budget’s counter and show the necessary documents, including a driver’s license, a bank card, and a voucher. If everything is OK, get the keys to your Budget rent car USA and go!

How do I track my Budget car rental reservation?

Services available on our website allow you to track your reservation. You can check the following information:

  • car which was reserved;
  • pick up location, date, and time.

Also, you will see whether the Budget USA car rental has been confirmed, and if so, you will find a voucher to print.

What credit cards does Budget car rental take for USA?

When booking through Rental24H.com, you will need an active credit or debit card on your name. But also you need to take it on a trip to show later on the counter. We have put together some of the basic requirements for bank cards you can use to rent from Budget USA.

Before you rent a car Budget USA, first of all, we recommend checking the conditions for a bank card in a specific location and making sure that the one you use is suitable. Acceptable cards include:

  • Discover, Optima, Mastercard, JBC/Japan Card, American Express, PHH, Visa, Budget Charge Card, and Budget International credit cards.
  • Debit cards, but it depends on the particular location. The company may additionally check creditworthiness, and require a third form of identification.

Remember that prepaid credit and debit cards are not allowed to reserve and collect car rental Budget USA, but can be used to pay a final bill at the end of the trip.

What do I need to rent a car at Budget with a debit card in USA?

For this, your electronic card must have a Visa or MasterCard logo, and your minimum age for car rental Budget USA should be at least 25.

However, there are some additions to the basic rules:

  • The name on the debit electronic card and on the driver's license must be identical;
  • The company may provide a credit check to confirm your solvency.
  • You must remove the credit file restriction if it was applied by Equifax.
  • Budget car rental debit card USA may not be possible in relation to such car categories as Luxury, Convertible, Exotic, or other special vehicle classes.

How to get a receipt from Budget car rental, USA?

After booking confirmation on our website was successfully completed, you will immediately receive a voucher on your e-mail indicated at the reservation stage. If this didn’t happen, then perhaps you didn’t pay the full amount, but only secured your Budget car rental in the USA by making an initial payment. By default, the full balance will be written off your credit account 5-7 days before the pickup, and you can also pay the full cost in advance.

In case the voucher hasn’t yet been found on your e-mail, or you accidentally deleted it, then don’t worry. Contact us via live chat or through support@rental24h.com, and we will gladly send you Budget car rent USA voucher again.

Is it possible to get a Budget car rental USA without insurance?

Renting without insurance from Budget USA is not recommended. Moreover, some basic coverage is already included in our prices and may be available under your credit card insurance policy (this you’ll need to check with your card issuer).

Budget USA provides a full range of insurance products to ensure you with financial safety in case of emergencies during the trip. In the next paragraph, we’ve included some examples of protection options and their approximate prices.

How much is Budget USA car rental insurance per day?

Loss Damage Waiver Personal Accident and Effects Supplemental Liability Insurance Emergency Sickness Plan
$9* per day $7* per day $15* per day $5* per day

The final rate of Budget car rental USA insurance may vary slightly, and depends on the pick-up location.

Budget USA car rental classes

When you reserve a car, Budget USA will not provide you with a vehicle of the exact model, as you see it on the booking page. When you book it, you opt for an exact car class, but not model.

But don’t worry, because the Budget car rental fleet USA is so big that you will get an option that will be of the same class and size, with the same number of doors, and with the equivalent type of transmission and other specifications.

What is Budget rental car Standard Sport?

If you select Standard Sport from Budget, you get a standard size, while its engine will have improved dynamic characteristics.

Vehicle Features: 4 Seats and 3 Bags (2 small & 1 large).

Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang are cars that fall into this category when you are looking for the standard sport Budget rent a car USA. They are great for young travelers who have a romantic trip or want to feel the real power under the hood.

What are the full size cars at Budget car rental, USA?

This class includes all advantages that are not in a Compact or Economy options, namely:

  • an elongated body and a spacious lounge where even 5 people will feel comfortable;
  • plenty of legroom for rear seat passengers;
  • increased luggage space for up to 4 suitcases.

Along with this, full-size vehicles are characterized by reasonable fuel consumption and good dynamics. Budget car rental fleet USA has such popular full-size models as Kia Optima, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Toyota Camry, and Chevrolet Malibu.

USA Budget car rental: which ones are 4x4?

A 4x4 car is a way to feel confident on any road surface, and fortunately, most Budget car rental USA locations can offer such a vehicle. Whether it's the huge Hummer H3 SUV or the iconic off-road conqueror Jeep Grand Cherokee, you are guaranteed to receive an unforgettable experience from having four-wheel drive under the seat.

By using filters on our website, you can easily find the car you desire. Just indicate the place, date and your age, and an extensive list of Budget USA rent a car offers will appear before your eyes.

How much to rent a manual transmission car from Budget, USA?

The price for cars starts at $38-41 a day. The seasonal factor, additional options as well as current demand is what affects the cost, so it can vary slightly. On our website, you can filter deals by transmission type, which allows you to immediately see the best Budget car rental USA deals with a manual gearbox. But if you haven’t yet decided what exactly you need, then check the features of each type of transmission separately.

Budget USA Automatic transmission cars

Auto means that it will shift gears for you, while you can focus on the road and roadside signs. Such a gearbox is the first choice among travelers since this vehicle has only 2 pedals, which makes driving a lot easier. Budget rent car USA offers the following categories with automatic transmission:

  • Automatic Compact/Economy 2 Door
  • 4 Door Mid-Size Automatic
  • Full-Size Automatic 4 Door
  • Automatic AWD/4x4 SUV
  • Luxury/Premium 4 Door Automatic

Budget USA Manual Transmission vehicles

Stick shift gearbox allows you to get full control over the vehicle, and at the same time save on fuel, choosing the right gear when needed. However, it’s a little more difficult to drive Budget rental car USA with a manual transmission, as it has 3 pedals instead of two - clutch, brake and gas. Nevertheless, such cars are popular and you will find many options with manual transmission on our website:

  • 2 Door Economy/Compact
  • Mid-Size 4 Door
  • 4 Door Full-Size
  • Minivan
  • Station wagon
  • Passenger van
  • 4x4 SUV
  • Luxury/Premium
  • Sports/Exotic

How late can you return car rental Budget? And what is the grace period when dropping off a Budget rental car?

According to the rental policy, you pick up a rented vehicle on a 24-hour basis. This means that if you drop it off later than agreed upon in the contract, you risk paying additional costs. Usually, you have 29 minutes of a grace period when being late doesn’t lead to material expenses. But what if your lateness is longer? Then Budget rent a car in USA is authorized to charge you extra costs:

  • ❖ 30 to 90 minutes late - hourly costs plus taxes will be applied;
  • ❖ 90 minutes late and more - the price of a full rental day plus taxes will be charged.

How to extend Budget car rental in USA?

You have 2 options to extend your rental:

  1. through our website if you haven’t picked up a car yet;
  2. directly through the provider during your trip.

In the first case, you need to follow Rental24H.com and go to ‘My Booking’ section. Then, enter your Budget car rental USA voucher number, and log in the booking management page. The following actions will be available to you:

  • change vehicle and location;
  • edit pickup or return date/time;
  • change personal or payment data;
  • add optional extras;
  • check booking conditions;
  • cancel reservation.

But as soon as you collect a vehicle and want to extend the rental on the go, you need to take other actions. Contact Budget rent a car phone number USA 800-824-6287 and inform the representative about your intentions. The service costs $10, and in addition, the rate of each rental day may change.

How to extend car rental at the same price Budget?

The length of the travel period is exactly what greatly affects the price of each day a car is used. The longer it is, the better the rate for a single rental day you get. Thus, take advantage of the weekly and monthly Budget car rental in USA on our website.

What are late fees for late delivery of Budget rental car in USA?

The longer the delay, the more serious fines await you upon arrival at the counter. Here’re some main time periods indicated in the Budget policy:

  • after 30 minutes late you pay hourly expenses and related taxes;
  • after 90 minutes - you compensate for full-day expenses and taxes;
  • if you arrive later than 7 hours from the original time, without notifying that you will be late - get ready to pay $10 on top for each rental day, plus an extra day and taxes;

Such services as Budget USA car rental additional equipment and optional extras don’t have a grace period at all, so you will have to pay for one more day of using them.

What if I don't return a Budget rental car with gas?

When you collect a vehicle with a full tank of gas, and at the same time you don’t use the Prepaid Fuel option, you will incur expenses if, upon returning Budget rent a car in USA it turns out that the tank is not completely full. The amount depends on how much you traveled and what the alternative cost of gasoline from your supplier:

  • your trip lasted more than 75 miles. You will compensate for the gas on a per-mile or per-gallon basis.
  • you drove less than 75 miles. The mandatory EZFuel service fee of $15.99 will be charged. In California, you will pay as much as $17.99.

To avoid unforeseen expenses, refuel your Budget rental car USA to a full tank before returning and save the receipt.

Budget rent car: how to pay for the toll fee without a toll gate in the United States?

When traveling on American highways, it would be unforgivable to lose too much time paying toll roads. The lines at the cash-accepting lines are usually huge, so all this can ruin all the positive impressions of the trip.

Fortunately, Budget car rental USA tolls are the key to pay on the go. The E-Toll system consists of a transponder mounted on the car, and when you pass through the mark at the entrance to the toll road, the device itself calculates the cost of the toll. Further, through remote access, the system removes the necessary amount of money from your credit card used for rent.

It’s very fast and convenient, because you don’t even have to stop your Budget rental car USA at the toll gates. Budget E-Toll costs $3.95 per day, even if you don’t use it, while the maximum cost is $19.75 per month. You can benefit from electronic payment in many destinations in the United States, including California, Florida, Washington, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Chicago and its environs, as well as the north-eastern part of the country.

USA Budget car rental when are tolls charged? And how to check Budget rent a car tolls?

Your toll history will be available on e-tolls.com, where you can see the receipt according to your account. Also, this information is available from the provider. You need to wait a maximum of 30 days after the date you returned the Budget USA car rental so that your receipt appears on the website.

If this didn’t happen, despite the fact that the money was withdrawn from your credit card, then call 1-866-642-2000, and ask to see the data of your E-toll account for the period of your trip.

Budget car rental USA additional driver: Who can drive my rental car?

Any approved person who meets the requirements of the company policy has the right to drive your car, but some categories of people associated with the chief renter may benefit without mandatory authorization.

Among them are:

  1. renter’s spouse;
  2. employer or employee of the renter if the car is registered to a business account;
  3. person accompanying the main renter with disabilities.

The above-mentioned categories are not required to pay any additional fees, and are also exempt from any paperwork related to the rental. In case the person who will drive your car doesn’t fall under one of the points, you must use the Budget car rental USA additional driver option, thereby authorizing him.

How to add other authorized drivers to my Budget rental in USA?

You can add this option both at the booking stage and directly on the counter. The person who will be authorized must be 25 years old or older, and also have an active driver's license that meets all the stated requirements of the provider. Also, his driving history should be clean. In total, you may add a maximum of 2 extra drivers to Budget rent a car USA.

Is it possible to drive a Budget car from USA to Canada?

Budget car rental USA allows driving to Canada with advance arrangement. Special Canadian insurance is required.

Does Budget car rental accept debit cards in the USA?

Debit card in the major renter’s name may be used for Budget USA car rental. Return flight ticket should be presented additionally in the airport locations.

What’s the cost of additional options from Budget car rental in the USA?

One of the following optional extras can be added to your reservation:

  • Additional driver with Budget USA will cost you $13/day.
  • For Hands-Free GPS Navigation you will pay $11.99/day.
  • Satellite Radio costs $7.99/day.
  • The price for Child Safety Seat from Budget is $12-13/day.

How much to add a driver on car rental Budget?

The extra driver option doesn’t have a fixed price, but may vary depending on the location. Check the following table and rates in different destinations in the USA.

States Price
California Free of charge
New York $3 per day
Nevada $10 per day or $65 per rental
Other U.S. states $13 per day or $65 per rental

Persons mentioned above may benefit from free of charge in any location in the USA.

Can I pay for someone else to rent a car from Budget, USA?

Company policy requires the name of the main driver and the name on which the credit card is issued to be identical. This fact excludes the possibility of paying for someone else's rental.

So, when you rent a car Budget USA then make sure that the payment card has the correct name. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into an unpleasant situation on the counter. On our site you can pay with any credit card, but when collecting a vehicle you still need to meet the conditions specified above.

How to waive extra driver Budget car rental for USA?

As the main renter, you have several ways to waive the paid authorization of the additional driver. This works in such cases:

  • your travel companion is your spouse who can drive without prior authorization.
  • your rental is issued on a corporate account, and your employee or employer travels with you. He also has the right to drive your rental vehicle for free.

Another way to avoid additional costs is look for Budget car rental discount codes USA, or special offers that have a free extra driver included.

How much is Budget one way car rental fee in the USA?

According to Budget car rental terms and conditions USA, one way fee may be applied for – its amount varies by drop off locations.

What is the Budget cross border fee?

There are no cross border charges. Special insurance is required for traveling abroad.

What is Budget toll free number, USA?

Toll free number of Budget car rental USA is 800-404-8033.

What is the deposit for a Budget rental car?

The minimum deposit amount for credit card holders is $200. It may increase for certain car rental groups and in some locations in the United States.

What is the Budget car rental cancellation policy in the USA?

Budget car rental USA cancellation policy features the following requirements:

  • If canceling the reservation more than 48 hours prior to the original pick-up time, the prepaid amount will be refunded.
  • If you cancel Budget USA car rental within the last 48-hour period, the company will not return you the full rental amount.
  • In case the reservation hasn’t been canceled and the car hasn’t been picked up, the prepaid amount is not refunded.

How do I get my cell phone back I left in a Budget rent a car?

The sooner you notice the loss, the easier it will be for you to return your phone back. It will be good if your car doesn’t immediately go to another renter, but the reality is that in popular locations the flow of travelers is very large. Therefore, maybe an hour later, after dropping off your Budget car rental USA, it was prepared and rented out for the next driver.

Based on this, a short period of time when the car is on intermediate service is the best chance to get your phone back. But if more time has passed since you returned the vehicle, then the company doesn’t have the opportunity to immediately check if there is a phone there, especially if it fell under the seat. Alternatively, try contacting Budget rent a car USA customer service for ‘Lost and Found’.