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Alamo car rental USA

Reliable car hire at an affordable price is what every traveler desires. Having over 40 years of experience, Alamo car rental in USA is ready to meet the highest requirements, each time providing cheap offers along with user-friendly conditions.

Whether you are traveling for business needs or have a leisure trip, Alamo USA car hire is the embodiment of all the best you expect from the car rental.

The company’s painstaking work has helped win thousands of positive Alamo car rental USA reviews. And this is not without a reason, because the following benefits are available to each renter:

  • Huge selection of Alamo USA car rental locations;
  • Money-saving rates and additional discounts;
  • Reliable vehicles are guaranteed;
  • Hassle-free pick up and return processes;
  • No hidden payments and no extra charges;
  • Convenient Alamo USA rental conditions;
  • On-time shuttle service;
  • Perfect 24/7 support.

The headquarters of Alamo rent a car USA is situated in Clayton, Missouri. The agency is always open to suggestions and objections, and everyone can contact it via corporate office telephone number 1-314-512-5000.

In turn, Alamo car hire in USA has its own driving license requirements:

  • US residents need to provide an actual officially-issued driver’s license with a photo. The electronic version of the document is not allowed.
  • Foreign renters should present an international driver’s license accompanied by the domestic license.

Alamo car rental locations in USA

When planning a trip, you can be sure about the availability of a convenient location Alamo in USA. The company presents more than 250 pick-up spots around the country, making your choice easier.

Are you going to Orlando, New York, Austin, or you need Alamo car rental in Denver USA? No worries! The best vehicles are waiting for you wherever you go:

The company’s car hire map includes primary airport locations, as well as counters in downtowns and near railway stations. Therefore, now you won’t waste a lot of time searching for a perfect Alamo USA point to grab a car.

The most traveled destinations of Alamo rent a car in USA are:

  • Alamo USA at Miami International Airport;
  • Alamo USA in Los Angeles;
  • Alamo USA in Las Vegas;
  • Alamo USA in Chicago;
  • Alamo USA in New Orleans;
  • Alamo USA in Dallas;
  • Alamo USA in New York.

Alamo car rental brands in US

A wide selection of Alamo USA cars makes it possible to find an ideal vehicle according to your taste. Each car is well-maintained and is not older than 5 years. Alamo USA car fleet offers such car rental brands as:

  • Nissan
  • Ford
  • Chrysler
  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Mitsubishi
  • Volkswagen
  • Cadillac
  • Dodge
  • Chevy
  • Mazda
  • Mini Cooper
  • Lincoln
  • BMW
  • Jeep

Travelers most often choose Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen. This is because they belong to full-size cars featuring a spacious interior along with capacious luggage compartment. Alamo USA standard SUV is also a popular choice, as these cars have excellent driving capabilities regardless of the road surface.

The full list of car size groups of the company includes:

  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Midsize
  • Standard
  • Full Size
  • SUV
  • Luxury
  • Premium
  • Convertible
  • Crossover
  • Sporty
  • 7-seater
  • 8-seat minivan
  • 15-seat van
  • Pickup

Alamo premium cars USA will be a perfect choice for a business trip – they include such automakers as Lincoln, Chevy, Nissan, Cadillac and BMW.

Conversely, those holidaymakers who travel on a budget will definitely like Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen and Hyundai. These brands provide economy, compact, midsize and standard models, which among the cheapest Alamo car rental USA deals:

  • Economy Mitsubishi Mirage ($29.28/day);
  • Compact Nissan Versa ($30.55/day);
  • Midsize Hyundai Elantra ($31.72/day).

Remember that Alamo rental car in USA needs to be returned clean, and with a full tank of gas!

Alamo car rental fuel policy in USA

As a driver, you should choose the way to pay for gasoline. In this regard, Alamo car hire in USA offers 3 refueling options for customers:

  • Prepaid fuel;
  • Full to full;
  • Pay upon return.

With prepaid fuel, you purchase a full tank of gas when picking up your car, and can consume it completely. You won’t be charged for the unused fuel.

According to full-to-full policy, you pick up and drop off your rental vehicle with a full tank of gas. Thus, you need to refill it by yourself. The fuel on gas station is usually cheaper than the supplier’s price, which means this option is the most cost-effective.

Pay upon return option claims that when returning a car you‘re obliged to compensate the cost of used gas at the provider’s rate.

Car rental insurance with Alamo in USA

In case of an accident or other controversial situations on the road, car insurance will greatly facilitate your participation. For this reason, Alamo USA car rental has prepared the following protection options:

CDW – Collision Damage Waiver from Alamo USA

CDW provides cover if a collision or damage, as well as loss of use or theft of a rental car happens. CDW is not mandatory. For US residents, it’s available for a daily cost for the price of $10.99-$26.99 per day, while international renters have this option included. This insurance doesn’t work in Mexico.

EP – Extended Protection from Alalmo USA

Each renter is able to get it at the counter – the EP price may change in different locations. Its cost is between $10/day and $15/day. Extended Protection covers third-party material losses for up to $1,000,000. As CDW, EP is also provided for free of charge with each foreign rental in the USA.

PAI/PEC – Personal Accident/Personal Effects Coverage from Alamo USA

PAI covers medical and ambulance charges in the event of injury to the driver or passengers.

PEC reimburses material losses caused by theft or damage of personal belongings. PEC applies to the driver/additional driver and his family and operates in combination with PAI only.

The price for full protection package from Alamo USA car hire depends on the car size group and a certain pickup spot – it should be specified at the counter only.

Alamo car hire in USA requires a deposit equal to the full cost of the rental. It will be frozen on your credit card and available for use after drop off.

Alamo car rental Age Restrictions in USA

Alamo’s age policy claims that the minimum age of the driver for renting all sizes of cars is 25 years old. However, Alamo USA under 25 is also possible, but the following restrictions may apply:

  • 21-24 years old renters are allowed in all Alamo USA pick up spots, but an underage surcharge of $25/day should be paid additionally. Economy, standard, mid-size, full size, SUV and minivan cars are available only;
  • in New York and Michigan State, Alamo provides car rental for 18-20 years-old renters. Young driver fee also applies $57/day – in New York State, and $40/day in Michigan;
  • US Government members who are 18 or more years old can rent a car without an underage fee.

Alamo car hire in USA doesn’t provide the oldest age limit for using the service. Seniors and students don’t have any special conditions or additional discounts.

FAQ - Alamo car rental in USA

What are Alamo voucher codes in the USA?

Alamo voucher codes help save up to 30%. They are available via different promotions provided by the company’s partners.

Does Alamo car rental accept debit cards in the USA?

Debit cards are among accepted ways of payment for Alamo car hire in USA

Does Alamo USA offer a military discount?

Military family members are offered special discounted prices, which extend not only on business but also leisure trips.

What’s the cost of additional options from Alamo car rental in the USA?

Additional options will make your trip easier, and more enjoyable. The list of Alamo rent a car USA optional extras includes:

  • Additional Driver $10.99/day
  • Sirius XM Radio $5.99/day
  • GPS Device $13.99/day
  • Child Seat $6.99/day
  • Roadside Assistance Protection $6.99/day

What is Alamo car rental cancellation policy USA?

You can make cancelation not later than 48 hours before the date of the rental start. Such cancellations are free of charge. If canceling a booking within a 48-hour period of the pick-up time, a $50 fee will be charged.

How much are Alamo one way car rental fees in the USA?

The amount of a one-way fee depends on the certain location, and can be checked at the stage of reservation.

What is Alamo cross border fee?

Alamo USA car hire vehicles are allowed in Canada, but fees don’t apply.

Is it possible to get one way option from Alamo in the USA?

Most of Alamo’s location support one-way car rentals in the USA.

What is Alamo additional driver fee in the USA?

Additional driver option is available at $10.99/day.

What is Alamo toll-free number, USA?

You can call Alamo’s USA toll-free number 1 (800) 935-0112.

What is the deposit for Alamo rental car?

Alamo car rental USA deposit is equal to the full cost of the rental.