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AVR car rental USA

There’s nothing better than traveling with a large family by car. However, if the number of travelers reaches at least 8-10 people, then there may be a problem of moving, as you will be crowded even in a 7-seat minivan.

For this reason, AVR car rental will be the best choice. AVR is a family-owned supplier that offers the largest selection of vans throughout the USA. The company is a supporter of affordable car rental, and a happy user is the ultimate goal of each employee.

Thousands of positive AVR car rental reviews show that the company succeeded. It’s obvious because the following list of the agency’s benefits is the key to choose AVR rental car again and again:

  • outstanding well-maintained cars;
  • the greatest selection of vans;
  • attractive all-inclusive rates and additional discounts;
  • hassle-free pick-up and return;
  • user-friendly car rental conditions;
  • helpful support service.

Top AVR car hire locations in USA

Excellent selection of AVR car rental offices in the USA means the company strives to be always at hand. Its vehicles can be found in 28 locations, but mostly the supplier’s service map covers the states of California and Florida.

Such a wide geographical distribution gives more opportunities and freedom when planning a trip since you won’t be tied to a specific location.

Do you need a car right upon arrival of your flight, or you want to get a vehicle in the downtown? Airport-based counters, as well as city spots, make it possible to pick up an AVR rental car in the most convenient point for you:

According to AVR car rental reviews, the most traveled locations include:

  • AVR car rental Las Vegas;
  • AVR car rental Los Angeles;
  • AVR car rental Denver;
  • AVR car rental San Francisco;
  • AVR car rental Chicago.

AVR car rental brands in USA

As mentioned above, AVR car rental offers the largest collection of vans in the United States. However, those travelers who are used to driving more familiar cars can also find an option to their liking.

The company’s vehicle fleet is able to satisfy the needs of all drivers by providing the following car size groups:

  • Intermediate;
  • 5-seat SUV;
  • 7-seat minivan;
  • 8-passenger SUV;
  • 8-,11-,12-,15-passenger van;
  • Cargo van;
  • Pickup truck;
  • Wheelchair accessible minivan.

In order to ensure reliability and confidence on the road, the vehicle selection of AVR is presented with trustworthy car rental brands only. They include such automakers as:

  • Ford;
  • Dodge;
  • Kia;
  • Nissan.
  • Among them, Ford and Dodge are chosen by the travelers most often. The fact is that these USA-manufactured

brands are best adapted to local conditions, and feature excellent comfort.

For those who have a budget trip, AVR car rental can rent out really cheap vehicles. The list of the most attractive deals is below:

  • Intermediate Kia Forte ($32.18/day);
  • 7-seat minivan Dodge Caravan ($33.22/day);
  • 5-seat SUV Nissan Pathfinder ($42.34/day).

Remember that regardless of AVR rental car you choose, it should be returned clean, and with a full tank of gasoline.

AVR car rental fuel policy in the USA

At the stage of picking up AVR rental car, each driver can choose the desired fuel option:

  • Pay upon return;
  • Full-to-empty;
  • Full-to-full.

‘Pay upon return’ rule means you’ll need to pay for the used fuel at the end of the rental. Get ready that at the company’s fuel price can be little higher and include service fees.

With ‘Full-to-empty’ fuel policy you prepay the full tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental. Then you’ll be able to consume as much fuel as you want.

‘Full-to-full’ is the most popular fuel option – the driver needs to pick up full and return full tank of gasoline. This policy will be the best and the cheapest option, as the renter can refuel his car at the most attractive rates.

All about car rental insurance with AVR in USA

A reliable insurance package is a guarantee of a smooth and headache-free trip to the USA. For this reason, AVR car rental is ready to offer a perfect set of options to choose from:

CDW – Collision Damage Waiver with AVR in USA

The CDW is not required protection. After purchasing CDW for your AVR rental car, the supplier will cover losses associated with the vehicle’s damage. This insurance doesn’t relate to car theft, and its price is available at the rental counter only.

DDW – Deductible Damage Waiver with AVR in USA

The DDW is not obligatory and can be used as an additional option to the valid CDW insurance. The renter needs to present a copy of a major CDW’s declaration page if an accident happens.

SLP – Supplemental Liability Protection with AVR in USA

This kind of AVR car rental coverage can be ignored, but it’s still advised because protects from third-party material losses for up to $1,000,000. It’s available for a daily charge of $10-15.50 directly at the counter.

RLP – Renters Liability Protection with AVR in USA

The RLP works if accidental injuring of another person or damaging his property while driving AVR rental car occurs. It fully removes the renter’s liability and can be bought at the rental desk.

Mexico Insurance with AVR in USA

AVR Company permits border crossing with Mexico. The only requirement - Mexico Insurance need to be asked 72 hours before the trip. Its price is $45/day plus tax.

The full AVR car rental coverage combines all the foregoing insurance types, and its exact cost should be specified in the office. In addition, the supplier’s policy requires a deposit of $200 to be frozen on your credit card. You’ll be able to dispose of this money again in maximum 14 days after returning a car.

AVR car rental Age Restrictions in USA

The age policy of AVR car rental is based on the following restrictions:

  • the minimum age to pick up an AVR rental car with no extra fees and no limitations is 25-years-old;
  • AVR car rental under 25 is also possible, but young drivers (21-24) should pay an additional surcharge. The amount of AVR car rental underage fee is $25/day;
  • there’s no the maximum age for AVR rentals;
  • AVR car rental for 21 year olds may impose additional restrictions regarding the rental of certain car classes;
  • AVR age policy is not authorized to provide special rental circumstances for students or seniors.

AVR vs. ACE car rental in the USA

Sometimes, travelers are interested in what to choose between Ace and AVR car rental. These companies are quite similar in terms of car rental offers, but if comparing them more accurately, there won't be any doubts left.

The table below contains some major features concerning policies, pricing, and ratings of the suppliers:

AVR Van Rental ACE Rent a Car
Car rental price, min - max $32.18 - $120.13 per day $11.41 - $34.56 per day
Age policy (min - max) 21 - not provided 21 - 90
Fuel policy Prepaid, full-to-full, pay upon return Prepaid, full-to-full, pay upon return
Insurance types provided CDW, DDW, SLP, RLP, MI LDW, PAC, SLI, RLP
Additional driver fee $11.95 per day $11 per day
Cross border fee not provided not provided
One way fee $150 $100
TripAdvisor’s Rating 7.5/10 7.8/10

FAQ - AVR car rental in USA

What is AVR car rental cancellation policy USA?

If you make cancelation 48 hours or more before the rental pick up time, then no charges will be applied. For cancelation which takes place in this 48-hour period, the 1-day rental fee will be charged.

How far is the AVR car rental from the Denver Airport, USA?

AVR car rental office is situated about 7 miles away from the airport’s terminals, which will take not more than 10 minutes to find it. The pick-up spot is easily reachable by shuttle van departing from Island 4.

Does AVR car rental accept the debit card in the USA?

AVR accepts debit cards in the driver’s name only. As an exception, Full-Size SUVs can’t be provided to drivers with debit cards.

Is it possible to get one-way option from AVR in USA?

The company offers one-way option, but not each location support this feature.

How much are AVR one-way car rental fees in USA?

The average value of a one-way fee is $150, but it changes in different locations.

What is AVR cross border fee?

Cross border fee is not applied if you go to Mexico - a special Mexico Insurance ($45/day) is required only. Driving to Canada is prohibited.

What’s the cost of additional options from AVR car rental in USA?

A set of optional services includes AVR rental car additional driver ($11.95/day), Wi-Fi ($11.95/day) and GPS ($11.95/day). In case you travel with kids, you may be interested in a child seat ($9.95/day).

What is the deposit for an AVR rental car?

A deposit of $200 will be blocked on your credit/debit card – you’ll be able to use it in a minimum of 14 days after drop off.