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Car rental locations near Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden

If you didn’t manage to find a cheap rental car at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden, you can take advantage of pick-up locations near it. There are many rental car rental spots in other airports not far from Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden, including Vaxjo Airport [VXO] . Växjö, Vaxjo and the rest of Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden places present 4 more local car rental offices in the city. Sometimes, car rental rates at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden may be higher than in the less popular car rental locations.

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Map of rental car offices in and near Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden

When you are already at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden, you can easily find “car rental near me” on our website. You can find the closest pick-up rental spot in and near Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden with a distance to the rental office. Some offices are located in downtown Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden, so consider the time you need to get there.

Because of airport fees and taxes, car rental prices in Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden may be higher than off-site. Use our map to figure out where you can look for off-airport locations. However, bear in mind that the greatest variety of rental car deals is at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden.

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FAQ about renting a car at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden

How to rent a car in Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden? provides a powerful search engine and a simple car rental comparison and booking process. To get the best car rental in Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden, you should follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden is selected as your pick-up and drop-off location;
  2. Choose the start and end of the trip applying the dates;
  3. Press the Search button;
  4. Compare the results, apply filters if you need a more specific offers;
  5. Choose what suits you the best;
  6. Provide main drivers information and payment details;
  7. Carefully read and agree to the Car Rental Terms & Conditions and Booking Terms;
  8. Click the “Confirm booking” button;
  9. Prepare all necessary documents and print out your booking confirmation voucher;
  10. Arrive on time to sign the car rental contract. And, hit the road.

What documents do I need to rent a car from Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

Read attentively the car rental requirements of the car rental company you choose in Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden. The basic list of documents required at the Vaxjo - Tagstation, Swedencar rental desk includes:

  • A valid full driver's licence in the name of the main driver held for a minimum of 1 year. If you are a foreigner, you should provide the International Driving Permit along with your domestic driver’s license.
  • Additional document confirming your identity. It can be a valid ID with a photo (national or international passport).
  • A credit card with the first name and last name of the main driver with the required limit for paying a rental cost and a deposit.
  • A printed-out rental voucher that you will find in your confirmation email.
  • Any other document mentioned in the booking voucher.

How much does it cost to rent a car at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden for one week?

The average weekly car rental rates at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden start from $ per day being a total $ per week. Weekly car rentals are usually cheaper in terms of daily rates.

What car rental places are located at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

Car rental companies that are located in the Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden terminal include and others.

What rental car companies will provide a shuttle bus in Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

Some companies provide Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden rental car shuttle bus service from the terminal to their pick-up point or rental office: etc.

What is the best car rental company at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

According to numerous user reviews, the following car rental companies are considered to be the best at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden:

What types of rental vehicles are the most popular at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

One of the most popular car rental models in Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden is Hyundai Accent of Economy car class. The lowest rate for Hyundai Accent or similar is offered by FOX and starts from $26 per day. Such cars are not only inexpensive to rent, but also they are very fuel-efficient.

Check out other frequently booked car rental classes and models in Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden in the following table.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (5+2) Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (5+2)
  • 7 seats
  • 5 doors
  • 2 suitcases
  • 27.6 mpg
Ford Galaxy Ford Galaxy
  • 7 seats
  • 5 doors
  • 2 suitcases
  • 25.7 mpg
Ford S-Max (5+2) Ford S-Max (5+2)
  • 7 seats
  • 5 doors
  • 3 suitcases
  • 26.3 mpg

Which car rental accepts debit cards at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

When you collect your rental car at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden, you should present a credit or debit card in the name of the main driver. If you decide to use a debit card to charge a deposit, you should be ready to the following conditions:

  • Only MasterCard or VISA debit cards are accepted.
  • You should know the PIN number of the card presented.
  • The longest car rental duration is 28 days if you want to use a debit card.

While making a booking at, you can pay for your reservation using all types of bank cards, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover Card, Japanese Credit Bureau Card, etc. We compare rental car Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden deals and 50,000+ other locations that allow debit and credit cards. Apply our “Cards Accepted At Pick-Up” filter to find car rental companies with desirable payment options.

How to pick up a rental car at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

In order to pick up a rental car at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Arrive to the car rental counter at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden on time.
  • Do not forget to take all obligatory documents.
  • Check if the required maps are installed in the rental car or on your gadget.
  • Assure that you collect the same car that is indicated in your contract.
  • Verify that the fuel level in the tank is compliant with the contract.
  • Examine the technical condition of the car.
  • If you find any scratches on the car, make sure they are in the protocol and take photos of them.

How to return a rental car at Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden?

Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden car rental returns should go under the following order:

  • Check the fuel level of your rental car. You should return a car with the same amount of gas as you picked it up.
  • If you need to refuel your vehicle, find the closest gas station to Vaxjo - Tagstation, Sweden.
  • Arrive before the time of drop-off not to get the late return fee.
  • Be sure that you have all the required documents with you.
  • Do not leave any personal belongings inside the car.
  • Wait until your security deposit is refunded or unblocked. It may take up to 14 business days.