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Video reviews of has been successfully providing our customers with an incredibly comfortable and affordable car rental service for many years. These words mean nothing if they are not confirmed by thousands of our satisfied customers all over the world. We understand the importance of continuous transparent dialogue with our clients and that’s why we are always happy to receive reviews and feedback regarding their car rental experience.

Below you can find plenty of informative video reviews that our customers kindly agreed to provide us after successfully booking a rental car on Hear what they have to say about our services if you are looking for that extra bit of information. After your rental experience with, we would be more than happy to receive a video review from you as well. You can find more information about the requirements for your Rental24h review by following the link.


Calvin Dretske

from USA
Star Star Star Star Star

🇺🇸 Review of Thrifty Car Rental in Washington DC Reagan Airport [DCA], USA

- Hi, my name is Calvin.
- I'm Sergio.
- We’ve just rented a car using It was super easy. We booked online through Thrifty and picked up at Reagan National Airport in DC. And we booked a car to get out of the city for the day. We’ve just arrived at the Rehoboth Beach. We're going to do a bit of swimming and hanging out at the beach today and then return the car tomorrow morning. Making the booking was super easy. We feel like we got a great deal. We looked around at Hertz and Dollar and we definitely got a great deal by booking online. Very comfortable prices, if not a better price using We got a compact car, just as we had agreed online. So that was really nice. We even got to pick out our car once arriving between different models. We ended up going with the Toyota, but overall, great experience. I would definitely recommend it. The rental desk was super easy to find right at Reagan. Everything has been great.
- We love it.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport [DCA], USA

July 2018


Vladislav Lantsetov

from Russia
Star Star Star Star Star

🇪🇸 Review of GOLDCAR Car Rental in Barcelona – El Prat Airport [BCN], Spain

Hello. My name is Vladislav. I'm from Russia, St. Petersburg city. I rented a car from Goldcar, Fiat Punto. I booked a car at Rental24h. I took a car at an airport in Barcelona. Thank you, Rental24h, for our trip in Barcelona.

Barcelona – El Prat Airport [BCN], Spain

March 2019


David Moll

from Germany
Star Star Star Star Star
Snap Rentals

🇳🇿 Review of Snap Rentals Car Rental in Queenstown Airport [ZQN], New Zealand

Hey, my name is David and we booked this car because we wanted to make a road trip around New Zealand. So at least the Southern Island. We did the booking online.
The car is provided by Snap Rentals and our pick-up location was the Queenstown airport. Luckily, we got a shuttle to the rental office.
We ordered Toyota Yaris online and we got the exact same car as we wanted, a beautiful Toyota Yaris.
Snap Rentals was actually the only company we could rent a car with being 19 years old. So if somebody is going to ask me, if I can recommend Snap Rentals, I can definitely do that. The staff was friendly and fast. The prices were phenomenal and the overall experience was very good.

Queenstown Airport [ZQN], New Zealand

June 2019


Dmitri Voronin

from Germany
Star Star Star Star Star
FOX Rent A Car

🇺🇸 Review of FOX Rent A Car Car Rental in Miami International Airport [MIA], USA

Hello, guys. My name is Dmitri and I came from Europe to Miami to travel a lot. So the best way to travel is to rent a car. And every time I tried to find a car, the prices were too expensive for me. So after a long search, I found And after a five-minute search, I found the car for me.
So guys, if you want the best cars, the best prices, the best deals, just go to and find a car for you.

Miami Intl. Airport [MIA], USA

July 2019


Szeching Hui-Keneipp

from USA
Star Star Star Star
Zoom Rent a Car

🇨🇦 Review of Zoom Rent a Car Car Rental in Toronto Pearson Intl Airport [YYZ], Canada

Hi, I'm Ashima. I just want to share my car rental experience using here. I actually just returned the rental car this morning, had to catch a very early flight at 06:40 a.m. to leave Toronto, but the return process was very simple.
I rented it through Zoom Rental. This is a car company, but I booked it through And Zoom Rental is actually right next to a Best Western Plus. So what I was told even though the Zoom Rental is not open at the time when I had to drive off the car, I could just leave it in the lot and drop off the key with the front desk clerk at the hotel next door. And then I could pay $10 to take the hotel shuttle to the airport. Normally, I think they would have a free shuttle provided by Zoom Rentals to take you to the airport, but because they were not open yet, then you have to pay $10 to take it through the hotel instead. So that was fine. I mean, it's still cheaper than taking an Uber on my own and it's about 15 to 20 minutes away.
So I rented it at the Toronto Pearson airport, the office is close to the airport just by a shuttle. My friend actually dropped me off in this case because I did not need a car for the first three days of my visit. And the last couple of days I just needed a car to go around town with my family.
I asked for a standard-sized car and I got a Hyundai Elantra and we were all happy with it. It was efficient, pretty spacious, and it drove well. So that's kind of all you really needed for a basic car unless you want a fancy car.
I booked it online. I don't even remember exactly how I found this booking, but it was online and I was very glad to find it because it's actually cheaper than what I had originally got through So I canceled the one through and just went with this instead and everything went well. So good luck to you!

Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport [YYZ], Canada

August 2019


Ashley Hill

from USA
Star Star Star Star Star
FOX Rent A Car

🇺🇸 Review of FOX Rent A Car Rental in San Diego Airport [SAN], USA

Hello! We rented our car from We're in San Diego. We've seen many things: beaches, mountains. It got us everywhere we want to go. We went to La Jolla, Mission Beach, Torrey Pines, Belmont Park, and the Zoo. We saw the animals and biked around the Marina. The car has been great the whole time. I really highly recommend Absolutely excellent service the whole time. Have a great trip!

San Diego Airport [SAN], USA

August 2019


Anastasia Lobanova

from Russia
Star Star Star Star Star

🇺🇸 Review of ALAMO Car Rental in San Francisco Airport [SFO], USA

Hello, I'm Anastasia. I am from Russia, Saint Petersburg. I'm 24 years old. I had a dream to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I came to America to make this dream come true and for comfort, I decided to rent a car. I have chosen because of the possibility to rent a car for a young driver. It immediately showed me the added fees I would pay for being less than 25 years. Also, I could easily change the dates of booking two days before the first day of rental. The car rental provider was Alamo.

San Francisco Airport [SFO], USA

September 2019


Timothy J. Ryan

from USA
Star Star Star Star Star

🇩🇴 Review of EUROPCAR Car Rental in Santo Domingo Airport [SDQ], Dominican Republic

Hey all. We are college students from the United States. We used to book our car. We actually went with Europcar at Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo. It allowed us to get to Punta Cana in a much cheaper fashion. It was a beautiful drive to the countryside.
We actually got an upgrade with Europcar. Upon arrival, we took a look at Kia Rio we booked with Rental24H, really on the spot here, folks. It was a beautiful opportunity for us to explore the countryside, to really bask in the Dominican Republic as college students on a budget. And the hospitality was incredible.
The upgrade to a Hyundai Santa Fe, a much smoother ride getting here on these roads. A bigger vehicle, more comfortable drive, and it just really made the whole trip worthwhile for us, folks.

Santo Domingo Airport [SDQ], Dominican Republic

March 2020


Patrick Lamplmayr

from Austria
Star Star Star Star Star

🇬🇷 Review of AutoUnion Car Rental in Preveza - Aktion Intl. Airport [PVK], Greece

Hey guys, it's Patrick. I'm having a short video review on our car rental from
We rented this Fiat Panda in this great red from So actually the renting is done by Auto Union here in Greece. We picked it up at Preveza Airport and the Auto Union guys picked us up at the airport and took us to their location where we actually took the car. We are really happy with this car because it takes us everywhere on these roads here in Greece, which is actually not easy as the roads are quite tough.
We're really happy about it. The special thing about is that we've been able to rent it actually at the last minute and really happy about it. So can only recommend it.

Preveza - Aktion Intl. Airport [PVK], Greece

August 2020


Malik Newson

from USA
Star Star Star Star Star

🇺🇸 Review of THRIFTY Car Rental at Denver International Airport [DEN], USA

Hi, this is Malik here. I'm currently filling up the rental car that I got from before I head to the Denver Airport to drop off my friend Ian. He's currently in the bathroom right now. So he didn't get to really speak on this part.
But I just wanted to say thank you so much to the people at Rental24h for being so accommodating to me as an underage driver. I'm trying to make sure it's easier to secure a rental for me. It becomes really harder, especially with all the hoops you got to jump through. And Rental24h actually made it very streamlined and very easy to secure this rental and be able to enjoy my spring break for the time that I had with it.
I got to come out here to Denver. Never been here before. I got to see some friends from high school, some people haven't seen since college as well to bring them out here for spring break. It was really fun.
So thank you once again to And thank you for helping me book through Thrifty car rental because this trip was so much more fun for it. Thank you very much and have a great day!

Denver Intl. Airport [DEN], USA

February 2020


Sarah Gerry

from UK
Star Star Star Star Star

🇧🇶 Review of CarVenience Car Rental at Kralendijk - Flamingo Airport [BON], Bonaire

Hi! I’m Sarah from the UK. Welcome to Bonaire.
We hired a car today, a lovely Hyundai i10, from and we've picked it up from Flamingo Airport which is in Bonaire. We booked it online before we came here. We got it from CarVenience which is really good. Very competitive, really great! Very clean car, very nice, very competitive prices. We came here for the windsurfing. Absolutely brilliant, really good place with lovely sunny hot weather.

Kralendijk - Flamingo Intl. Airport [BON], Bonaire

January 2020


Matt Lin

from USA
Star Star Star Star Star

🇺🇸 Review of Dollar Car Rental at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport [SEA], USA

Hey, Mark.
- Hey, Matt.
- Wow. Where are we at today?
- We're on the Oregon Coast at Cannon Beach. And right there is Haystack Rock.
- Wow. It’s beautiful. And how did we get here today?
- Via this wonderful car. Let's check it out.
- Yeah, let's go check it out. Wow, just look at this car. Hey, Mark, tell me more about this car. How did we get it?
- We got it through where we were able to compare different prices between all the different companies, and we chose Dollar in the end and this wonderful white Toyota Corolla.
- Wow. And what do you think?
- I think it's great. It's been amazing to have Matt drive it around. And being 21, it is amazing that we are still able to rent it.
- Yeah. This is an amazing experience and we're excited to go back to LA. Thank you, Rental24h, for the wonderful service and for making it easy for us.
- Thank you so much.

Seattle-Tacoma Intl. Airport [SEA], USA

October 2021


Dezmond Davis

from USA
Star Star Star Star Star

🇺🇸 Review of Dollar Car Rental at Charleston Airport [CHS], SC

How’re you doing? My name is Desmond Davis and I rented with Rental24h. This is an awesome rental company to rent with. I got Fort F-150 Lariat and it's a beautiful truck to rent. I'm renting from Dollar Rent a Car. And like I said, this is an upgraded vehicle, but it's less than a mid-size or economy car. So you can't beat that.
I'm at the Charleston Airport in South Carolina off to Manawa Road. Once again, I just say thank you to Rental24h for your prices being so reasonable and cheap.
I just want to enjoy this beautiful weather, enjoy Folly Beach. I know we have a situation going on in the country, but, hey, it's still a good time to rent vehicles and enjoy America. Thank you.

Charleston Airport [CHS], USA

April 2020


Angela Morales

from USA
Star Star Star Star Star

🇺🇸 Review of Enterprise Car Rental at Reno-Tahoe International Airport [RNO], NV

Hello. My name is Angela. We rented a 2020 Cadillac from this weekend. We picked up at the Reno Nevada International Airport and we had a weekend getaway to San Francisco while doing the booking online. It was a super easy process. You just rent it online and then you get reminders before your rental date. They had really good rates as well and it was through Enterprise. So I do recommend for your next rental car trip. Thank you.

Reno-Tahoe Intl. Airport [RNO], USA

January 2020


Richard Harley

from Canada
Star Star Star Star Star

🇮🇹 Review of TargetRent Car Rental at Venice Marco Polo Intl Airport [VCE], Italy

As you can hear in the background, we're here in Italy, having rented our car online from We picked it up from their agent at the Marco Polo International Airport in Venice. And we were taken to their offsite lot where we were given a car that was exactly as we had rented online.
Everything has worked great. We've had a great vacation. The rental process was very smooth and I highly recommend renting your next vacation rental with Have a great holiday.

Venice Marco Polo Intl. Airport [VCE], Italy

September 2021


Viktoria Soltesz

from Malta
Star Star Star Star Star
GAME Car Rental

🇭🇺 Review of GAME Car Rental at Budapest Airport [BUD], Hungary

Hi. I have rented a car with, and I'm very happy with the car. I just brought it back. The service was really really good. I used the car for travel purposes. I had to come to Hungary. So I picked up the car near the Budapest station, the airport. And the car was really in a good condition. So I'm very happy with the full service. They came out and picked me up and they gave me this amazing Hyundai car. So, yes, the car was really really good. I'm just sending this video and I'm very glad about what I got.

Budapest Airport [BUD], Hungary

June 2021


Adi Hendler

from Israel
Star Star Star Star Star

🇨🇿 Review of Budget Car Rental at Prague Airport [PRG], Czech Republic

Hello guys. We ordered this car from The order was very easy to do and we arrived in Prague and it was also very easy to take the car from Budget company at Prague Airport. We got this beautiful Skoda Fabia green car which was very efficient, very comfortable and it didn't take a lot of petrol. We did like 1200 kilometers with it in ten days and I'm really really sorry to give it back today to Budget company. Thank you We appreciate it!

Prague Airport [PRG], Czech Republic

September 2021


Marko Kauppi

from Finland
Star Star Star Star Star

🇪🇸 Review of WIBER Car Rental at Malaga Airport [AGP], Spain

Hello, everyone. My name is Marko Kauppi, and I'm making this video to say what happened with Rental24h. I rented it through the internet with Rental24h. I got this car behind me. Compact size, very nice from local company WIBER at Malaga airport. They came and picked me up with their shuttle service and took me to their office very nearby. And the reservation was taken through very smoothly. I got the car where I expected. It was in great condition. And now I'm about to return the car back to them.
I will definitely rent a car again from this Rental24h system and this company. So nothing but good experiences here. Very smooth, reliable, and I'm really happy to be here. Thanks and have a good holiday all of you. Bye.

Malaga Airport [AGP], Spain

April 2021