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Peugeot car rental in Maputo Airport [MPM]

If you prefer Peugeot cars or know that the car with the characteristics you want is presented in the Peugeot range in Maputo, start your search from this page. Enter the dates you need in the search form or click on the image of the car that suits you below.

Here you will find the Peugeot vehicles that you can rent in MPM Airport, Mozambique. The rates of shown cars are based on previous searches. Peugeot rental cars are highlighted with an orange frame. You will find more up-to-date information by clicking on the car or by filling in the search form.

Peugeot rental cars in Maputo Airport [MPM] and other relevant cars

Toyota Hiace


Rent Toyota Hiace

$64.30 /day

Ford Ranger Double Cab

Cargo van

Rent Ford Ranger Double Cab

$150.91 /day

Toyota Corolla


Rent Toyota Corolla

$37.24 /day

Volkswagen Polo Vivo


Rent Volkswagen Polo Vivo
  • Airport fee

$41.26 /day

Kia Rio


Rent Kia Rio

$58.69 /day

Kia Picanto


Rent Kia Picanto

$26.44 /day

Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab


Rent Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab
  • Airport fee

$136.88 /day

Ford Everest


Rent Ford Everest

$146.06 /day

Peugeot rental cars in Maputo and other relevant cars 3.61 km / 2.24 mi

Volkswagen Polo Vivo


Rent Volkswagen Polo Vivo

$32.39 /day

Kia Rio


Rent Kia Rio

$43.55 /day

Hyundai Accent


Rent Hyundai Accent

$62.44 /day

Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab


Rent Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab

$123.77 /day

Why use to rent Peugeot in Maputo - Airport?

  • Peugeot cars are comfortable, easy to operate and spacious. The company produces hybrid cars that are more environmentally friendly, and some of them are also extremely efficient in terms of fuel consumption model.
  • Peugeot - a good car for young drivers, because they are fairly easy to drive. Thanks to the smooth operation of the engine, comfortable seats and precise transmission, driving a Peugeot is not too difficult for a young driver. Most models of Peugeot are also small and compact, which makes it easy to park a car, and also to navigate without any problems on the road.
  • Peugeot is available in colors that are likely to appeal to young people. Young people do not want to drive a white or gray car. Fortunately, Peugeot offers fantabulous colors that most young drivers like including royal blue, green wood, a red apple and even a pinkish-gray tint.
  • Peugeot 406 plays the main role in all three parts of “Taxi” and is on grab any time and in any situation!
  • Since 2013-2014 Peugeot holds the second position (just after Renault) as the lowest average CO2 emissions among leading car brands in Europe.
  • Interestingly that up to now Peugeot is called ‘the Lion’ in Africa and Cuba.
  • provides a fast & easy search for your favorite Peugeot vehicles in Maputo.
  • We offer multiple Peugeot rental offers at reduced prices.
  • You can find full information about vendors, car models, and car groups on
  • Our Peugeot vehicles in MPM Airport, Mozambique are provided by only world-trusted and reliable vendors.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • Our customer support operates 24/7 to help you with Peugeot rental in Maputo MPM Airport.

How much does it cost to rent a Peugeot in Maputo MPM Airport?

The average Peugeot car rental price in Maputo - Airport is $100 per day. You will also find both a lower and a higher rate, because it depends on many factors. The most important of them is the vehicle class. The cheapest Peugeot rental at Maputo is available at $69 per day. On the other hand, you can rent a Peugeot of higher classes such as a luxury or premium for the price of $180 per day. The higher the class of a car, the higher the price.

Other things that affect the price are the specific car rental company, season of rental, duration of rental period, and location. It always makes sense to check other Peugeot rental car locations near MPM Airport, Mozambique in order to find the best price.

Where to rent a Peugeot in Maputo MPM Airport?

You can pick up Peugeot rental in any convenient location. In addition to a pick-up point at Maputo - Airport, it’s possible to rent Peugeot at other airports in the area or take advantage of city downtown locations. You will find them near railway stations, the main sights of the city, as well as at some hotels.

Car rental locations with Peugeot vehicles near Maputo

Find your best Peugeot rental in MPM Airport, Mozambique and don’t forget to compare available offers in rental places nearby to rent your perfect Peugeot near Maputo MPM Airport.

Nearby downtown car rental locations

Note: The prices and the number of cars in the location may vary depending on the rental location. For example, renting Peugeot at the airport is often more expensive than downtown, but the car inventory there is the largest, so firstly, check all offers in Maputo - Airport and compare prices before renting a car.

Map of car rental places in Maputo and nearby

To ease your search, check out the map of locations near MPM Airport, Mozambique and find the best place to pick up Peugeot rental car for your trip.

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If you haven’t found the suitable model of Peugeot in your area, we can find you alternative offers - from mini and economy cars to full-size vehicles and SUVs, from luxury cars or convertibles to exotic car models. Fill in the search form and view all the possible cars in Maputo MPM Airport.

FAQ about Peugeot rental in Maputo - Airport

What rental car companies rent Peugeot in Maputo?

When inspecting the list of Peugeot cars in MPM Airport, Mozambique, the choice of agency to deal with plays one of the most significant roles. A good supplier is a key to a trouble-free road trip, while a company with a bad reputation can ruin your vacation at all. We gathered only reliable suppliers, which will do their best to make your trip pleasant and easy.

What is the best car rental company that provides Peugeot car rental in Maputo MPM Airport?

Your car rental experience at Maputo - Airport is largely dependent on the particular provider. In accordance with thousands of positive customers’ reviews, the following 3 companies are the finest to pick up any Peugeot model:

Which Peugeot cars I can rent in Maputo?

The variety of Peugeot cars is impressive - choose any Peugeot rental in Maputo - Airport according to your taste and financial ability. Wide range of vehicles among the mentioned groups:


Mini cars are for those who appreciate light driving and low prices for rental cars. Mini cars are perfect for young drivers.

Vehicle fleet:Peugeot 107


Economy vehicles are a perfect choice for budget travelling.

Vehicle fleet:Peugeot 206, Peugeot 208


Business trips are inconceivable without renting a standard car.

Vehicle fleet:Peugeot 508


Family journeys or weekends away with company of friends - rent an estate vehicle and think of no discomfort!

Vehicle fleet:Peugeot 508 Estate, Peugeot 206 Estate


Enjoy your off-road driving with an all-terrain vehicle.

Vehicle fleet:Peugeot 2008

Luxury / Convertible

Luxury & convertible rental cars are your best choice if you prefer travelling with style and comfort.

Vehicle fleet:Peugeot RCZ, Peugeot 207 Convertible

Minivan / Van

Vans & minivans for moving or any other kind of transportation - pick them and forget about inconvenience!

Vehicle fleet:Peugeot 807, Peugeot Partner Cargo Van

Peugeot rental is available on with both types of transmissions: automatic and manual. Also, for your comfort, they are supplied with air conditioners and, for your pleasure, with audio systems.

What is the cheapest Peugeot rental car in MPM Airport, Mozambique?

By using our website, you can compare many parameters of available deals, including the price of a rental car from different suppliers.

Therefore, the lowest price for Peugeot vehicles at Maputo MPM Airport is not a dream - you have the opportunity to drive the Toyota Hiace at just $64.297 per day.

What car rental company has the lowest Peugeot rental car price in Maputo - Airport?

The cheapest Peugeot model presented in Maputo is the Toyota Hiace, which is available from sixt for $64.297 per day. What’s more, along with an attractive price, you get a trusted provider with an impeccable reputation.

What is the most popular Peugeot car rental model in MPM Airport, Mozambique?

Each Peugeot model is recognized as a reliable car, which is great for city trips, as well as for driving on highways. Comfort and ease of control are one of the main distinguishing features of this car.

More often than not, people rent a Toyota Hiace, which is a nice-looking and fairly roomy vehicle. It’s accessible at a price of $64.297 per day in Maputo MPM Airport.

What is the most popular supplier of Peugeot car rentals in Maputo - Airport?

The degree of trust and desire to cooperate with the car hire agency forms its popularity level. According to many reviews of happy travelers, Sixt is a company you can deal with without any doubt.

Along with excellent service, the supplier offers the most advantageous deal - Toyota Hiace for $64.297 a day.

How to rent a Peugeot in Maputo?

With, you can rent a Peugeot at MPM Airport, Mozambique much faster than you expected. Our simple and clear search engine will do everything for you, taking into account your needs and desires. Check out the following step-by-step guide to find the best Peugeot rental deal at Maputo MPM Airport right now.

  1. Fill out our search form:
    • Go to the top of the page where our search form is located;
    • In the “Pick up location” field, specify Maputo - Airport;
    • Select pick up and drop off dates/times;
  2. Find a suitable guaranteed Peugeot car rental:
    • Get a list of all available options by clicking the Search button;
    • Sort the search results by selecting the desired car rental category at Maputo;
    • Choose the best Peugeot rental car with “Guaranteed Car Model” sign;
  3. Complete your booking:
    • Add the required extra options to your rental;
    • Enter the personal information of the main driver and payment details;
    • Confirm booking and print the confirmation voucher;
  4. Pick up your Peugeot rental car:
    • Find the company's office at MPM Airport, Mozambique;
    • Provide all the necessary documents to the employee;
    • Sign the contract and get the keys;
    • Specify the details of the car return;
    • Go to the parking lot to pick up your car;
  5. Start your trip!

Please note that most car rental companies don’t guarantee you a specific Peugeot car model. They can guarantee you only a car from a certain car class. All cars from the group you’ve chosen have approximately the same size and are similar in their technical characteristics.

Choosing a car marked "or similar" will get you a selected or similar vehicle. Thus, if you select a 5-seater car with an automatic gearbox, you will get a car with an automatic transmission with a capacity of not less than 5 passengers.

In order to rent the exact car model you want, then look for offers with the “Guaranteed Car Model" inscription on the page with the results of your search in Maputo MPM Airport. This means, in the absence of such a sign, the company doesn’t accept claims regarding the car that you get in the end.

How old do I have to be to rent Peugeot in Maputo - Airport?

If you want to drive a Peugeot rental vehicle, you need to meet some minimum age requirements:

  • 20 years old to rent in Maputo;
  • 18 years old to rent in MI and NY states.

In all cases, when you are under 25, companies are authorized to charge you an underage fee of about $20-70 per day depending on your age and car rental location. The exception is military or government renters traveling on business - they can avoid age surcharges.

This additional under 25 fee must be paid during pick up at the counter in MPM Airport, Mozambique.

How to find a cheap Peugeot car rental in Maputo MPM Airport?

Travel should be exciting, but not too expensive. Those who are searching for a cheap rental car at Maputo - Airport say so.

Indeed, car rental can sometimes make up a large part of your budget, which is bad news for money-saving travelers. Thus, it may seem that the only solution in this situation is to find a cheap local no-name provider with a poor reputation.

Fortunately, things are much better. There are still several ways to work with a leading brand and at the same time save your money on something more important to you:

  • Reserve your Peugeot vehicle a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to the definite date;
  • Compare rates in Maputo with the prices in the neighboring locations to find the best rate for a favorite Peugeot model;
  • Rent a car for a minimum of 7 consecutive days to get each separate rental day much cheaper;
  • Choose a car according to your needs and not according to appearance;
  • Ask for full-to-full gas option;
  • Use your individual domestic insurance or choose a reasonable package on our website;
  • Avoid one-way and interstate rentals, as well as border crossing;
  • Reject unnecessary optional extras and additional equipment;
  • Benefit from promotions and additional discounts.

Can I pay for my Peugeot rental car reservation with a debit card at MPM Airport, Mozambique?

Almost every company requires a credit card deposit, which is needed to compensate for vehicle damage as a consequence of the driver’s fault. Of course, it doesn’t apply to items covered by insurance.

As for the debit card, with its help, you have the opportunity to pay the cost of your Peugeot rental only.

Can someone else drive my Peugeot rental car in Maputo MPM Airport?

Since a long trip by car is associated with increased fatigue, it makes sense to take the additional driver option in Maputo - Airport.

Along with you, an extra driver has the right to drive a Peugeot car. But keep in mind that the main renter is liable for material damages anyway. An additional driver can be opted on the reservation page or exactly in the agency’s kiosk.

What does Peugeot rental car insurance cover at Maputo?

Insurance is what all companies require when you want to pick up a car. It’s a guarantee of coverage for all cases in which the vehicle, driver, passengers or third parties were damaged or injured.

When booking a rental car on our website, the price often includes a compulsory insurance package such as:

  • CDW - collision damage waiver - this is the rental insurance, which is required in 90% of the cases of rental cars. Without this insurance, rental companies won’t give you a car. Therefore, this insurance is usually included in the price of the car rental and you can’t refuse it. This insurance protects you and the Peugeot rental car from most damage in case of an accident.
  • TW - theft protection - theft insurance. Also, it is required in most cases and its cost is included in the rental.
  • TP- third party- insurance of your liability to third parties.

To rent a car abroad, you may use your personal protection or insurance that comes with your bank card. Just don’t forget to clarify the possibility of its application in terms of international car rental.

Excess Fee is the amount of the deposit that will be blocked on your credit card in case of damage or car theft. If at the end of the rental nothing bad happens with the car, then the entire amount of the deposit will be returned to you on your credit card. On the other hand, whatever happens to the car, the amount of the deposit is the maximum amount you risk. This is very convenient and allows you not to worry about renting a car in MPM Airport, Mozambique. Some rental companies allow you to reduce the amount of the deposit by paying some part of the cost of insurance (Complete cover package). In this case, the amount of excess fee can be reduced by 50%, and even 80% - for example, from 1000 USD to 500 or even to 200.

You always have an opportunity to purchase full insurance from your selected car rental provider. Or, you can buy Excess Insurance on our website at the reservation stage - this is a very convenient way to protect yourself from potential material losses. Choose coverage with zero excess to avoid liability. If you bought an excess insurance, then in case of any problems with the car - whether it's just a scratch or significant damage - our insurance company will refund the amount of the excess fee withheld with you by the rental company.

Please, examine the rental conditions of a particular Peugeot car model to get maximum detailed information on insurance provided for it.