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Rental cars available in Kisarazu - Downtown

The process of finding the vehicle you want on our website will give you pleasure because it doesn’t take much time and effort. Compact, economy, convertible, 7-seater minivan, luxury car, or SUV - the list of available offers in each car rental class is impressive. Plus, reasonable prices and a powerful search engine are other reasons to rent a car with us in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan.

Need to book a rental car as soon as possible? No problems. A list of deals of various price ranges to pick up is at your disposal:

Nissan Dayz


Rent Nissan Dayz
  • Unlimited mileage

$53.00 /day

Mazda Demio


Rent Mazda Demio

$54.05 /day

Nissan March


Rent Nissan March
  • Unlimited mileage

$58.61 /day

Mazda 3


Rent Mazda 3

$64.54 /day

Nissan Cube


Rent Nissan Cube
  • Unlimited mileage

$68.79 /day

Toyota Corolla Axio


Rent Toyota Corolla Axio

$64.54 /day

Toyota Corolla Estate


Rent Toyota Corolla Estate

$68.79 /day

Nissan Sylphy


Rent Nissan Sylphy
  • Unlimited mileage

$88.13 /day

Mazda 5 Stationwagon


Rent Mazda 5 Stationwagon
  • Unlimited mileage

$103.38 /day

Toyota Sienta

7 seat carrier

Rent Toyota Sienta

$77.56 /day

Nissan Serena


Rent Nissan Serena

$135.02 /day

Nissan Elgrand


Rent Nissan Elgrand
  • Unlimited mileage

$183.64 /day

What car rental companies rent a car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

On a trip, you always expect it to go smoothly and successfully, thus finding the right provider for your car rental in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan plays one of the key roles in this.

A good vendor is not only a low price but also easy pick-up and drop-off procedures, as well as good-maintained cars and pleasant service on the counter.

In Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan, every supplier tries to do the best to make you feel comfortable and satisfied on your road journey. You can rent a car from a well-known company or learn more about a new one just by clicking on the provider’s logo. Check out a number of companies that include both leading international providers and local agencies In Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan:

Car rental locations near Kisarazu - Downtown

If necessary, you can pick up a car at one of the surrounding points. They include downtown car rental locations, offices near train stations, and counters within the airports.

Keep in mind that a particular rental car may have different prices in several locations, thereby allowing you to save money by finding the cheapest price. As a rule, in an off-airport pickup spot, it’s possible to rent a car at the lowest price - this is due to the skipping of the airport tax. However, at the same time, the fleet of cars at the airport is greater, which expands your travel capabilities.

Anyway, compare deals in nearby locations to Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan before making your final choice.

Nearby car rental locations at airports

Nearby rental locations on railway stations

Nearby downtown car rental locations

Map of locations near Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan

Want to rent a car in a different spot? For your convenience of finding the desired car rental location near Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan, you can check the pickup point map of the surrounding area. This will allow you to have the car exactly where you need it.

Pick up places are situated within easy reach, which makes it possible to get to them by bus or taxi without any problems.

Each location provided has contact details, including address, phone number, and approximate distance from Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan. By clicking on any of them you will get a list of available rental car offers there.

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How much does it cost to rent a car at Kisarazu - Downtown

For accurate travel budget planning, the final car rental price in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan is of great importance, since it can make up a significant part of material costs. However, it’s simply impossible to name a certain amount without prior reservation, because many variables affect the vehicle price. Here are some basic rules of companies’ pricing policy:

  • The smaller the rental car dimensions, the more affordable its rate.
  • It will be cheaper to rent a car 7-10 days before the pickup than directly on the spot.
  • Most often, on weekdays the same vehicle will cost you much cheaper.
  • The one-way deal will always be more expensive than a round trip with the returning to the pickup site.
  • Border crossing is associated with additional costs.
  • The good driving experience is an additional way to save on insurance.
  • A car with an automatic transmission will cost more than the same model with a manual gearbox.

Despite a large number of factors influencing the price, the average rate of a rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan is $94 per day. Of course, in the low season, the price can be lower and, accordingly, in the high season, it can rise.

In the table below you will find the approximate prices for various vehicle classes from top-rated suppliers:

Vendors Mini Mini Economy Economy Compact Compact Standard Standard VAN VAN SUV SUV
- from $60.73 - from $103.38 from $155.06 -
- from $54.05 from $64.54 from $64.54 from $77.56 from $98.37
Nissan Rent A Car
from $53.00 from $58.61 from $68.79 from $77.48 from $183.64 from $111.33

Use the search form for the exact prices for your rental dates

What is the cheapest rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

Picking up an inexpensive rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan gives you the chance to spend money on entertainment or something more important to you. The cheapest deals in this location are from NISSAN that offers the Mini Nissan Dayz at a price of $53.001 per day.

The exact address of the car rental company is 1-1-4 Kisarazu, Kisarazu-shi , Chiba, 292-0056. Its model range includes not only economy and mid-size vehicles, but also compact, full-size, SUVs, and premium cars for any purpose and taste.

Obviously, you don’t have to contact the supplier directly - you can do this on our website by filling out the search form. Before you confirm the reservation in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan, carefully read the rental conditions, including mileage, insurance, features of the fuel policy, as well as the availability of additional options. Make the payment only after everything is checked.

Which rental cars I can rent at Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan

This location has representative offices of the following companies: Europcar , Times , Times mobilty , and Nissan , so there won’t be a shortage of offers.

Do you want to rent a car with 7-seat for the whole family or a fuel-efficient compact car rental? Maybe, only a premium vehicle is able to satisfy your ambitions? No problems! Choose a car according to the number of passenger seats, type of gearbox, trunk size, and of course by class in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan. The following categories of vehicles will fit your any purpose:

  • Compact - Mitsubishi Mirage, Chevrolet Spark or similar
  • Economy - Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio or similar
  • Mid-size - Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Versa or similar
  • Full Size - Chrysler 200, Toyota Camry or similar
  • Minivan 7-seater - Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country or similar
  • 12-seater van - Ford Econoline or similar
  • Luxury - Cadillac XTS, Nissan Maxima or similar
  • SUV - Ford Ecosport, Toyota RAV4 or similar
  • Cargo Van - Ford Ecoline 150 Commercial or similar
  • Convertible - Ford Mustang Convertible, Fiat 500 Convertible or similar

Before booking, carefully analyze what rental car you exactly need, and only then confirm your reservation. This will help to make your trip as comfortable as possible and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Select a group to see detailed information, including pricing and pick up location near Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan.

Car rental conditions in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan

Each car rental company has certain requirements regarding the driver, fuel usage, road trip geography, insurance, and payment. Therefore, when you rent a car, a very important step is to choose the appropriate provider so that its car rental conditions match your idea of ​​the ideal supplier.

Is unlimited mileage what you are interested in? Or maybe breakdown assistance and a cheap young driver surcharge matters? And what about bonuses? No worries! You will definitely find the best rental car according to your desires.

Check out the following table containing vendors in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan, their pickup and return address, fuel policy, and the special benefits you get with along with their vehicles.

Vendor Pick-up type Fuel Bonuses
Address: View address Pick up and return full
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Unlimited mileage
Nissan Rent A Car
Address: View address Pick up and return full
  • Young driver
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Unlimited mileage

FAQ - Car rental in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan

How to get a cheap car rental in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

Affordable price is what almost every renter wants to get. Of course, it may not be as low as you want, but there are several methods to increase your chances of choosing a car without the risk of overpaying.

Here's how to rent a car at the most favorable financial conditions in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan:

  • Book your vehicle as early as possible. Your rental car will cost less 7-10 days prior to the journey.
  • Plan to start your trip on a weekday. This will allow you to reduce the daily cost of a vehicle.
  • Travel as long as possible. As a rule, the longer the period of rental, the lower the price of each day. Consequently, the total cost of a 7-day rental may be lower than what you pay for 5-6 days.
  • Explore prices in the nearby pickup spots. Very often, your favorite model can cost there a few dollars a day cheaper.
  • Benefit from a small car. Obviously, the smaller the vehicle, the cheaper it is. Plus, you can further save on fuel.
  • Return the car to the same location. One-way car rental is not considered to be a budget-friendly option, so avoid it if possible.
  • Don’t cross the border. This will cause extra payments and excessive material losses.
  • Look for special offers. Discounts and promotions from rental car companies in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan will help to reserve a car up to 20% cheaper.

What is the best car rental company that provides rental cars in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

A good provider means not only a low price for vehicles. Such parameters as car quality and cleanliness of the interior, maintenance on the counter, the degree of simplicity and features of the pick up/drop off processes also matter. They affect the overall impression of car rental experience and allow you to choose the best supplier. Judging by the reviews of our renters, the following companies have the highest rating in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan:

  • Times Japan – 8.4 / 10
  • EUROPCAR Franchise – 7.5 / 10
  • EUROPCAR Franchise – 7.5 / 10

This means you can completely trust these agencies.

What rental cars are best in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

The correctly selected deal is a guarantee that you won’t overpay the extra money, and at the same time can fully enjoy the trip by using all the advantages of the vehicle.

At, you will be amazed by the rich selection of cars: compact, economy, mid-size, premium, minivan, SUV, convertible – they will suit your wildest travel plans.

Do you have a grandiose trip with your big family in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan? The 7-seater minivan Dodge Grand Caravan will give comfort to passengers and the necessary space for luggage.

Are you a budget solo-traveler who needs a fuel-efficient rental car? Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta or similar are at your disposal.

Also, the Ford Mustang convertible fits perfectly into the concept of a summer trip in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan, while such luxury cars as the Cadillac XTS or Chrysler 300 will be the perfect complement to your image on a business trip.

For those who need a car to explore country roads or national parks, an SUV will be the best offer.

A comfortable mid-size or full-size sedan is another option that will allow you to feel the king of the highway.

What is the cheapest rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

If the total cost is a factor that affects your final choice, then sort the offers by the criterion of the lowest price when searching for a vehicle on our website.

The minimum price for a rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan is $53.001 per day, for which you can pick up Mini Nissan Dayz or similar from Nissan.

Can I pay for my rental car with a debit card in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

Yes, you can pay for your reservation with a debit card on our website. But car rental deposit is the only obstacle that may not allow you to pick up a car with a debit card. What does this mean?

Companies need a financial guarantee of driver liability for damages, fines and possible penalties that are not covered by insurance. This is a certain amount of money which is part of the credit limit of a bank card. Accordingly, it can be blocked on a credit card only.

Can someone drive my rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

Yes, you may have one or several people at once except you who can drive your vehicle. To do this, you need to include the additional driver option in your contract, while your authorized person must meet the same requirements and have a driver’s license and an ID passport.

This option can be chosen both at the online reservation stage and requested directly on the counter/office of the company in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan.

The cost of an extra driver is approximately $10 per day, but very often suppliers offer additional driver options free of charge.

What insurance should I choose for my car rental in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

A road trip always brings positive emotions, vivid impressions, and pleasant memories. However, it can sometimes be overshadowed by various unpleasant incidents on the road, and as a result, you may incur material liability.

If you want to fully protect your rental car, then full insurance is the only way to avoid any further expenses. You can purchase it during pick-up at rental desk. Of course, full insurance is ideal, but it can be assembled from several types of coverage.

First, you need CDW/LDW insurance that will protect your car from damage and theft. It has a certain excess limit which shows the amount with which your responsibility begins.

The second type is PAI/PEC package. It’s needed to reimburse expenses associated with obtaining medical care by the driver or passengers.

Another must-have protection is SLI. It cancels your liability in case of property damage/personal injury caused to third parties.

All events that are not covered by insurance are usually within a deposit amount. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything, but enjoy your trip!

What type of fuel policy to choose in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

The type of fuel policy shows how you will refuel your car. If you don’t want to spend time at a gas station and devote all your free time visiting sights and entertainment venues - choose prepaid gasoline.

However, a more preferred option is “pick up full, return full” option. This means you collect a car with a full tank of gas, and you must drop it off with the same amount of fuel. Before returning the car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan, you will need to visit a gas station to refuel the tank of your rental car.

As a result, you will only pay for the fuel you used, and the price of 1 gallon will be much lower.

How to pick up a rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

A car rental pickup is a very serious procedure, because any problems on your part may force the company to cancel the deal, which will completely ruin your upcoming trip. To prevent this, follow a few important tips:

  • Check the availability of documents that are needed to pick up your rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan You will need a driver’s license, IDP (if necessary), any identification document, and a printed reservation voucher.
  • If you want to have an additional driver, the same paper set must be provided by each extra driver.
  • Make sure your credit card expiration date is in order and the credit limit is enough to block the deposit.
  • Try not to be late when looking for a counter. If your plane is delayed, notify the car rental provider.
  • Carefully study the contract, and if required, specify the details that you don’t understand.
  • Add the necessary additional options or equipment.
  • Before you collect your rental car, make sure that the model meets the declared specifications.
  • Examine the car for scratches. If present, take photos and ask the employee to mention them.
  • Check that the amount of fuel in the tank is in accordance with the chosen fuel policy.
  • If everything is OK, start the engine and go!

How to drop off a rental car in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan?

Easy car rental return in Kisarazu - Downtown, Japan is exactly what you need after an exhausting trip. How to make it as quick and trouble-free as possible? Just check out a few tips:

  • Always keep in mind the exact car drop-off time. Estimate the approximate time necessary to reach the return place, taking into consideration possible traffic jams.
  • Don’t be late. Otherwise, you risk paying for the next rental day.
  • Don’t forget to refuel your car on your way to drop-off point and don’t lose the receipt.
  • Maintain your car clean or you will have to pay for returning a dirty vehicle.
  • Make sure that the necessary documents are with you.
  • Don’t leave personal items (bag, wallet, phone, charger) inside the car.
  • After arriving at the spot, inform the company that you are ready to return the rental car.
  • Pass the keys to the provider’s employee or simply leave it in the place agreed in advance.