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How to rent a car under 25 in Canada?

Renting a car is the best way to get the most travel experience out of your trip. Whether it’s a simple exploration of urban attractions or discovering new secret places outside cities, a car will make your journey better and easier.

However, from time to time, the pick-up process can cause some difficulties, especially if you are a young driver who is looking for a quick and hassle-free service. Each company has its own requirements regarding renters, and you can easily get confused.

But don’t worry, as we have prepared a detailed guide where you will find answers to the most critical questions: what is the legal age to rent a car in Canada, and how much surcharge when you are under 25 for a car rental? To start with, check the list of what you need for a trouble-free vehicle pick up:

Have a valid driver's license

You must have a valid license that will also be valid for the entire travel period. A driver's document is accepted if it’s issued in:

  1. the USA, including all states and possessions;
  2. Canada and any of its provinces;
  3. country that has an agreement with Canada;
  4. 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on Traffic on Inter-American Territory participating country.

Keep in mind that if you have an international driving permit (IDP), it only works with the original domestic license. In any case, you should contact a potential provider and find out if the driver’s license from your country is suitable to enjoy under 25 car rental in Canada.

Also, there are a few more requirements:

  1. The provider is authorized to ask you to sign an individual declaration confirming that your driver’s license is active.
  2. If you own a temporary license, make sure it doesn’t have any driving restrictions.
  3. You’ll be refused to pick up a car in Canada if having a G1 or G2 learner’s permit.

Meet the age policy of companies

Each separate agency has its own requirements for permissible age to rent a car in Canada, and you must fully satisfy it:

  1. The lower age limit is 21. Drivers less than 25 years old are subject to additional fees.
  2. 21-24-years-old drivers are usually banned in terms of picking up 7-seater minivans and luxury vehicles.

Clarify the details before confirming the reservation by reading the rental conditions on our website.

Have an acceptable driving history

Each company forms its own criteria on this issue, so it is better to discuss this with a potential supplier in advance.

Provide a credit card

A credit card with a certain amount of available credit funds is what most companies require. If you don’t have it, then this will be sufficient reason to refuse car rental under 25 Canada.

Protect your vehicle

Check which insurance plan is already included in the rental price - typically, you'll have minimal coverage. To be protected, we recommend having liability and damage coverage. Check your travel insurance, as well as credit card protection. Perhaps, they also apply to a rented car, and this will save you from unnecessary spending.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Canada?

You must be at least 21 and your driving experience – a minimum of 12 months to legally get behind the wheel of a rental car in Canada under 25. Please note that some classes of cars, such as vans, minivans, and luxury cars are prohibited for 21-24-year-old renters.

Check the table below to know more about the minimum age to rent a car in Canada and how much is the under 25 car rental fee:

Car rental agency Minimum age to rent a car Under 25 car rental fee
Advantage 21 $27
Alamo 21 $25
Avis 21 or 18 in Saskatchewan $35
Budget 21 $29.95-35
Dollar 20 or 18 in Quebec $25-35
Enterprise 21 $15
Europcar 21 $25
EZ 19 $20-30
Fox 19 $14
Hertz 20 or 18 in Quebec $25-30
National 21 $25
Thrifty 20 or 18 in Quebec $30

Where can you rent a car under 25 in Canada?

We collect the best offers from all available companies in one place. You don’t need to visit each site of the provider manually - a quick search engine will do everything for you. Plus, you can apply many smart filters, which allows you to count on an excellent discount car rental under 25 in Canada. What is more, we offer car rental under 25 in a large number of locations all over Canada:

Which car rental companies rent to under 25 in Canada?

In Canada, you can rent a car under 25 from major companies and local providers:

How much to rent a car under 25 in Canada?

It’s challenging to specify the exact amount because the size/class of the vehicle and the time of year when you have a road trip significantly affect the final price tag. But anyway, how much does it cost to rent a car under 25 despite a large number of variables? Check the following table to find rental prices (indicated in CAD) that are valid in high and low season:

Car class High season, CAD Low season, CAD
Economy car 48 44
Mini car 48 44
4x4 81 87

Remember that the time when you make a reservation also matters – the closer to the pick-up date, the less your chances of discount car rental under 25 Canada. Of course, it would be crazy to count on a drop in prices during the high season, so expect that between May and September, a vehicle will cost you a lot more.

Car classes available in Canada for under 25 years old

When preparing for a road trip to Canada, you should expect that some classes of cars will be entirely inaccessible for you. This is due to a lack of renter’s driving experience and the specifics of companies’ policies.

As an underage traveler, you can rent a car under 25 Canada by choosing the following vehicle categories:

Economy / Compac Intermediate / Standard Fullsize SUV

Dodge Atos, Mazda 2, Chevrolet Spark, Kia Rio, Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris, and similar.

Toyota Corolla, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Elantra, Pontiac Grand Am, Ford Fusion, Volkswagen Jetta, and similar.

Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Malibu, Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Nissan Maxima, Ford Taurus, and similar.

Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, Hyundai Santa Fe, GMC Yukon, Dodge Durango, Ford Edge, Jeep Grand Cheerokee, and similar.

Сar classes like 7-seater minivans, vans, luxury cars, convertibles, and SUVs are usually not allowed to rent for youngsters.

FAQ about car rental under 25 in Canada

Can a US citizen under 25 rent a car in Canada?

In general, the minimum age to rent a car in Canada with a US license is 21 years old. As an exception, in Quebec and Saskatchewan, you can pick up a vehicle starting from 18.

Can you rent a car in Canada with a US driver's license?

Yes, you can travel in a rental car in Canada using an American driver's license. Note that as a renter, you should meet other requirements of the rental contract such as age, driving experience, etc. These requirements will differ for each provider and location, so be sure to read through the rental terms and policies.

Can I rent a car at 18 in Canada?

Yes, 18-year-old drivers have the opportunity to pick up a car in Canada, but only in certain destinations and from certain rental providers. Hertz, Dollar, Avis, and Thrifty offer such deals in Quebec and Saskatchewan provinces.

Why is there a car rental under 25 fee in Canada?

According to statistics, young drivers are much more likely to become participants in road incidents, which is a source of material risk for a rental company.

In turn, the provider wants to be protected against money losses by using an underage fee for 21-24-years-old drivers. For this reason, no fee under 25 car rental Canada is usually not available.

Will I pay a young driver fee renting in Canada under 25?

Underage travelers who have a journey in Canada in a rental car must pay a young driver's fee. When booking a car on Rental24H.com, you will need to indicate your age, and only after that, you can check the list of options available to you, and compare them.

Then, upon arrival at the counter, a company employee will ask for your passport to confirm your age. Based on this, he will determine the amount of the underage fee to apply to your under 25 car rental Canada. It will be charged to your credit card before you receive your car key. So that the amount of payment for a young driver doesn’t come as a surprise to you, always check the rental conditions before confirming the reservation.

When will I pay the young driver fee?

You have to pay a young driver surcharge when picking up under 25 car rental in Canada on your provider's counter. It doesn’t depend on whether you book a car online or directly on the spot.

How will I pay the young driver fee renting in Canada?

You pay the underage fee with a credit card in the currency of the country you are collecting in (Canadian dollar).

Do all drivers under 25 years old pay young driver fees in Canada?

No. Car rental in Canada under 25 is always associated with an age fee, whether you are a primary or additional driver, but there are some ways how you can waive under 25 car rental fee.

How can I avoid paying a young driver fee in Canada?

The underage surcharge can increase your final bill for a rental car by $25-30 per day. Given this, it would be a great idea to find a way to avoid it and save 40-50% of the total cost, thereby obtaining a real discount rate. But how to waive under 25 car rental fee in Canada and at the same time enjoy an affordable road trip if you are a young driver? Fortunately, we have found several options to use:

Benefit from AAA Membership

You can deal with Hertz, and avoid age-related charges if you have the AAA membership. For this, AAA code is required.

Join Gold Plus Rewards program, which is also a great solution to receive Canada rental car under 25 free of young driver fees. But, it’s available with Hertz only.

Enjoy corporate offers

Many companies and businesses have agreements with rental providers, which include special discount offers or free options. An underage fee sometimes is among them, and you won’t need to pay for it.

Search for promotions and special offers

Frequently, companies want to attract potential renters with profitable deals, making some paid options free of charge. Among them, you can find offers where you won’t need to pay an underage surcharge, even if you should.

Avoid surcharge as a federal or military renter

National, Avis, Alamo, and Enterprise allow underage federal and military officials to collect a car for working use, while the company eliminates the need to pay a surcharge. This means you can pick up Canada car rental under 25 with no extra fees in case of meeting the requirements.

Should I buy the rental car insurance if I’m under 25?

Insurance is what makes your trip financially safe, and it’s especially needed if you are traveling on a rental car under 25 Canada.

Damage to the car, claims of third parties affected by the incident, theft of personal belongings - all this will not bring you any problems if you have insurance. What types of coverage are available to you as a renter?

Collision/Loss Damage Protection It protects you from liability in the event of damage or theft of a rental vehicle. Usually, the minimum coverage is included in the price. Still, it’s better to purchase a more extensive package for car rental under 25 Canada to protect yourself from potential cash expenses completely. Also, you can avoid buying this insurance in case your credit card supplier already provides it or if your domestic insurance policy applies to cars rented in Canada.
Liability Insurance You probably don’t want to be liable for the property and health of third parties who were involved in the incident through your fault. If so, get this insurance for your vehicle. This will allow you to rely on financial protection of $1,000,000 in the event of claims against you. Please note that your home insurance is not suitable to expect liability coverage for car rental Canada under 25 due to insufficient reimbursement.
Personal effects coverage Such valuables as a camera, mobile phone, laptop, or jewelry are excellent bait for thieves. If you want to expect compensation in case of theft, get personal effects protection package. This is available when booking a car or through your individual domestic coverage.
Personal accident insurance This will allow you to receive monetary compensation for possible medical or ambulance expenses in the event of injury to your health or the health of passengers. If you already have this option as part of your personal coverage, then avoid it, but if not – purchase it.

How much does it cost to secure a driver with a rental car under 25?

Car rental for under 25 Canada is unlikely to be as cheap as you expect due to the high cost of insurance for young travelers. Why does it happen? The reality is that underage drivers become frequent participants in road crashes resulting in car damage. This means high material losses for insurance companies, which in turn is the reason for the high cost of coverage for your vehicle.

But age is not the only criterion that determines the probability of getting into an incident - your driver’s history will tell more about you. Therefore, this factor also affects the cost of insurance for car rental under 25 in Canada.

For US citizens, the prices we listed on our site usually don’t include CDW and TP as these types of coverage are provided by credit cards or insurance companies. If you are not from the USA and get a rental, you may be asked by the manager to buy insurance as car rental insurance is obligatory. The prices are different for every rental provider, so check our rental terms.

Can you rent a car in Canada under 25 without insurance?

Traveling by car is a pleasant experience and nothing more. But it only works in an ideal world. Your trip hides many dangers, and the rental company wants to have financial guarantees in case of damage to its property. That’s why at least the minimum coverage goes with your car included.

Besides, liability coverage is mandatory for renters, and you won’t be allowed to collect the car without it. If, nevertheless, your goal is to save money, contact your home insurer or credit card provider, very often they already have the necessary coverage. This means you most likely won’t be allowed to rent a car under 25 Canada without at least a basic insurance package.

How to rent a car for cheap under 25?

Too high a price is the most common cause of embarrassment for young drivers looking for a suitable vehicle for a prominent Canadian trip.

Unfortunately, there's no magic wand to lower the price to the desired level. Still, several handy tips we've gathered below will help you find a quality and, at the same time, relatively cheap car rental Canada under 25:

  1. Compare providers by the cost of a young driver fee. You will be asked to pay an extra charge if you are a young driver, but of course, the price may not be the same for each company. Thus, comparing prices on our website is your key to the cheapest vehicle. It also works for experienced drivers who are over 25 years old. Choosing among hundreds of offers available in one place, you are guaranteed not to miss the best deal along with conditions that suit you.
  2. Drive a small economy car. Obviously, the cheaper the market value of the vehicle, the more affordable it will be available for rent. Take advantage of the small rental car under 25 Canada, and you will be surprised by the amazingly low cost per day. Moreover, often this category of car is characterized by a small engine capacity, which in the end will allow additional savings on fuel. But it’s also not recommended to take a too cramped car as this will negatively affect the level of comfort. Such an experience can ruin all the positive impressions you get on the trip.
  3. Find someone older to drive a car. You travel with a large company and among your companions, there is someone who is more than 25 years old. Then why not let him drive? Firstly, it will be cost-effective, and secondly, you can completely relax and not bother with unnecessary worries. Just make sure that the person has the required documents and a suitable age to rent a car in Canada without additional fees.
  4. Check fuel policy. Very often providers impose a prepaid fuel option. Yes, it’s convenient, but also it’s expensive. Therefore, give preference to full-to-full fuel rule and you won’t spend extra money at a gas station.
  5. Avoid renting at the airport. Collecting a vehicle at the airport is a great solution to start your trip right after landing. But if you look at the prices of similar cars offered in an urban location nearby, then you can easily find the best budget alternative for yourself. It’s a well-known fact that prices for Canada car rental under 25 at the airport are almost always higher due to additional taxes.

Can I rent one-way in Canada if I’m under 25?

Many locations will not allow renting one way, but this possibility still exists in Canada. Just make sure you have the right to drive one way and be ready for additional expenses. Here’re we’ve put together some general geographic restrictions if you collect rental car under 25 Canada from a particular provider:

  • ⇒ Thrifty and Dollar allow renters to travel to the adjacent states of the USA and Canadian provinces.
  • ⇒ If you pick up a car from National or Alamo in any location within British Columbia, then you can only drive in the territories of British Columbia and Alberta.
  • ⇒ All cars reserved in Canada can usually cross the US border but must be returned to Canada.
  • ⇒ The ferry crossing is generally permitted for rental cars, but in case it’s not associated with traveling on gravel or unpaved roads.
  • ⇒ Such destinations as the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska, the Nunavut, or Mexico are prohibited from traveling on car rental under 25 Canada, no matter where you picked it up.

Can I drive my rental across the border in Canada?

Crossing the border on your rental car is not something extraordinary, so in most cases, you are allowed to enjoy such an experience.

But of course, you should prepare for this, and follow our recommendations:

DO’s for border crossing:

  1. Notify your provider in advance that you intend to drive a rental car under 25 Canada to the USA.
  2. Check your contract and make sure you are allowed to travel to the USA. Stickers with the national American flag in the agreement may mean that you are approved.
    Accordingly, if you can’t find them, then you are forbidden.
  3. Make sure that you have enough miles available because exceeding them can lead to additional expenses.
  4. If you want to drive Canada rental car under 25 abroad, then it’s better to clarify all the details on the counter to avoid any related problems in the future.

DON’Ts for border crossing:

  1. Don’t try to lie and cross the border at your discretion, i.e., without informing the company. Cars are equipped with GPS trackers, which will undoubtedly expose your actions – this will result in a high fine for you.

Do rental cars in Canada come with an automatic or manual transmission?

You will hardly find cars with manual gear shifting. The automatic transmission is more comfortable to drive, and that’s why this is the preferred choice for most renters.

Am I required to use a Seatbelt in Canada?

Driving under 25 car rental Canada with unfastened seat belts is strictly prohibited. Firstly, it will cause a fine, and secondly, it’s simply unsafe.

Also, don’t forget about the additional equipment. Use a child seat in case you explore the Canadian territory with kids weighing less than 18 kilograms, or a booster seat if your junior hasn’t reached 145 cm in height.