How much is under 25 car rental fee in Denver, Colorado

Being under 25 (21-24 years old) you have to get acquainted with several restrictions applied to young Denver drivers. So, in case you want to rent a car, be sure to indicate that you need the additional service of a young driver. Just add the insurance service of an immature driver to your application.

Even if your country/state allows you to drive a rented car being underage, in Denver, Colorado, the laws are stricter. Here you’ll have to pay a surcharge of up to $25 daily. This is a mandatory rule for all the presented companies. 

To leverage Denver car rentals under 25, you have to get an international permit in case your driver’s license is issued in a language other than English (your name isn’t indicated in Latin letters). With this permit, you can drive throughout the whole Colorado state without any restrictions.

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Young driver fee in Denver

So what exact amount should one pay? The average Denver car rental under 25 charges from $15.99 to $40.99. The sum for your extra fee will depend on several factors:

  • car rental period, 
  • vendor,
  • class and category of a car,
  • driving experience and skills.

Therefore, it is recommended to check the main vendors’ conditions before booking. Unfortunately, in each case, these may differ due to the above factors. Of course, we also indicate all the needed info below, but for your confidence, it would be better to double-check it. You may be surprised to find a car rental in Denver with no under 25 fee.

Now let’s discover how much you should pay at each particular company! (Note: the majority of the companies offer only Economy, Compact, Standard, Full-size cars, and SUVs for inexperienced drivers).

Car rental companies for drivers aged 18-20

  • NU. The starting threshold is 18 years old. The standard rental age for this region is 25-70. The youngest permissible age is 18-24. Accordingly, 21-24-year-olds pay $9.95 while younger drivers pay $19.95.
  • Fox. At Fox, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 19. The extra fee is not that high as well – $20-25.
  • Dollar. You must be at least 20 years old. Also, be prepared for a $29/day fee. The total sum is paid once per rental.

Rental car agencies for drivers aged 21+

  • Ace. Underage clients should be ready for a $20-per-day fee. But you will be offered a discount if you are a USAA or AAA member.
  • Alamo. The minimum age here is 21, too. Your surcharge will be $20 per day.
  • Payless. Here the young driver surcharge is paid per driver. Payless asks for an extra fee of $40. This sum is also applicable for inexperienced drivers (under 2 years). 
  • Routes. With a surcharge of up to $24.99 you can rent Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full-Sized Cars, Minivans, and SUVs up to a Standard-Size.
  • SIXT. The under 25 car rental fee in Denver for clients of SIXT is $25-30. However, you can take advantage of a 25% student discount if you are 21+. 
  • Thrifty. Another car rental that offers its services only to drivers older than 21 and charges an underage fee of $27 per day. One of its restrictions includes a ban on renting specialty vehicles like StyleSeries.

Providers with AAA and USAA membership discount 

  • Hertz. To rent a vehicle you have to be at least 21. The Hertz car rental under 21 fee is below the industry level: it is only $19 per rental day. Cars from Economy to Full-Size classes are at your disposal.
  • National. As with the above solutions, you have to be at least 21 to leverage this Denver, Colorado car rental under 25 service. The extra cost will be $25/day excluding taxes. 
  • Avis. You have to be at least 21. Clients willing to rent a car in Denver under 25 will be automatically registered for a $27-per-day underage fee.
  • Budget. The minimum age is 21. When using this service, you will pay a $27 underage fee, as with Avis. Young drivers can choose from the following car classes: Economy, Compact, Intermediate/midsize, Standard, Full-size, Premium, Intermediate/midsize SUVs, Standard SUVs, and Convertibles.
  • Enterprise.  All the options available for the age group of 21+ years old are Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, and Full-Size cars, Cargo vans, and Minivans; Pickup Trucks; Compact SUVs, Small SUVs, and Standard SUVs (no more than 5 passengers). The average underage fee is $25.

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Why are insurance rates higher for drivers under 25?

As you can see, it’s impossible to find a car rental without an under 25 fee, since young drivers are considered less reliable than adult ones. On top of that, many car rentals at Denver airport under 25 are obliged to ask customers for full insurance. In doing so, companies feel safe regarding:

  • damage to vehicles, 
  • recovery from collisions, 
  • mechanical damage.

At the same time, clients of car rental Denver Colorado under 25 also get their perks: insured health and reimbursement if your chosen vendor misses something.

Indeed, there are cases when an under 25 car rental in Denver confuses the pickup time. If this happens to you – request compensation. However, be sure to check this point in your contract before signing.

Nevertheless, any car rental at Denver airport under 25 we mentioned above is a safe and quality service that has proven itself through years of top-notch work!

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Parking in Denver: How to Find Cheapest Option?

Denver is the largest city and the heart of Colorado. It’s known for fascinating mountain peaks, talented sports teams, and excellent opportunities for leisure travelers. Denver has a very developed road system, making the car the most convenient and best way for getting throughout the city.

Unfortunately, as in any big US city, there’s a problem of Denver parking, and the search for a free space to leave a car sometimes turns into a headache for the driver. That’s why many visitors to the city are concerned about the availability of a suitable parking spot in Denver.

In fact, each complexity has a solution, and parking in Denver CO can be really easy – you just need to follow some recommendations.

As stated by Denver parking requirements, it’s possible to choose among:

  • Street parking;
  • Parking lots and garages.

Almost all places to park the car, including Downtown and Denver Airport parking spaces, are equipped with parking meters. All you need to do is pay for the desired period of time by using a credit card or coins. When choosing a parking time, pay attention to the limit indicated on the sign next to the meter, and don’t violate it. Otherwise, you will be issued a parking ticket – its average price in Denver is $45.

If you are tied to a specific location in the city, then one of the suitable options will be a special permit, which can be purchased on the city website. It exempts from some restrictions when parking in the residential area.

Street parking in Denver. What is important to know?

In fact, there are about 43,000 street parking places in Denver. Most of them are regulated by parking meters, but it’s also possible to find meter-free spots to leave a car. In this case, you need to carefully check the road signs to avoid violating the Denver street parking rules. Also, such places may require additional permission.

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Metered Denver parking spaces have some major features:

  • Operating hours of on-street parking is from 8 a.m. till 2 a.m., Monday through Saturday.
  • Each parking spot in Denver is time-limited. Thus, you can’t use the same point for more than 2 hours in a row.
  • The cost of 1-hour parking is usually $1.
  • Parking meters accept coins, credit cards, and Smart Cards.
  • Meter parking is free of charge on city holidays, Sundays, as well as after 10 p.m. from Monday till Saturday.
  • It’s prohibited to use street parking in Denver between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m..
  • When parking, the car’s tires shouldn’t be further than 18 inches from the curb.

Top cheap parking in Denver

Finding a cheap parking spot in Denver may become a real challenge for the driver. The city is incredibly huge, and it’s difficult to predict which area will best suit a particular customer.

However, it’s still possible to single out the most popular and cheapest Denver parking destinations. By using SpotHero web resource, you’ll be offered a comprehensive list of available lots, thus making the choice of the best place to leave your car quick and easy.

the parking spot denver, denver parking

Here’re some of the most frequently used places for parking in Denver. Click on the desired link to get the prices of a certain location:

Those travelers who are going to have a long-term trip may be interested in Denver monthly parking rates. The price range varies from $50/month on the outskirts of the city to $250/month in the center. The most cost-effective Denver’s spots in terms of monthly parking are:

  • 3721 Navajo St – $50/month;
  • 2137 Glenarm Pl – $70/month;
  • 245 Columbine St – $75/month;
  • 227 8th Ave – $75/month;
  • 120 S Pennsylvania St – $85/month.

Top airport parking in Denver

The question concerning Denver International Airport parking arises each time when you are going to have a business or leisure trip from Denver and decided to get to the airport by car.

Hotel parking, shuttle parking, as well as valet parking provide plenty of options, which will provide you with fine airport parking in Denver anyway.

denver airport parking, denver international airport parking, parking at denver airport,

Parking prices depend majorly on the distance from the spot to the airport terminals, and the type of parking. Usually, you need about 7-20 minutes to reach the airport building from the parking lot. The average price per day is $4-16. In view of Denver Airport parking rates, the approximate cost of parking for a week or another period you need is also clear. Remember that each parking day will cost cheaper for long-term service.

As mentioned earlier, SpotHero is an excellent choice for finding parking, including parking at Denver Airport. Just fill in the desired start and end parking time, and you’ll be immediately provided with the best Denver Airport parking options.

Hotels near Denver International Airport – parking fee

Hotels are another opportunity for Denver International Airport parking. Most of them have ‘Park and Stay’ option, but there are also those that provide parking places only.

‘Park and Stay’ is usually offered by Denver hotels with free parking, which is a very convenient and money-saving solution for travelers.

parking denver, the parking spot denver, denver parking

Check out the table showing accommodation options with free parking Denver included:

Hotel Distance to Denver Airport Room price per day
Comfort Inn & Suites 13 miles $69
Best Western Plus DIA 5 miles $114
Holiday Inn Express 5 miles $166
Fairfield Inn & Suites 6 miles $215
Springhill Suites Denver 6 miles $241

If you’re interested in Denver airport parking only, here’s the list of the hotels offering spaces for your car, including long-term opportunity:

Hotel Distance to Denver Airport Parking price per day
AmericInn Hotel 6 miles $3.25
Residence Inn DIA 7.8 miles $6.49
Days Inn Denver Airport 5 miles $12
Embassy Suites Denver 5.3 miles $4.5
Quality Inn & Suites 8 miles $8
Holiday Inn & Suites DIA 5.1 miles $5
Microtel Inn & Suites 7.4 miles $5

Parking in downtown Denver

If choosing between street parking and parking lots in Downtown Denver, the second option will be more convenient and cheaper. These parking areas don’t have any time limits, and their price is very attractive.

Moreover, a complete list of public surface lots is available on the official city website, which makes finding a cheap parking Downtown Denver fast, and hassle-free.

parking denver, parking spot denver, parking spot denver

Another excellent solution for Downtown Denver parking is public garages. Generally, there are 3 largest locations:

Denver Performing Arts Complex

Address: 1055 13th Street

Rates: 0 to 59 mins-$4, 1 to 2 hrs-$6, 2 to 5 hrs-$9, 5 to 12 hrs-$15, 12-24 hrs-$20 

Denver Justice Center

Address: 490 West 14th Avenue

Rates: Up to 4 hours-$6, Up to 6 hours-$8, Up to 12 hours-$12  

Cultural Center Complex

Address: 65 West 12th Avenue

Rates: 0 to 59 mins-$1, 1 to 2 hrs-$3.5, 2 to 3 hrs-$5, 3-5 hrs-$7.5, 5 to 12 hrs-$22, 12-24 hrs-$25

Both surface lots and garages are excellent options for parking in Downtown Denver. Remember that an advantageous Denver parking location will greatly simplify your traveling around the city!

Hotels in downtown – parking fee

Travelers usually search for Denver hotels with free parking in Downtown, because they provide quick and easy access to all the major city sights. Indeed it’s very convenient to wake up in the morning, pick up your car and start exploring your favorite attractions.

parking denver, parking downtown denver, the parking spot denver

For your convenience, here’s the list of the cheapest hotels providing free parking in Denver:

Hotel Room price per day
Rodeway Inn & Suites $68
The Timbers Hotel $74
Clarion Hotel Denver Central $80
Radisson Denver Central $89
Hampton Inn Denver Tech Center $111
Doubletree by Hilton Denver $125

In case the accommodation price doesn’t include the parking fee, then you’ll need to pay additionally about $40-50 for Denver parking provided by the chosen hotel.