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How to Save on a Passenger Van Rental?

Organizing a group trip can cause headaches. Whether it’s a family day off, a road adventure with friends, or a business trip with colleagues, finding a comfortable transportation option is one of the main points. Fortunately, every problem has a solution, and picking up a passenger van rental would be a great way to get around for each of these cases.

Indeed, the large space is the main reason to rent a passenger van. Everyone gets his personal room and enough luggage compartment volume to guarantee a stress-free trip. However, beyond that, you enjoy many other benefits.

For example, you save money when preferring a large van rental instead of two regular cars. Even if you own a passenger car, picking up a van will be a great alternative. Firstly, you will avoid premature wear and tear of your car, and secondly, you will save yourself from preparing the vehicle for the trip.

In a word, a rental van is the best you can think of for a trip with a lot of people. The main thing is to choose a van that suits your needs.

How to select the right van?

When you rent a van for your next trip, it’s very important to make a balanced choice, taking into account many factors. This will allow you to have the right vehicle at hand, which will guarantee a successful travel experience. Today, the passenger van rental market is full of different offers in terms of size, price, configuration, and other related features. But how can you choose the right van rental from the entire list? It’s very simple. Follow these tips and you will quickly find the best one to drive on your next trip.

Check your main goal

Your preferences will result in your final choice, so think about what really matters to you. A comfortable interior, a large compartment for bags, rich equipment, or a price? Maybe you want to get a specific model like Sprinter van rental from Mercedes?

Knowing your main goal simplifies the search process by ignoring all deals that don’t match your criteria.

Calculate how many seats you need

For most cases, 10 passenger van rental is enough even for a big trip. However, everyone has their own understanding of free space. For example, if 10 people including the driver are going on a long-distance journey, then all their bags may not fit in the trunk. It’s a good idea to rent a 12 passenger van at least or pick up a large 15 seater van rental.

In this case, you need to think ahead of time, since it’s better to have more space in advance than to experience cramped later.

Think about your luggage

Having a lot of interior space is good, but even better when you enjoy an extra-large luggage compartment for your belongings. Indeed, you won’t really like sitting with a bag in your hands when traveling in your family van rental. Hence the conclusion, estimate how many bags you are going to take with you.

Plan your budget

It’s principally how much you are willing to spend. If the cheapest van rental is your main aim, then be careful not to get bad service. Try to balance your travel budget and you’ll find a great deal at an affordable price.

Read customer reviews

As a traveler, you probably want to pick up a reliable van for rent from a highly trusted company, and at the same time take advantage of the fast service. This is only possible if you read the reviews of those who have had similar experiences. Hence, user reviews are an extra way to find the right van rental.

How to save on a van rental?

Do not be surprised that 10-, 12-, or 15-passenger van rental can cost you a lot. In addition to their high market value, these vehicles are larger than conventional compact or full-size cars, have higher fuel consumption and greater maintenance costs. Yes, all this leads to higher prices, but fortunately, there’s a way out. You can still find cheap van rental – just follow our simple money-saving tips:

Choose the right time to rent a passenger van

The starting date of your trip matters. Holidays and weekends are the periods of the highest demand, which causes the rental price to rise. Thus, one of the ways to enjoy a budget van rental price is to look for weekday deals.

Benefit from early booking

The best deals appear long before your upcoming trip. So, the most optimal time to book a travel van rental is 2-3 weeks before the trip. Firstly, the choice of deals will be really wide, and secondly, their price will please you.

Shop in nearby locations

Would you like to find van rental unlimited miles at the best price? Check out similar deals in nearby locations and you may be able to get what you want for less. Please note that despite the convenience, airport locations are generally more expensive due to additional fees. Thus, it makes sense to look in city pickup points too.

Extend your trip

It may sound strange, but 5 rental days are often more expensive than you pay for 7 days. This is because every single day will be cheaper for long-term rentals. In general, the main rule is the more rental days, the lower the price, and vice versa. Consider this information when planning your road journey.

Pick up the only right van

This means, don’t rent a 15 passenger van if a 10 or 12 seater is enough for you. The larger the car – the higher the price. So, if possible, try to fit into a smaller vehicle to save money.

Avoid one-way van rental

As a rule, returning a car to a different location is pricier than to the original one. This is because the car rental companies additionally charge you a one-way fee. So, don’t pick up van rental one way if saving money is your main goal.

Don’t use underage rental if possible

According to statistics, young drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents. This entails additional financial risks for the car rental company associated with the repair of the car as a result of damage.

Therefore, the company needs additional financial guarantees and requires all under 25 drivers to pay the young driver’s fee. It’s $25-35 dollars per day, which significantly increases the total rental cost

If you are an underage driver but someone from your company is already 25 years old, let him rent a van. This avoids the young driver’s fee and makes your trip cost-effective.

Check fuel policy

The car rental provider usually offers two fuel policies to choose from – prepaid fuel and ‘full-to-full’, sometimes called ‘pick up full-return full’. The first option is more convenient – you get a full tank of gas, use it on your own, and no matter how much fuel remains in the tank upon drop off. Unfortunately, nobody compensates you for unused fuel.

Full-to-full is a better option for saving money as you pay solely for the fuel your car consumes. Plus, the price per gallon at the gas station is usually lower than what your car rental provider offers.

Cancel options you don’t need

Very often the counter employee tries to sell you as many extra options as possible. Some you really need, but some you don’t. Think in advance what optional extras you want to add to your booking, and refuse everything unnecessary.

Look for discounts and promotions

It will be nice if a 12 seater van rental from your favorite brand will be 20-30% cheaper. Fortunately, this is possible! Fill out the search form on our website and look for Discount- or Promotion-labeled deals.

van rental

How much is a van rental?

Due to many factors that affect the cost, the average price to rent a van is from $80 to $180 per day. The van size and class, as well as the length of the rental period, are the main reasons for the wide range of rates. What’s more, several secondary things also make the price higher or lower. Let’s look at them in more detail:

  • Van rental size. A compact 10-seater will be much cheaper than a full-size van rental for 12-15 passengers. In other words, by looking for a smaller car, you can expect a lower price.
  • Van class. If you browse through the prices, you will notice that the good old Ford Transit van rental is usually the cheapest in its category. This is a great mid-range family van that does its job well. At the same time, the luxury Mercedes Sprinter van rental obviously has a higher cost than the aforementioned model due to the increased comfort and richer technical equipment. This means that the class of the van directly influences its price.
  • Rental period. As for the rental period, there’s also something to say. Travelers who are used to one- or two-week road trips get more affordable prices than short-term renters.
  • Pickup location. High demand generates high prices, and as expected, this also works for locations. Airport pick-up points are the most popular but also the most expensive due to additional fees. So, you can find more affordable deals at downtown car rental offices.
  • Car rental company. Different companies provide a different level of service and, accordingly, the price. Most often, regional firms feature more affordable deals but at the same time, international agencies have a trusted reputation. The best way to find a balance is to compare prices from all available suppliers on our website.
  • Seasonal factor. It will be cheaper for you to pick up 12 passenger van rental in the low season when the demand for such a vehicle in a certain location is small. So, if the price is a deciding factor for you, consider this a great way to save money.

The most popular van rental destinations

Picking up a van for rent is an outstanding idea for your trip wherever you go. Indeed, you will be happy to travel in a large company and visit the most amazing places at your own pace. Plus, it’s so cool to share your experiences with each other during your trip!

Well, and where’s the best place to go to get the most out of your trip? In fact, any destination is great to explore on a large 15-, 12-, or 10-seater van rental, but the following places are the most popular among experienced travelers:

  • Van rental Las Vegas. In and around Las Vegas, you will find many places to visit with the whole family. Start with iconic themed hotels in the city, and then head out to explore the desolate landscapes of the Mojave Desert.
  • Van rental NYC. As the center of US business life, New York is not a typical family getaway. However, if you rent a passenger van you will find many great leisure options for everyone.
  • Van rental Orlando. People often pick up a van in Orlando to reach its famous amusement parks – Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. This is the easiest and fastest way of getting around the area.
  • Van rental Los Angeles. From white beaches to evergreen parks and Hollywood attractions, Los Angeles has a lot to offer. At the same time, the van makes it easy to quickly move between all sights.
  • Van rental Chicago. Travelers with children love to visit the local zoo, as well as many city parks and museums. So, they often select rental vans to have more flexibility in route planning.
  • Van rental Atlanta. The Georgia Aquarium is a key attraction for families in Atlanta. However, you will also find a few natural gems outside the city if you have a rental van at hand.
  • Van rental Miami. Picking up a van rental would be a great idea for exploring Miami’s many beaches. If you’d like, take a closer look at the wildlife in the Everglades National Park located nearby.
  • Van rental San Francisco. This destination is a great starting point to visit the Northern California National Parks. Having picked up a spacious van, you can reach some of them in just 2-3 hours.
  • Van rental San Diego. Situated close to the Mexican border, sunny San Diego has everything for a family holiday. Of course, a van is the best way to find its best beaches and activities.
  • Van rental Dallas. Dallas is a large cultural hub in Texas that offers extensive sightseeing opportunities. Whether it’s a family trip or a journey with friends, there’s no better way to move between them than in a spacious van.
  • Van rental Seattle. A metropolis in the heart of Washington State will appeal to everyone who loves modern attractions. Visit the Space Needle for breathtaking views, then hop into the van and head to the high-tech Boeing Everett Factory.

Save on your passenger van rental with!

Renting a van is the best way to get more out of your group trip, and we know how to make it cheaper. Working closely with the world’s leading car rental companies, does its best to ensure that you have access to reliable and high-quality deals at an affordable price.

Now it’s much easier to save money each time you rent a van. Our fast search engine finds all available offers in the desired location, while filters help you sort and then compare the remaining deals by numerous features. As a result, you get the best rental van at the lowest price guaranteed in the end. This will save you money and then spend it on what you really want.

Thus, getting a great deal at a reasonable price is still possible, even when it comes to a passenger van rental. So, fill out the search form on our website and start your best group trip.

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