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How to rent a car when you’re under 25?

What’s the minimum age to rent a car in the USA?

Typically, most companies’ minimum age to rent a car is 21 in most locations of the United States. However, in particular locations, even younger drivers are allowed to rent a car under 21. We’re talking about the states of New York and Michigan, where even 18-year-old renters can legally get behind the wheel of a rental car.

At the same time, youngsters who rent a car under 25 are considered underage drivers. Therefore, they must pay a special young driver fee charged on top of the basic car rental price. The amount of this fee is not fixed, but changes with a particular car rental under 25 providers and sometimes with the location.

How to rent a car under 25?

When you are about to solve an important problem, you want the whole process to be fast and hassle-free. This is exactly what you have each time you rent car under 25 years old. In fact, all you need for this is to have the necessary documents and be a minimum of 21-24 years old, sometimes even 18 is enough.

Documents you need to rent a car under 25 years old:

  • Full driver’s license. The driver’s license should be in the name of the main driver held for a minimum of 1 year with no major endorsements.
  • Credit card. Your debit or credit card must have both the first name and surname of the main driver. There has to be enough money for freezing the deposit, as well as for paying for the car rental and the young driver’s surcharge.
  • A printed version of your booking voucher. It can be found in your confirmation email after booking a car. It’s needed to verify your rent car USA under 25 booking with
  • Photo ID on an official document, e.g. passport or national ID card.

You should also check if any additional documentation is specified on your booking voucher. For instance, some car rental companies require additional ID for debit card car rentals.

Once you are sure that you have all these documents, you can be confident that you will rent your car. In general, the whole procedure is pretty clear, easy, and quick.

5 easy steps on how to rent a car under 25

  1.     Plan your trip:
  • Decide your start/end travel dates.
  • Think about what class and category of rental car you want to choose.
  1.     Select a rental car:
  • Specify the required location to rent car under 25.
  • Check the list of all the available deals and choose the best rental car according to the capacity you need, your personal preferences, budget, or other criteria.
  • Add essential extras to your booking such as prepaid fuel, additional driver, child seat, and insurance options.
  1.     Complete your booking:
  • Confirm your reservation.
  • Print a confirmation voucher to present at the counter.
  1.     Pick up your car rental under 25:
  • After arriving at your destination, find the office/counter of the car rental company.
  • Provide all the documents that the agency requires to sign the contract.
  • Keep your way to the parking lot of the rental company.
  • Inspect the vehicle for scratches, chips, and other damage. If there are some that are not included in the contract, take a photo and ask to add them.
  • Clarify the location and time to return the rental car.
  1.     Start enjoying your ride!

You can see that there’s nothing difficult here. However, it’s worth paying special attention to find the exact supplier among all rental car companies that rent to under 25 drivers.

What car rental companies rent to under 25?

You will be glad to know that almost all companies operating in the United States provide car rental under 25. They include well-known international brands such as Avis, Alamo, Budget, National, Hertz, Payless, Enterprise, Sixt, Dollar, Thrifty, and regional agencies: Silvercar, Fox, and U-Save. That is to say, you have a really wide choice when planning your road trip.

Unfortunately, most car rental companies that rent to under 25 will ask you to pay a young driver’s fee. What is this happening? This is the so-called money compensation for the risk associated with driving a car by inexperienced under 25 drivers. It ranges from $15 to $73 per day and depends on the specific company, your exact age, and location.

Of course, this is bad news in terms of your travel budget, but this is not a reason not to rent a car USA under 25. Every rule has exceptions, so there are always ways to get a great deal at an affordable price.

Which rental car company does not charge for under 25?

While almost every provider asks you to pay extra money on top of the basic rate for your lack of experience, Silvercar doesn’t charge an under 25 fee. This makes it a great choice and the cheapest way to rent a car under 25 wherever you go.

One of the restrictions is the geographical distribution of the company’s offices. The company is represented in only 30+ locations in the United States.

The minimum driver’s age to rent a car from Silvercar is 22 years old. The exception is New York State, where you still have to pay $75 a day as a young driver’s fee, but the minimum age there’s 18 years old. Silvercar has 3 downtown locations in New York City.

Above all, another advantage of Silvercar is its vehicle fleet that includes premium class models only. This will allow you to rent a car under 25 no fee and at the same time enjoy driving a luxury car. Although the rates for Silvercar’s rental cars are slightly higher due to the higher vehicle class, the money saved from not paying the young renter’s fee compensates for the increased price.

How much is the fee to rent a car under 25?

Expect to pay an extra $15-73 per day as a young driver’s fee when you rent a car under 25 USA. A significant variation in underage fees is due to the different pricing policies of companies and the laws of different places where you pick up a car.

As our customer, you have a huge choice of providers to rent a car for cheap under 25. All you need to do is choose the right company in the right place. For your convenience, we have created a table where you will find all the main car rentals that rent to under 25, their restrictions on the vehicle category, and the young driver’s fees.


Minimum age Under 25 Fee New York State Michigan State
Age 21-24 fee Age 18-21 fee Age 21-24 fee

Age 18-20 fee

Alamo Rent a Car logo 21


$24 $64 $20


AVIS Rent a Car 21


$35 $52 $28


Enterprise Rent-A-Car



$20 $57 $25


Dollar Rent A Car 20 $25-35 $35-45 $52 $35-45


Budget Rent a Car 21 $27 $35 $52 $28 $41
National Car Rental 21 $20 $20 $57 $25


Hertz 20 $29 $35-45 $52 $29


SIXT rent a car 21 $25-30 No station No station No station No station
Thrifty Car Rental 20 $25-35 $35-45 $52 $35-45 $42
Fox Rent A Car 19 $20-25 No station No station No station

No station

E-Z Rent-A-Car 21 $20-30 No station No station No station

No station

Silvercar 22 $0 $0 $75 No station

No station

How to avoid under 25 car rental fee?

Given the significant cost of young driver fees, you are probably wondering: How can I rent a car under 25 no fees? Don’t worry and keep on reading. There are some great ways to avoid under 25 fees on your next road trip to the USA:

AAA membership

American Automobile Association (AAA) members have good privileges when using car rental under 25 from Hertz. If you’re 20-24 years old and have a membership in this association, you can avoid paying the young driver’s fee.

USAA membership

Being a part of the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is another way to rent a car under 25 no fee. It applies to all the USAA members who are 18-24 years old and who pick up a rental car from Avis, Budget, or Hertz. The same applies to Enterprise customers, but only for those who are between 21 and 24 years old.

Traveling on a military or federal order

According to the US legislature, you are exempt from paying an underage fee if you rent a car under 25 from Avis, Enterprise, Alamo, and National, and have one of the above-mentioned employment statuses. As for the age, 18- through 24-year-old renters can enjoy this option.

Employer corporate negotiated rates

If you are traveling for business and your company has a special fee waiver arrangement with a car rental provider, this is also a way to avoid underage charges starting from the age of 18.

Insurance Replacement Rental

In case you ordered this service from an insurance company, you can ask if it covers the young driver’s fee when using a car rental under 25.

Renting a car from Silvercar

You also don’t pay the young driver’s fee if you are a 22-24-year-old renter who picks up a car from Silvercar in any available location other than those located in New York State.

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