Premium SUV rental LAX

What is a premium SUV rental at LAX Airport?

The segment of premium SUVs is for lovers of luxury and maximum comfort. A premium SUV rental has leather interiors and panoramic roofs with incredible visibility. The passenger capacity of premium SUV models can be from 5 to 8 people. What is more, they offer plenty of things to enjoy the road and to entertain you during trips.

The most commonly rented premium SUV models are Infiniti QX80, Audi Q3, Cadillac Escalade, and Chevrolet Suburban. All of them are spacious and have many additional features. Here is more information about these models:

Infiniti QX80 rental

Infiniti QX80

Number of seats in the car: 5-7

Trunk volume: 16.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind its 3rd row; 49.6 cubic feet with 3rd-row seats folded; 95.1 cubic feet with all rear seats folded

Fuel consumption: 14 mpg

Audi Q3 rental

Audi Q3

Number of seats in the car: 5

Trunk volume: 23.7 cubic feet of space behind the 2nd row; 48 cubic feet behind the front row

Fuel consumption: 20 mpg

Cadillac Escalade rental

Cadillac Escalade

Number of seats in the car: 7

Trunk volume: 39.3 cubic feet of space behind the 3rd row; 76.7 cubic feet behind the 2nd row; 120.9 cubic feet if 2nd and 3rd-row seats folded

Fuel consumption: 16 mpg

Chevrolet Suburban

Number of seats in the car: 5-7

Trunk volume: 41.5 cubic feet of space behind the 3rd-row seats; 93.8 cubic feet with 3rd-row seats folded; 144.7 cubic feet with all rear seats folded

Fuel consumption: 15 mpg

Chevy Suburban rental is a large SUV that is perfect for family road trips.

Premium SUV vs. Full-size SUV

The main difference between a premium SUV and a full-size SUV is that the interior of a premium SUV rental in LAX is usually more luxurious and expensive. Premium SUVs usually have high-quality leather interiors, the finest stereo systems, power seats with numerous adjustments. Additionally, premium SUVs are more powerful and fuel-efficient. 

On the other hand, both premium and full-size SUVs can easily accommodate 7 adult passengers and have enough room to transport loads of baggage. So, if you do not need a premium leather interior and improved driving experience, feel free to rent a full-size SUV.

Luxury SUV vs. Premium SUV

Many people confuse premium and luxury SUV rentals in Los Angeles. They are pretty similar, however, there are a few distinct differences between these two SUV categories. The biggest difference between luxury and premium SUVs is the status of the brand that manufactured the SUV. Luxury SUVs are usually produced by luxury brands like Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, etc. All their cars are always equipped with some luxury features. Whereas premium SUVs are produced by regular brands, they are an upgraded version of a specific model. For instance, GMC Yukon is a full size SUV, while its premium car trim is GMC Yukon XL and GMC Yukon XL Denali.

One more recognizable difference between luxury and premium SUVs is status and value. Luxury brand SUVs often rank above premium brand SUVs in status and price. For instance, if you drive a Lincoln Navigator, you deserve a certain reputation and level of wealth, because to some people Lincoln or Lexus are names of brands that are worth the value. Whereas when you drive a premium Ford Expedition EL, you just drive a Ford SUV with almost the same features but at a lower price.

On the other hand, both luxury and premium SUVs provide increased levels of comfort, technology, safety, quality, performance, and status compared to regular SUV classes. Premium and luxury SUVs are usually equipped with larger touch screens and an array of cameras. Moreover, they often have high-quality materials and finishes on the interior and exterior of the SUV: genuine leather steering wheel, heated car seats, top-notch wheels and tires, panoramic sunroof or moonroof, etc.

Where to rent premium SUVs at LAX Airport?

Premium SUVs are provided by a number of world-famous car rental companies in Los Angeles Airport: Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise, National, Sixt, Thrifty, etc. If you are interested in premium SUV car rentals, you should know that most car rental agencies including National and  Enterprise require a credit card to rent a premium SUV. However, on our website, you will find some providers that allow you to use a debit card to pick up premium SUV rentals.

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