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Parking Las Vegas – Find All The Cheap Options!

Las Vegas is a really stunning place, with its beautiful views, colorful streets, festivals, performing arts, and hotel complexes. Of course, this is the last place that comes to mind when you hear the word CHEAP. Vegas leads the list of most expensive cities in America so that finding cheap or even free parking in Las Vegas Strip or any other district seems to be unreal.

Parking options in Las Vegas

Las Vegas park garages are probably the biggest in the whole world. Do you believe that? It sounds like it could be true. Of course, every service should be paid.

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How much are you charged for the car parking in Vegas?

As a rule, different properties set different prices for the car parking in Vegas. Thus, you can easily drop your car for some time in a garage of a casino or nearest shopping mall! How long? The first hour is free! It is a popular parking option and you will find it everywhere in the city. Of course, big resorts have a fixed price for parking, even if you drop the car for an hour. The best variant for you to stay in a hotel where you are parking your vehicle!

  • First-hour parking costs you nothing;
  • Up to 5 hrs costs you about $3-10;
  • Up to 24 hrs costs you about $10-15;
  • Leaving a car for more than a day you pay about $10-15 per each day.

How to validate a ticket for parking in Vegas?

You can easily sign off your ticket in many different ways, including a restaurant or casino manager, cashier, slot attendant. This is your chance to avoid parking fees or get cheap park in Las Vegas. Remember, validation is usually required for self-parking garages ONLY!

How much do you pay for valet parking in Vegas?

Free car park in Vegas is not always available unless you could find a no-cost valet parking option in some big hotels. Sometimes, you should wait for long for the valet service! Check Vegas car park costs before you reach the hotel or casino.

Valet parking

  • Up to 4 hrs costs you about $10-15;
  • Up to 24 hrs costs you about $15-20;
  • Leaving a car for more than a day you will pay $15- 20 per each day.

Everything you should know about the street car park in Las Vegas

City malls and hotel complexes on the Strip offer a wide range of parking services. Downtown is not different. Try to find a good and possibly cheap place to leave your car. It would be rather careless of you to leave it in the street unwatched and unprotected. It is better to use free parking lots in Vegas.

How much do you fee to park in the street?

On-street parking spots are rarely met in Las Vegas You can leave your car in the street lot from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The price is about $1-2 per hour. But you can hardly find many cars parked on the street in Vegas.

How to avoid car parking fees?

Park a car in Vegas and pay nothing! The sure-fire way to waive parking fees is to become an honorable member at the local hotel or casino. How to gain membership? Just sign up for the hotel credit card.

Simply, try to avoid places that charge you for parking. Remember, such legendary names as Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, Casino Royale, Treasure Island. They don’t take money for car parking. So, of course, free self-parking is a desirable option!

Where to find the cheapest park lots in Las Vegas?

Come and see! Almost all of popular Strip resorts take money for staying car in their comfortable garages. Nevertheless, you can take a few free parking hours in Las Vegas if you know where to find them. Self-parking will cost you about $5 when leaving a car for 2 hours and more. Valet parking will cost you about $25-30 at the same hotel or casino.

Where to get free parking hours in Las Vegas

  • Shopping malls. Try to catch free parking hours in the malls along the Strip and Mandalay Bay.
  • Stratosphere Tower. Park a car for no cost.
  • SLS Hotel. Park a car for no cost.
  • Circus-Circus. Only valet parking is paid.

Park your car at Las Vegas airport

McCarran International Airport lies about 5 miles to the South in Downtown. Sure enough, it is considered to be the busiest airport in the USA. Pick one from many available parking options here.

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How much do you pay for a long-term parking lot at McCarran airport?

Looking for a place to leave your rented car for long, you should check all available long-term park options at Vegas airport. Pay attention to the Economy Park Lots, Valet Parking, and Daily Garages at Terminal 3. You will pay about $6 daily to place your car there.

How much does it cost to fee for short-term parking at Vegas airport?

It is not a problem to leave your car for a day or even a week. Daily and hourly parking are the most popular options at the airport. To get a short-term parking service at Las Vegas airport you need Terminal 1, 2. If you are waiting for passengers or dropping someone, just park your car for an hour, which will cost you $2, two hours will cost $4 and 3 hours – $7. For more than 3 hrs you pay $3 per each hour.

How much is overnight/daily/weekly parking at Las Vegas airport?

McCarran Airport has a wide range of parking options. You may leave your vehicle for a short or long period and also pay for a valet parking which costs you about $20 per day. Daily and overnight parking options are served at Terminal 1 and Economy Lot. You are charged about $10-16 per day.

Hotels near McCarran Airport

Looking for the park and fly option you should check Las Vegas hotels with no-cost parking around the airport. It’s very convenient to book a room in the hotel waiting for your flight. Leave the car at the hotel garage on departure. Free shuttle option is also available.

Parking prices in the hotels all-around the airport

Hotel Rates/per night
McCarran Inn

Over a distance 1,1 mile


No park and fly option

Four Seasons

Over a distance 1,2 miles

$20 for valet parking

$22 per stay per park and fly option

Resort Desert Rose

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Mandalay Bay

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Inn Howard Johnson

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Homewood Suites

Over a distance 1,4 miles


No park and fly option

MGM Resort

Over a distance 1,5 miles

Luxor Hotel

Over a distance 1,5 miles

Marriott Hotel

Over a distance 1,6 miles

Bluegreen Club

Over a distance 1,2 miles


No park and fly option

Parking Las Vegas Downtown

Parking is a hot-button issue for all Vegas guests. Everyone is trying to find a place to park a car in Las Vegas for no cost. It’s high time to revise parking prices available in Downtown.

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How much is a fee to park a car in Downtown, Vegas

Main Street

Comfortable valet spots are often met in the Main Street, Downtown. Are you ready to pay? Self-parking costs you about $3-5 hourly. The garage is situated near here.

Fremont Street

Las Vegas parking fees are higher at Fremont Street. You will be impressed with much space and a massive parking structure here. Pay hourly about $3, and daily $12.

Binion’s cheap park

Looking for the cheap parking in Downtown, Las Vegas, welcome to Binion’s! It’s really cheap! You are charged no more than $1.50 hourly without validation! Can’t believe the prices! First three hours are no-cost!

The D

Park price is about $2 hourly and free for hotel guests.

Downtown Grand

Parking price is $5 for the first two hours, $1 per each hour.

El Cortez

You can park your car for no-cost in Downtown Las Vegas at El Cortez ONLY if you live here. Otherwise, you have to pay $5-10 for parking without validation.


Park fee is $5 hourly.

FREE PARKING at hotels in Downtown – Privacy Policy

So, your Vegas adventure starts right now! It would be irrational to waste money for parking. How about trying to find free parking in Vegas and save some money for the casino or other city attractions? It is not that simple to find a free parking slot in the Sin City, Downtown. Check hotels!

Parking Resort Fees in Downtown

Downtown Hotel Parking Rates
California Hotel $5 daily
Grand Hotel Downtown No-cost
El Cortez No-cost
Four Queens $3 daily
Las Vegas Fremont Hotel No-cost
Golden Gate No-cost
Golden Nugget Hotel No-cost
Main Street Hotel $5 daily
Gold Spike Oasis No-cost
Las Vegas Plaza Downtown No-cost

Legendary Strip – car parking opportunities

Searching for a no-cost car park in Vegas, don’t forget about the legendary Strip. Of course, the Las Vegas Strip map is various and complicated. Nevertheless, it is not that difficult to find Las Vegas free parking options around. Most of the hotel complexes, shopping malls, and casinos do not take money for parking.

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Which casinos don’t take money for car park on Las Vegas Strip?

City casinos usually charge about $20-25 daily for parking on the Strip. Do you expect to lower the price? Just sign up for a casino credit card and get the membership. This is a fast but sure way to waive fees and get no-cost parking on the Strip casinos.

Which hotels on Las Vegas Strip allow no-cost car park?

The map of Las Vegas Strip overfilled with the following resorts that allow parking your car for no cost:


Car park in Circus Las Vegas is for no cost. Valet car parking costs you about $10 when you leave the car for up to 4 hours. According to this, leaving the car for more than 4 hours you will pay more, about $15.

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas allows using parking garages for no cost. May is a period when the hot touristic season starts. You have to pay about $7-10 to park a car there. Don’t forget about first-free-hour parking option!

SLS Hotel

The hotel offers free park – a perfect place to leave your car.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Free Self-parking at PH is available. It’s expected that there will eventually be a parking fee that applies to the guests of the hotel along with visitors, but self-parking is still free. However, there is a parking fee to valet park at Planet Hollywood.

More than 4 hours: $15

4 to 6 hours: $20

6 to 24 hours: $24

Up to 24 hours: $24 for each extra day.

Tropicana Complex, Las Vegas

Welcome to the most popular no-cost parking area you can find on the Las Vegas Strip map.

Treasure Island

All guests and casino visitors get a parking place for no cost. Treasure Las Vegas is advertised as a fee-free car park area on the Strip.

Venetian & Palazzo

These mega-popular resorts allow no-cost parking.

Hard Rock

Park for free close to Strip.

Wynn Las Vegas

You shouldn’t pay for parking here. They charge you for valet only.

MGM Resorts Parking fee

MGM Resorts International require a parking fee at all Las Vegas hotels and casinos. Click here and get more information!

When are Las Vegas Strip resorts going to charge for parking?

No-cost car park options were popular in Sin City not that long ago. Unfortunately, this pleasant bonus is quickly changing with some of the largest hotel chains. In the meantime, most of the hotels offer only an hour of free parking. For instance, self-parking at Caesars Palace (Caesars Entertainment Palace) is now $12 for 1 to 4 hours.

There is something more for you to learn about park garages in Vegas. Sometimes, when you go through the security desk at the parking entrance, don’t be surprised if they ask you to roll down your window and show your documents. That happens in Vegas!

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