Car Rental Collision Insurance – Everything To Know

Despite the rapid pace of technological progress and the development of innovative transport systems, today car rental is a very advanced way to move. This fact is strongly confirmed by millions of travelers who prefer to appear behind the wheel of a vehicle and not on the seat of a bus. And it doesn’t matter where you go – to hot Los Angeles or cold Anchorage, because your car is your best assistant, as well as an indispensable guide to the world of unforgettable journeys and vivid impressions.

Indeed, if you like to drive, in many cases the rental vehicle is the greatest solution for exploring any area. Moreover, it’s quite simple to arrange rental – you can book a car in any country in the world via the Internet. 

But still even now, when the service has become as friendly as possible for the customer, it’s very important to pay attention to certain issues in order not to spoil your road trip. Among them, car rental collision insurance matters the most.

In the field of car rental, this protection kit is usually called CDW. It implies insuring the car against harm caused by the renter.

This type of protection always has a prescribed deductible – a certain amount of your financial accountability. The material wastes within the limit sum are paid by you, and everything that is beyond this amount is paid by the insurance company.

Car rental collision insurance can be refused without any concerns. If you are a confident driver, then you can skip this protection option – it will help save some money. However, when driving in unfamiliar areas it’s still recommended to get rental car collision damage insurance to avoid any problems on your future road trip and keep financial calm.

car rental collision insurance, collision insurance rental car

Very often, drivers have CDW as an additional opportunity of their electronic bank cards. This means it’s not necessary to purchase it in case your card provider features the same function. It comes with such credit cards as Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Where to Buy CDW?

Your card doesn’t support car rental collision insurance on a rental car? It’s possible to receive it from:

  • the rental company;
  • a third-party insurance organization.

The first option is more convenient since you rent a car in one place. The cost of the CDW is usually about $9-$30/day.

The second way is more economical because the option is issued on the driver, not on the car. Therefore, you can get insurance for at least a year, without being tied to a specific car. Plus, third-party organizations usually have 20–30% cheaper insurance than a car hire supplier.

Car Rental Collision Insurance vs. Comprehensive Personal Insurance

These are 2 types of protections, which cover damage to your vehicle. It’s important to distinguish them from each other, as they have specific areas of action.

Collision insurance

Each renter can expect benefits according to his CDW plan if the harm is done in one of the following ways:

  • Crashing into a stationary facility – streetlight, tree or some building;
  • Crashing into any road obstacle, including potholes and ditches;
  • Driving into another vehicle, or when another vehicle crashes into the car;
  • Flipping over the car.
  • Hit-and-run, when it’s impossible to use uninsured driver protection.

collision insurance rental car, car rental collision insurance

Comprehensive coverage plan

It begins working if your car got damage due to such events as:

  • Tornadoes, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural phenomena;
  • Vandalism;
  • Collisions with animals;
  • Explosions, fire, civil commotions, terrorism;
  • Falling objects.

The major difference between these coverage options is that the cases of the collision protection are controllable by the driver, while full package works if the car has suffered from acts of God or nature.

Supplemental Car Rental Insurance – Is it needed?

As stated above, car rental collision insurance compensates the renter’s vehicle damages only. But what if your actions on the road leading to the damage of someone’s car or property? Then, you need a different degree of protection to save yourself from responsibility. It takes into account all the circumstances of the incident and ensures the property that has suffered as a result of your unintentional actions. This guarding option is supplemental (SLI) and it can be purchased together with collision coverage.

What is supplemental car hire insurance?

SLI is a driver’s civil liability protector, providing coverage for damage caused to property and health of other road accident participants if you are found guilty of an accident.

This type of protection package covers third-party claims in the amount of up to $2,000,000. Supplemental insurance can be purchased on request, which means the renter is not obligated to buy it.

Where SLI may be bought?

Similarly to collision vehicle insurance, SLI is available not only in the rental agency’s branch but also via third-party providers, as well as may come with credit card protection.

Usually, the price for supplemental insurance varies between $10 and $15.50. Most car hire suppliers don’t require this benefit to be purchased by the renter. However, in this case, the driver is responsible for all material losses caused to other participators of the incident.

car rental collision insurance, collision insurance rental car

Extra Collision Insurance from Car Rental Companies in the USA

Among all the U.S. car hire agencies, almost everyone offers extra collision insurance. An exception may be local suppliers who don’t offer this coverage in order to make car rental as cheap as possible. Although the renter gets an attractive price, it can turn into a big waste in case of an accident.

Therefore, if you don’t want to have problems on your road trip, it’s advised to choose the leading international brands with a reliable reputation.

For example, Enterprise car rental collision insurance is the key to a hassle-free journey. It protects from liability in case of damage to the car. This is the first choice of many travelers since a well-known brand is a guarantee of material security wherever you go.

As mentioned above, the purchase of insurance isn’t required at all, but agencies provide it for an extra price anyway. The final cost depends on the location, in the car class, as well as on the agency’s pricing intentions. Offers from top USA car hire providers are included in the following table:

U.S. Car Hire Company Daily Car Rental Collision Insurance Rates
Dollar From $10.99
Budget From $8.99
Alamo Between $10.99 and $26.99
Thrifty From $10.99
Avis From $8.99
Enterprise Between $10.99 and $26.99
NU car rental $24.99 for economy through full-size cars, $29.99 for SUVs, vans
EZ rent a car Between $13.99 and $18.99
Hertz About $29.95

How to get the cheapest rental car collision insurance

Since the cost of car rental collision insurance can involve a significant size of the overall rental price, so it always makes sense to find the best deal. Check out several tricks on how to receive a collision insurance rental car in the most profitable way:

  • Always check your electronic bank card capabilities. Perhaps it already contains a protection option, and it’s not necessary to obtain extra CDW.
  • Try to search for offers that have collision insurance already included in the final rate. Also, special promotions are another way to receive collision protection for cheap.
  • Find out the price of the CDW protection that comes with the rental, then compare it with offers from third-party suppliers and choose the best deal, along with the most suitable conditions.
  • In case you choose a car by class and are not tied to any car hire company, you can consider the supplier who offers the best price for CDW insurance.

Remember that in any service, including car hire there are many ways to save money, but not all of them are good. As for insurance, you should always keep a fine line between price and consequences in the event of an accident — then your journey will bring you maximum pleasure while your budget won’t be destroyed.

Car Rental Gas – What To Know?

It is time to talk about car rental gas options. Rental companies always hunt for new ways of making money. One of the best items for making money is refueling. It is often confusing to find out what is what in the mess of charges, penalties, even fees for bringing the vehicle back full – but not full enough.

Fuel options

Before pick-up, it is better to learn more about rental car gas options. How do you know the gas policy of your rental vehicle? You may see the fuel option right in the description of your chosen vehicle.

car rental gas, gas station near sfo rental car return

There are several fuel policies:

  1. Full tank to full tank

This means that you are obliged to give the auto back with a full tank. It may be late for refueling as it is almost impossible to fill your auto at night. Keep it in mind! Most of the renters prefer full to full option to others.

  1. Prepaid gas rental

In short, you pay for gas at the counter when you take the car, and forget about gas problems when returning the car. But if there is something left in the tank at drop-off, forget about refunding. This option is not good for short-distance travelers.

  1. Free gas

A free gas option is rare but still available. It gives you a free tank when you rent a vehicle. That means that the gas price is already included in your total rental price. It is never a problem to return your auto unfueled.

Gas policy of the US car rental agencies

A rental car gas policy is a company’s strict position on how much a renter pays for gas when he hires an auto. Also, it tells about how much fuel must be in your car when you give it back. It is important to read your fuel policy. Otherwise, you risk being charged. Let’s have a look at the gas policy of the most popular USA car rental agencies.

How much money do rental car agencies usually take for gas?

When you PREPAY FOR GAS, rental agencies put different prices for gas per gallon.

Enterprise rental car gas policy charges you according to the local rates for gas per gallon at the time of rental.

Alamo gas policy charges their renters to pay for gas for the average local price. Pay upon return option makes you pay per gallon at higher rates than a local fuel price.

Avis flat rate fuel fee obliges you to pay about $15 if you drive at a short distance under 75 miles.

Hertz car hire gas policy charges about $13 per gallon if you drive less than 75-miles distance.

National car rental charges you, drawing on the local rates of gas.

Budget car rental fuel program charges you, drawing on the local rates.

Payless car rental gas program charges you, drawing on the local rates for gas.

gas station near sfo rental car return, car rental gas

Should you prepay for gas when rent an auto?

What a cheating option! When you prepay for car fueling, you can forget about refueling the auto on return. There are two reasons to pick this useful option:

    • Drop-off comes too early or too late to find a working gas station
    • The territory you are traveling through is unknown to you

Do car agencies offer free gas when renting an auto?

You should pick a Free Tank option if you want free gas to be included in the total price of your rental.

Are there any regulations about how much fuel needs to be in a returned auto?

  • Prepaying for gas, you buy a full tank from the car rental agency. But you can lose money if something left in the tank on return.
  • If you chose not to prepay, you drop off the auto FULLY FUELED.

Most popular USA gas stations

Are you trying to refill your auto within a 5 or 10-mile radius around the airport? Good idea! You can spot a cheap gas-filling station even closer! You need to drop off your auto fully fueled to avoid penalties. Don’t forget to keep your receipt to prove that you have refueled your auto.

Popular Gas Stations in the USA

Airport/City Gas-Filling Station Distance

from the airport


per gallon

The exact address
Gas station near

SFO Airport

(San Francisco)

Valero 0,7 miles $4.30 300 S Airport Blvd
76 0,5 miles $4,20 717 San Bruno Ave
Gas station near

BWI Airport


Shell 1,3 miles $3,20 1001 Aviation Blvd
BP 0,2 miles $2,80 1595 W Nursery Rd
Exxon 2,7 miles $2,70 6310 Washington Blvd
Gas station near

JFK Airport

(Queens, NY)

Sunoco 0,8 miles $3,05 150th Ave and 148th
BP 2,1 miles $2,97 13011 N Conduit Ave
Conoco 3,2 miles $2,83 168-07 Baisley Blvd
Gas stations near

DFW car return


Shell 2,2 miles $3,03 2900 N Airfield Dr
Chevron 2,5 miles $2,70 901 E Mid Cities Blvd
Gas station near

Phoenix Airport


Shell 0,4 miles $3,08 1515 E Buckeye Rd
Chevron 1,1 miles $3,40 2402 Washington St
Gas stations near Logan Airport rental car return (Boston) Gulf 0,4 miles $3,05 100 Service Rd
Mobile 1,1 miles $2,86 392 Chelsea St
BP 1,1, miles $3,10 331 Bennington St
Gas station near

Las Vegas rental car return

(Las Vegas)

Chevron 0,8 miles $3,46 5722 S Eastern Ave
Shell 2,7 miles $3,36 190 E Flamingo Rd
Chevron 2,1 miles $3,48 1785 E Sunset Rd
Gas stations near

Atlanta Airport car return


Chevron 2,4 miles $3,00 2407 Riverdale Rd
BP 2,5 miles $2,76 5097 W Fayetteville Rd
Shell 2,3 miles $3, 00 1338 Virginia Ave
Gas stations near

O’Hare rental car return


BP 3,0 miles $3,62 4111 N Mannheim
Shell 3,1 miles $3,06 10051 W Irving Park Rd
Gas station near

San Diego airport car rental

(San Diego)

Mobil 1,2 miles $4,10 2045 Pacific Hwy
Chevron 1,7 miles $4,30 1666 1st Ave

Useful recommendations for auto renters

You are in the rental office. It is time to decide which car is the best for your trip, compact or midsize. Besides, there is one more question to consider. Should you pay in advance for a car rental gas?

car rental gas

  1. Which type of rental car gets the best gas mileage?

If you are really hunting for the best economy rental car gas mileage, pay attention to eco-friendly cars. They are good for the planet and help you save on fuel. If you are not a green traveler, the best auto for you is:

    • Nissan Altima, 42.5 mpg
    • Volkswagen Jetta, 37.5 mpg
    • Ford Fiesta, 35 mpg, and small size
  1. What is the best rental car gas option to pay for?

To define the best way to pay for gas, consider your budget and how long your way is. Whatever fuel policy you pick, prepaid or not, it has positives and negatives. Therefore, planning a trip for 2-3 weeks through the USA states or a beach weekend, you need gas regulations that work to your credit.

  1. How many gallons of fuel would the rental auto consume per mile?

Most of the modern vehicles are equipped with an onboard computer that counts your mileage. You can easily predict how much gas your auto takes per mile without any computer’s help. All you need is an auto odometer. Drive your vehicle at a normal speed for half a tank and take readings on how much gas it took you and how many miles you left behind. Finally, divide miles by gallons you spent.

  1. I want to know what fuel type my auto is. How can I know that fast?

All you need is to check the label inside the car fuel door. It says Diesel Fuel Only or Unleaded Gasoline Only.

  1. How much is the fee for an unfueled auto?

It happens that you really forget to fill gas for a rental auto. The fine amount is different. In general, the partner-agency obliges you to pay for an unfueled auto about $8.99-$9.29 per gallon at all major airports in the USA.

  1. When is the gas cost included in your rental car contract?

If you take the Free Tank, the gas cost is included in the total price of your rental. Also, this kind of fuel policy always comes as a part of a special rental offer.

You often use your phone to find the shortest way to the airport. Don’t forget to mark a couple of gas stops on your route. It would be great if you could find one within a short distance from the airport or your off-airport return location.

Rental Car Breakdown – What To Do?

Car rental is not a guarantee against any technical problems. Therefore, a trip by car may result in its breakdown. Since the car belongs to the company, further actions of the renter differ from the classic scenario. In case of rental car breakdown, don’t try to solve the problem on your own – there’s a chance that self-repairs will aggravate the breakdown. When a car is rented in an unfamiliar city, the search for a good automotive repair shop can take a long time. Companies in most cases prohibit any technical intervention in a rental car. Even if repairs are successful, the following troubles may arise:

  • the supplier will refuse to reimburse the costs of the services of the master, transportation by a tow truck and the purchase of components;
  • renter will be fined.

 rental car breakdown

Who Pays for Rental Car Repairs?

Despite the fact that rental cars regularly undergo a technical inspection, situations with their breakdowns sometimes occur. That is why very often companies provide rental car price with breakdown assistance included. However, in the matter of reimbursement of mechanical rental car breakdown rental car costs, the main thing is whose actions caused the problem.

Fault due to Car Rental Company

If you encounter a technical problem along the way, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Stop the car immediately, even if signs of malfunction (uncharacteristic sounds, reduced controllability) are still poorly pronounced.
  • Contact a car hire agency to get instructions from a specialist for further actions.
  • After stopping the car and calling, a technical team of the company’s employees will be sent to you. Specialists either carry out repairs on site or provide another car. You won’t be charged in case you’ve purchased mechanical breakdown insurance with rental car. By the way, full coverage insurance package always includes car mechanical breakdown.
  • While waiting for technical assistance, don’t try to find and fix the damage on your own. If you break this ban, the company can blame you for the breakdown.

Fault caused by the renter

If according to the results of technical diagnostics of the vehicle, it will be revealed that the malfunction of the vehicle occurred due to its improper operation, the repair is paid by the renter. Often, companies withdraw the number of repairs from the client’s deposit. However, having purchased car insurance that provides mechanical breakdown rental, the driver can avoid extra payments.

rental car breakdown

Car Rental Breakdown – Insurance Coverage

A car is a complex of interlocking parts, so it’s impossible for it to be 100% reliable. Breakage can occur at any time, due to manufacturing defects, technological flaws or wear parts and assemblies.

For this reason, car rental companies offer their customers USA car rental breakdown cover – it protects them from additional expenses in case any problems happen with the car on the road.

This option may sound different depending on the specific supplier:

  • roadside assistance;
  • roadside cover;
  • breakdown assistance;
  • roadside service.

Very often, this insurance type is already included in the final price, or your credit card supplier can provide rental car coverage when a car breaks down. Also, AAA membership usually allows getting roadside assistance benefit.

However, there are cases that companies intentionally offer car rental breakdown assistance only optionally to lower the base cost of the car. In order to avoid problems on your trip, you should clarify which options come with your rental and which ones are available for an additional fee.

Usually, car rental breakdown cover in the USA protects renters against such failures as flat tires, dead battery, and compensates towing/winching, lockout service, and fuel delivery.

If your rental car break down is not related to the above-mentioned cases, and can’t be fixed on site, then call the supplier for recommendations. This may be engine troubles, broken brakes, oil leak or similar problems, which need a mechanic.

Car repair may take some time, but the good news is that you have the right to demand compensation from the company.

USA car rental companies’ policy regarding rental car breakdown

Car rental reimbursement for mechanical breakdown is what every driver wants to avoid. The fact is that you never know the exact time of car failure.

That’s why, in order to protect themselves from liability in case of problems with the vehicle, car hire agencies offer to purchase such options as roadside protection, or breakdown assistance. Sometimes, these coverage packages can be included in the rental, but more often they are available optionally.

Check out major USA car rental suppliers’ policies concerning rental car breakdown, and what alternative protective plans they offer:

AVIS Rent a Car

Avis Car Rental

According to Avis rental car break down policy, each driver has a basic 24/7 roadside assistance. The prices depend on the certain location. Breakdowns that cannot be fixed on the spot should be performed at official Avis workshops only.

Each renter is responsible for damages caused by attempts to repair the car on his own.

Budget Rent a Car

Budget Car Rental

In the case of Budget rental car breakdown, it’s possible to contact the supplier via 24/7 support service, which will provide further recommendations. Also, the company has its roadside service option, covering such matters as flat tires, towing, dead battery, keys lockout, and fuel delivery.


Hertz Car Rental

The company is very loyal to its customers and is always ready to help in the event of a car breakdown. Hertz rental car break down service provides Emergency Road Assistance on the territory of the USA and Canada 24 hours a day.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise rental car breakdown is something you shouldn’t worry about. The company’s roadside assistance service is always at hand because the provider has over 6,400 locations across the USA. It operates 24/7 and responds very quickly. Roadside Plus option from Enterprise is the key to avoid many problems on the road by covering their cost. It includes fuel delivery, lockout service, jump-start, dead battery, towing, and flat tires.

Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Car Rental

Dollar car rental breakdown policy aims to provide full support for the customer if any problem happens on the road. Emergency Roadside Service is the option that can be received both at the request and as pre-purchased assistance. Among the benefits offered by Dollar are tire mounting and lost/locked keys service, gas delivery, and dead battery.

Summing it up, rental car breakdown may complicate the whole travel. However, car rental companies are always ready to help wherever you go. Even if your car cannot be repaired quickly, then you’re authorized to ask to replace the car with another one.

Parking Las Vegas – Find All The Cheap Options!

Sin City is a really stunning place, with its beautiful views, colorful streets, festivals, performing arts, and hotel complexes. Of course, this is the last place that comes to mind when you hear the word CHEAP. Vegas leads the list of most expensive cities in America so that finding cheap or even free parking in Las Vegas Strip or any other district seems to be unreal.

Parking options in Las Vegas

Las Vegas park garages are probably the biggest in the whole world. Do you believe that? It sounds like it could be true. Of course, every service should be paid.

parking las vegas, las vegas strip map, circus circus las vegas, map of las vegas strip

How much are you charged for the car park in Vegas?

As a rule, different properties set different prices for the car park in Vegas. Thus, you can easily drop your car for some time in a garage of a casino or nearest shopping mall! How long? The first hour is free! It is a popular parking option and you will find it everywhere in the city. Of course, big resorts have a fixed price for parking, even if you drop the car for an hour. The best variant for you to stay in a hotel where you are parking your vehicle!

  • First-hour parking costs you nothing;
  • Up to 5 hrs costs you about $3-10;
  • Up to 24 hrs costs you about $10-15;
  • Leaving a car for more than a day you pay about $10-15 per each day.

How to validate a ticket for parking in Vegas?

You can easily sign off your ticket in many different ways, including a restaurant or casino manager, cashier, slot attendant. This is your chance to avoid parking fees or get cheap park in Las Vegas. Remember, validation is usually required for self-parking garages ONLY!

How much do you pay for valet parking in Vegas?

Free car park in Las Vegas is not always available unless you could find a free valet parking option in some big hotels. Sometimes, you should wait for long for the valet service! Check Vegas car park costs before you reach the hotel or casino.

Valet parking

  • Up to 4 hrs costs you about $10-15;
  • Up to 24 hrs costs you about $15-20;
  • Leaving a car for more than a day you will pay $15- 20 per each day.

Everything you should know about the street car park in Las Vegas

City malls and hotel complexes on the Strip offer a wide range of parking services. Downtown is not different. Try to find a good and possibly cheap place to leave your car. It would be rather careless of you to leave it in the street unwatched and unprotected. It is better to use free parking lots in Vegas.

How much do you fee to park in the street?

On-street parking spots are rarely met in Sin City. You can leave your car in the street lot from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The price is about $1-2 per hour. But you can hardly find many cars parked on the street in Vegas.

How to avoid car parking fees?

Park a car in Vegas and pay nothing! The sure-fire way to waive parking fees is to become an honorable member at the local hotel or casino. How to gain membership? Just sign up for the hotel credit card.

Simply, try to avoid places that charge you for parking. Remember, such legendary names as Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, Casino Royale, Treasure Island. They don’t take money for car park…yet.

Where to find the cheapest park lots in Las Vegas?

Come and see! Almost all of popular Strip resorts take money for staying car in their comfortable garages. Nevertheless, you can take a few free parking hours in Las Vegas if you know where to find them. Self-parking will cost you about $5 when leaving a car for 2 hours and more. Valet parking will cost you about $25-30 at the same hotel or casino.

Where to get free parking hours in Las Vegas

  • Shopping malls. Try to catch free parking hours in the malls along the Strip and Mandalay Bay.
  • Stratosphere Tower. Park a car for no cost.
  • SLS Hotel. Park a car for no cost.
  • Circus-Circus. Only valet parking is paid.

Park your car at Las Vegas airport

McCarran International Airport lies about 5 miles to the South in Downtown. Sure enough, it is considered to be the busiest airport in the USA. Pick one from many available parking options here.

parking Las Vegas, Las Vegas airport parking

How much do you pay for a long-term parking lot at McCarran airport?

Looking for a place to leave your rented car for long, you should check all available long-term park options at Vegas airport. Pay attention to the Economy Park Lots, Valet Parking, and Daily Garages at Terminal 3. You will pay about $6 daily to place your car there.

How much does it cost to fee for short-term parking at Vegas airport?

It is not a problem to leave your car for a day or even a week. Daily and hourly parking are the most popular options at the airport. To get a short-term parking service at Las Vegas airport you need Terminal 1, 2. If you are waiting for passengers or dropping someone, just park your car for an hour, which will cost you $2, two hours will cost $4 and 3 hours – $7. For more than 3 hrs you pay $3 per each hour.

How much is overnight/daily/weekly parking at Las Vegas airport?

McCarran Airport has a wide range of parking options. You may leave your vehicle for a short or long period and also pay for a valet parking which costs you about $20 per day. Daily and overnight parking options are served at Terminal 1 and Economy Lot. You are charged about $10-16 per day.

Hotels near McCarran Airport

Looking for the park and fly option you should check Las Vegas hotels with no-cost parking around the airport. It’s very convenient to book a room in the hotel waiting for your flight. Leave the car at the hotel garage on departure. Free shuttle option is also available. Check it with your hotel and decide on Las Vegas free parking.

Parking rates in the hotels all-around the airport

Hotel Rates/per night
McCarran Inn

Over a distance 1,1 mile


No park and fly option

Four Seasons

Over a distance 1,2 miles

$20 for valet parking

$22 per stay per park and fly option

Resort Desert Rose

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Mandalay Bay

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Inn Howard Johnson

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Homewood Suites

Over a distance 1,4 miles


No park and fly option

MGM Resort

Over a distance 1,5 miles

Luxor Hotel

Over a distance 1,5 miles

Marriott Hotel

Over a distance 1,6 miles

Bluegreen Club

Over a distance 1,2 miles


No park and fly option

Parking in DOWNTOWN Las Vegas

Parking is a hot-button issue for all Vegas guests. Everyone is trying to find a place to park a car in Las Vegas for no cost. It’s high time to revise parking rates available in Downtown.

map of las vegas strip, parking Las Vegas

How much is a fee to park a car in Downtown, Vegas

Main Street

Comfortable valet spots are often met in the Main Street, Downtown. Are you ready to pay? Self-parking costs you about $3-5 hourly. The garage is situated near here.

Fremont Street

Downtown Las Vegas parking fees are higher at Fremont Street. You will be impressed with much space and a massive parking structure here. Pay hourly about $3, and daily $12.

Binion’s cheap park

Looking for the cheap parking in Downtown, Las Vegas, welcome to Binion’s! It’s really cheap! You are charged no more than $1.50 hourly without validation! Can’t believe the prices! First three hours are no-cost!

The D

Park price is about $2 hourly and free for hotel guests.

Downtown Grand

Parking price is $5 for the first two hours, $1 per each hour.

El Cortez

You can park your car for no-cost in Downtown Las Vegas at El Cortez ONLY if you live here. Otherwise, you have to pay $5-10 for parking without validation.


Park fee is $5 hourly.

FREE PARKING at hotels in Downtown

So, your Vegas adventure starts right now! It would be irrational to waste money for parking. How about trying to find free parking in Vegas and save some money for the casino or other city attractions? It is not that simple to find a free parking slot in the Sin City, Downtown. Check hotels!

Parking rates in Downtown hotels

Downtown Hotel Parking Rates
California Hotel $5 daily
Downtown Grand Hotel No-cost
El Cortez No-cost
Four Queens $3 daily
Las Vegas Fremont Hotel No-cost
Golden Gate No-cost
Golden Nugget Hotel No-cost
Main Street Hotel $5 daily
Gold Spike Oasis No-cost
Las Vegas Plaza Downtown No-cost

Legendary Strip – car parking opportunities

Searching for a no-cost car park in Vegas, don’t forget about the legendary Strip. Of course, the Las Vegas Strip map is various and complicated. Nevertheless, it is not that difficult to find Las Vegas free parking options around. Most of the hotel complexes, shopping malls, and casinos do not take money for parking.

parking Las Vegas, free parking las vegas strip, map of las vegas strip, las vegas strip hotel map

Which casinos don’t take money for car park on Las Vegas Strip?

City casinos usually charge about $20-25 daily for parking on the Strip. Do you expect to lower the price? Just sign up for a casino credit card and get the membership. This is a fast but sure way to waive fees and get no-cost parking on the Strip casinos.

Which hotels on Las Vegas Strip allow no-cost car park?

The map of Las Vegas Strip overfilled with the following resorts that allow parking your car for no cost:


Car park in Circus Las Vegas is for no cost. Valet car parking costs you about $10 when you leave the car for up to 4 hours. According to this, leaving the car for more than 4 hours you will pay more, about $15.

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas allows using parking garages for no cost. May is a period when the hot touristic season starts. You have to pay about $7-10 to park a car there. Don’t forget about first-free-hour parking option!

SLS Hotel

Park your car for no cost here.

Tropicana Complex, Las Vegas

Welcome to the most popular no-cost parking area you can find on the Las Vegas Stripe map.

Treasure Island

All guests and casino visitors get a parking place for no cost. Treasure Las Vegas is advertised as a fee-free car park area on the Strip.

Venetian & Palazzo

These mega-popular resorts allow no-cost parking.

Wynn Las Vegas

You shouldn’t pay for parking here. They charge you for valet only.

When are Las Vegas Strip hotels going to charge for parking?

No-cost car park options were popular in Sin City not that long ago. Unfortunately, this pleasant bonus is quickly changing with some of the largest hotel chains. In the meantime, most of the hotels offer only an hour of free parking.

There is something more for you to learn about park garages in Vegas. Sometimes, when you go through the security desk at the parking entrance, don’t be surprised if they ask you to roll down your window and show your documents. That happens in Vegas!

Car Rental With Debit Card in the USA

The presence of different payment methods during the journey makes the choice of a vacationer richer. This statement is especially true when it comes to car rental. A few years ago, the lack of a credit card meant that you couldn’t rent a car. However, sometimes there are situations when it is impossible to use it, or it is not presented at all. Fortunately, nowadays car rental with a debit card is at renter’s disposal, even if this is not the most typical way of payment. Actually, this option is quite widespread and is used by millions of holidaymakers around the world, but there are some differences from the car hire procedure held with a credit card.

Why car rental with a debit card is a less liked payment option?

  • Money on such a card is your personal funds. If the rental office blocks the deposit, then you lose the opportunity to spend your personal money.
  • The operation of blocking money on a credit card is not taxed until the money is withdrawn. Therefore, if booking with a debit card you risk overpaying the extra money.
  • Together with the driver’s license, supplementary IDs are required.
  • Non-credit cards come without insurance included. Thus, you’ll need to purchase the coverage additionally.
  • Debit rental may imply certain restrictions for in-state renters.
  • Some companies apply extra fees on debit-holders.

Another little drawback is that debit card customers cannot rent the full range of vehicles. Most often, certain limitations concern luxury, exotic, and special cars.

If performing a rental, the main restriction is to have a sufficient money balance on account – usually, it’s about $100-$500. Since car rental providers don’t request the credit card data on the stage of reserving a car, then it’s possible to pre-book a vehicle with a credit electronic card and they pay for it with a debit one.

Car rental companies’ policies concerning debit cards in the USA

car rental with debit card, car rental company USA, Avis car rental USA

Even though getting a vehicle without a primary card is the exception rather than the rule, a large choice of companies providing this opportunity is the key to the ideal car rental with debit card wherever you go.

In the USA, almost all agencies allow debit card car rental, including both national and local providers. Each supplier features its unique requirements, thus before choosing a particular deal you need to review the degree of its loyalty in relation to the holder of this type of cards.

More detailed information on them is given below:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


Debit card rentals are enabled at airport and city pick up locations throughout the USA. If you’re going to use a debit card, you should notify Enterprise in advance – special rental conditions may be applied.

Thrifty Car Rental


Thrifty provides a credit check. The company prohibits the use of debit cards, but they are allowed for payments only.

AVIS Rent a Car


Some company’s locations don’t support this type of payment. An additional cash deposit is required for each Avis rental car. The company will compensate it right after drop off.

Budget Rent a Car


If the renter uses a debit card, then a security deposit minimum of $100 – $500 will be withheld on it. A deposit amount depends on the certain location and car size.

Dollar Rent A Car


For debit card payments, Dollar is competent to block the amount of $200-$350, plus the complete rental tariff. Non-prepaid MasterCard, as well as Visa electronic cards, are allowed.



According to Hertz policy concerning payment options, it’s possible to find an excellent vehicle at most car rental locations around the USA. It’s important that your card had MasterCard or VISA emblem, and was released in the name of the chief renter. Hertz always provides a credit check process to make sure of your solvency.

Besides the foregoing agencies, debit card rentals are offered by Sixt, Payless, E-Z, Alamo, National, and AVR, thus you’ll definitely find your best supplier. Also, car rental with a debit card under 25 USA can be unavailable with some dealers.

Step by step recommendations on renting a car with a debit card

Clear guidance is a guarantee of a successful car hire operation. In order to make the whole rental process maximally smooth, it’s recommended to follow the next steps:

  1. Carefully inspect all deals to select the cheapest rental car at the desired dates.
  2. Make sure that the agency providing the chosen car is ready to operate with your electronic card since some suppliers accept specific types only. Cardholder’s name and surname should be specified on the card.
  3. Pass a credit check process. This means you must have the necessary balance on your card for disbursing the rental and holding the deposit.
  4. Show additional ID documents upon request. It can be a passport, residency account or utility bill.
  5. Provide your insurance coverage proof, if you already have it. Otherwise, purchase the required package at the counter.
  6. If necessary, present your return flight ticket. Some providers claim this document at airport locations as a confirmation of your future plans.

Rental Car Crash – Be Aware Of Everything

A rental car crash is probably the most unexpected thing that happens on vacation. And of course, you don’t want it happens with a rental car. That’s why you should know everything about where to go and what to do in case the worst happens.

Rental car crash: things to keep in mind!

So, your day is ruined. The auto is out of order. No matter on whose account the accident is, just call 911 operators immediately! You should report about any road troubles and ask for an ambulance if it is needed. But what about the rental car crash policy? Are you familiar with the rules?

What happens if you crash a rental car?

It is appointed in the rental documents that you bear responsibility for what is happening with your auto. The coverage you bought usually covers all the expenses on repairing. It must be appointed in the company’s rental car crash policy. But if you are drunk when driving, the wrecked auto is fully your responsibility. First of all, clear the situation and reply to all the necessary questions about a rental car crash. As a rule, the incident report has to be done within 24 to 48 hours of a crash.

If you crash a rental auto, should you repair it before returning?

There is no need to put the vehicle into repair service! Your coverage bankrolls the repair costs. If you crash a rental auto without coverage, you will cover all repair costs of your agency on your own as if you are still hiring a car. So, if it takes three days to renew the car, you will be charged for three days of rental additionally.

How much do you pay if you are in car crash troubles?

If you crash a rental car with your personal coverage, all expenses can be paid. But still, you are obliged to pay the deductible. This is a sum that you pay additionally. Most rental agencies have $400-500 deductible. That means if the agency pays for reparation about $5 000, you pay $500 and your coverage will pay the rest.

Attention! Rental agencies offer supplemental insurance. It is about $20 per day. Why? It saves you from paying the deductible!

rental car crash policy, car rental insurance, car rental USA

Who covers expenses for the breakage?

The rental auto comes with basic insurance represented by Collision Waiver and Theft Protection if it is in American or Canadian territory.

If you are at fault for the breakages, who pays depends on the insurance. Did you buy any?

Let’s go through the rental car crash politics!

You purchased CDW at the rental counter

If you bought Collision Waiver in the office, you feel protected. This kind of protection covers most of the spending to replace or repair the auto, except for reckless or drunken driving. But this insurance doesn’t pay for the medical help if you need any. These costs are usually under the liability of your personal coverage.

You wreck a rental auto with your personal coverage

As a rule, personal insurance policies cover rentals. But it is better to check this information before you take a car. Credit card coverage usually pays for damage and doesn’t pay for liability. But if you are the owner of a premium card, more options are available.

You crash a rental auto with no coverage

What happens when you crash a rental auto without any insurance?

If you were the reason for the road crash accident, you will be fully responsible for damages. Otherwise, you cooperate with a rental agency directly. They may charge your credit card or bill you for the wrecked car anyway.

What extra charges to expect if you break your auto?

As a rule, it is illegal to rent an auto without any insurance coverage. Sometimes, it is enough to purchase at least a minimum coverage from the agency. Be careful when you travel to California. If you are not protected financially, wait for big penalties.

If you are the fault-driver in a rental car crash incident, you may be additionally charged.

Loss Of Use Fees: When a crashed car is being repaired and out of circulation, you are obliged to pay for the company’s money lost. It’s about $15-40 daily, depending on how much time it takes to reactivate an auto. Check the rental car crash policy before signing the rental agreement.

Diminution Of Value: Of course, the wrecked auto loses value even after it had been repaired and renewed. So, you are charged to compensate for this devaluation. At what price? The fee depends on car rental crash policy and extent of the breakage.

Administrative Fees can be about $50-$150. This fee associated with the processing of your claim.

If the accident was not your fault, however, you are recommended to contact the at-fault driver to pay these fees. If they refuse, it’s time to sue them in a small claims court. 

Follow these tips if a rental car is crashed!

  1. Sum up the situation

After the rental car crash, check if you and your passengers are out of harm! Call for the police and emergency service 911.

  1. Collect information

If you are not at fault, take contacts from the at-fault driver. Be ready to answer all the necessary questions to fill out the accident report. Don’t miss any small detail, including the officer’s name, and photos of the damaged car and place.

Document the following:

  • Vehicle brand, size, and color;
  • Date and exact time;
  • Road condition;
  • Weather;
  • Description of any damages on your vehicle or property;
  • Name all drivers, passengers, any victims of the car crash rental incident.
  1. Report to the car owner

You can see the company’s contacts at the end of the agreement. Contact them and inform about the car problems. Whatever condition the car has, follow the manager’s recommendations, take the representative’s name, and fix the time of your call. The rental manager will clarify the situation about the type of car rental crash insurance you have at the moment.

  1. Check coverage

Give a call to your insurance agency and inform them about the road troubles you are in. If the rental car crash damage should be paid for with your personal credit card coverage, it is time to contact a credit card company!

  1. Watch your auto

According to the rental policy, the rented auto is under your protection. Is your car still drivable? Take it back to the rental office or any other pre-agreed location. If the vehicle cannot be driven back to the company-owner, claim for the roadside assistance. Also, you can ask for a car replacement.

  1. Send the report to the rental agency

Don’t forget to keep your finger on the pulse and monitor the situation!

You are at the rental counter and ready to sign the agreement. Of course, you will be asked about insurance. Never refuse anything! Are you sure you have coverage or enough spare money to pay for damages in case of an accident?

California Road Trip in a Rental Car – How To Plan?

There is always much to see in California. Ride a car and explore the state cities, world-popular national parks, valleys, and picturesque beaches between them. The territory is huge and your time is often limited. Where and what car to take for rent? Where to stop for dinner and night on your California road trip? How long to stay and how much money to take with you to feel comfortable? No worries – follow this California road trip planner and get answers to all your questions.

How to plan a California road trip?

Do you want to know how it feels to drive your car along the famous Pacific Highway? It must be one of the most exciting trips. Think of the places you want to stop at, how long you will stay, where you will get some rest, and where to take dinner. You can make the best journey in California only if you make many efforts to plan it wisely.

When to set off on a California road trip?

The ideal road trip in California starts in late spring and goes through summer to early autumn. July and August can boast almost perfect weather. But these are the busiest and crowded months with high prices for hotels, food, and cars for rent.

What is the best ride in California?

California journey planner includes such popular cities as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Pacific Highway, also known as Highway 101, is a popular and beautiful route you have ever met. Californian cuisine, Golden Gate Bridge, wild mountains of Big Sur, and many other MUST-DO stops make your DREAM DRIVE complete.

What to take with you to California?

Taking a road trip California, you have to be strategic about what you bring with you. It doesn’t matter what part of California you are planning to visit, you need a pair of denim shorts, hoodies, and other pieces of clothes that are stylish and comfortable in the Bay Area. The most transitional shoes in California are flat lace-up sandals and functional but cool sneakers or espadrilles.

road trip planner, California road map, California road trip

California on-the-go attractions

California attracts visitors with its bright cities, beaches, amusement parks, forests, deserts, islands you can find nowhere else. Even a short ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco impresses you with such California road stops as legendary Hollywood Hills, Golden Gate Bridge, and Disneyland. Read more about California trip ideas.

  1. Los Angeles

This place is the most atmospheric city you have ever seen. Also, this is a start point for most travelers, where you can ride a vehicle and dive into your California coast road trip. Take a journey to Hollywood and legendary Beverly Hills, visit Getty Centre and Griffith Observatory. There is always many interesting places to see and things to do for kids and adults.

  1. Riverside County

This must be your next stop and a big mark on your California road map. This place attracts you with its delicious wines, Oak Mountain Winery, and the most exciting event – hot-air balloon ride.

  1. San Diego

A California road trip is impossible without a stop in San Diego. You should visit a legendary place – Old Town that takes you a few hundred years back. Never miss the Cabrillo Monument and Sunset Cliffs. This romantic place is good to meet sunset.

  1. Ghost Town

Looking for a good place to take some rest after a long drive you come to Calico Ghost Town. Just make a stop and take a short excursion to the underground mine and through the city.

  1. 66 Route

You cannot find this legendary route on a map. But still, this is the oldest and adventurous highway in America. You can find it when traveling from Chicago to Needles and to the east to stop in Santa Monica. Also, you can get the legendary trail driving through various states.

  1. Death Valley

Welcome to the hottest place you can meet in the east. Death Valley is a huge and important part of the National park. Feel brave among dunes but always have your car in view.

  1. Redwood National and State Parks

Californian national parks tour takes you to the north of the country to Redwood National and State Parks and the coastline. This territory belongs to the tallest trees on the Earth and a good place to stop for a day camping. It is a really perfect place for a California road trip.

  1. Disneyland

The road trip California is impossible without visiting Disneyland, located in Anaheim. This is an area of games, rides, shows, restaurants, and all possible attractions for kids and adults.

The well-liked routes out of California – check them all!

Do you rent a car for a California road trip? Where to? Have you in plans to visit Florida, Denver or Oregon? Just take advantage of your drive.

california coast road trip, road trip california, northern california road trip

California – Oregon

It starts from Los Angeles and takes you to the neighbor Oregon. To get to Washington you should follow US-101. This is a popular touristic route that takes you about 10 hours driving along the California Coast. Or you can hire a budget vehicle in San Francisco and go on I-5 N and US-97.

Interesting places: Chandelier drive-through tree in Leggett, Avenue of the Giants, Redwoods State Park, Founders Grove, Southern Oregon Coast, Dune Country.

California – Florida

California to Florida route takes you along I-40E for 2702 miles. It is about 40 hours of driving.

Interesting places: Nashville, Grand Canyon, San Antonio River Park, Houston, New Orleans.

California – Texas

To take a ride to Texas from California you spend about 25 hours and 1 800 miles. You drive through 4 states and have a lot of interesting places to see. You have a choice: traditional I-40 or a new route I-10.

Interesting places: Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, Malibu, LA, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, and Carlsbad.

California – Colorado

The California road trip to Colorado is about 776 miles. It is 17 hours of driving. You can find so many natural attractions to see on your way!

Interesting places: NV National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley.

California – Michigan

You need to follow the route I-80E to reach Michigan. The journey takes about 30 hours of driving and more than 2 000 miles.

Interesting places: Empire Historic Park, Salt Lake City, Wyoming Prison Museum, Detroit, Greenfield Village, Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

California – Virginia

California to Virginia ride starts at I-40E and takes you to Seligman for a short break. The route is 2 500 miles long, and you’ll spend about 40 hours driving.

Interesting places: Grand Canyon, Route 66, Memphis, Nashville.

california road trip, road trip, california coast road trip

How much can it cost to drive a car to California?

Don’t expect that your California road trip will be cheap. Of course, there is always a variant to save some money.

Your expenses for a California road trip vary from $200-$300 per day, including car rental, gas, some food, and places to stay if needed. Of course, most of your budget goes to pay for a car. But there is always a way to cut down your rental price. You can read about it below. Speaking about hostels, food, and drinks, it’s all up to you. The prices you meet are really different.

Rental car: $60-$150 per day;

Gas: $4.20-$4.60 per gallon;

Hotel: $150-$250;

Hostel: $20-$40;

Camping: $10-$20 (you can find a place for free);

Sandwiches: $8-$15;

Coffee: $4-$5;

Dinner for two in the cafe: $50-$80.

Prices for gas in California region

The highway condition is perfect in the whole state. Of course, different people pick different routes and go at a different speed. Gas prices vary based on what part of California you have picked for a trip. In general, the price is around $4.20 to $4.60 in California and lower in the other states.

Hire a car in California. How much money do you need?

California stretches about 900 miles from Mexico to the northwestern American border. There are so many worthy places to visit, including National Parks, legendary routes, valleys, and wineries. Rent a car in California and start your journey right now!

Prices for an economy class rental car at Los Angeles Airport (LA)

Rental agency Price per day
ACE rent a car from $51
Alamo Rent a Car logo from $37
Advantage rent a car from $35
AVIS Rent a Car from $60
Budget Rent a Car from $58
Dollar Rent A Car from $55
Fox Rent A Car from $38
Enterprise Rent-A-Car from $55
Hertz from $47
National Car Rental from $49
SIXT Rent a Car from $69
Payless Car Rental from $37
Thrifty Car Rental from $57

What car brand is perfect for a California road trip?

Everything depends on how many people you have and how much luggage you take. Some people prefer SUVs, others like convertible cars to enjoy the beautiful coastline. Here are the most popular car brands when it comes to rental:

Small cars – Chevrolet Spark, Ford Fiesta, Nissan Versa;

Full-Size cars – Volkswagen Jetta, Nissan Altima;

SUVs – Ford Escape, Toyota RAV;

Vans, minivans – Nissan Quest, Dodge Grand;

Exotic cars – Corvette.

road trip california, california road trip, california coast road trip

How to travel cheaply on a road tour in California?

Everyone wants to take a California road trip on a budget. Before you start your journey you need to plan it carefully.

So, how to pick the cheapest car for rental?

  1. Don’t take a car in Los Angeles

If it is possible, try to take a car for rent somewhere far from LA airport, or even in the neighbor city San Francisco, San Diego. The prices at the airport are always money-taking.

  1. Bring a navigator

If you don’t want to pay for GPS, you can take a navigation system with you.

  1. Pick a car with a lower center of gravity

When you pick a car for your California road trip, you should pay attention to vehicles with a low center of gravity. The low cars and SUVs are not very comfortable for a long journey and for the hairpin turns of California. Ford Mustang is a good choice.

  1. Take automatic cars

If you want to feel comfortable on California turns and mountains, ups and downs, it is better to take an automatic car.

How to define where to stop for night and dinner on a road trip in California?

Of course, it depends on what destination you have picked. Let’s consider the most popular California ride: Southern California Destination (5 days). The area between the two legendary points attracts people the most. You will meet Echo Park, La Jolla, Huntington Beach, Channel Islands, Malibu.

Stop to sleep:

Los Angeles Samesun Venice Beach ($96 per night);

LA Grafton on Sunset ($225 per night);

LA Hollywood Hostels ($129 per night);

San Diego Zoo Hostel ($77 per night);

SD Lucky D’s ($25 for bed).

Stop to eat:

SD Lost Abbey;

San Diego Green Flash;

A.O.C. in Los Angeles;

LA Tabula Rosa Cafe;

El Prez in San Diego;

Night Market Song Cafe in Los Angeles.

If you think of driving a rental car, there are many things to consider. Hope, these tips will help you to find the best and the cheapest transport. Wish you a happy California road trip!

Car Rental Out of State – What to Take into Account?

Are you still planning your vacation? Car rental out of state may be not a moment too soon. Most car rental agencies in USA don’t mind you to take a vehicle out of state. Others go against it. Here you can read how to book a cheap car to cross the state border with unlimited miles and no additional fees.

Crossing the Border in a Rental Car

Here are TOP pressing questions you always ask when trying to find a good company to deal with. It is time to throw light on a problem.

Is it real to take a car for rent to drop it off out of state?

There are agencies that can hardly allow you to go out of your state by their car. But many big agencies are ready for cooperation. Of course, everything is not that simple. Even if there are no special rules and restrictions for taking a car out of state, there can be other things to consider.

Unlimited mileage for a rental car out of state is a standard option at most companies. What does it mean? You are free to drive your car as long as you want with no mileage limitations. Nevertheless, it is better to discuss it at the counter and read your rental contract attentively. Such heavy vehicles as SUVs, vans, minivans offer unlimited miles only within the limits of your state.

Speaking about crossing international borders, it is usually prohibited to go to Mexico or Canada for free. You may be charged with cross-border fees or pay for insurance.

How do they know if you cross the state border?

All companies equip their vehicles with GPS trackers. They follow your location and surely know if you cross the border or not. It is better to come clean about your real plans to take your vehicle out of state.

Why can’t you drive a car over the state border?

Most car hiring agencies don’t mind if you ask for car rental out of state, but some of them charge an extra fee for crossing the state or country border. So, if you need car rental out of state, make sure your agency supports this idea and gives no penalties. If they have any, try to find another company. Don’t try to break the rules. Remember, a rental car is your responsibility while you are driving.

What car rental agencies in USA give you a car to drop it off out of state?

Have you already booked a car to go over the state border? Check if the rental offer includes unlimited mileage. All agencies make their specific rules and mileage restrictions. If you go over the limit, you are obliged to pay per each mile.

What rental agencies let you drive out of state?

As it was said before, you can find many different rental agencies that allow out of state driving. Just a few of them charge you with an extra fee or limit your miles. All agencies that support you in your international traveling in one or another way can be divided into 3 big groups:

  • Avis, Budget, and Payless belong to Avis Group;
  • Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar belong to Hertz Holdings;
  • Enterprise, Alamo, National belong to Enterprise Holdings.

car rental out of state, car rental unlimited miles out of state

Which agencies don’t count your miles when crossing the border?

Enterprise gasoline policy limits miles only for cars of Large, SUV, and exotic class. You will pay $0.10 – $0.20 for each over a mile.

Hertz unlimited mileage out of state policy supports you in your out of state trip for free if you follow the USAA/Hertz program.

Avis car rental out of state policy allows unlimited mileage in the USA.

Dollar gives you the green light to cross the border with unlimited mileage.

Thrifty allows driving a car with unlimited mileage over the state borders.

Budget car rental out of state policy allows unlimited mileage to all vehicle types.

Alamo rental restrictions limit your mileage on some locations. Each additional mile will cost you about $0.20.

National policy allows taking a car out of state with no limits on some locations. If the car has limited mileage, each over a mile will cost about $0.25

Does Enterprise give you a car to drive it over the state border?

Enterprise car rental policy supports you in driving the vehicle to the USA or Canada.

Does Hertz allow taking a car out of state?

Hertz vehicles may be driven out of state or country. There are states where limited miles are charged. The company calculates the mileage you need for your trip. You will be charged for an excess mileage in accordance with contract terms.

Does Dollar allow taking a car for an international trip?

At most Dollar car rental locations you can’t take a car from the USA to Canada. It is better to check limitations at the Dollar rental car locations.

Does Ace rental car allow their cars to take out of state?

If you are going to take a car out of state or one-way rental to specific locations, fees and vehicle restrictions may apply. You may have about 200 miles per day. Vehicles are never permitted to travel into Mexico.

Cross-border fees

Rental agencies provide different conditions for car rental out of state, like limited mileage, insurance, additional charges. The price is usually about $25/$30 per rental. It varies and depends on the location and the company’s rules. Thus, you can’t drive a vehicle from the USA to Mexico without buying a Mexico Insurance. You don’t need problems and delays on the go. That’s why just share your plans with the rental manager and learn all you should know about extra fees for hiring a car with out of state license.

Rental agency Cross-border fee
Avis Free border crossing
Budget Free border crossing
Payless Free in the USA

Written authorization is needed to get to Mexico and Canada

Hertz $ 8.75 per day
Dollar Depends on the location
Thrifty Free border crossing
Enterprise Free border crossing
National Free in the USA

Mexico insurance is needed (Economy car – $35 a day)

Alamo Free in the USA

Mexico insurance is needed (Economy car – $35 a day)

Fox Free in the USA

Mexico insurance is needed (Economy car – $35 a day)

To get to Canada you need to hire a car from the FOX Seattle location.

Does driving a rental car out of state increase fee?

Most of the rental agencies don’t charge fees for driving over the state. Just a few of them do! The price can be different at different locations. So it is important to check the car rental policy before you go and chose the best for you.

car rental out of state, car rental unlimited miles out of state

Car Rental Out Of State – Useful Tips

Need the best transport for out of state travel? These cross-border rental tips will help you get a good deal and find the cheapest car for out of state trip. Just make sure you have all the needed documents and drive safely.

How to book a car for cheap to drive over the border?

Be Honest

Planning to cross the state or country border, don’t forget to inform the rental agent about your plans. Of course, it may happen that you’ll be charged an extra fee for crossing the border. Some rental agencies don’t allow their cars to go out of state or have special locations for that. Nevertheless, you can avoid a sizable penalty for being quiet or a damaged car.

Unlimited Mileage

Almost all big rental agencies provide a policy of unlimited mileage. Try to find a company that follows this policy even for cross-border cars. If you avoid limitations you waive the extra mileage fee.

Check one-way deals

You have a plan to go over the state border. You want to find the best car rental out of state. Start checking what the agencies have to offer. If they don’t let their cars to go abroad, look into one-way rentals. It happens that those companies that have geographic restrictions, often waive their cross-border rules when a driver has a one-way journey

Full Tank

Try to return the car FULL. As a rule, car rental companies oblige you to drop off a full vehicle. Don’t break the rule so that you’ll be charged.

Hunt for discounts.

Hunting for the cheapest car rental out of state, check the application of discount code or coupon to your rental.

Once you’ve made your reservation, don’t be afraid to make changes if you find a lower price or change the route.

Dog Friendly Car Rental is possible!

Get ready for a trip! Are you going to take Toby traveling and looking for a dog-friendly car rental? There is good news for all dog lovers! All big rental agencies have nothing against transporting pets in their vehicles. Of course, it is recommended to carry them in an approved carrier. Don’t worry! An extra charge for car rental driving across the country with a dog is not required. But still, you can be fined up to $120 if you give a dirty or damaged car back. It’s time to clear it up!

Want to carry a dog into a rental car?

Carrying a dog in a rental car can be rather problematic. You, as a renter, take responsibility for any damages caused by your pet. What are you going to do to avoid cleaning fees?

Can I take my dog in a rental car?

It is not a problem to find a dog-friendly car rental agency. All agencies allow dogs in their cars. It is specified that you should carry the dog in an approved carrier that prevents a car from damages. Nevertheless, it is better to check this information beforehand by going through the company’s Ts & Cs on the web. If you can’t find anything online, try to contact the hiring agency directly.

How much is it to carry a dog in a hired vehicle?

There are NO extra fees for transporting a dog in a car. ATTENTION: when you return a car dirty or damaged, the agency will charge you for repairs and cleaning.

What if I return a car full of dog hair?

Rental agencies allow dogs with no extra fee, but you’ll be definitely fined if they find dog hair in the rental car. Minimum cleaning fee for dirty cars is $50. You’ll be fined in the sum of $65 from Avis, $65 from Hertz, and up to $400 from Dollar. Many renters prefer washing their car in the vacuum services for $10-15. It costs lesser than you pay a cleaning penalty.

What is the policy of emotional support dogs in car rental?

Emotional support dogs are dogs that support their owners in forms of mental and emotional conditions. Don’t be confused with service dogs that have special rights when travel. Emotional support pets are not protected under the ADA. That’s why, sometimes, you may not get a car rental deal when traveling with a non-service pet.

Will I be charged a cleaning fee for my service dog?

Service pets are used by disabled clients. Companies don’t mind transporting them in the vehicle without a carrier. As car rental agencies offer dog-friendly car rental, you will never be penalized for having a service dog in the car. But you will be fined a dog cleaning fee for a rental car if you return it dirty with pet hair and odor.

dog friendly car rental, dog in rental car

Pet Policy that rental agencies provide

So, your dog is welcomed to transport in the car. But even dog-friendly rental companies have their own concepts about bringing your pets to rentals.

What is the best dog-friendly car rental agency in the USA to deal with?

Let’s look through the Pet Policies to get know how it works to carry a dog in a hired car:

Alamo Rent a Car logoAlamo Rent a Car

Alamo dog policy welcomes pets in the travel process. No fees and no restrictions at all, except for the car should be clean to avoid penalty.

AVIS Rent a CarAVIS Rent a Car

The company provides a dog-friendly car rental. Pets are welcomed to transport for free with Avis. If you don’t want to pay for cleaning, you’d better return the car clean and full.

Budget Rent a CarBudget Rent a Car

Budget rental service is completely comfortable with pets in the car. Traditionally, you will be charged a cleaning fee if return a dirty car.

Dollar Rent A CarDollar

Dollar rental dog policy doesn’t require an additional fee for traveling with pets. But it requires transporting them in a carrier. Cleaning penalty will be charged for a dirty car on return.

Enterprise Rent-A-CarEnterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise dog policy supports clients, traveling with pets in most locations. Also, you will be charged a penalty for returning a dirty car. It is better to check the company’s T&Cs before you go.


Hertz rental dog policies differ by location. Contact agency to check the rules.

National Car RentalNational Car Rental

National rules say no word about pet carrying fees. You can be charged a cleaning penalty only.

Payless Car RentalPayless Car Rental

Payless car rental dog policy needs checking. Contact agency to get more information about your location.

Thrifty Car RentalThrifty Car Rental

Thrifty rental dog policy is pets friendly. It allows and supports traveling with your dog or whatever you have. Vehicles should be returned clean.

So, your dog is welcomed to travel with no fees. It is widely agreed that the pets should be kept in a carrier or special crate. Why so? You take responsibility for the car condition when traveling with pets. There is one and only restriction: the vehicles should be returned clean and free of pet hair.

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Tips & Hints for Transporting Pets in a Car

Do you think that a good-sized boot is good for your pet and a cream-colored salon is not recommended to take for rent? Don’t forget about tinted windows, a partition grille, and air conditioning. Inform the car rental dog-friendly agency about traveling with pets and you’ll get a well-equipped vehicle.

What is the best car for taking a large dog on a long trip?

The larger dog you have, the bigger the car you need! Also, check your car for the presence of such equipment as temperature control, window shades, low floors, a camera system to carry a dog in a rental car.

According to this, the best-recommended cars for big dogs are SUVs and minivans. They have big sliding doors and low floors that are easy for dogs to jump into the car. There is no car better for a dog than Subaru Outback. It has enough room for your dog and all the luggage. You may try Honda Odyssey that is additionally equipped with a camera system to keep an eye on your pet when driving.

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Watch your dog in a car! Tips to follow!

  • Pick the right car. A small-size car is not good for you Labrador. Think of the right car for your dog from the side of its size and organization. If your dog is big, it is better to book a minivan, for example.
  • Use a blanket for protection. If you don’t want to clean the car afterward, you should take a blanket to protect seats and boot.
  • Drive carefully. Just drive carefully and keep a dog well.
  • Make stops. Make stops and let your dog drink water, especially on a hot day.

PLEASE, NOTE! NEVER leave a dog in a vehicle – it is dangerous! Watch your dog when traveling. Check how it feels, give some rest, and give your dog as much water as it will possibly drink!

Last Minute Car Rental Deal – Find the Cheapest in the USA?

According to your trip plan, you are trying to hire a vehicle in advance. The earlier you book, the cheapest deal you can get. Sometimes you have to ask for a last minute car rental because of the unexpected business trip or canceled flight. Whatever the idea for your last-minute deal is, still, you have a chance to get the tastiest rate for your road trip.

Want to hire a vehicle at the last minute? Learn how!

All major rental agencies like Alamo, Hertz, Avis, Budget, and others offer their last minute car rental deals to those, who changed their mind at the last moment. It doesn’t take much time to find the cheapest rentals.

Where can you find last minute car rental deals?

Go online! Different companies offer to fill in their search forms to find out the most attractive deals. Daily, weekly or monthly car rentals are available online. If you cannot go online, try to go to the counter.

Airport Depots: They have more cars available at the last moment. There are always many customers who require a rental. Car upgrade, last minute rental and other deals that need many cars to choose from are real here.

City Depots: Try your luck to get a car last minute from the local depots around the city. The choice of cars is not big here but you may try to find something that is worth your attention.

How far in advance last minute car rental deals appear?

Are you booking late? It is said: the earlier the cheaper. The best last minute car rental deals are within two weeks of rental. Booking late, within a week, you will pay more. Within the last 48 hours, prices for rent always climb up. But things can’t be all that bad! It is possible to book in 24 hours with 5% or more sales. Rental agencies always leave the cheapest prices for late. Book now and if something else cheaper comes up then cancel your rent!

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Best last minutes deals from different car rental agencies

Rental rates are changeable. Agencies don’t want their cars always wait in their depots, unwanted. So, if people don’t book many cars, the prices jump down to attract more clients. If they have more deals than they expected, the prices jump up to the maximum. This is how the last minute deals appear.

Which agencies give the most attractive deals for late clients?

Super low rates appear suddenly! Comparing the prices from different vendors, you select one that gives you the best price. Note that the last minute rental deals may change depending on the destination and the season.

As an example, here you can see a table with daily price and the best discounts for an economy class car at LAS Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (5 hours before pick up) from different car rental companies in the USA

Rental Agency Daily Price Best Discount
Last minute offer from Alamo $43 5% off
Last minute rental from Avis $56 30% off
Car rental offers at the last minute from Budget $43 35% off
Car rental deal from Dollar $46 10%off
Last minute sales from Hertz $52 20% off
Car rental specials from  Enterprise $48 24% off
Car rental last minute offer Payless $25 20 % off
Last minute offer from Sixt $83 35% off
Car rental deals from Thrifty $47 10% off
Last minute offers from Fox $26 12% off
Car deals from National $52 20% off

Which rental agencies have special offers for late clients?

All big companies in the USA have last minute specials when you take a vehicle for a day or a week. The conditions are different at different locations. Make a search by your location to find attractive offers near you.

Which agencies allow you to cancel a booking at the last minute?

All rental companies offer free cancellation. There are always limits for that! The only way to be 100% confident about the cancellation policy for your last minute car rental deal is to check terms and conditions.

Rental Agency Last minute cancellation
Alamo FREE – 24 hours before pick up;

Less than 24 hours – $50 fee.

Dollar FREE – 24 hours before pick up;

Less than 24 hours – $50 fee.

Sixt FREE – pay-on-arrival cancellation;

3 days before pick up;

Less than 3 days – full rental amount fee.

Budget FREE – 24 hours before pick up;

Less than 24 hours – $50 fee.

Thrifty 24 hours before pick up – $50 fee;

Less than 24 hours – $100 fee.

Avis FREE – 24 hours before pick up;

Less than 24 hours – $50 fee.

Payless FREE – 48 hours before pick up;

Prepay less than $50 – the entire amount fee.

Fox FREE – more than 12 hours the pickup;

12 hours before pick up – $25.

Hertz FREE – 24 hours before pick up;

Less than 24 hours – $50 fee.

National FREE – 24 hours before pick up;

Less than 24 hours – $50 fee.

Discount codes for hiring a car at the last minute

You think you are late and hurry up to book a car. Nevertheless, always try to take a couple of minutes to check the price line for last minute car rental, coupons, and discount codes. You have a chance to reduce the price by using special sales and discounts. You will be surprised how easy you can cut the price, even at the last moment. Thousands of coupons and codes are available on the web. Be aware, they all have an expiry date.

How to use coupons?

  • Rental agencies have a big choice of coupons. Just check the list regularly as the new coupons appear every day.
  • Copy and paste codes from the web.
  • Some coupons should be used at the counter ONLY. They are marked with a (c), meaning counter.

Is it difficult for you to catch the last minute car rental coupon for the dates of your trip? Check the discounts. The agencies often have sales for every occasion.

Cheap deals at the last minute in the US

Hiring a vehicle just before your trip starts is often more expensive…unless you get last minute specials. There are simple tips to teach you how you can find a cheap last minute rental.

  • Pre-book online. You shouldn’t worry if you are late and book an hour or two before your trip starts. It is always worth booking online. Just compare rates and pick the best offer.
  • Try different time for pick-up. Pick up time influence your rental a lot. Try to change it to-and-fro to compare the rates and get the best deal.
  • Rent from the city depots. If you don’t want to lose the budget on car rental from the airport depots, you can try to catch a good price somewhere in the city. A free shuttle bus will help to get to the rental counter and find out all deals available at your direction.
  • Book now and you can make changes later. Rental agencies always change their prices. If you want to be certain of your booking, try to reserve a car online. You can always change it and book a new car last minute. Check the cancellation policy first to waive the cancellation fees.
  • Look for deals. Try to find coupons and specials for money-saving offers before you book.

Are you sure that low prices mean poorer service? Do you think that it is impossible to get an attractive price for rental at the last moment? You may check out reviews on the companies’ websites to know what to expect.