one way car rental no drop fee

One Way Car Rental No Drop Fee! Get the Best Deal!

Travelers take a car for rent at any given opportunity. Also, they often pick a one way rental option to band two travel points, airports, or just explore a new area. Sure enough, all tourists want to get one way car rentals no drop fee. No one likes penalties. Hiring the rental vehicle and leaving it at different spots is often money-taking.

one way car rental no drop fee

Sure ways to wave one way fee in America

Drop penalties in America usually bump into such criteria as the company-partner you rent a car from, travel distance, and a tourist season. You can even find a variant to take a rental auto one way with no fees at all. How to do that?  

  • Check rental spots

First of all, look through the list of big car hire agencies with numerous locations. But even these giants may not offer one way rental with no required penalties from some cities. Don’t focus on the airport rental only. Pay attention to the off-airport rental spots. You can save a lot or just get a car with a minimum fee.

  • Read the fine print

One way car rentals no drop fee can be real if you know how to find it. Hiring an auto you fill in a special form where you can indicate the finite location and check the car rates. There is a variety of interesting offers. Also, you can find even more attractive proposal like a special one-way promo, city-to-city sales, airport-to-city specials. You may think that this is your real opportunity to take a car one way with no drop off charge. But you should know that the one way penalty is usually waived when you hire a car online and may not be seen in the total price. Read the fine print carefully to know all the price details.

American car hire agencies with one way deals

Never forget, not all american car hire agencies provide one way car rentals without having to pay for dropping-off the car. Even big respectable agencies with numerous rental spots all over America and abroad may not offer one way car rental without charges. So, if the agency you used to deal with charges you for one way rental option, it makes sense to change the agency.

Most demanded agencies and their ONE WAY FEE policy:

Alamo Rent a Car logo


Be careful when booking with Alamo. They may take the so-called inter-city fee. The penalty is not seen when booking online. Surprisingly, you figure it out only when you pay for your auto in the rental office. But still, most of the locations go with no drop penalties.

AVIS Rent a Car


Looking for one way rental cars deal with no fee for drop-off with Avis you can find a special proposal – one way airport-to-city transfer. You can ride a car one way across the nearby cities or airports. Such a proposal is also available when you take an auto in most of the US cities such Las Vegas and so on. You can check them on the website.

Budget Rent a Car


Hunting for the cheapest one way car hires no drop fee deal with Budget. Like Avis, they offer you a one way drive between two given cities for $9,99. The names of the cities you can check on the Budget web page.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


This agency has many interesting one way proposals on its web page. The one way penalties vary by locations. Also, they have special offers with no penalties.

One Way Car Rental – Hot Travel Routes in the United States

When you hire a car in any of American states one way, the extra money may apply. It varies depending on where you reserve a car. If you want to get one way car hire with no payments for dropping off your car, check the route carefully. Do you think that economy class car rental one way with no fee, forget it. One way deal doesn’t work with economy rental cars.

one way car rental no drop fee

No drop-off costs

Let’s see what the top requested car hire spots usually offer. Pleasantly, you have a real chance to pass over the fees for one way destination. Thus, California one way deals are free of charge. The most significant rental spots such welcomes visitors with no additional costs.

Go from Los Angeles to San Francisco

This travel destination is the hottest one way rental route without fee for dropping off the car. It is not only in the USA but in the whole world. People come to see Disneyland, Santa Cruz, the Big Sur. It takes you no more than 7 hours of driving there. Leave the car and continue your trip in any direction.

Go one way from Miami to Orlando

Miami is another popular rental location where tourists often come to visit. This sunny state is very hospitable for drivers. Do you have in mind to rent a convertible car? There is nothing like driving from Miami to Orlando with the roof down! Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, green countrysides are especially attractive for people who like sport and nature. What is more, one way car hire no drop fee.

Go from Orlando to Tampa

Orlando is a place of bright attractions for kids and adults. Orlando International Airport is a rental spot with no one way drop charge. Ride your automobile and visit Tampa. This is a perfect place for all who like beach vacation and subtropics.

Go from Seattle to Portland

3 hours driving and you can get to Portland from Seattle. This destination usually takes no one way fee and full of sights and memorable places to see. Additionally, Portland offers a big range of road trips you have definitely never seen!

Rates do vary! The final price depends on the route you are following and the rental privacy policy in the chosen city. That’s why, before hiring a vehicle, learn the company’s politics and double check all possible fees.

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