long road trip tips, long road trip essentials

Long Road Trip Tips- Get Them All!

Are you getting ready for a long trip? What kind of car do you prefer? You may prefer a mid-size vehicle. But it feels like a compact car is not as save as an SUV car. From the other hand, SUVs eat too much gas. There are always so many things to think about before the trip. Our long road trip tips will help to cope with any situation.

long road trip essentials, long road trip tips,

How to plan a long road trip?

It can be really great to take a car, full tank of gas, open road, and go into the wind. Your long road trip is a unique way to travel and explore the world at a low cost. It takes no matter whether you are renting an auto or driving your own car, planning goes first. Here are a few long road trip essentials you should do before you hit the road.

What to bring on a long road tour?

You should start by listing all the road trip essentials. So, bring medicines, toiletries, some food, and all necessary documents, including your driving license, registration, and a navigation system. Don’t take many clothes as you can always stop along the route and do laundry. Finally, a long road trip packing list wouldn’t be full without books and movies for entertainment, and an emergency kit with the first aid suppliers.

What things to check in my car before a long road trip?

Of course, your rental agency has already checked everything for you. But it is never too much of a good thing if you check the car condition, scratches, tires, and all the rest that usually causes troubles on a long road tour.

How to prepare my auto for a long road trip?

Even if you packed all the must haves for a long road trip on the board, you shouldn’t forget to do a basic check of your rental auto before you hold the keys. Check the tire pressure and the mileage! Why don’t you check the windshield wipers, car battery, safety pads, even lights, and signals? Do an inspection! First of all, you are responsible for the car, so it is better to know about all possible problems beforehand to avoid fees and headaches. Secondly, a clean auto also helps to feel more comfortable, doesn’t it? Check much more long road trip tips by following the article!

DO’S and DON’TS on a long road tour

Your long road tour is going to be exciting for the whole family. But riding a car forever and a day can be really boring. Have you a strategy on how to entertain yourself and your family during a day or week-long road trip?

long road trip essentials, long road trip tips

How long does the perfect road trip have to be?

What is an ideal road tour for you? There are many long road trip tips you may follow to push your journey close to ideal, but it depends on what you expect from your particular trip. The ideal amount of time you spend on a road depends on where you are driving. But generally speaking, 7-10 days is enough for most destinations.

DO’S on a long road trip

The long road trip essentials include:

  1. Play your much-loved tunes

Going crazy on loud music when you are in the driver’s seat can make the time go faster. If you rent an auto with a great sound, it can be a big pleasure to listen to retro tunes or a soundtrack from your favorite films.

  1. Play some movies

Watching movies can be a fun thing to do on a long road trip. You can use your phone, iPad, or DVD player is your car hasn’t built-in screen.

  1. Play classic road games

It can be board games, mini-games, and even portable video games, of course, if you are not on driving. Playing games needs your attention. It is better to focus on driving.

  1. Pack a special bag with books, puzzles, and everything you may need to entertain yourself and your passengers.                                                                               
  2. Get some sleep

If you feel tired on a long road trip, you may stop the car get some sleep. Having someone, who can drive the car instead of you, use your sleep mask to take some rest even on the go.

What to do with KIDS on a long road trip?

Everything depends on your creativity and what your toddlers like to do, get yet another portion of long road trip tips:

  1. Take some audio books

It can be a great idea for a long road trip. That’s so cool that everyone, including a driver, can listen to adventurous stories together.

  1. Play Traveling Alphabet

This game is very popular to play with preschoolers on a long road trip. The aim is for each player to finish the sentence using a word that begins with a specific letter.


long road trip tips, long road trip essentials, long road trip with toddler

  1. Create a travel bag

It can be a travel backpack or even a LEGO box. Fill the bag with LEGO details or different fun stuff to keep your kids amused on the road.

  1. Play virtual games

The most popular virtual game for young travelers is Hide and Seek. Just try to imagine a place to hide! It’s so fun to hide everywhere no matter what size it is. Of course, it is a virtual game!

Long road trip tips

When taking a long road trip don’t forget to plan the route first. Nothing but planning is able to make a long road tour more enjoyable, especially when you travel with the kids and family. Here are the long road trip essentials to remember when listing everything you may need for the tour.

  • Plan carefully

Have you already planned the route? Plan your travel course and the roads you are going to take. Renting an auto for a long road trip, ask for a GPS system or just check the map carefully. That’s the biggie to mark on your map all the places where you can stop for fueling, snacks, and safe resting along the way.

  • Make stops every three hours

It is advised to take short breaks from driving every 2-4 hours. Just stop the car, take some food, use the bathroom, or just relax and stretch your legs for a while. It boosts your energy until the next pit stop.

  • Eat light and drink much water

One of the long road trip food ideas recommends eating snacks and a small portion or healthy food at regular intervals. Forget about tacos and spicy chicken! Fast food and tones of donuts aren’t a good idea on the go. You feel full and uncomfortable. Attention: drink enough water!

  • Call 911 if a car breaks down on a long road trip?

Sure enough, the best thing to do is to avoid a break down on a long road trip. So, check your vehicle before you rent it. But in case of a road accident you need to inspect your auto to find out what is wrong and call your insurance company as well as your rental agency. Check your rental contract and ask for a roadside assistance. It would be great to have another car in replacement when you want to continue your long road tour.

Remember that you are packing for a long trip! Ask for the car inspection all to pieces before you begin driving. Do you see anything suspicious? Ask for another vehicle! We hope all these long road trip tips will help you experience the best traveling in your life!

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