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Hertz Rental Extension and Other Amendments

Have your travel plans changed, leading you to continue your trip with Hertz? No worries! Whether you have booked on the official website or through Rental24h.com, you can safely extend your rental and keep moving towards new road adventures.

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Reasons to extend Hertz rental 

So, you have thought through your trip down to the smallest detail and are ready to hit the road. However, your ride may take a different course than expected, which affects your overall travel schedule. This, in turn, may prevent you from reaching your Hertz rental return location on time. Even if the company provides a 59-minute grace period, you may not be able to return a vehicle in time, and arriving too late (more than 2 hours 29 minutes after the scheduled drop off) will result in a hefty fee equivalent to the daily booking tariff. For such cases, Hertz allows you to modify the reservation and thereby extend the agreement for several hours and avoid late return charges. 

However, this is not the only reason to extend your rental deal. You can also make a spontaneous decision and prolong your vacation for a few extra days. Or, maybe, you decided to return to a different location and return your vehicle not to Denver, but to their Philadelphia office. Why not? Hertz gives you the framework to extend your rental quickly and easily. 

To conclude, the Hertz rental car extension is a convenient option that adds flexibility to your journey. Apply it if you want to: 

How to use Hertz extend rental form 

Before extending a reservation, remember the main rule: do it as early as possible. This increases the company’s chances of reserving a car for you or finding a suitable replacement for the next customer. Then, consider the available options to extend your rental with Hertz after booking on the official website. 

  • Via phone. Contact the company’s customer service and ask them for the opportunity of extending your agreement. 
  • Via online form. Use the handy Hertz extension available on their website. You will need to enter a Rental Record Number located on your receipt in the first box and the last 4 characters of your driver’s license in the second one. Next, enter the extension menu and select a new drop-off date/time. 

Once the company approves your extension, they will send you new Terms and Conditions with updated drop-off info. Also, you must pay for an extra booking period upon arrival.

Hertz’s phone number to extend your rental 

You can call (800) 654-4174 once you have decided to continue your road trip. The support service will help you choose the best date and time to return your vehicle. Try to do this as early as possible so Hertz can update your agreement effectively and without any extra fees.

Can I modify a Hertz reservation? 

If you make a reservation through the official website, you can modify it accordingly. Hertz allows you to change your reservation online by filling out a special form. You need to enter a Reference number consisting of 4 letters and 8 numbers, as well as the Last Name of the main driver, and then click the Continue button to get started.

Easy Hertz car rental extension with Rental24h.com 

Our customers frequently ask: “Can I use Hertz to extend my rental booked on Rental24h.com?” The answer is that you can do so in 2 clicks directly through the original reservation source, that is, through Rental24h.com. 

First, go to the home page and call up the pop-up menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, click on My Booking and fill out the fields that appear. Enter the email address specified when making a reservation and your Booking Number. Finally, click Find Booking to enter the menu and extend your agreement.

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