hertz mileage limit

Hertz Mileage Limit: What does it mean?

When you rent a car, Hertz in the US offers two policy options regarding mileage – limited and unlimited. The first option offers you a certain number of free miles/kilometers per day with extra distance available for an additional fee. On the other hand, the second option allows you to remove restrictions on the number of miles driven per day and travel as far as you want to. So, should you reserve a car with a mileage limit or not?

Does Hertz have unlimited mileage? 

For the convenience of customers, Hertz car rental provides unlimited mileage packages with their vehicles, which allow for greater flexibility in your trip. Consider this policy if, for example, you plan to cover long distances within a short time frame. This policy is also ideal for interstate hauls, and makes it possible to avoid extra charges when exceeding the daily limit. Usually, it is not much more expensive than booking a car with limited mileage, especially if you plan to drive a lot. However, please note that Hertz may not offer this option with luxury/premium cars or cargo vans.

Hertz cargo van rental with unlimited mileage 

Having unlimited free miles/kilometers for cargo van rentals is perfect if you are about to move to another city/state, or if you want to transport large and heavy items from place to place. This option can be combined very conveniently with one-way rentals, which allow you to travel confidently between over 4,000 rental locations. 

Moreover, Hertz offers unlimited mileage out of state for free to renters using USAA membership benefits. For a smooth rental experience, we recommend that you carefully review the mileage policy for both pick-up and drop-off locations (if you have decided to get a one-way deal) – policy terms may be different for different spots!

Hertz unlimited miles restriction 

Selecting a rental car with a certain amount of free miles is ideal if you know how much you will drive every day. With this option, the number of miles/kilometers included in the package depends on several factors. The first one is the vehicle class – economy or compact models have a lower limit than, for example, an SUV or van. Furthermore, the number depends on the specific location you have selected: on average, the Hertz rental car mileage limit is 100 miles per day. Knowing the approximate route for your future trip allows you to decide whether you have enough miles in the package so as not to overpay for the option with unlimited mileage.

Hertz estimated mileage fee 

If your package doesn’t include car rental with unlimited miles, each extra mile driven over the limit will cost you $0.25. Some extra fees may be applied in case of cross-country and spontaneous one-way trips.

Hertz unlimited miles with AAA 

Enjoy the benefits of AAA membership with Hertz. In addition to good discounts of up to 10%, you get unlimited miles as one of the perks. As a result, you don’t have to worry about exceeding your mileage and have the flexibility to travel at your own pace. To receive AAA benefits, book your auto with the appropriate registration promo code.

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