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How Much is Hertz Rental Car Insurance?

When planning a road trip, making wonderful memories and embarking on new adventures are, of course, top priorities. However, ensuring financial security is also a crucial part of the planning process. Luckily, cheap Hertz insurance rentals starting at $45 per day will keep you covered. With a variety of insurance and waiver options available, you can choose the best protection plan for your upcoming cruise and secure your budget, no matter whether you travel to Orlando or Los Angeles

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Hertz rental insurance types 

When you book a car from this supplier, you get access to multiple Hertz car rental insurance options. The most popular offers are LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), which often form a single package. 

If accepted, CDW/LDW allows you to waive liability for potential physical damage or loss of your rental vehicle. This waiver package also contains Theft Protection, which covers the full cost of the car. Naturally, both CDW and LDW have an excess indicating the level of the customer’s financial responsibility in the event of an incident

Still, if you don’t like these offers, other insurance options are also available.

Hertz Liability insurance 

Typically included in the initial price, liability protection provides extra coverage (above the state’s minimum limit) in case of claims from third parties injured/damaged due to your fault. Liability Insurance Supplement from Hertz offers $1,000,000 of material compensation in the event of an insured incident.

Hertz Super Cover 

If necessary, you can purchase an extended all-in-one Hertz car insurance option called Super Cover. Priced from $46 per day (depending on the vehicle class), Super Cover reduces the excess limit to zero, meaning you will have to pay absolutely nothing in the event of a possible road accident.

Hertz insurance cost per day 

Hertz LDW cost is $45 per day for any vehicle class/category in the company’s lineup. It’s an optional product in addition to the main cover package. However, LDW can significantly save your budget if something suddenly happens to your rental car. 

Keep in mind that this type of insurance has a certain excess (or deductible), which is the amount you must pay to activate the remaining coverage. The excess directly depends on the car category. For example, it’s $800 for a Chevrolet Beat hatchback in the A6 group, $1,400 for C class like the Chevy Aveo, $2,100 for a Dodge Grand Caravan in the R category, and can reach $4,000 for a Chevrolet Suburban in T6 group. As a rule, the higher the car’s market value, the higher the deductible.

Vehicle group CDW Deductible
(A6) Chevrolet Beat Hatchback or similar $ 800.00
(B) Chevrolet Beat Sedan or similar $ 900.00
(C) Chevrolet Aveo or similar $ 1,400.00
(D) Volkswagen Vento or similar $ 1,900.00
(F) Chevrolet Cavalier or similar $ 1,900.00
(G) Volkswagen Jetta or similar $ 1,950.00
(L) Nissan Kicks or similar $ 1,800.00
(P4) BMW 320i $ 2,500.00
(Q4) Chevrolet Trax or similar $ 2,000.00
(Q6) Renault Duster or similar $ 1,800.00
(R) Dodge Grand Caravan or similar $ 2,100.00
(T) Dodge Journey or similar $ 2,900.00
(T6) Chevrolet Suburban or similar $ 4,000.00
(V4) Chevrolet Camaro or similar $ 3,700.00
(Y) Dodge Charger or similar $ 1,700.00

Can you add insurance after renting a car from Hertz? 

With Hertz, you can add insurance after the rental process has been completed and you have picked up a car. Moreover, the company allows you to organize it at any stage of your trip, from the first to the last minute. To do so, return to the Hertz counter at your pick-up location and ask for the desired protection plan.

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