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Vital Hertz Debit Card Policy and Deposit Requirements

When you rent a car from Hertz, you can expect a mind-blowing tour at your chosen destination. In addition to finding the right car model and optional extras, it is important to be well-informed regarding the financial aspects of your rental. What types of bank cards are accepted? What is the amount of Hertz deposit and excess? Read on for information on how to plan a cost-effective road trip!

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Hertz payment options 

The Hertz payment policy approves the use of credit cards from the majority of  global financial systems: 

  • MasterCard 
  • Visa 
  • Carte Blanche 
  • American Express 
  • Diners Club 
  • JCB 
  • Discover 
  • China Union Pay 

When you reserve a car, the company freezes a certain amount on your bank card as a deposit. You cannot use these funds during your rental period, as they serve as compensation for expenses incurred on your trip. In order to book from Hertz, debit cards or credit cards  must comply with certain conditions. Firstly, the card provided must be issued in the renter’s name and, secondly, it must have a sufficient credit balance to pay the reservation cost plus equipment and authorization hold.  

Does Hertz accept debit cards? 

You can use debit cards as well as a store value or prepaid option, but only when paying after the car return. However, according to the Hertz car rental debit card policy, you must pass a credit check to confirm your solvency. 

As an exception, some Hertz locations do not serve debit cardholders. These include: 

  • Hartford, CT 
  • Philadelphia, PA 
  • New York Metropolitan Area, NY 
  • Boston, MA 
  • Manchester, NH 
  • Detroit, MI 
  • Baltimore, MD 
  • Atlanta, GA

Hertz debit card policies 

While it may seem like a challenge, booking a vehicle with a debit card is actually simple with Hertz. You just need to meet the following conditions to qualify for a rental: 

  • Have the correct logo. The company will accept it if it bears the MasterCard, VISA, or Discover logo, and passes a credit check. Also, it must be linked to the cardholder’s account and have a sufficient balance to cover the reservation cost plus the Hertz deposit fee. 
  • Comply with age policy. The minimum age for securing a car with a non-credit account is 25 years old at Hertz Local Edition locations. 
  • Provide all necessary documents. When picking up a vehicle at an airport location, you must present a return plane ticket that matches your drop-off date/time and two valid forms of identification (for example, a driver’s license and passport). At the off-airport (downtown) pick-up stations, you must provide proof of return travel intentions or a Corporate Discount Plan (CDP) number specified in the reservation, plus two photo IDs. Be sure to bring a printed version of your booking confirmation voucher in both cases – to the airport or downtown. 
  • Select the appropriate vehicle category. Under normal conditions, Economy, Mini, Compact, Mid-size, Standard, and Full-size cars are only eligible for Hertz rental with a debit card. Other classes, including luxury/premium vehicles, all Tesla models, and cars from the Dream/Adrenaline collections, are not available with this payment method. As an exception, you can collect any car from the company’s lineup if your debit card is included in the Gold Plus Rewards profile. 
  • Book at least 24 hours before your trip. As stated in the Hertz payment card policy, you must reserve a vehicle a minimum of 24 hours prior to travel. 

Please note that you can’t use the PayNow (Prepaid) option with this payment method. For this option, a credit card issued in the main renter’s name must be additionally provided.

Hertz at airport

Does Hertz take debit cards at airport locations? 

The Hertz car rental policy with a debit card allows cars to be booked in airport-based locations. Naturally, you must meet certain qualifications and have a U.S. or foreign driver’s license (plus International Driver’s Permit (IDP) if required). In addition, you must present one of the following documents: 

  • Additional debit/credit account issued in the main renter’s name for identification; 
  • A domestic passport (in the same name as the driver’s license and card used for payment) or US Military Identification Card. 

Hertz can accept a debit card when it is accompanied by specific documents, including: a store member card with photo, your official work badge with photo, or an utility bill with the name and address of the main driver. 

Can I use someone else’s credit card to rent a car from Hertz? 

As a major driver, you bear full financial responsibility for the car, so you cannot use someone else’s credit card. 

Can I use my Chime debit card to rent a car from Hertz? 

The answer is definitely YES, as long as it has the necessary balance to pay the reservation cost, equipment, and deposit. A Chime debit card is no different from other similar payment methods in terms of application.

Does Hertz require a deposit? 

A deposit is a standard practice for all companies, including Hertz. This amount will be temporarily held on your card and you won’t be able to use it until the end of the trip. This authorization amount serves as a guarantee of compensation for any incidental expenses (like fuel charges or late return fees) that may arise during your rental. 

After returning the car, the entire amount of your Hertz rental car deposit (minus potential expenses) will be restored to your bank account. The duration of the refund procedure ranges from a couple of hours to several working days and depends on the banking operation, not the car supplier.

How much is the Hertz deposit amount? 

Actually, the Hertz rental deposit is not a constant value; the amount varies based on the location – whether it is Orlando or Denver – and vehicle class you have selected. As a rule, the more expensive the market value of the car, the higher the deposit. For example, the company holds $900 for an economy car, or $2,000 for cargo vans. You can review the approximate deposit amounts for different car categories below: 

  • Economy Ford Fiesta or similar – $900
  • Compact Hyundai i20 or similar – $900 
  • Mid-size Toyota Corolla or similar – $900 
  • Full-size Toyota Camry or similar – $2,000  
  • Compact SUV Nissan Kicks or similar – $2,000  
  • Standard SUV Ford Bronco or similar – $2,000  
  • Full-size SUV Chevrolet Suburban or similar – $2,000  
  • 7-seater minivan Toyota Innova or similar – $2,000  

Note: Premium/Luxury models and other specialty classes may have an even higher authorization hold. 

The Hertz security deposit will be refunded in full if you return your vehicle in good condition and fueled in accordance with the selected petrol policy. Otherwise, the company writes off the required amount as a compensation.

How long does Hertz take to refund deposit holds? 

Whether you make a booking directly or through an intermediate website, the time after which the authorization hold will be available to you again depends solely on the banking and Hertz debit card policy as well as your card type. When paying by credit card, the Hertz deposit refund process takes up to 24 hours after the agreement is closed. If you are using a debit card, expect a hold to be released within five to ten days.

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