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Effortless Hertz Car Rental Return

If you are renting a car from Hertz, many miles of exciting experiences lie ahead, and enjoying a smooth drive is a top priority. However, the process of returning your car at the end of your journey is worth special attention. How do you drop it off properly, without incurring extra charges? Is after-hours service available? What is the grace period for Hertz rentals and how long does it last? Keep reading to find out the necessary details! 

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General info regarding Hertz return policy 

The duration of the agreement with Hertz is based on 24-hour intervals, and returning a car after the specified interval period means paying for an extra day of rental. However, Hertz rental car drop-off policy allows for a so-called grace period, which extends the legal time to return the vehicle by 59 minutes. That is, if the drop-off time specified in the contract is 10:00 am, then you can arrive at the parking lot no later than 10:59 am to avoid extra charges. At the same time, you must meet other important requirements when returning a car at a Hertz lot. Below are the important points to keep in mind: 

  • Plan your return trip in such a way as to be able to drop off your vehicle at the hours specified in the agreement. 
  • Make sure the car’s condition (both interior and exterior) matches its original pick-up state; otherwise, you will be asked to pay extra penalties, such as a cleaning or damage fee. Of course, these fees do not apply to normal wear and tear. 
  • If necessary, refuel the vehicle according to the fuel policy indicated in your contract. 

Please keep in mind that Hertz rental car return may occur differently during peak hours. During these hours, Hertz instant return protocol is applied. This means that the manager will greet you with a portable computer terminal and, after checking the car, will issue all the necessary receipts within 30 minutes. All associated fees will be charged from your credit/debit card used for the reservation.

Hertz late return 

If you exceed the Hertz late return grace period, you enter a new 24-hour gap. This means the company has the right to charge you an additional amount of money for each subsequent day you drive the car. Furthermore, fuel charges, vehicle damage, missing accessories, and state potential fines will also be charged to your bank card. 

Late return

Many drivers concluding their travels late in the day benefit from dropping off a rental car after hours with Hertz. In order to use this service, you must park your auto and leave the keys at a pre-agreed location. Remember that you remain responsible for the vehicle and its condition until the company’s employee accepts it within the next business day. Naturally, any expenses incurred during this period will be covered by the renter.

Hertz return car early 

If you collect a car with a “Pay Later” rate and return it before the agreed date and time, the company will recalculate the total cost based on a 24-hour period. However, you may be subject to a Hertz early return charge, which may increase your initial rate. This is a kind of compensation for the supplier’s inability to rent out the car to someone else while it’s reserved for you. Therefore, you may not receive a noticeable refund (or receive a refund at all) if you return the vehicle before the date and time specified in the contract.

Hertz Express return 

Returning a Hertz rental car can be much easier and faster with an Express return or eReturn – a service that doesn’t require your physical presence to close the rental agreement. This option is available only to Hertz Gold Rewards members. 

You fill out a simple form and leave it, along with the keys, in a specified location (this varies depending on the type of return location selected). A PDF copy of your eReceipt will be available on your Hertz Gold Profile once you have updated the Vehicle Preferences page. Next, the agency sends you an electronic receipt within 30 minutes of the specified drop-off time.

In order to fill out the Express Return form available in your Rental Agreement, you must indicate the exact Hertz drop off date and time, current mileage on the odometer, fuel level at the end of the trip, and (if available) indicate the fuel purchased and attach the appropriate receipt from the gas station. The next steps will be undertaken depending on your location type and the Instant Return operating hours: 

  • Airport locations during business hours. Park the vehicle at the designated location and leave the keys, along with the completed Express Return, slip on the dashboard. Management will send you an eReceipt within half an hour. 
  • Airport locations outside business hours. Drop off your car in the parking lot and lock it. Then, leave the keys with the completed form (slip) in the Express Return box. The company will close the agreement during the closest business hours and send you an electronic receipt. 
  • Downtown locations. If you are returning your car during business hours, give the completed form to the manager present. If after hours drop-off is available, leave your completed form in the dropbox. Please note: if after hours drop-off is not available, you must return your vehicle during operating hours. The manager will email your eReceipt immediately after the contract is closed. 

As stated in the Hertz rental return policy, all contract charges will be applied after dropping off the vehicle during non-business hours when the counter is finally opened the next day. 

Hertz change drop off location and time 

This company’s policy allows renters to amend the drop-off time and location in an already signed agreement. If your plans have changed, contact Hertz by the phone or email address specified in your contract, and ask about the possibility of choosing a different return point and/or time. Once you have taken this step, the company will evaluate your request and inform you how much it will cost. 

We have already mentioned that selecting a different time may result in an extra charge. At the same time, if you opt for a different Hertz car rental drop-off location, you will be subject to a One-Way Fee to cover the costs associated with delivering the car to the original point.

What Hertz charges after return should I pay?

There are several cases in which Hertz can apply an extra fee after a car return. Consider the most common fees below. 

Hertz early return charge 

Although you can drop off your vehicle earlier than stated in the agreement, the company will not refund you the difference for unused days. This is because you cause a violation of the terms of the agreement, and the agency applies the remaining amount to cover administrative costs. 

Hertz late return fee 

If you return a car later than the designated time (plus the 59-minute grace period), the company will charge you for the inability to transfer your vehicle to the next customer on time. The exact amount charged for using the car beyond the agreed period depends on how late you are: 

  • up to 59 minutes (grace period) – no fee 
  • from 1 to 4 hours – 1/5 of the daily rate for each extra hour you’re late 
  • more than 5 hours – charge equivalent to full 1-day reservation cost 

If you are several days late, you have to compensate for each extra day plus a late return charge. The Hertz late return charge in the USA is $12/day, in European countries you will pay EUR 11.50, United Arab Emirates – AED 56.00, Israel – SEK 102.00, Saudi Arabia – SAR 56.00, Kuwait – KWD 4.00, and South Africa – ZAR 151.00.  Of course, this charge may fluctuate from one city to another, e.g. late return charge in Philadelphia might be different when compared to the one in Denver.

Car return

FAQ about Hertz rental return 

What happens if you don’t return a rental car to Hertz? 

According to the Hertz rental drop-off policy, you must pay compensation if you are late. However, if you don’t return the car for longer than 1 day without prior notice, the company may take legal action for theft of the vehicle. This will activate the process of locating the car and further criminal prosecution of you as a thief.

Do I get a refund if I return my rental car early to Hertz? 

Hertz doesn’t provide a refund if you return the car early.

Is there a penalty for returning a rental car early to Hertz? 

If you return the rental car early to Hertz, the company may ask you to pay an early return fee of $11. Because the model range is carefully planned ahead, this amount serves as a kind of compensation for the shortened rental period, and the inability to rent out a car to the next customer before the expiration of the agreement. However, the exact amount may vary depending on the location (in Britain you will pay 10 GBP, while in Sweden – 102 SEK), and we recommend clarifying the issue at the rental counter.

Do I need to return a Tesla rental car with a full charge? 

No, you actually don’t have to. If you pay the $35 Recharge Fee, it doesn’t matter what Hertz Tesla charge is upon return – you can arrive with any battery level above 10%. However, the company allows you to avoid paying the Recharge Fee if you follow the charging policy. According to Hertz, if the Tesla return charge is the same as when collecting a car, you are not required to pay the $35 Recharge Fee. Either way, with a total range of more than 300 miles, you can travel with confidence and not worry about your battery running out quickly.

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