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Why Do You Need a Hertz AAA Discount and How Do You Use It?

As a member of the American Automobile Association, you can expect an exclusive experience when renting a car from Hertz. A long-established partnership between the two companies results in pleasant bonuses and discounts for you as a renter. Simply enter the Hertz CDP code during your reservation and enjoy an extensive list of benefits.

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How does a CDP number for Hertz look? 

Certain companies and organizations have business connections with Hertz in the US, and their cooperations occur under Corporate Discount Programs, or ‘CDPs’. The CDP prescribes special rental conditions for their members, which are not available for public use. For easy identification, the company has introduced special codes that provide access to unique features. 

Hertz CDP codes look like 10-digit sets of numbers, which you must enter when booking your car. Note that codes with less than ten digits have their first characters missing, which means that they must be replaced with zeros. If your rental has additional reservation conditions, you can supplement the CDP number with an RQ (Rate Code), PC (Promotion Code), or CV (Convention Number). 

If you are a member of the American Automobile Association, please enter your Hertz CDP code for AAA on the reservation form. Also, you may need to provide proof of your membership (and therefore the right to apply the discount code) at the counter.

AAA companies

What companies does AAA support? 

Pick up the AAA discount on a Hertz rental car and enjoy multiple associated benefits. With this membership, you can score the same great perks when renting with Dollar and Thrifty, also operating under Hertz Global Holdings

To apply the discount, you need to use your unique registration code when booking with one of the aforementioned rental companies. Keep in mind that different coupons work differently with certain offers, so, if possible, try multiple quotes to find the perfect combination.

Remember that Hertz AAA car rental prices depend on seasonality – the lowest rates appear during periods of low demand. What’s more, you can get further benefits when using the AAA membership with your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership. In order to activate this option, simply enter the appropriate code on the reservation page.

Extra benefits with Hertz AAA discount code 

Under the AAA Hertz rental program, you receive a range of benefits, including cheaper rates for vehicles and optional products. Here’s the full list of Hertz AAA discounts when you become their member: 

  • Up to 20% off base price for rental cars 
  • No young driver fee for renters 18-24 in NY and MI, 19-24 in AL and NE, and 20-24 in the rest of the US (saves from $29 per day) 
  • No additional driver fee if they are an AAA member and meet all age and document requirements (saves $13.99 per day) 
  • Free use of a single child seat (saves $13.99 per day) 
  • 10% off the full cost of pre-paid fuel 
  • 25% off GPS navigator (saves $2.49 per day) 
  • 50% off Sirius XM Radio (saves $2.49 per day) 
  • No Saturday night keep to get lower long-term rates 
  • Free LDW coverage if not included in the deal 
  • Skipping the counter for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members 
  • Up to 10% off base price for selected rental cars in the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovakia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and other countries, at the company’s participating locations only. 

To activate the program, enter the Hertz promo code for AAA when making your reservation. You can find it on your membership registration card. 

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and Triple A discount 

You can combine the benefits of the brand’s Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program and AAA car rental with Hertz. This combination gives you even more advantages, including: 

  • 100% off one rental day on your trip 
  • Skipping the counter at more than 50 Hertz airport-based locations 
  • A large selection of deals at the best prices 
  • Using points for discounts on rental cars and optional extras

Joining Gold Plus Rewards is completely free. What’s more, Triple A Premier members additionally enjoy 25% more points per rental and automatic 5-star status on top of the main perks.

AAA card

How to use the AAA Hertz discount code? 

AAA Hertz car rental discounts are available for daily/weekend/weekly/monthly trips either in your hometown Denver or in your travel destination city – Los Angeles. Also, Triple A membership provides other benefits listed in the Special Offers Section on the official website and specialized magazines. Alternatively, you can contact your local association club for a full assortment of related perks. 

To get started, go to the reservation page and select your desired pick-up/drop-off locations along with dates and hours. Then, click on ‘Add a Discount Code‘ at the top of the form and enter the AAA Hertz CDP code in the appropriate line. All prices and benefits shown will be applied automatically. 

Find your CDP number on your membership registration form. You can also contact your club for a code, or call 1-800-654-3080 (Hertz/AAA Desk) for assistance. Please be aware that the employee working at the counter may require you to provide proof that you are eligible to participate in the program. 

Final Words 

In summary, participation in the AAA  gives you access to multiple money-saving Hertz car rental options, including lower rates on vehicles and optional extras, plus further benefits. However, this is not the only loyalty program available with Hertz. The company provides pleasant perks for USAA members, military and government employees, and senior travelers over 50. Still, Triple A is a fundamental program that benefits roadtrippers of all ages and various circumstances.

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