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How to Find the Cheapest Minivan Rental?

Sometimes, choosing the right vehicle for your road trip can be a challenge. What to pick for an exciting journey with friends or a leisurely family trip to Disneyland? This question will torment you until you rent a minivan.

Larger than a standard car and smaller than a passenger van, minivan car rental is the perfect combination of agility, fuel efficiency, and interior size. Yes, the minivan is simple to drive on the road, while the volume of its interior space, including the trunk, puts it almost on a par with large passenger vehicles.

You can easily take all your kids into the cabin, as well as load the necessary belongings into the trunk – a minivan for rent makes it really easy. Plus, you don’t have to worry about high fuel costs, as minivan engines are usually very efficient, while still providing enough power for a comfortable and dynamic ride.

Reasons to rent a minivan

As for the car category, 8-passenger minivan rental sits between regular cars and large passenger vans. Therefore, travelers often underestimate it due to such an intermediate position in the car rental market. However, these cars can give you more than you expect from them. Here are at least six reasons why you should choose a 7- or 8-seater minivan rental for your next trip:

More interior space

Comfort is one of the main things you strive for when choosing a car for a road trip. Having a spacious salon, minivan rental will provide free space for each of 7-8 persons. Often, you can configure the seats of the minivan to your liking, which will further adapt the interior of the car according to your needs.

Spacious baggage compartment

While you are enjoying the ride in a comfortable seat, your personal belongings will be in the trunk. Fortunately, the average 8-passengers minivan rental has enough space for suitcases and bags.

Great price

The cheapest minivan rental price starts at about $25 per day, while during the high demand period it doesn’t exceed $50-55 per day. What does it mean? This means that 7 passenger minivan rental is one of the most affordable transport solutions for a family trip. And if we are talking about a road trip with friends, then you can divide the car rental costs, which in the end will be a very good bargain!

Kids-friendly features

Traveling with a child creates additional complications. Usually, you pick up a campervan for a family trip but if your kid is under 12 and needs a child seat, it may be difficult to find a place to attach it correctly. A car rental minivan is excellent for traveling even with newborn babies, while the stroller will easily fit into the trunk.

No pre-trip servicing

Unlike traveling in your own car, picking up a cheap minivan rental looks like a great option in terms of car preparation. You don’t need to worry about anything, as all rental vehicles are serviced on time, washed, and are ready to give you happy moments on the trip.

No wear and tear on your car

Many travelers benefit from a minivan for rent even if they have a car. And they are right! It will avoid the wear and tear of the car and its premature breakdown. In addition, this will save the money necessary for servicing the car before the trip.

minivan rental

How to rent a minivan for cheap?

Planning of travel expenses includes many items, and one of the main ones is the cost of renting a car. Although the minivan is a fairly affordable car category, it’s also very popular. As a result, high demand makes the price go up, and you risk spending most of your budget on car rental. This is probably not what you expected.

However, don’t worry – you are still in business. We know how to catch a cheap minivan rental rate. Just follow the simple money-saving guidelines and use them for your next car rental!

Reserve your minivan as early as possible

Rental prices rise with the approach of your travel date – this is the main rule when choosing the time to book a rented car. Therefore, don’t waste time to gain an advantage. Start your search 2-3 weeks before your road trip to enjoy the cheapest way to rent a minivan at an attractive price.

Find the best dates for your trip

You already know that high demand is driving prices up. Unfortunately, this is also used by car rental companies that raise rates on weekends and holidays. So, choose alternative days, i.e. weekdays, to start your trip, and you will receive cheap minivan car rental deals.

Avoid airport rentals

Picking up a rental car at the airport is extremely convenient and …extremely expensive. Rental companies pay big bucks to use airport facilities for their business. This forces them to set higher car rental prices to compensate for these costs. As a result, the price for similar minivan rental deals at the airport can be 10-30% more expensive than in an urban downtown location. Shop around before finally booking your car and you can save a lot of money.

Enjoy a weekly rental

It may sound strange, but the longer your trip, the cheaper it is. We mean the cost of each individual day of car rental. Indeed, long-term rentals are cheaper, and a week is a minimum period to enjoy them. You’d be surprised that 5 or 6-day rentals can cost more than a weekly trip, even in terms of the total cost.

Don’t benefit from one-way minivan rental

Choosing different pick-up and drop-off locations can greatly expand your travel experience. However, the high price of this option due to additional fees can be a problem. So, avoid minivan rental one way if you want to catch a cheap deal for your next road trip.

Prefer discount car rental brands

Avis, Hertz, and Budget are renowned highly trusted rental companies. They have a great reputation and tend to provide a slightly higher price for their rental cars. Alternatively, look for deals from discount brands such as Advantage, Payless, Thrifty, and Dollar. On average, they cost $5 less per day, which can result in great savings on a long trip.

Leverage memberships

Your AAA membership can bring many benefits. If you rent a minivan from Hertz, you can count on a good discount. Plus, AAA membership will allow all 20-24-year-old drivers to avoid the costly young driver fee, which is $25-35 per day.

Avoid underage rentals

Under 25 drivers always pay more for the same rental vehicle due to the young driver’s fee. The young driver’s fee is a kind of compensation for the additional risk of damage to a rental car by an inexperienced driver. If you are traveling with someone who is 25 or more years old, let him be the main driver for saving money.

Use your own insurance

If you have your own car, then its insurance usually extends to rental cars as well – check it with your insurance provider. In addition, your credit card coverage may also include rental car insurance, which is another way to save up to $30 per day on a minivan rental.

Take full-to-full fuel option

Car rental suppliers offer Prepaid Gas as an additional option. This is convenient, but it will cost you extra money because the company won’t compensate you for unused gas. It’s much better to take the full-to-full fuel option. You take a full tank and you return a full tank, which means you will pay only for the used gasoline.

Check extra options carefully

By default, your rental minivan may come with some extras onboard – additional driver, child seat, GPS device, etc., which make the total car rental price bigger. Check additional options and refuse all you don’t need in order to save.

Search for discounts and promotions

Another way to pick up cheap minivan rental is discounts and promotions. Very often, the benefit can reach up to 30%, which will allow you to significantly save your travel budget. You can find discount deals on our website – for this, look for Discount-labeled offers after making a search.

The most popular minivan rental destinations

Travelers rent minivans all over the United States and the globe because such a car is great for moving a small group of people. At the same time, their high fuel efficiency means you don’t spend too much money when visiting a gas station. This makes minivan rental a great way to getting around the area wherever you go. Although, there are several destinations where it’s especially popular to rent a minivan:

  • Minivan rental Orlando. Vacationers with children often visit local amusement parks. Like Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort is also within driving distance of the city. Therefore, a rental minivan will be the best way to get there quickly and comfortably.
  • Minivan rental Los Angeles. Los Angeles has many amazing family sights located in and around the city. If you rent a minivan, you can easily reach any of them, without the crowds and without fuss.
  • Minivan rental Atlanta. Multiple kids-friendly attractions, including the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo, and Piedmont Park turn Atlanta into an outstanding family travel destination. And what could be better than exploring them all together in a spacious minivan?
  • Minivan rental Las Vegas. Although Las Vega is relatively small, it’s much easier to travel around it in a rental car than by bus, especially when it comes to a family road trip. Plus, at any time you can head out of town to find even more natural sights in the Mojave Desert.
  • Minivan rental Chicago. Children will definitely not get bored in Chicago. Whether it’s Millennium Park in the heart of the city or Six Flags Great America 20 miles north, you can easily reach them in your rental minivan. By the way, Chicago is the starting point of the famous Route 66, which is also great for driving.
  • Minivan rental Miami. Miami’s beaches are the main goal of travelers in Florida. They cover the entire coastline, so it’s a great idea to get the whole family in a spacious rental minivan and visit them. By the way, you will find several excellent natural parks within driving distance of the city as well.

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