Hertz discount codes and programs

When you are renting a car, it is practical to seek out ways to lower the rate on your desired offer. Fortunately, Hertz, as a leading company in the industry, knows what customers need and provides pleasant perks in the form of coupons and promos. The branded Hertz discount codes and programs make it possible to reduce the final price for free, and you can apply them on your next online reservation!

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What is a CDP code for Hertz? 

A CDP stands for Counter Discount Program, which denotes special corporate relationships (of a rental company with certain organizations) that provide beneficial rental conditions for their members. Verification in this and similar programs is made through a unique 10-digit code that is entered at the booking stage. 

When making a reservation on the official website, look for the Discounts Applied line and click on it to add yours. Hertz CDP codes may also refer to Discount or Club Codes related to other programs. When you are picking up a car, the company may ask you to show proof that you legally qualify for the discount code.

Different types of Hertz discounts and who may use them 

Hertz car rental discounts include programs for people of any age and social status. Consider all the available money-saving options below to choose the one that suits you best. 

Student discount

Hertz student discount 

Good news if you are a student of 21 years or older, hold a driver’s license with at least 1 year of experience, and plan to rent a car! Hertz student discount in the USA allows you to get super benefits – 15% off for cars and 20% off for vans. Naturally, you must meet certain requirements, like having the following documents on hand: 

  • Active student ID 
  • A valid driver’s license held for at least 12 months prior to pick-up date 
  • A credit card issued in your name with a balance sufficient to pay the total reservation cost and deposit 
  • An additional ID document such as a passport 

Do you have these documents ready? If you do, you can get started. When making an online reservation, click on the Student Discount button and enter the code  2159163. Also, you can contact the company and make a reservation by phone (call 800-654-3131).

Hertz military discount 

Employees of government and military structures will be happy to receive 25% off the “Pay Later” price when booking a rental car for their leisure rides. Start your reservation on the official website and enter the CDP code – 157299 – in the appropriate line. Hertz car rental military discount is available to either current or former employees. In addition, all of their family members receive access to this benefit when entering the code as well.

AAA discount on a Hertz rental car 

As an organization comprising 32 motor clubs in North America, the AAA (American Automobile Association) is known for their initiatives in the roadside assistance sector. They involve more than 60 million members who receive discounts on restaurants, gas, and car rentals. 

Their history of collaboration with Hertz began in 1978 and continues to this day. According to their policy, renters receive multiple benefits, including big discounts. So, you can get the AAA Hertz rental car discount reaching up to 20% at the company’s airport and downtown locations. Moreover, the duration of your trip doesn’t affect availability – daily, weekly, and monthly rentals participate in the program.


Hertz USAA discount 

Renters can enjoy multiple benefits with the USAA Hertz code and an active association membership at their fingertips. These include discounts and perks which make it possible for you to save a significant amount of money on your road trip. Here’s what USAA members can get when renting a car with Hertz: 

  • Free additional driver option, which also applies to the renter’s spouse and children. 
  • Young Driver’s Fee waiver for renters aged 18-24, subject to USAA insurance.
  • Free Liability Coverage with protection up to $50,000.
  • A free insurance product that allows waiving administrative and Indirect Loss of Use fees. 
  • $5,000 of coverage for loss or damage to the rental vehicle if the original LDW was not purchased or included in the rate. 

To join the program, use the original Hertz USAA car rental discount code77694. You must enter it when making a reservation online.

Hertz AARP discount 

Acting as a nonprofit organization, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) advocates for the interests of US people over 50. The association has no official ties to Hertz, but the company itself has accommodated 50-year-old and older travelers by offering discounts on rental cars. 

The Hertz senior discount can reach 20% of the base rate and includes extra benefits. To apply for the program, enter its certified CDP code – 2007815 – during online booking. You can also call Hertz at 800-654-3131 to make a reservation (using the appropriate CDP code) via telephone. 

Alternative for Hertz rental car discounts on Rental24h.com 

Did you know that discounts and programs are not exclusive to the Hertz official website? When you book Hertz through Rental24h.com with discount, you can enjoy multiple benefits regardless of memberships (AAA, USAA) or social status (military, student, etc.). Use our alternative Hertz promotional code during the reservation – HERTZ10 – to get up to 10% OFF base rate on your next car rental. 

Discounts and codes

Bottom line 

Whatever your membership, demographic, or specialization, Hertz has the perfect benefit to offer. Are you a student or a military personnel? Expect up to 20% and 25% off base rate respectively. AAA and USAA memberships give you the green light for 20% off and additional free perks. Moreover, senior travelers aged 50 and over also receive a 20% lower rate when booking with Hertz. For all drivers renting a car on Rental24h.com, a universal discount of -10% comes in handy. Find your best Hertz discount now to enjoy maximum savings on your next rental!

Which car rental companies have child seats?

A family road trip with children is a real pleasure. You travel in a private setting with your loved ones and enjoy driving every mile together. However, such a trip requires proper preparation. The main issue is to ensure a safe ride for children with the help of child seats. You can bring your chair from home, or rent one. Companies offer infant, toddler, and booster seating according to specific ages. Also, some suppliers may provide car rental child seats free. Keep reading to check out available options for car seat rental from popular agencies.

Car seat rental prices 

The main disadvantage of child seats is the price. You have to pay $10-15/day plus taxes for this device when picking it up from the company. This amount can double or even triple if you have more than one kid. Fortunately, companies set a maximum price limit for child seats. National, Alamo, and Enterprise car rental child safety seats cost a maximum of $66 per trip. AVIS and Budget offer infant, toddler, and booster options at $70 per rental, while Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty restraint systems are available at an upper limit of $98 per ride. On the other hand, you can buy a new officially approved branded child chair for the same money, and avoid using the device after hundreds of customers. Find more information below to make the right choice. 

Car seat rental

Rental car agencies that have child seats 

Planning to pick up a child toddler seat with Atlanta Airport car rental? You can do this at the time of booking. Regardless of the location, simply add the appropriate option to the deal and then get it on the spot. The price of the device is usually not included in the total reservation rate. 

If you want to ensure that the necessary restraint system is available when collecting a vehicle, please contact the company directly and confirm your order. Also, you can pick up an infant, toddler, or booster seat on the counter if you accidentally forgot to book it earlier. Suppliers make good money on extra options, so they have tons of chairs of every size in stock. 

Remember that you as the renter are responsible for the correct installation of the restraint system in the vehicle. The company simply supplies you with an auto with the necessary device in the cabin, and the driver’s task is to install it himself. If you want to rent a car with a car seat, check the relevant policies of different companies and prices in the following list.

Alamo car seat 

Alamo Rent a Car logo

This agency provides government-approved chairs upon request. Travelers can choose an infant, toddler, or booster seat according to the child’s age and weight. You are guaranteed to receive the necessary device in all airport locations in the United States. However, some off-site pick-up spots lack restraint systems, so it’s best to check availability well in advance. 

Alamo rental car child seats can be installed rear-facing or reclined for infants up to 30 pounds. Forward-facing installation applies for toddlers weighing 20 – 40 pounds. Each chair has a 5-point belt attachment with a two-piece retainer and an additional lock and reliable seatbelt paths with locking clips. Vinyl or fabric seat upholstery is available for travelers. The price for any Alamo child seat is $6.99/day, with a maximum of $66/trip.

AVIS car seat

AVIS Rent a Car

Avis does everything to ensure a safe journey for children. Therefore, the company offers reliable car rental child safety seats for infants, toddlers, and older kids. You can find the required restraint device according to age and weight and how to install it in the following list: 

  • Children under 1 year old (weighing up to 22 pounds) – rear-facing infant seat 
  • Children 1-3 years old (weighing 20-40 pounds) – rear-facing child restraint system 
  • Children 4-7 years old (up to 4’9″ tall) – forward-facing seating option 
  • Children 8-12 years old (4’9″ and taller) – booster with shoulder and hip belts 
  • Children weighing 40-80 pounds and about 4’9″ tall – belt-positioning booster 

Each chair is secured with the LATCH system, which makes possible installation without the use of seat belts. This system facilitates the installation process and guarantees the correct position of the device in the vehicle cabin. 

AVIS car rental child car seats can be ordered when booking and picking up a vehicle – the price for any device is $13 per day, but not more than $70 per rental. The total rate will be included in the agreement. At the end of your trip, you must return the chair clean and in good condition. Otherwise, a $50 additional fee may apply.

Budget car seat 

Budget car rental logo

Infants, toddlers, and older kids can enjoy a smooth and safe ride with the Budget. The company provides officially-approved restraint systems for children of all ages, weights, and heights. Kids under 1 year old can travel in a rear-facing infant seat. Children 1-3 years of age should be seated in a rear-facing device. 4-7-year-old travelers will be comfortable and secure in a forward-facing chair. Finally, for 8-14-year-olds, you should provide a booster with lap and shoulder belts. 

Сhild car seats rental from Budget are installed with a LATCH system that doesn’t use seat belts for mounting. The company’s employees are always ready to help set up the device and have special foam aligners for its correct positioning. 

Budget guarantees the availability of the necessary restraint when booking at least 48 hours before pick up. If you order a chair within 48 hours, the agency may not have the desired seating option in stock. Thus, book in advance to secure the desired chair. The cost for a child seat rental from Budget per day is $13.99, with a maximum rate of $70 for the entire trip.

Dollar car seat

Dollar Rent A Car 

The main goal of the Dollar is to provide a safe ride for all passengers and especially for children. Thus, the company has the necessary seating options and works in compliance with the standards for transporting kids. With Dollar, you can rent a car seat of the right type. The following options are available for order in all the supplier’s locations: 

  • For Infants. Use this restraint system for children under 1 year of age or weighing up to 20 pounds. It serves to support the neck, back, and spine of the child and is not suitable for those who are heavier than 20 pounds and taller than 26 inches. This type of chair must be installed facing backward. 
  • For Toddlers. The company offers convertible car chairs for children weighing 20-40 pounds and up to 40 inches tall. Install it facing forward if these requirements are met. If your kid has outgrown the infant seat, you can use this child’s chair rear-facing until he reaches the minimum conditions mentioned above. 
  • For Older kids. This is the latest type of restraint system offered by the Dollar. It looks like a separate belt-positioning chair with a high back. You can use it on all seats equipped with shoulder and lap belts, which also serve as fastening. This option is suitable for children weighing 40-80 pounds. 

Order one of the available devices when making a booking or on the spot. The price for a child seat from Dollar is $13.99 per day, with a maximum rate of $98 for the entire trip.

Enterprise car seat 

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The agency features officially government-approved restraint systems available for pre-booking online and collecting at the counter. Enterprise car rental child seats include three types of devices: for infants, toddlers, and older kids. Each chair type has an original position and can be installed in the appropriate way – facing backward or facing forward. All chairs are equipped with a 5-point belt with a two-piece retainer and an additional lock to ensure a secure fit. 

The agency guarantees the desired restraint system will be received on a certain date if booked early. However, for bookings within 48 hours, child seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Thus, it’s better if you order it in advance. Enterprise car rental child seat cost is $6.99 per day, while the maximum rate per trip doesn’t exceed $66.

Hertz car seat


In addition to a hassle-free pick up service, the company is ready to provide a suitable restraint system in more than 2,700 locations in the US. Travelers can choose between infant, convertible, and booster options, according to the kid’s specific age, weight, and height. Each Hertz car seat rental meets safety standards and undergoes a cleaning/sanitizing procedure before being handed over to the next renter. As a result, you can be sure of the high service quality. 

The company’s employees can’t help you with the installation of a chair in the salon. However, you receive appropriate instructions. When returning a vehicle at the end of a trip, you must return the seating device in good condition. Otherwise, the supplier applies a charge equivalent to the full value of the restraint system. 

Car seat rental Hertz costs $13.99 per day or a maximum of $98 for the whole trip. You can order it along with the vehicle at the booking stage, or pick it up on the spot. Also, the company offers car rental with a free child car seat if you have an AAA membership at hand.

National car seat 

National Car Rental

With National, you can pick up an infant, toddler, or booster seat to safely transport your child in a car. The necessary device will be waiting for you at any airport-based location in the USA and Canada. However, the number of restraint systems may be limited at non-airport pick-up points. Therefore, check availability in advance to guarantee a chair for a specific date. 

National child car seat rentals include 5-point convertible devices that can be mounted rear-facing (for infants up to 30 pounds) or forward-facing (for toddlers 20 – 40 pounds). All chairs are equipped with a two-section lock and a front belt buckle with locking clips for even greater security. Before starting the trip, your task is to correctly install the device in the car using simple instructions. 

The price for any National restraint system is the same as for a child car seat rental Enterprise. You will pay $6.99 per day for car seat rental from National, up to a maximum of $66 for the entire trip. 

Payless car seat 

Payless Car Rental

Enjoy hassle-free car rental with a car seat in hundreds of company locations. You can choose an infant restraint in a rear-facing configuration (for children weighing 5-20 pounds) or a toddler seat in a forward-facing arrangement (for children 20-40 pounds). Payless offers many models and styles, so contact them in advance for details. The price of any restraint device from Payless per day is $14.00.




A perfect way to avoid being charged for a restraint device is to pick up a Silvercar vehicle. The agency offers a free child seat with car rental upon request. Given the average cost of an infant, toddler, or booster seat of $10-15, this saves you money, especially on a long trip. Your task is to contact the support team a few days before the pickup and tell them which seating option you need. Unfortunately, Silvercar only has 26 locations, which limits the ability to take advantage of this perk.


SIXT rent a car

You can select the appropriate seating option according to the child’s age, weight, and height when booking the vehicle online. If you forget to do this, pick it up on the counter. The following SIXT car rental child seats are available for road travelers: 

  • Baby chair. This option is suitable for children up to 15 months of age and weighing up to 29 pounds. The device is specially adapted for infants and must be positioned facing away from the driving direction. You can fit it to any seat equipped with lap and shoulder belts. However, when mounted in the front row, disable the airbag to avoid injury in an accident. 
  • Toddler chair. Suitable for children aged 9 months to 4 years, and weighing 20 to 40 pounds. This type of restraint is installed in the travel direction and can be mounted on any place in the cabin. The main feature of the toddler seat is the improved side impact protection and the Pitch Control System, which reduces the consequences of a frontal collision. 
  • Booster chair. Children aged 4 to 12 years old and weighing 33-79 pounds will travel comfortably and safely in this device. You can attach it to any seat, facing forward. The booster restraint provides improved lateral protection, while its padded headrest and high back ensure a comfortable ride.

Any of the aforementioned restraint systems from SIXT cost $9.99 per day. However, you won’t pay over $77.00 even for a 2 or 3-week-long trip.


Thrifty Car Rental

Traveling safely with children is Thrifty’s main goal. Thus, the company provides restraints for little travelers to ensure a hassle-free drive. The supplier strictly complies with local traffic regulations and will advise the necessary device if it’s required. You can choose Thrifty car rental child seats according to the kid’s size, age, and weight. The following seating options are available at the company’s locations: 

  • Booster. Pick up this device if your child weighs 40-80 pounds. A comfortable position with a high back ensures a safe journey. You can secure it using the shoulder and lap belts. 
  • Toddler. A perfect option for kids weighing 20-40 pounds and up to 40 inches in height. The restraint can be mounted forward-facing or rear-facing in any vehicle’s place. 
  • Infant. Infant child restraint can safely take children up to 20 pounds in weight and up to 26 inches in height. The only mounting position available is rear facing. If you want to install it in the front row, be sure to turn off the airbag. 

The price for Thrifty restraint devices is $14 per day, but not more than $98 for the entire journey. The best way to guarantee the necessary seating system is to book it in advance. 

Free child seats for AAA members 

AAA membership gives you many benefits, and a free child seat in addition to your rental car is one of them. However, you must meet a few conditions to enjoy this waiver: 

  • Travel with Dollar, Hertz, or Thrifty, which are the only companies to support this option. 
  • Book a car under the AAA rate code 
  • Confirm your AAA membership when picking up a vehicle. 

Also, you can get an AAA free child seat with car rental by contacting one of the regional affiliates. AAA is a consortium and your membership makes it possible to receive a free restraint system for your ride. Remember that not all affiliates can provide this opportunity.

Free child seat with car rental

Arrange an excellent car seat rental experience! 

Finding the right seating option at an affordable price has never been easier. At Rental24H.com, we work with hundreds of companies that provide reliable restraint systems for babies, toddlers, and older kids. You can select the appropriate deal and add the required child seat type to your booking. 

So, organizing a safe road trip with children is simple. Fill out the search form on our website, select the perfect vehicle, and include the desired security option in it with one click!

How far in advance to rent a car for the best price?

People prefer a rental car over buses, trains, taxis, subways, and other types of public transport. A set of wheels at hand gives freedom of movement, a great level of comfort, and the ability to reach almost any place without schedules and queues. Unfortunately, the price can put off potential road travelers. The good news is that you can still enjoy the low price without sacrificing the service quality and travel experience. Booking in advance guarantees a money-saving trip. However, how far in advance? What’s the best time to reserve a rental car for the cheapest rate? Many factors go into this and you should consider them for the perfect deal. Keep reading to check all the necessary information.

Why do car rental prices change? 

If comparing the prices in California for January and July, you will notice they can differ. Why is this happening? According to the economics laws, increased demand causes the cost to rise. The same is true for the car rental industry. Demand is the main reason for rate fluctuations. 

Companies want to rent out all vehicles. When demand is low, they lower the price to attract users with cheap deals. However, when demand increases, providers raise rates to maximize revenue. Thus, renting a car of the same category and with the same set of options in the high season (high-demand period) can be 20-50% more expensive than in the low season (low-demand period). The same goes for locations. In popular pick-up points, the price is higher than those off the beaten track.

Is it cheaper to rent a car in advance?  

The price for the same deal with early booking in 99% of cases will be lower than picking up on the spot. The cheapest time to book a rental car is months or weeks before your trip. What’s the matter? 

Each agency operates a limited vehicle fleet and wants to estimate demand in advance in order to have the required car ready for a specific date. And cutting the cost is the best way to encourage travelers to book early. Users receive attractive rates, and suppliers enjoy the opportunity to anticipate demand and plan further work. 

Reserving in advance also has a positive effect on the number of available deals. You can choose from many models. In addition, early booking guarantees the right vehicle at the right place when traveling in the high season.

Best time to reserve a rental car

How far in advance should I rent a car to get the best price? 

People think that the further to the expected rental date, the cheaper the rate. However, each agency applies a unique pricing strategy. Therefore, we get a non-linear dependence of the price on the time left before the start of the trip. 

In most cases, booking even 3-4 days in advance will be cheaper than collecting up on the spot. Also, customers try to reserve half a year, a month, and two weeks before the desired date. Which period is the cheapest? What’s the best time to rent a car in advance

According to research, choosing the right booking date has become more difficult due to the recent coronavirus break. The lack of cars and increased demand made travelers look for cars 6-12 months earlier, which is the right approach in today’s realities. Consider in which cases to reserve 6-12 months before the start of the trip: 

  • Traveling during high season. During a period of high demand, everyone needs a car, and reserving early is the only way to guarantee it. For example, this applies to California on a summer vacation, or Florida on a winter break. 
  • Driving in a popular location. Vehicles run out quickly in places where travelers often pick them up. The reverse is true for locations away from popular routes. Thus, book early so as not to miss the desired deal. 
  • Picking up a special car. Typically, companies have a limited range of luxury, premium autos, SUVs, minivans, and vans. Therefore, the lack of such vehicles closer to the start of the trip has become commonplace. If you want to rent a 7-passenger vehicle for less, book far in advance. 
  • Enjoy more flexibility. Take advantage of the free cancellation option provided by agencies. Find the best price and book your vehicle 6-12 months in advance. Then, periodically monitor the price, and if a better rate appears, cancel the previous order and place a new one. Thus, you can reduce the price for free without the risk of missing a car in the end.

In all other cases, booking a few weeks in advance is the best solution to rent a car best price. Use this strategy to your advantage.

When is it worth booking a car at the “last minute”? 

Contrary to the general recommendations of early booking, last minute car rental can be a more profitable thing. However, this applies only to individual situations and is rather an exception to the general rule. 

You can find the best price for a rent a car during less busy periods and in less popular locations. Also, the last-minute option is suitable for those who have more flexibility in scheduling pick-up dates, and don’t provide specific vehicle requirements. Companies’ vehicle fleets are usually full of mini, economy, compact, mid-size, and standard sedans and hatchbacks. Therefore, these vehicles may be available closer to the start of the trip at a reasonable price. But don’t wait until the last minute, because the price can rise in the last 48 hours before the collection.

Best time to book rental car

Best tip on how to get a cheap car rental 

Given all the information, finding a cheap deal is simple through the use of a timing strategy. First, start looking for a vehicle six to twelve months before your desired date, which is the best time to book a rental car. Second, choose a company whose terms and conditions allow free cancellation. Thirdly, keep monitoring prices after reservation, and if a better offer comes up, rebook the vehicle with a cheaper rate.

It’s time to book a car at the best price! 

Want to find the lowest possible price for a rental vehicle? Try to do it through our website! Our smart search engine shows you the available options for the desired date, making it possible to compare prices for deals across days, weeks, and months. The list of available vehicle categories includes reliable mini, economy, and compact to full-size vehicles. Also, luxury autos, minivans, SUVs, and passenger vans are at your disposal at a reasonable price. Virtually every deal comes with unlimited miles and basic insurance by default, making your ride smooth and financially secure. 

So, take the first step towards a great journey! Fill out the search form at Rental24H.com and find the perfect car at a cheap rate!

What happens if you crash a rental car without insurance?

A road trip in a rental car is an emotional experience and a perfect solution for a fun-filled vacation. Cruising the winding highways and exploring the sights on four wheels brings real pleasure. Unfortunately, it can cost more than expected. Avoiding insurance is one way to save money in this case. 

Indeed, coverage can take a large part of the total rate. It includes collision protection (CDW) and a third-party plan (SLI) as a basic option. Both of them cost money, thus driving a rental car without insurance makes your trip on a budget. However, things get worse if you damage a rental car and don’t have the company’s active coverage company at hand. 

What compensation can you expect? What to do and how to avoid unnecessary material expenses? Keep reading for full details.

3 Options for the consequences of an accident on a rented car

The extent of your financial liability depends on the coverage you incur. The most unfavorable situation is when you rent a car and get into an accident without insurance. Other occurrences involve having some sort of coverage. Consider the possible consequences below. 

A car rental accident without insurance at all 

This is a nerve-wracking and costly case for the driver. While coverage saves from the consequences, its absence adds to problems. However, your financial contribution to resolving the incident depends on who was at the fault. Consider two possible situations: 

  • You’re at fault. Getting into a rental car accident without insurance through your fault is a potential worst-case scenario leading to large financial consequences. First, you need to make up for the damage done to your vehicle. Secondly, you need to pay for the repair of another auto involved in the incident. The only way to try to reduce costs is by contacting an experienced attorney and reviewing a claim. This will help resolve the case in your favor. 
  • Another driver is at fault. Things are better if you’re not at fault. The rental agency will deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, the rental provider may charge you while the case is pending. Then, you need to contact the insurance company to compensate for these costs. The exact procedure depends on the specific vendor. 

A wrecked rental car without insurance adds to the headache. Thus, the laws of most states oblige companies to provide at least basic liability coverage. By the way, insurance is not mandatory in California. If driving a rental vehicle without coverage on hand, you run the risk of a large check or even license suspension.

Car rental crash without an insurance

A car rental accident with personal insurance

Having a personal auto policy is better than renting a car without insurance. Often, coverage extends to the rental vehicle, so you can expect compensation in the event of a potential accident. The same is true when using a credit card for car rental insurance. If the bank card insurance contains an appropriate clause, you are also covered to some extent. Your task is to pay the standard deductible, after which the protection plan begins to operate. 

Anyway, check with your personal auto insurer or credit card provider for details before opting out of the coverage offered on the counter. Be aware that if another driver is at fault for the accident, the company may charge you for the damages. Then, you will have to claim compensation from the at-fault driver’s coverage through your insurance company. 

A car rental accident with personal and additional coverage insurance

This is the best situation if your goal is to avoid any material consequences for your wallet. Having personal insurance along with the company’s coverage gives you great benefits. 

How does rental car insurance work? First, you pay the excess amount, and the insurer compensates for the rest of the damage. If you have picked up full insurance, you will even be relieved of the financial burden. Thus, multiple insurance options increase the chances of zero liability if a potential incident occurs.

Additional charges from the rental agency

When driving a rental car without insurance and getting into an incident through your fault, you must compensate for the damage caused. In addition, you’re subject to extra charges in relation to the company. Expect the following types of fees: 

  • Loss Of Use. You must pay for all days when the company can’t rent out an auto due to a breakdown or loss. Usually, this amount is $20-40 per day, depending on the vehicle class. This is a kind of compensation for lost profits. 
  • Diminution Of Value. A car that has been in an accident is cheaper than its undamaged equivalent. Companies take this price difference into account and charge it from the driver. 
  • Administrative Fees. The company must pay third parties to process the claim. This fee is $50-150 and the at-fault driver pays it.

Rental car insurance

Organize the best trip with a safe insurance option! 

Planning an exciting ride in a rental car? You’re in the right place! We offer a large selection of cheap deals including economy through full-size vehicles, minivans, SUVs, luxury cars, premium autos, and passenger vans. The list of available insurance options includes collision waiver, liability insurance, and health protection plans. Also, you can use a personal auto policy, credit card coverage, or even collect a car rental without insurance in selected locations. 

So, don’t waste your time! Go to Rental24H.com, fill out the simple search form, and take the first step towards a fun-filled road adventure!

How dirty can you return a rental car?

Nothing can darken the end of your road trip like extra charges. Imagine how you enjoyed an exciting drive in a rental car, and it’s time to return the vehicle, and unfortunately, the company charged you for a dirty car rental. Yes, not what you expect in the end, but providers’ policies suggest the vehicle will be returned in the same condition. 

To be precise, companies allow their autos to be a little dirty. But if the threshold is exceeded, they may charge a cleaning or valeting fee. And the dirtier your vehicle is, the more you pay. However, what is the level of dirtiness after which the fee is applied? How much do you risk paying, and is it possible to avoid this charge? Keep reading for more information.

Table of content:

Should I clean a rental car before returning it?

So, do you need to vacuum your rental car or thoroughly wash it before getting to the drop-off location? There is no need in it if your car is in good condition. This applies to both the body and the interior. For a more accurate assessment, ask yourself, “Is the auto clean enough for a comfortable and safe ride?” If your answer is NO, be prepared to pay the car rental cleaning fee on the counter after returning the vehicle. 

However, the company representative and you may have a different understanding of cleanliness. Thus, be double skeptical when evaluating the auto’s condition. The main reason a supplier uses a charge is the time and money he spends putting the car in order before handing it off to the next renter. That’s why returning a tidy vehicle is the best way to avoid extra charges.

What if I return a dirty rental car?

A car rental return procedure can turn into a nerve-wracking experience if your vehicle is unnecessarily dirty. Although companies don’t oblige you to use disinfection or specialized cleaning, your auto should still be in proper condition. So, can you return a rental car dirty

A vehicle’s cabin shouldn’t show signs of reckless and irresponsible behavior. Seats, carpets, a dashboard, cupholders, steering wheel, and inside windows are the best indicators of interior cleanliness. As for the body, it mustn’t have mud or dirt on the tires and the auto itself. Outside windows, and underneath the vehicle should also be clean. In case of non-compliance with all these conditions, the company applies a $30-400 charge. The exact amount depends on the dirtiness degree and the particular provider.  

Dirty car rental return

Companies car rental cleaning fee

Each company features a unique cleaning policy and applies a different approach to assess related fees. Therefore, the exact charge amount can be fixed or variable and depends on the vehicle category, drop-off location, dirt type, and level. Consider how much to pay with different providers: 

  • Alamo. The company evaluates the dirt level and focuses on the vehicle class when determining the fee size. The amount of this fee is different for different locations. For example, when collecting a car at Orlando Airport, the total cleaning charge will be different from picking up a vehicle at Philadelphia Airport, or somewhere else. 
  • Budget. Auto category, degree of dirtiness, and specific drop-off location affect the Budget car rental cleaning fee amount. 
  • Thrifty car rental cleaning fee. The company applies a minimum charge of $50 for light dirt. However, if professional procedures are required, you can pay up to $400. 
  • Dollar rental car cleaning fee. You risk paying up to a $400 of Dollar rental car cleaning fee if returning a vehicle in an excessively dirty condition. For a little dirt, the company collects an amount equivalent to the cost of its removal. Also, they may ask you for a cleaning charge of $50-$250 for excessive pet hair, interior or exterior damage, etc.
  • AVIS. The minimum charge amount is $65 and can reach $450. 
  • Hertz. Get ready to pay the Hertz rental car cleaning fee of $65. Naturally, the price can rise with deep dirt. 
  • SIXT. The supplier estimates the charge amount depending on the vehicle class and dirt level. In the most severe cases, a SIXT car rental cleaning fee can reach $400. 

Do I have to clean a rental car before returning it: eligible and ineligible issues

The first habit to learn when renting a vehicle is to take pictures inside and outside before and after the trip. These references will be the best proof of your innocence in the event of a claim for excessive dirt or potential rental car damage through not your fault. 

Also, every driver should know the eligible dirt levels and those that lead to a charge. In this case, you can dispute the car rental cleaning fee and thus avoid paying extra money. So, consider which cleaning issues are eligible and which aren’t if returning a dirty rental car to the parking lot.

Eligible Cleaning Issues  Ineligible Cleaning Issues
  • Stains cover large areas in the cabin and require deep steam cleaning.
  • Lots of dirt, sand, and insects require thorough external cleaning.
  • Dirt that needs to be removed from vents, the dashboard, or between windows and door panels.
  • A large accumulation of pet hair. 
  • Biowaste or bodily fluids. 
  • Any signs indicating the fact of smoking in the cabin.
  • A mess that can be cleaned up by throwing things away, vacuuming, or wiping. Examples include crumbs, drink bottles, sand, containers, or food wrappers.
  • Minor exterior dirt, or mud requiring a quick wash.
  • Small stains from water and liquids, easily removable with a cloth and don’t leave points.
  • Strong or unpleasant odors.

Eating in the car

How to avoid any fee for leaving a rental car dirty?

Traveling on four wheels is impossible without consequences for the interior and exterior. Regular loading/unloading of passengers, rain, and other atmospheric precipitation contribute to the collection of dirt. Moreover, we often eat in the salon, and we can spill water on the seat, or smear it with ketchup from a burger. Even worse when traveling with children or pets, which can leave shoe prints or fur. Riding on dirt roads also affects the cleanliness of the vehicle’s body and cockpit. As a result, returning rental cars dirty is a reality most road travelers face. 

In this case, the company will charge you for cleaning or washing the vehicle. And no matter how much you want to save money, it will lead to unnecessary spending. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid the rental car cleaning fee. Consider a couple of valuable tips: 

  • Don’t park under trees where birds can contaminate your vehicle with droppings. 
  • Empty the cabin and trunk the day before returning, inspect it inside and outside, and remove any visible dirt. Be sure to shake dust or sand off the carpets. 
  • If there’s a little dirt, visit a vehicle wash to vacuum the interior and remove dirt from the body. Anyway, it will be much cheaper than paying a fee. 

Cleaning a rental car

Top 5 cleaning-related tips when driving a rental car 

Nobody wants to receive a car rental cleaning fee as a reward at the end of a trip. Thus, we have prepared five simple rules for a smooth and trouble-free ride: 

  1. Vehicle cleaning is not a mandatory procedure. It all depends on the dirt degree and expected consequences. 
  2. Take photos of the vehicle’s interior and exterior before and after your trip. They serve to prove your innocence in case of possible cleaning claims. 
  3. Inspect the auto before dropping it off. If necessary, take out the trash, vacuum the interior, and wash the bodywork to avoid hefty fees. 
  4. Avoid parking under trees and other places with an increased risk of soiling your vehicle. 
  5. Don’t smoke in the salon and don’t carry substances that leave an unpleasant odor. 

Enjoy a clean road trip with Rental24H! 

A trouble-free ride without extra charges is the dream of travelers who rent a car. Fortunately, we know how to organize a perfect trip and provide all the necessary ingredients. 

On our website, you have access to a large selection of deals from large international and small regional firms. These include small mini, compact, and economy vehicles, larger mid-size to full-size autos, and specialty cars such as SUVs, 7-seater minivans, luxury/premium models, convertibles, and passenger vans. Plus, our competitive pricing guarantees a budget-friendly drive. 

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How much does rental car insurance cost?

When you go on a road trip in a rental car, you assume liability for any damage to the vehicle and consequential losses. They can reach large values, more than car rental insurance prices, so travelers pick up coverage to reduce or avoid potential impact on their budget.

Yes, rental car insurance is an essential thing on a trip. It guarantees a headache-free ride and saves money if an accident occurs. Unfortunately, today the price of coverage can be quite expensive. For instance, the full Dollar car rental insurance price, including collision waiver, liability protection, and PEC/PAI plan is $58.38. In addition, the cost may vary depending on the vehicle class and a specific location. 

Companies typically offer basic coverage in every deal. Also, you can use a credit card for protection, or find a standalone option through a third party. In any case, the insurance rate is something that worries every driver. If you are going to rent a car and want to be fully covered, we have prepared all the pricing information below.

How much does rental car insurance cost? 

On average, prices range from $31 to $60 per day for rental insurance for most providers. The price depends on the coverage type, location, and vehicle category. Usually, you can pick up a Loss Damage Waiver, Liability Coverage, and Personal Accident/Personal Effects Coverage (PAI/PEC). The company you rent from is also an important price decider. Review the Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, and Alamo car rental insurance prices in the following table. 

Enterprise car rental insurance price

Insurance type Price
Loss Damage Waiver $30
Liability Coverage $17
Personal Accident and Personal Effects Coverage $13
Total Daily Cost $60

As you can see, Enterprise features the highest total coverage cost of $60, with the most expensive Loss Damage Waiver ($30) and PAI/PEC ($13).

Budget car rental insurance price

Budget car rental insurance price is the cheapest among competitors. The company provides the best rate on the Loss Damage Waiver ($9), which makes it possible to enjoy full coverage for $30.

Insurance type Price
Loss Damage Waiver $9
Liability Coverage $15
Personal Accident and Personal Effects Coverage $7
Total Daily Cost $31

Hertz car rental insurance price

Hertz offers a slightly cheaper total protection cost of $53. However, its liability coverage is the most expensive among the companies represented, reaching $19. 

Insurance type Price
Loss Damage Waiver $27
Liability Coverage $19
Personal Accident and Personal Effects Coverage $7
Total Daily Cost $53

Alamo car rental insurance price

With Alamo, you get the cheapest rates on PAI/PEC ($6) and Liability Protection ($13), with a total coverage plan worth $44.

Insurance type Price
Loss Damage Waiver $25
Liability Coverage $13
Personal Accident and Personal Effects Coverage $6
Total Daily Cost $44

A girl in a car

Is rental car insurance worth it? 

The high price is the only thing that makes you hesitant when buying insurance. You have practically nothing to lose when using a personal policy, but unfortunately, the price on the counter can be unnecessarily expensive. For example, an Enterprise car rental insurance price is $60 per day for full coverage. Not too much, but for a two-week trip, the total cost of protection reaches $840. Thus, the high cost of coverage can double your total reservation value. Of course, you don’t have to buy full protection but can get by with a basic plan. However, this can lead to large material consequences in an insured event. What do we mean? 

Imagine you’re traveling in California, where the minimum protection plan covers up to $5,000 in third-party damage, but doesn’t cover your rental vehicle at all. In this case, you should purchase car rental collision insurance to avoid possible financial liability. This is all the more mandatory if driving an unfamiliar car in unfamiliar terrain when the risk of an incident increases.

The bottom line: do you need rental car insurance? 

Buying or not buying protection on the counter depends on the availability of alternatives and other related reasons. So, the company’s insurance is

cruising in the US or Canada and your personal auto policy covers the rental vehicle;  expecting a lower excess rate, or better conditions for potential vehicle damage;
using a credit card for car rental insurance credit card or personal auto policy doesn’t cover a rental vehicle;
buying a coverage plan from a third-party provider.  driving in a country where your auto policy doesn’t work.

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What happens if you damage a rental car?

Renting a car has been a preferred option for many travelers. Leisure travelers prefer four wheels for easy movement from place to place, while businessmen often use the service for official purposes. Whatever your needs, a car gives you the freedom to move in a comfortable and private setting. However, driving a rental car is a risky process. You can scratch the bumper, dent the bodywork, break the glass, and cause any kind of damage to a rental car

Yes, your insurance protection probably includes a CDW, which covers most possible damages. But what if such a situation occurs? Where to apply, and how does the compensation procedure work? This article describes popular questions you may have in the event of an accident causing harm to the car rental vehicle.

4 Universal steps to take if you have an accident with a rental car 

An accident is the last thing you want to face on a road trip. Unfortunately, you may damage a rental car. If this happens, follow a simple step-by-step guide to resolve the situation and ensure you take all necessary measures.

An accident

1. Keep everyone safe 

An accident can lead to a broken leg, back, or other serious injuries. If anyone in the cabin is in acute pain, don’t move them until the ambulance arrives. Also, an accident could result in a fuel leak that could ignite and cause an explosion at any time. Therefore, if there is a smell of gasoline, exit the vehicle and proceed to a safe place on the roadside.

2. Call the emergency service 

When an injury accident happens, every second counts. A person’s life may depend on the speed of providing first aid. Therefore, before going on a trip, add to your contact list the emergency phone number of the country you are traveling to. The emergency number in the United States is 911, while in the European Union it is 112. In other countries, you can find this information online. So, if an accident occurs, dial the appropriate free number from your mobile phone.

3. Analyze the situation and note what happened 

The next important step is finding who is involved in the incident and exchanging personal data with the participants. Write down their names, addresses, telephone, and vehicle registration numbers. If a parked car has been hit and the owner is away, leave a note with your details under the wiper blade. Then, photograph the scene of the incident, and the damage received by all vehicles. Also, we recommend noting the following data: 

  • Brand, model, and color of vehicles involved in the incident.
  • Current driving conditions, including weather, roadway and marking conditions, lighting quality at night, etc. 
  • Harm received by vehicles or property. 
  • Injuries received by the participants in the incident. 

4. Contact the rental supplier 

Call the company’s support service and tell them what happened. The phone number is on your agreement. A staff member will instruct you on the next steps in terms of insurance, vehicle replacement, and related matters.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

What happens if you damage a rental car from Enterprise 

Each company has a unique procedure for recommended actions in the event of an incident. If driving a vehicle from Enterprise, follow these steps:

  1. Once you are safe from the incident, make a note of the data for later transfer to the supplier or insurance company. Indicate the date, time, and exact location of the incident. Then, check if there are any witnesses and take their details. After that, collect the details of the third parties involved in the incident – name, vehicle brand and model, registration number, number of passengers, and telephone number. 
  2. Call the company’s support desk on 0345 600 5923, available 24 hours, Monday through Friday. 
  3. Ask the other party involved in the incident to call the same number and confirm the circumstances of the incident. 

Upon arrival at the parking lot at the end of the trip, you can evaluate the harm using Enterprise’s Damage Evaluator Tool. The company understands that the use of a vehicle carries a certain amount of wear and tear. Therefore, you won’t be charged for a minor scratch on a rental car. The Damage Evaluator Tool determines the degree of harm incurred using a special circle. If a scratch, abrasion, chip, or dent fits within a certain size, the company doesn’t consider this to be damage. You’ll find this tool in your vehicle’s glove compartment and can use it for a preliminary assessment.


What happens if you damage a rental car from Hertz 

The extent of your liability for damage depends on the car rental insurance. If purchasing the optional waiver products, such as the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), you pay the excess amount, and the rest isn’t your concern. Also, you can avoid excess if ordering the SuperCover (SC). However, if you damage a rental car with no insurance and no waivers, you risk being liable for loss and harm for an amount equivalent to the vehicle’s full market value.

In the event of vehicle damage, secure all passengers first and then contact Hertz for further instructions. You must provide all necessary information to the supplier, and cooperate in the incident investigation. One of the mandatory items is filling in the Hertz accident report, which contains the main data for processing claims. It must be handed over to the counter upon the vehicle’s return. If the automobile is critically damaged and further travel is impossible or unsafe, contact Hertz for a replacement.

What to do

Short answers to your questions 

More details needed? Review the frequently asked questions and find the correct answer. 

How long is the claim process? 

Each case is unique and it’s impossible to predict the exact processing time. Claims involving third parties take longer to reach an agreement between parties, while ordinary one-sided cases will be resolved quicker. Contact the company to find out the approximate waiting time. 

When do you need to pay the excess? 

It will be charged upon vehicle return at the end of the trip. However, charging excess for unreported harm can take up to 28 days after the drop-off. 

Will I be charged if the vehicle is damaged several times? 

Yes, damage excess is calculated based on the number of incidents. 

Does SuperCover (SC) protect in all cases? 

It covers most possible claims but has some exceptions. You can find them in the company’s Terms and Conditions. 

What to do next if I am not at fault in a Third Party Incident, but charged for damage due to the lack of SuperCover (SC)? 

Contact Hertz so that it checks all the participants in the incident. The party at fault may have to reimburse you for the cost. 

If the current balance on the credit card is not enough to fully pay for the damages? 

Usually, you will take a damage waiver with a certain excess amount when collecting an auto. This is one of the major company’s conditions. Thus, you are responsible for the incident unless you pay the excess amount. If your balance isn’t enough to cover it, Hertz will contact you to pay off the remaining amount later.

The follow-up process – what does it mean? 

This means no further contact is required for damages charged with the rental charges on the counter. If third parties are involved in the incident, Hertz will collect data from all participants, and resolve the issue in the shortest possible period. 

When I damage a car, what additional charges may apply on top of the Non-Waivable Excess? 

You will pay a Damage Administration Fee for processing all harm listed in the Terms and Conditions, in the Breakdown, Damage & Loss, and Accident sections.

AVIS Rent a Car

What to do if you damage a rental car from AVIS 

The company regulates a specific list of actions for many situations on the road. After a rental car accident happens during a trip, follow these steps: 

  1. Call emergency services (911 in the US or 112 in the EU) and report the incident.
  2. Fill out an AVIS Accident/Incident Report to show on the counter later.
  3. Contact AVIS Roadside Assist at 800-354-2847 for further instructions on vehicle use or replacement.
  4. Call your insurance company to set up a claim for damages.

If you have accepted Avis LDW protection when collecting your vehicle, you won’t be liable for damage resulting from collisions, rollovers, vandalism, and acts of Nature. However, your task is to pay a certain excess amount, after which the company releases you from further obligations. Also, if you are not at fault, and you are able to present the other party’s contacts and details, you can help the company hold them legally and financially liable. Please note, however, that this doesn’t relieve you of your personal obligations under the contract. When paying for damages, you may be charged other incidental fees:

  • Loss of Use – the company has the right to demand compensation for the time the vehicle can’t be rented by other persons.
  • Administrative Fee – renters are liable for damage claim processing and other indirect costs.

Budget Rent a Car

What happens when you damage a rental car from Budget 

Having an incident while traveling on a Budget vehicle requires you to take further action. The supplier recommends the following sequence of steps:

  1. Call your local police station to file a traffic event report
  2. Call 800-354-2847 to report an accident to Budget 24-hour roadside service 
  3. Fill out a Budget accident report, and fax it along with the accident report to 720-479-4034 
  4. Gather contact details of accident participants and vehicle details 

The degree of your responsibility in an incident depends on many factors. Do you have LDW or other insurance? Who is at fault? Consider all possible cases below.

You purchased an LDW with your rental 

With an LDW on hand, the company releases you from liability for loss or damage to the vehicle. However, you need to pay the excess after which the waiver applies. 

A car crash

You didn’t get an LDW with your rental 

Waiving an LDW coverage means you are liable for theft and harm to your vehicle as a result of an accident, rollover, vandalism, theft, acts of Nature, or medical conditions. The degree of your liability can reach the full value of the car. Therefore, you risk large financial losses when causing rental car damage without insurance. Alternatively, you may contact your credit card provider and personal insurer to see if you qualify for any coverage.

Another driver was at fault 

The company can pursue an at-fault party on your behalf and claim damages from its insurance company. However, you need to find out the contact details of the incident participant. 

Renting through a company account 

The procedure in the event of an accident remains the same. You can contact your employer and ask about the possibility of applying for corporate insurance. If possible, Budget will contact the company and process the case without your participation. In the event that your employer doesn’t give the green light to the use of corporate coverage, you are financially responsible for the damages.

Other fees after an accident 

You may be charged extra in the event of an accident. First, you must pay Loss of Use for the rental company not being able to use the damaged vehicle during the repair. Also, the company applies an Administrative Fee for all costs associated with processing claims and resolving various insurance issues.

How to prepare now for a potential accident in a rental car 

When planning a road trip, potential accidents are the last thing you want to think about. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and unpleasant situations can arise. So, it’s better to be prepared and minimize negative consequences in the case of an incident. Consider three important tips when packing for a trip.

  • Check if a credit card can cover you 

The credit card with which you book the vehicle may carry a free bonus in the form of rental car insurance. Contact the issuing bank for the necessary information. 

  • Buy insurance from an alternative provider 

You don’t want to use the insurance that comes with the deal by default? No problem. Look around and insure with any available third-party firm. Allianz, Orbitz, or Bonzah are great options. 

  • Make sure you have protection at hand 

Material protection on a road trip is important, especially when you are a young person driving an under-21 car rental. Experienced drivers may also encounter potential problems on the road. Therefore, we advise that you secure your journey and guarantee a smooth experience through insurance coverage.

Rental Car Accident

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Rental car insurance: how does it work?

When planning a road trip in a rental car, you expect a smooth ride full of exciting adventures and new experiences. Unfortunately, an accident or other situation leading to material liability can ruin a long-awaited vacation. Are there any ways to avoid the consequences? Yes, car rental insurance can be the solution to many problems along the way. 

Driving an unfamiliar vehicle in unfamiliar places involves higher levels of risk. Thus, having the right coverage at hand saves your trip from becoming a financial nightmare. But which protection should you choose among the many offers from agencies and third parties? Keep reading to find the right option for your upcoming road journey!

What is rental car insurance? 

The main purpose of any coverage is to save your money in case of events specified in the policy. The same applies with insurance for a rental car: it serves to reduce your financial liability in situations related to driving a vehicle during the agreed period. That is, if you damage the automobile, the vehicle is stolen, or you cause damage to third parties while driving your rental, insurance will protect you from large financial losses. Today, three types of coverage are needed on the roads of most countries:

  • Damage waiver – reduces your liability for damaging the car to a certain excess amount. 
  • Theft protection – saves you from the problems associated with a possible theft, or an attempted theft of a vehicle. 
  • Third-party coverage – protects you from third-party claims resulting from an accident. 

Remember that some countries apply other insurance requirements. For example, when traveling in Chile or Mexico, you don’t need to provide damage and theft cover if you are an experienced and confident driver.

Signing a papers

How does rental car insurance work? 

When you buy a coverage plan, the company providing it undertakes to comply with its terms. For example, if an insured event occurs, the driver is obliged to pay the excess amount specified in the contract. Only then does the company compensate the injured party for the rest of the losses.

Typically, companies offer basic rental car insurance with a certain excess amount by default. However, you can purchase an additional (or full) protection plan, which will reduce the excess amount, or even make it equal to zero. Zero excess means the complete absence of your liability in the event of an incident. 

Often, damage insurance can protect the vehicle body, but doesn’t cover glass, tires, underbody, and mechanical failure. The exact conditions depend on the specific provider; this is why it is important to check what is covered and read the small print when choosing a protection program.

Types of rental car insurance 

The choice of an auto rental protection plan directly affects its total cost and the events it covers. In many ways, it’s similar to a conventional auto policy, where you select the level of protection and related options. However, it features many differences as well. Consider the types of programs available when traveling in a rental vehicle: 

  • Loss-and-damage waiver (LDW). Numerous companies call it a collision damage waiver (CDW), or car rental collision insurance, but the essence remains the same. If applied, the company undertakes not to hold you liable for damaging or losing the vehicle. This is not insurance, but a waiver that allows you to avoid liability. 
  • Supplemental liability protection (SLP). Sometimes called rental car liability insurance, SLP covers you against third-party claims resulting from an accident. It provides financial compensation with respect to vehicles, real estate, and health.
  • Personal accident protection (PAP). The purpose of this plan is to cover the medical expenses associated with traveling in a rental vehicle. It applies to the driver and passengers. 
  • Personal effects coverage (PEC). Under this plan, the company is obligated to compensate you for the value of items stolen from your auto. 

Having a large selection of insurance options at hand makes your trip financially secure. However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy them – many programs can be included in existing personal protections. For example, when using a credit card, rental car insurance often comes by default. Also, you can benefit from the typical auto coverage that applies to any vehicle you drive. Medical payments homeowner’s coverage can replace PAP and PEC, respectively. So, carefully inspect existing plans because this can save money.

Rental car insurance vs. your own auto policy

Often, regular auto protection can serve as car rental insurance coverage because it extends to all the vehicles you drive. This option is possible if using the automobile for your own, non-commercial purposes. However, these coverages may differ in the way they work depending on the specific event. Find more related information below. 

Car rental

Crashes and car theft 

The LDW and CDW secured on the counter protect you from liability in case of vehicle theft or loss. If you have collision and comprehensive coverage in your personal auto policy, it applies to the rental auto with the same excess amount. You need to make sure this option is supported in the country you are driving in. If not, purchase LDW or CDW at the desk.

The damage you do to others 

Supplemental liability protection or third-party car rental insurance allows you to avoid material losses in the event of claims by third parties affected by the incident. It covers between $300,000 and $1 million and often comes included in a deal by default. If your auto policy has liability protection, it will insure the rental car as well. You can boost it by purchasing SLP from the counter.

Injuries to you and passengers

Purchase personal accident protection (PAP) at the counter to cover medical and ambulance expenses for passengers and yourself. Having an auto policy with medical payments coverage, or personal injury protection, at hand provides similar protection. You can also use health insurance or travel medical protection to cover medical and ambulance expenses for your trip.

Your stolen stuff 

Picking up a personal effects coverage (PEC) on the counter ensures that you are compensated for items stolen from your rental vehicle. However, note that a homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy provides similar options. Also, you can file a lawsuit with the police, which may increase the final amount of compensation.

When do I need car rental insurance? 

Traveling in an unfamiliar area in an unfamiliar vehicle carries additional risks. In combination with new traffic regulations, this can lead to accidents and other dangerous incidents on the road. Even if you are an experienced driver, anything can happen. Therefore, having protection is a recommended measure when traveling, if you want to avoid financial liability. However, don’t rush to buy it, as you may already be covered by existing personal policies. 

If you do not have any type of insurance 

First, it’s illegal to drive a rental vehicle without insurance in most states. Such action may lead to legal and financial consequences. Also, you won’t be able to sign an agreement without showing valid coverage on hand. Companies require damage and liability protection as a minimum plan. 

If you don’t want to spend extra money, use the coverage that comes with your credit card. For example, travelers often benefit from AmEx car rental insurance. However, before opting out of the protection offered at the counter, contact your bank card provider. Check the level of coverage that comes with the bank card and if it suits you, only then confirm the booking without an optional plan.

What happens if you crash a rental car without insurance?

The extent of the material consequences depends on the coverage you have. If your auto policy includes collision and comprehensive protection, then it automatically covers the rental vehicle. In this case, the company will waive claims against you under these coverages. The same is true if you have a CDW or LDW on hand. 

However, things are worse in the absence of a personal auto policy with collision and comprehensive protection. The supplier can sue you for damage to their property if you didn’t collect the CDW or LDW at the counter. Please note that laws in different countries and states may vary. Therefore, make sure to arrange coverage for your trip, as insurance is the only way to avoid financial losses.

How much is rental car insurance? 

When determining the insurance cost, the company takes into account several factors. The state you are traveling to, the vehicle class, type, and size affect the price. The number of miles you drive and the things your protection covers also matter. After all, the price depends on the specific provider. As a rule, third-party companies can offer a more competitive price, but well-known brands enjoy a better reputation among travelers.

Does rental car insurance cover other people driving the car? 

Under normal circumstances, the person listed as the lead driver is covered. However, if you take the extra driver option and include each person in the agreement, they will also enjoy protection. The insurance doesn’t cover people not included in the agreement and driving your rental auto. Therefore, this situation can lead to serious material consequences for the driver and renter.

Driving a car

When does car insurance cover rental costs? 

Vehicle cost reimbursement is available as part of rental car insurance coverage. However, it doesn’t work in all circumstances. For example, insurance doesn’t cover a rental in case of mechanical breakdowns. On the other hand, you can expect protection to pay for a reservation while your vehicle is being repaired, if you are not at fault for the accident. Consider the main cases in which insurance covers and doesn’t cover the cost. 


Expect reservation cost coverage Don’t expect reservation cost coverage
  • If an accident is caused by your negligence and you use comprehensive or collision coverage.
  • If you are covered by the liability protection of the driver who caused the accident.
  • In case of mechanical failure, or scheduled maintenance. 
  • If planning a business or leisure journey and taking a car while away.


Usually, vehicle cost reimbursement acts in conjunction with an accident claim. Therefore, the insurance will pay for the rent after the company accepts and approves the qualifying claim.

Which credit cards offer primary rental car insurance? 

Credit card holders may receive additional benefits that include coverage for the vehicle they rent while traveling. Often, such coverage acts as secondary protection, and may not provide sufficient compensation. In the event of an accident, your insurance company will receive the bill first. 

However, some bank card providers offer protection that can replace the basic plans available on the counter. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express rental car insurance are perfect alternatives. Their coverage comes with CDW/LDW and liability coverage, and a certain excess amount. Before booking a vehicle, contact your card issuing bank to confirm protection details. If they suit you, you can opt out of the company’s offered coverage, and thereby save money. To benefit from credit card insurance, you must book a vehicle with this card. 

Does my credit card cover rental car insurance? 

The quickest way to check if your credit card covers your vehicle is to call the provider. Specify what types of protection it offers, and what you want to get in the end. If existing coverage is sufficient for you, and the company accepts it, you can safely opt out of the plans available at the counter.

Top tips for insuring your rental car 

The process of choosing insurance is quite simple if following the basic recommendations. Consider the main points below: 

  • Check if it is possible to use alternative insurance under an auto policy or credit card coverage.
  • Consider the coverage options available on the counter.
  • Try to find third-party options and compare them with all plans. 
  • Choose the right protection for your needs and budget.

Which insurance providers offer rental car insurance? 

When buying a regular auto policy for your personal automobile, you get rental car insurance as a bonus. Companies such as Progressive, Bristol West, and Auto-Owners provide it for free. However, such a plan doesn’t always cover all insured events, and you need to select LDW or rental car liability insurance on the counter. If you don’t want to use the coverage that comes with the deal, take advantage of alternative protection from one of the well-known brands. Check out the best offers below: 

  • Allianz Global. The company provides damage protection up to $50,000 for just $11/day. Allianz insurance car rental option works anywhere in the world. Also, you get up to $1,000 coverage for lost luggage or personal items, and up to $1,000 trip interruption protection. 
  • Bonzah. You can choose the protection that provides up to $35,000 in coverage. Under the plan, you get up to $500 in lost luggage compensation, with zero excess. Supplemental liability protection covering losses up to $1 million is also included in the program. 
  • RentalCover.com. Coverage from RentalCover.com acts as an addition to the plan coming with your credit card. The company claims that drivers get an LDW waiver 50% cheaper than at the counter. Plus, you can cancel the protection and fully refund its cost until the vehicle is picked up. 
  • Sure. You get access to this protection through a mobile application installed on your smartphone. After starting the program, select the dates of the upcoming trip, the coverage type you want to get, the excess amount, and other related things. You can make changes to your protection plan due to the provider’s great flexibility. It also offers additional bonuses such as lost key reimbursement and flat tire protection.

So, is it necessary to buy rental car insurance? 

Wondering whether insurance is necessary during a trip in a rental vehicle worries many drivers. Experienced travelers are often willing to forego coverage altogether. However, first of all, this is illegal. Plus, you incur big expenses when you crash a rental car or some other financially responsible situation occurs. Thus, insurance is a mandatory thing on a road trip. 

But which protection to choose? Pick it up on the counter or use an alternative option? Find the answer below!


The rental car company’s insurance is
  • If it offers better conditions compared to a typical auto policy
  • If your auto policy isn’t valid in the country you are traveling in
  • If the credit card doesn’t cover your vehicle 
  • If a standard auto policy provides sufficient coverage.
  • If the credit card carries the appropriate protection
  • If using a separate plan from a third-party company

Find the perfect insurance car rental option now! 

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How to choose the best credit card for car rental insurance

When it comes by car rental, we often face credit usage as a standard payment method. You might not have known that, but the right credit card can partly influence the price of your hire. Moreover, it can allow you to have the best insurance possible. 

While choosing the best credit card for car rental insurance, note that the benefits will be available only if you pay for your rental fully with a credit card. That means that if you book vehicle hire and use a debit card, you will lose the opportunity to protect yourself in case of unexpected accidents.

There is another thing you should know. Credit card insurance will work properly if you already have reliable health insurance and an excellent car insurance policy. So read all the information about the coverage carefully before booking car hire. It will help you make the most of your rental from the start.

How does credit card car rental insurance work?

Credit card insurance covers various issues that might happen during your trip. It might be theft or a car crash, etc., which are covered if included in your insurance policy.

Different packages offer different coverings and depend on the card you use. However, there are two types of insurance that you can choose from: primary and secondary. Let’s see the difference between them.

When you take primary insurance, you avoid involving an auto policy in covering the damage taken as a result of a rental car crash. If an accident happens, you contact the credit card company first. Then the process of covering the damage starts according to the insurance policy. As a result, you do not disturb your auto insurance policy.

Before renting a car

Secondary insurance obliges you to settle everything with an auto insurance policy first. As a result, some points that are not included in the contract might be paid. However, you might face a rate hike for the auto’s covering.

Remember that credit card rental car insurance will work if you meet certain conditions. They are as follows:

  • Pay for the car rental fully with a credit card only.
  • Make sure the contract is issued in the name of the cardholder. If there are two drivers, the primary customer must provide the card to the rental office.
  • Do not accept the Collision Damage Waiver (often referred to as Loss Damage Waiver). It is a type of insurance that vehicle hire companies include in your contract automatically quite often. If you want your credit card insurance to work, you should decline CDW.
  • Choose a car that is allowed to be operated under credit card insurance. Not all types of vehicles can be used via such kind of covering.

What to look for in your credit card’s rental car insurance

The coverage you can receive automatically during car rental is called Collision Damage Waiver (the other name is Loss Damage Waiver). Its cost usually ranges from $9 to $19, and the price is usually included in your car rental cost.

Other insurance packages that your credit card company offers might have different benefits. They vary depending on your card, so be careful while choosing the insurance.

Primary insurance protects you from paying for theft or collision. All you do is contact your credit card company to deal with the issues that have happened during your trip. Among the cons of primary insurance is that it does not cover medical treatment and personal belongings theft.

Secondary insurance will work if you settle all issues with a personal auto insurance policy at first. Additionally, there is a chance that your deductible will be covered, as well as some other points that are not included in the primary policy. The main disadvantage of secondary insurance is that you might face rate hikes for the rental car’s coverage.

There is one more thing you should know. Some vehicle models are covered with insurance, such as SUV car rental, but some are not, so you need to check the information about that in advance.

Credit cards

What primary car rental insurance does and does not cover

Primary insurance covers theft or damage that the rental car received because of a collision.

Meanwhile, some aspects are not included in the insurance:

  • Liability
  • Covering damage that was done to other vehicles
  • Injuries treatment
  • Personal property loss or damage

This list might be different depending on the credit card insurance you choose. Check the details about your card before booking a vehicle hire.

What credit cards have the best discount for rental cars?

The Platinum Card® from American Express is a good option if you would like to make your rental booking more profitable. Foremost it provides you with a 15% discount applied for standard cars. Moreover, if you hire in Hertz, you will have up to a 25% discount for the vehicles belonging to the Prestige Collection.

Other credit cards for car rental insurance usually provide you with mileage or points systems.

Does my credit card cover car rental insurance?

It depends on the card you have. Some packages allow you to cover theft, vehicle damage, medical treatment, loss of luggage, or even accidental death during the rental period.

Find the information about the specific credit cards below. If your card is not included in our list, contact your bank to find out more about insurance in advance.

Girls in a car

9 most popular credit cards for car rental insurance

Choosing insurance might be difficult if you do not know all the details. To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of the best credit cards for rental cars! See the credit cards annual fee and insurance limit comparison in the table below:

Card type Annual fee Insurance limit
United℠ Explorer Card and United Club℠ Infinite Card $95 (the first year is free) up to the value of the majority of vehicles
Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card $450 5,000/person for medical expenses, $1,000/person to cover damage or loss of personal belongings, and $20.000-$200.000/person for accidental death.
The Platinum Card® from American Express $695 $100,000 coverage in case of theft or damage
Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card $95 depends on the car hire.
Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card No annual fee depends on the car hire
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card $95 depends on the car hire.
Chase Sapphire Reserve® $550 $75,000
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card $395 $75,000
Bilt Mastercard No annual fee depends on the car hire.

United℠ Explorer Card and United Club℠ Infinite Card

These are some of the best credit cards for car rental insurance because they offer lots of benefits for you.

Foremost, both credit cards provide you with primary insurance for your vehicle hire. Moreover, it covers most rental cars up to their value, which makes it even more beneficial.

There is a difference between the two cards. For example, United Club℠ Infinite grants you a President’s Circle status provided by Hertz. It is a feature that removes extra charges from all the President’s Circle vehicles and offers a guaranteed one-car upgrade. So if you like booking luxury car rentals in Hertz, United Club℠ Infinite is just for you!

Another card, United℠ Explorer, has even more advantages, and they are:

  • 50,000 gift miles if you pay out $3,000 on various purchases (valid for three months after issuing the card);
  • 2 miles/dollar spent on the United purchases;
  • 2 miles/dollar for directly booked hotel reservations, for dining;
  • 1 mile/dollar for all other things.

Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card

American Express Car Rental Insurance will work if you use a Hilton Honors card.

Foremost, the card already offers you vehicle premium hire protection. However, you should pay a fixed fee ranging from $15.95 to $24.95 per period.

Foremost, spending $4,000 within the first three months of owning the card will grant you additional 150,000 points. With that, you will gain 0.5 cents per piece, and the total sum will reach about $750, which you can use for Hilton Hotel reservations.

Signing a papers

Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card offers additional benefits, perfect for traveling. They are as follows:

  • Available elite Hilton Diamond status;
  • Weekend night certificate for free (works once a year on anniversaries of your card);
  • One more weekend night certificate on the condition that you pay out $60,000 in total for specific products within a year;
  • Additional airline incidental fee credits of up to $250;
  • Hilton resort credits of up to $250 per cardholder per year;
  • For at least a two-nights reservation at Waldorf Astoria and Conrad hotels, you may receive up to $100 in on-property credits.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

This credit card for car rental insurance is perfect for car rental because it offers many bonuses. For example, you are allowed to upgrade your hired vehicle for one class. Moreover, you will have special discounts: 15% for standard autos and around 25% for prestige cars, provided by Hertz. You will also be able to have your rental car automatically covered with Platinum Card insurance if you sign up for Amex Platinum.

One of the disadvantages is that Platinum Card from American Express does not offer you primary car rental insurance, but you can get premium hired vehicle protection. You have to pay a fixed fee of about $15.95-$24.95 per auto rental period. And premium protection has some specialties, such as

  • 42 days of car rental are covered with the premium insurance. It is 12 days more than what other cards offer.
  • Up to $100,000 in case of theft or damage during vehicle hire.

There are even more benefits that the card has. If you pay out $6,000 within 6 months after signing up for a card, you will receive 100.000 points. While using them for trips, you will receive 1.8 cents for each, making $1,800 in total.

Meanwhile, the Platinum Card offers the additional perks:

  • For two-night stays in The Hotel Collection or Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts, you will have credits of around $200;
  • If you book a luxury apartment at Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts, you will get even more benefits;
  • Credits for Saks Fifth Avenue reaching $100 every calendar year;
  • Priority Pass for the airport lobbies, like Centurion lounges;
  • Credits of $12.95 per month for Walmart+ membership;
  • Every year you receive $200 toward Uber Cash.

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Unlike some other cards, Business Preferred provides you with primary insurance. However, there is one condition – your journey must be business-oriented only. It means that all clients are obliged to prove that your trip does not have another purpose.

When you receive the Ink Business Preferred, you will be able to get 100.000 additional points. However, it will work if you pay out $15,000 on various purchases within the 3 months after card activation. While traveling, use these points to accumulate $1,800 cashback (1.8 cents per point).

Among the other benefits, there are:

  • Perfect insurance for traveling overall;
  • No fees for transactions from another country;
  • Protection of your cell phone.

You will additionally get 1 point for various purchases and 3 specifically for:

  • Travel expenses;
  • Purchasing ads on search engines and social media;
  • Phone, cable, and Internet services.

Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

It might be your best credit card for car rental insurance because of the main advantage – it does not have an annual fee. Moreover, it provides the primary insurance you can use for your car rental! It will help in case of damage to the vehicle and theft. However, you can use Ink Business Unlimited® insurance for business trips only. If you wish to travel for personal recreation or pleasure, your primary covering becomes the secondary insurance. Mind that the trip must be within the USA. Moreover, the insurance also has limitations depending on the car you rent.

If you issue the card, you will be able to get $750 cashback after paying out $7,500 for various purchases. Remember that you have three months to grab your bonus!

Still, there are even more advantages of the car which you might like:

  • Get 5% cash back on Internet, phone, and cable services. It also applies to purchases made in stores of office supply. After reaching a $25,000 sum of returned money, you will receive 1% back.
  • You will get a 2% cash back at restaurants and some gas stations. When the sum of returned money reaches $25,000, you will receive 1% back.
  • While performing other purchases, you will get 1% cashback.

Mind that the card receives Chase Ultimate Rewards points, where each redeems 1 cent for you.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

It is considered one of travelers’ most reliable credit cards. It offers a pack of various bonuses, points, and car rental insurance.

Foremost, the Chase Ultimate Rewards® goes with the primary vehicle hire covering. It will help you deal with the issues on the road for $5 cheaper than the auto hire provider’s CDW – Collision Damage Waiver. Remember that the insurance limit reaches the value of most cars for rent.

Another perk of the card is you can book your vehicle hire using the points. Each redeems 1.25 cents, and if you book an under 25 car rental for $150, you will need around 12,000 points.

Still, you can use lots of other benefits for your journeys. You will gain 60,000 points as a bonus if you pay out $4,000 within 3 months after issuing the card. It will grant you $1,080 for your travels!

Here are some other benefits:

  • The card will cover you in case of journey issues, like loss of luggage and transport delays.
  • It works perfectly with other cards provided by Chase.
  • Grants you 5 points/dollar while using Lyft services (valid until March 2025).
  • Purchase via Chase Ultimate Rewards to gain 5 points for one dollar.
  • Takeout, delivery, and dining services earn 3 points/dollar for your account.
  • Using specific streaming services redeems 3 points for each dollar.
  • If you buy groceries, you earn 3 points/dollar. Mind that it does not apply to Target and Walmart.
  • Travel expenditures give 2 points for each dollar.
  • And 1 point for other transactions.

Couple in a car

Chase Sapphire Reserve®

The card allows you to use primary insurance for your vehicle hire, and the coverage limit reaches $75,000. Sapphire Reserve® has a points system that is suitable for car rental. Each piece redeems 1.5 cents, and booking a $150 vehicle hire will cost you 10,000 points.

The other profit of using the card for auto rental is that it grants you National Car Rental elite status. Also, if you are a National’s Emerald Club member, you can choose a car of any size provided by Emerald Aisle and still pay only a midsize rate. Moreover, you will be able to use discounts for vehicle hire provided by Silvercar, AVIS, and National. It is a part of the special privileges of Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders.

Another thing this card does is grant 60,000 points if you pay out $4,000 for three months after issuing the card. It will redeem $1,080 that you can spend on travel expenditures.

Additionally, you will get points if you:

  • Use Lyft (10 points/dollar for a ride, valid until March 2025);
  • Purchase in Chase Dining via Ultimate Rewards (10 points/dollar);
  • Make a hotel reservation via Ultimate Rewards (10 points/dollar);
  • Air trip purchases via Ultimate Rewards (5 points/dollar);
  • Dining and other journey expenditures (3 points/dollar);
  • Spend on other things (1 point/dollar).

Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture X is one of the best credit cards for rental car insurance, which has many advantages. Furthermore, it offers many pleasant benefits useful for travelers.

The card provides primary insurance, which reaches $75.000 maximum. It will also grant you a Hertz President Circle member, which unlocks a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to upgrade your rental car and try the Hertz Rewards system.

Another good perk of the card: it earns miles for your vehicle hire. Each time you purchase something – you gain 2x miles. It is a convenient feature for traveling!

When you get the card, you have 3 months to pay out $4,000 to get 75,000 miles as a bonus. It will convert to about $750, which you can use for travel purchases.

Here is the list of other benefits available:

  • With the card, you receive airport lobby passes, such as Capital One, Plaza Premium, and Priority Pass.
  • When the anniversary year arrives, you will get an additional 10,000 miles on your account.
  • Application fee credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

Bilt Mastercard®

One of the best advantages of this card is that it goes without any annual fee. It also provides you with primary vehicle hire insurance that you can use for most cars. Bilt Mastercard also allows you to earn points for your account while booking auto rentals, which is even more convenient for traveling. You will gain more if you:

  • Order food delivery or dine (grants you 3 points per dollar);
  • Book flights, apartment, and cruise directly (2 points/dollar);
  • Book rental services (1 point per dollar);
  • Do other kinds of purchases (1 point/dollar).

The card grants you 25,000 gift points each time you recommend it to 5 members of your family or friends (1 million maximum). The bonuses can be exchanged for:

  • Purchase protection;
  • Cell phone protection;
  • Cancellation of the trip;
  • Insurance that covers trip delays;
  • Other benefits provided by World Elite Mastercard.

FAQs about car rental and credit cards

Does my credit card cover rental car insurance?

To know more about your credit card, contact your bank.

Do all credit cards cover car rental insurance?

It depends on the card you use. Paying via credit card for the car rental does not cover you from accidents on the road.

Do I need to buy additional insurance when renting a car?

Sometimes, you can skip that because some cards, like Chase Sapphire Reserve®, are already given with primary insurance. However, other cards, like Hilton Honors American Express Aspire, will want you to pay an additional charge to get the insurance.

Can I pay for a car rental with points and still have rental coverage?

Of course, you can. However, it requires you to use a specific credit card. There are cards without a system with points you can exchange for vehicle hire. Some do not even provide you with insurance. That is why you should always check whether your card allows you this kind of service or not.

How much available credit do I need to rent a car?

Before booking, check whether you have enough cash for:

  • the authorization charge;
  • the price for the rental;
  • the fees for underage or senior drivers.

Usually, the vehicle hire providers hold on to the clients’ credit cards to receive a payment for extra possible charges during the rental period. The deposit differs in different companies and usually reaches about $200.

How can I save money on a rental car?

Foremost, you can use special rewards programs, like Hertz Gold Plus, which allow you to earn points for the rental. Convert the points into dollars and spend them on vehicle hire.

Secondly, there are credit cards with a mileage system. While purchasing and booking, you will receive a specific number of miles. United℠ Explorer and Capital One Venture X Rewards cards have such perks.

Final thoughts on the best credit card for car rental insurance

The best card is the one that makes your traveling and everyday life easier. If you like the benefits, discounts, and special programs that your credit card has, use it whenever you can. Especially in car rental!

However, before booking, you should always check whether your card provides you with insurance. Moreover, if it does, you still need to clarify what kind of covering it is and whether it suits you.

Get the most out of your car rental!

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16 Tips on how to save money on gas on a road trip

Cruising in a car is the best way to spend a short weekend or a long vacation. And while planning where to go and what to see, many people forget about high fuel costs, a factor which is becoming the main challenge for travelers’ budgets today.

The gas crisis started with the 2020 global pandemic when fast-growing demand caused prices to skyrocket from $1,773 to $3 per gallon within one year. Then, the rate began to level off and remained relatively stable until February 2022, when the national average for 1 gallon was $3.323.

Finally, the situation changed dramatically with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Because of the sanctions, the world has lost one of the main suppliers of oil, which shocked the international fuel market. As a result, the price per 1 gallon in the US reached $5.006 (+30.2%) by the middle of June, which is a historical maximum.

While things have gotten a little better, and fuel is a little more affordable now (about $4,330 a gallon), the fuel-economy issue is still critical. So if you want to learn how to save money on gas and thereby make your road trip more budget-friendly, use the following effective strategies!

pay cash

1. Prefer to pay in cash

While moving on the highway, you often see big billboards promising incredible fuel discounts. Then, you pull into a certain gas station, pay for gallons with a bank card, and see that the price on the receipt is a few cents higher than expected. How could this happen? Don’t worry – it’s all about banking services.

When you book a debit card car rental or pay for gas in the same way, the bank charges a commission for each transaction. It ranges from 5 to 15%, which can end up costing you an extra $40-60 for a 10-gallon refill.

Luckily, you can avoid overpaying. Use cash to enjoy the discount rate and thus save money on gas. Furthermore, find out what price you are actually getting before inserting the filling nozzle into the gas tank neck!

2. Get rewarded for refueling

Cashback on fuel is a perfect way to reward the avid road traveler and inspire them to new adventures. You can get a refund on your credit card in the form of points or money, and then spend them on your next refills. However, not all banks provide such a service. You can enjoy this option with certain cards we have listed below.

  • Citi Premier. This credit card earns 3x points on gas spending. Also, it gives you advantages when booking hotels and buying airline tickets.
  • Costco Anywhere by Citi. You get 4% cash back on the first $7,000 spent on fuel during the year. After reaching this amount, the return rate drops to 1%.
  • Blue Cash Preferred from American Express. This card provides you with a 3-percent reward and doesn’t limit the amount you spend on fuel in the US. These gas savings are then available for any purchase, but can’t be cashed out.
  • Wells Fargo Propel by American Express. You get 3 points for every dollar paid at the gas station. Use these points for the next refueling.
  • Chase Freedom. The main feature of this card is the constantly-alternating quarterly bonuses in the form of 5% cash back on the first $1,500 spent. Often, gas stations fall into the category in which this policy applies, which means you can save a lot on future refills during that time.

3. Fill up on the cheapest days of the week

Want to spend less on fuel? Choose from any gas stations nearby, but visit them on the cheapest days. Tracking nearly 140,000 refilling spots in the US, Canada, and Australia, GasBuddy has identified the days with the most affordable price per gallon. These are Monday and Friday. However, these days may vary from location to location, as many factors affect the final rate.

Also, daily fluctuations in the oil market can make their own adjustments to the formation of fuel prices. Therefore, do your research on the gas stations you visit most often and decide on the best days to fill up.

4. Take advantage of a grocery store rewards program

After shopping at your local grocery store, you can then get discounts at the pump. Many big grocers like Kroger, Albertsons, Stop & Shop, or Winn-Dixie offer you gas reward programs.

Consider Kroger as an example. Buying items in the store gives you 1 point per 1 dollar spent, and reaching the mark of 100 points makes it possible to get a discount of 10 cents per gallon. However, you can only spend these points on gas at branded Kroger Fuel Centers and Shell stations. The maximum discount is $1 per gallon (requires 1,000 points) and the maximum amount of fuel available per fill is 35 gallons. That is, you can save up to $35 at a time.

Keep in mind that Kroger multiplies the number of points for every dollar of a purchase by 4 during the holidays. If you want to get the most out of this strategy, shop with a credit card offering fuel cashback. You will earn Kroger points and receive credit card rewards at the same time.

5. Save money on gas through the app

A smartphone allows you to do many important things in planning your road trip. You can both rent an SUV and buy a plane ticket to Miami through it. Also, a suitable app to save money on gas will allow you to find the cheapest filling station and thus reduce your travel expenses. Check the list of popular programs and install the one you like:

  • GasBuddy. Known as a tech company, GasBuddy provides a software solution to help you find the best place to fill up. The filters available in the program allow you to search by city, zip code, preferred fuel type, and payment method. In addition, you can use your GasBuddy account to earn points and then redeem them for discounts.
  • Waze. This informative navigator is one of the best apps to use for saving money on gas. How does it work? You create a route and see all available nearby gas stations and prices as you follow it.
  • GasGuru. The main feature of the application is a convenient color indication. Now you’ll find the best rates much faster – green for discount rates and red for the most expensive offers per gallon.
  • AAA Mobile. This gas-saving app combines the power of a route planner with a fuel finder. In addition, it shows available hotels, restaurants, and points of interest along the way, which is very convenient for a road trip.
  • GetUpSide. The program monitors the most affordable prices in a given location and shows them to the customer. Also, you can get up to 25 cents cashback for every gallon of fuel purchased through the app.

use the apps

So, we can name many more apps that save you money on gas. However, the ones we have listed are the most effective and easiest to use!

6. Create a plan for your journey

According to the gas savings calculator, the more you drive, the more you consume. Using less fuel is one of the best ways to save on van rentals. Thus, many factors affect mileage – what vehicle category you choose, where you drive, what surfaces you are driving on, and how often you stop. Therefore, careful trip planning will reduce fuel costs and allow you to enjoy a smooth ride. Check out some tips for efficient fuel use:

  • Pick up a vehicle with a higher MPG rate
  • Check out alternative routes and choose the one with less traffic
  • On a family trip, consider one large vehicle instead of two small ones
  • Visit two or more nearby attractions within a single trip
  • Plan your itinerary so you don’t have to make extra stops

7. Drive smoothly

Hard acceleration and braking techniques are useful if you’re a Formula 1 driver. However, these are not necessary or helpful techniques when it comes to maximizing fuel efficiency with an ordinary vehicle. Coasting without sharp acceleration and deceleration is among the key tips for saving money on gas.

When you start to move, do so gradually, and don’t lay down the tachometer needle. Try to move at a constant speed, maintaining the specified engine rpm. And when it’s time to brake, do so well in advance by simply releasing the gas pedal. Following this advice will help you increase your fuel efficiency by 30-40%, resulting in savings ranging from 50 cents to $1.5 per gallon at today’s gas prices.

8. Stop the engine when standing still for a long time

At idle, your car consumes much less fuel than at load. Still, this value can range from a quarter to a half gallon per hour. If you add up the cost, keeping your engine on at idle will result in an extra cost of 2-4 cents per minute. Therefore, it is best to turn off the engine when standing in a long traffic jam or waiting for someone in the parking lot. This simple habit can save you several gallons of fuel per month.

9. Use cruise control correctly

The main task of the cruise control system is to add comfort to your trip by automatically maintaining the set speed. A secondary benefit of this option is the efficient fuel consumption of your vehicle, as you don’t have to press/release the gas pedal all the time.

Unfortunately, cruise control backfires on rough, bumpy roads, as well as uphill and downhill sections. The computer reacts late to the terrain and the surface quality, and, unlike the driver, it can’t see the road ahead. Therefore, enable this high-tech assistant only when it’s appropriate to save on fuel.

Cruise control

10. Think strategically before turning on the air conditioner

Warm weather provides two favorable conditions for efficient gas consumption. The heated air creates less aerodynamic drag. Plus, the engine warms up and reaches the optimum temperature faster. However, another problem appears with the onset of sunny summer days. You turn on the air conditioner and find that fuel consumption has increased by 20-25%.

Indeed, this separate unit requires a lot of energy to cool the passenger compartment, which results in extra refueling costs. Despite this disadvantage, it is understandable to still want to use your air conditioning system. . And although it’s impossible to completely get rid of associated fuel costs, they can be reduced in several simple ways:

  • Before turning on the air conditioner, open all windows to let hot air out.
  • Use the air conditioner while driving, as it cools more efficiently when the engine is running under load.
  • Check the settings of the air conditioning system and change them so as not to overload it unnecessarily.

11. Remove unnecessary things from the vehicle

Weight is one of the main points in any fuel-saving calculator. According to the laws of physics, the more weight, the more effort is needed to move the load. In terms of fuel, consumption increases by 1% for every 100 pounds of excess weight. This is why you should try to remove unnecessary items from the trunk unless you want to rent a pickup truck specifically for moving or camping.

This also applies to the roof rack, which creates aerodynamic drag in addition to the extra weight. Your auto is not a storage closet for equipment or things, and carefully checking what you don’t need will make it lighter and more fuel efficient.

12. Set the correct tire pressure

According to research, you lose 0.2% fuel economy for every 1 PSI your tires are underinflated. Low pressure increases the contact patch, which results in increased friction with the road surface and bigger fuel consumption as a result.

Optimum pressure allows the car to roll better, and spend less energy on accelerating. We recommend you check the PSI level from time to time, and make sure it’s the same for all four wheels.

13. Do not take the prepaid fuel option when renting a car

Want to pick up a Jeep rental for an off-road adventure and add prepaid fuel to your booking? Think twice. While this optional extra may seem like a good deal due to the lower price per gallon, you risk overpaying in the end. The next points explain why prepayment is not the best way to save money on gas.

  • Companies’ policies say you can return a car with any amount of fuel in the tank. Theoretically, drying the tank is legal, but the agency doesn’t compensate for all the fuel left after the trip. You pay for unused gas even if driving a few miles and returning the vehicle with a 95% full tank. As a result, no discount saves from extra expenses with prepaid fuel.
  • Unlike prepaid gas, full-to-full is a better policy. You pick up the vehicle with a full tank and must return it with the same number of gallons by filling it up on the way back. To avoid potential errors in fuel gauge readings, take photos of it before and after your trip. Also, keep the receipt from the last refueling for proof.
  • When you rent a car, you agree to pay related taxes according to the by-state percentage. Prepaid fuel is included in this category, but often the price indicated at the time of booking doesn’t contain this surcharge. Therefore, a long-awaited 10-cent discount may end up being a 50-cent overcharge per gallon. On the other hand, at the gas station, you get the price you see on the stand. Therefore, the prepaid tank option is not as practical as it might seem initially.
  • You deprive yourself of the benefits of using fuel-saving cards when buying gas from a car rental company. 4-5% fuel cashback with Citi and American Express allows you to get extra money when visiting gas stations.

petrol station

14. Service your vehicle engine regularly

Technical experts say that a poorly maintained engine can suffer from lager fuel consumption, which can increase by up to 40%. So, check the condition of the unit, and use the correct type of motor oil. Recommended parameters for all vehicle fluids are available in the user manual. There you will also find the fuel the automaker approves for the particular model. Keeping the engine in good shape has a positive effect not only on mileage but the general condition of the car and its durability.

15. Clean the air filter

Before combustion, the fuel has to be mixed with air. However, sometimes the vehicle suffers from a lack of air due to a clogged air filter. To compensate for the lack of air in the mixture, the onboard computer supplies more fuel and thereby increases its consumption. The way out is simple – replace or clean the air filter. Taking this simple step will give your engine better ventilation and thereby reduce fuel consumption.

16. Benefit from a Walmart Membership

Using a Walmart+ membership is a good way to save money on gas for a car. Under the program, you can get a 10-cent discount at partner gas stations – Exxon and Mobil. A 5 to 10-cent discount is available at Walmart and Murphy’s stations, while Sam’s Club fuel centers also offer their members lower prices.

The money-saving road trip starts here!

Using the best gas-saving apps and applying the other techniques mentioned above will allow you to better manage your travel budget. However, a road trip starts with choosing a car, and having the right vehicle on hand is the key to successful fuel management throughout your journey.

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