The Best Winter Road Trips (and the Best Cars for Them)

Driving during wintertime is less than ideal, and a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Aside from knowing your long road trip basics, you have to pack and prepare for extremely low temperatures (most of the time), have the right vehicle, and drive more carefully. 

That said, there are definitely some trips that are meant to be taken during the winter. Moreover, considering there are generally fewer tourists, some stops just look and feel way better during the winter.

If you’re one of those adventurous souls who want to go on an epic winter road trip, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ve listed some of the best winter drives in the country, and the best cars to do them in!


Winters in the country’s northeastern region are characterized as cold, harsh, and basically anything but great. The roads can get very slippery, which can severely limit your mobility. That said, the northeast does offer a variety of scenic drives, and with proper driving and the right vehicle, winter road trips in this region can be just as safe as the winter drives in other regions.  

The Green Mountains, Vermont
The Green Mountains, Vermont

The Green Mountains (Scenic Route 100 Byway), Vermont

No winter road trip list would be complete without mentioning Vermont’s Scenic Route 100 Byway. Spanning nearly 150 miles along the eastern edge of the Green Mountains, it provides picturesque views and connects some of the best skiing and riding in the country! Winters can be brutally cold here, so if you plan on doing some skiing, make sure you bring the right ski jacket with you!  

Car rental agencies near the area: Hertz Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Ideal vehicles: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Renegade, Volvo S90, Toyota RAV4 

Albany to Lake Placid, New York

Obviously, Lake Placid is one of the most well-known winter destinations in the country. That said, the journey to Lake Placid is equally rewarding. Roughly 140 miles via the I-87 and off Exit 30, it is beautiful in any season. It features many popular stops such as Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls. Moreover, as you get off of the Northway at Exit 30, Keene Valley offers breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains! 

Car rental agencies near the area: Alamo Rent A Car, Hertz Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis Rent A Car, Thrifty Car Rental, Dollar Car Rentals, Budget Car Rental

Ideal vehicles: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback

Hudson Valley, New York

Just north of Manhattan, the 150-mile Hudson Valley features numerous quaint towns, wineries, museums, and magnificent winter scenery. A designated National Heritage Area, the Hudson Valley offers a great mix of history, culture, and recreation. While it’s more known as an autumn getaway destination, driving through the Hudson Valley during wintertime is just as rewarding. 

Car rental agencies near the area: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Advantage Rent a Car, Hertz Car Rental, Alamo Rent A Car, Thrifty Car Rental

Ideal vehicles: Volvo S90, Nissan Altima AWD, Toyota Camry AWD

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Often described as a quintessential summer road trip, Cape Cod is not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning a winter drive. That said, the drive through the 62-mile-long Old King’s Highway offers stunning views of Cape Cod Bay, and the fact that there’s not a lot of tourists means you can tour Cape Cod (mostly) in peace. 

Car rental agencies near the area: SIXT Car Rental, Avis Car Rental, Thrifty Car Rental

Ideal vehicles: Jeep Compass, Jeep Wrangler, Volvo S90


While generally associated with the hot desert climate, winter conditions in some parts of the American southwest can be extreme. Temperatures can reach below freezing, and trails can become icy and/or covered in snow. However, some parts of the southwest do have ideal winter conditions. In these parts, conditions for outdoor activities (and road trips!) can, more often than not, be ideal.  

Valley of Fire Scenic Byway, Nevada
Valley of Fire Scenic Byway, Nevada

Arches National Park Scenic Drive

The Arches National Park is known for its beautiful sandstone sculptures and massive red rock formations. While it’s already one of the most beautiful destinations in the country any time of the year, it’s definitely something to behold during winter, when its rock formations are draped in snow. Its 22-mile paved scenic drive features stunning views and offers easy access to the park’s main attractions!

Car rental agencies near the area: Budget Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis Car Rental, Alamo Rent A Car, Hertz Rent A Car

Ideal cars: Toyota Rav4, Subaru Outback, Toyota Camry AWD

Santa Fe to Taos through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico

The drive from Santa Fe to Taos through the High Road is roughly around 105 miles; and while it’s known for its many sights, where it winds through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is really what makes this trip worth it. Featuring stunning views of the snow-capped Truchas Peak, this is one winter drive you shouldn’t miss. 

Car rental agencies near the area: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Budget Car Rental, Alamo Rent A CAr

Ideal cars: Ford Escape, Nissan Altima AWD, Jeep Compass

Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive, Arizona

Another great scenic drive in the American southwest is the 30-mile drive along state road 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona, through Oak Creek Canyon. This route features snow-covered Ponderosa Pine, Walnut, and Oak Trees, as well as scenic stops such as the Oak Creek Vista, which features a breathtaking view of Northern Arizona.

Car rental agencies near the area: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, Thrifty Car Rental, Avis Car Rental

Ideal cars: Toyota Rav4, Volvo S90, Jeep Wrangler

Valley of Fire Scenic Byway, Nevada

One of the shorter and more accessible drives on this list, the 37.7-kilometer Valley of Fire Scenic Byway features amazing views of the state park’s majestic red Aztec sandstone formations. While the summer desert heat can be unbearable, the state park experiences a pleasantly mild winter–ideal for winter road trip newbies! The Valley of Fire State Park features a variety of hiking trails, and if you want to make stops, take in the scenery and do some hiking, make sure to bring a reliable hiking travel backpack with you!

Car rental agencies near the area: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, ACE Rental Cars, Payless Car Rental

Ideal cars: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Compass, Toyota Camry AWD


Snow and subzero temperature are staples of a typical midwestern winter. While native midwesterners tend to love it, it can be extremely brutal for people not used to it.  That said, the American midwest is also known for its beautiful winter scenery and the slew of fun outdoor activities that come with the holiday season.  In fact, it can be argued that the midwest is most beautiful during wintertime. The routes below attest to this.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Parke County, Indiana

Boasting bright snowy meadows, frozen rivers, and a total of 31 historic covered bridges, Parke County is one of the best winter drives in the Midwest. With five well-marked 30-mile (mostly flat) driving routes, it’s also one of the easiest drives on this list!

Car rental agencies near the area: Avis Car Rental, Alamo Rent A Car, Budget Car Rental, Dollar Car Rental

Ideal cars: Ford Escape, Nissan Altima AWD, Toyota Camry AWD

Northern Door County, Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, then the Northern Door County drive is for you. Roughly 85 miles along Wisconsin Highway 57 from Green Bay to Gills Rock, the route is dotted with quaint coastal towns and small restaurants. It also features a variety of cross-country skiing trails. Additionally, Death’s Door at the very tip of the peninsula is a great spot to catch the Midwestern sunrise and (if you’re in luck) the Northern Lights!

Car rental agencies near the area: Hertz Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Dollar Car Rental

Ideal cars: Volvo S90, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Compass

Badlands National Park Loop Road, South Dakota

With a total of 16 designated overlooks featuring breathtaking views of snow-covered buttes, cliffs, and multi-colored spires, the 31-mile Badlands Loop Road Byway is one of the most recognized drives in the country. It’s beautiful in any season, but it takes on an ethereal look during winter that makes a great contrast against the harsh Midwestern winter.

Car rental agencies near the area: Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Ideal cars: Toyota Rav4, Nissan Versa, Honda CR-V AWD

North Shore Scenic Drive, Minnesota

Designated as an All American Road, the 154-mile North Shore Scenic Drive between Duluth and the Canadian Border offers picturesque views of birch and pine forests, snow-covered cliffs, and a beautifully eerie (and slightly frozen in some parts) Lake Superior–the world’s largest lake by surface area. If you plan on doing some winter hiking, the Kadunce River Wayside Trail just a few miles north of Grand Marais features a small frozen waterfall.      

Car rental agencies near the area: Priceless Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Avis Car Rental

Ideal cars: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Renegade, Ford Explorer


Winters vary greatly across the western region of the country. While some parts like low elevations on the West Coast experience mild winters with little to no snow, the more mountainous areas as well as the inland northwest have bitterly cold winters. That said, winter drives in the country’s western region are some of the more popular drives on this list.

Million Dollar Highway, Colorado
Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

Yosemite National Park, California

Winter in Yosemite is quite harsh. While a lot of the roads within Yosemite National Park are closed during the winter, it does have some roads that remain accessible all year. Driving through the roughly 8-mile Yosemite Valley reveals breathtaking snow-covered conifers and granite monoliths. While this is one of the best winter drives on this list, it’s ideal to check the national park weather forecast first before pushing through with it. 

Car rental agencies near the area: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz Car Rental, National Car Rental, Alamo Rent A Car, Hertz Car Rental, Fox Rent A Car

Ideal cars: Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD, Kia Telluride AWD, Subaru Outback

Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

Formally known as U.S. 550 and stretching about 25 miles through Colorado, the Million Dollar Highway features incredible mountain views. That said, it is quite narrow and is notorious for getting incredible amounts of snowfall every winter. Moreover, some sections of the road don’t have guard rails. Needless to say, while the views are incredible, this winter drive is not for newbies!  

Car rental agencies near the area: NÜ Car Rentals, SIXT Car Rental, Routes Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Thrifty Car Rental

Ideal cars: Jeep Wrangler, Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Whether you’re starting from South Lake Tahoe or Incline Village, the 72-mile trip around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful winter drives in the country. The snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains are reflected on the surface of Lake Tahoe. Moreover, the area offers a variety of trails for snowshoeing, skiing and winter hikes!  

Car rental agencies near the area: Avis Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Budget Car Rental, ACE Rental Car

Ideal cars: Toyota Camry AWD, Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester


If you want to go on a winter drive to escape the cold rather than embrace it, then these routes are for you. The country’s southeastern region enjoys a sub-tropical climate that includes hot, humid summers, and mild, crisp winters. Nevertheless, if you plan on exploring the southeast with family, it’s important to stay hydrated under humid conditions. So don’t forget to pack the right water bottle for all your family members!  

Great Smoky National Park, North Carolina
Great Smoky National Park, North Carolina

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Spanning 105 miles between Front Royal and Rockfish Gap, Skyline Drive is the only public road through the Shenandoah National Park. The Skyline Drive goes through the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It features panoramic views of rocky summits, rolling mountains, and dense forests.

Car rental agencies near the area: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, Dollar Car Rental, National Car Rental

Ideal cars: Toyota Camry AWD, Mazda3 AWD, Nissan Altima AWD

Great Smoky National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina

Stretching over 81 miles from Gatlinburg to Asheville, this drive passes through the Great Smoky National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The drive features stunning mountain views and over 187,000 views of old growth forest!

Car rental agencies near the area: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, National Car Rental in Ashville, North Carolina, or Knoxville, Tennessee

Ideal cars: Jeep Wrangler, Volvo S90, Toyota Rav4

Florida’s East Coast, Florida

Spanning 470 miles from St. Augustine all the way to Key West, a winter drive through Florida’s East Coast is one of the best winter drives for people who hate the winter cold. There’s nothing like experiencing a bit of summer during the wintertime! 

Car rental agencies near the area: Hertz Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, ACO Rent A Car, Green Motion, Routes Car Rentals

Ideal cars: Subaru Crosstrek, Nissan Frontier, Lexus ES 300h

Seattle Parking – Find the Most Suitable Option!

Seattle is an ultra-modern and high-tech city in the state of Washington. Space Needle, Columbia Center, Boeing Everett Factory – the list of its unique places is impressive. Also, the city is full of iconic historical sights, which makes it an incredibly popular destination among travelers. Convenient road system and reasonable prices for gasoline contribute to the fact that many visitors to the city use car rental instead of public transport. This is a very suitable way of transportation allowing every tourist feel free to choose where to go and what to see. However, due to the fact that there are a lot of cars in the city, searching for Seattle parking can cause a headache and complicate your journey…

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Parking in Seattle

When using a rental car, probably many auto-travelers will face the problem of parking in Seattle. This is not surprising, because it’s very difficult to easily navigate the place where you have never been before, especially if you are a foreigner.

The good news is that you can avoid many problems if you prepare their solution in advance. Therefore, by following some guidelines getting Seattle parking lots will be both easy and fast.

Each driver will be able to choose among the next parking options:

  • Street metered parking;
  • Parking lots and garages;
  • Hotel parking.

As in any city, the cost of parking is a value that directly depends on the specific place and time of day. As for the largest city of Washington, Seattle center parking fee during the busiest hours is about $5 per hour, while on the outskirts of the city the price drops to $0.5-$1 per hour.

The most peak hours to leave your car are usually between 11am and 5pm. If you need overnight parking in Seattle, then you will be happy to know that it’s free from 6-8 pm till 8am. Also, parking is not paid on Sundays and some national holidays. Unfortunately, it will be hard to find such spaces in the high-demand areas.

Another tool for a hassle-free Seattle parking is a special parking permit. The only drawback is that it requires actual confirmation of the residence, which means it’s available for locals only.

Street parking in Seattle. What is important to know?

parking seattle, seattle parking

You know how convenient it’s to leave the car close to the required place in order to have quick access to your personal transport later. For this reason, Seattle street parking is the most commonly used way to park a car.

No worries about whether you will find a free space where you need it, because Seattle parking map covers all the major attractions, business facilities and other popular destinations throughout the city. The price of street parking is one of the highest among US locations, which means that choosing the right place will help you find the best rate and save your budget.

Parking meters are the way to pay for a space for leaving your car. Usually, they accept cash, coins, electronic bank cards, and have a 2-, 4- or 10-hour limit. The whole procedure takes several minutes:

  • You find a convenient parking spot.
  • Choose the required parking time and pay in any way possible.

In case of violation of Seattle street parking rules, you will be ticketed or even towed. Also, keep in mind that general traffic rules prohibit leaving the car for more than 72 hours in a row at the same parking space.

Cheap parking spots in Seattle

Due to the large area of the city and the abundance of Seattle parking places, at first it will be difficult to decide where to leave the car. There’s a general rule – the closer to the center, the higher the cost. However, you can still find even a free place at the busiest areas.

For quick searching, you can use Spotangels, which is an online resource showing all available places for cheap parking in Seattle. The most popular city destinations and their parking rates are listed below:

If your goal is to find a cheap parking garage, then in this case look for the orange $3 signs offering the same price for short-term parking. However, all these places have already been entered into the online services database, and it will be much more convenient for you to use them and not to search for a parking place while driving through the streets of Seattle.

In addition to Spotangels, affordable parking in Seattle can be found by using such handy apps as Spothero, Park Mobile and BestParking

Seattle hotels with free parking

seattle airport parking, seattle parking map, seattle parking

Sometimes it’s very important to have a car at hand to be able to quickly start the engine and go to any place at any time. For this reason, many travelers want to take advantage of hotels in Seattle with free parking.

Of course, this is very convenient from the point of view of transportation, since you can plan your vacation according to your needs and desires, without looking at the bus or subway schedule.

Also, when returning in the evening to the hotel by car, you will save yourself from the need to leave it in a parking garage somewhere in the vicinity of the hotel and go from there on foot.

Luckily, the list of hotels which include overnight parking in Seattle into the room price is quite large, so it will make your choice easy and quick. Here’re some attractive options for travelers:

  • Kings Inn (2106 5th Ave) – $152/night;
  • Hotel Max (620 Stewart Street) – $149/night;
  • Hilton Seattle (1306 6th Ave) – $181/night;
  • Marco Polo Hotel (4114 Aurora Ave N) – $98/night;
  • Brighton Retreat (45th Ave S) – $105/night;
  • The Paramount Hotel (724 Pine St) – $167/night.

You have chosen a hotel but it doesn’t provide free parking in Seattle? In this case, you’ll have to pay additionally $20-$50/night for a separate guarded space for your rental car.

Top airport parking in Seattle

Imagine that you have a business or leisure trip with a starting point in Seattle. You need to get to the airport, but you don’t want to pick up a taxi. One possible solution is to use your own car for this purpose, and then leave it at Seattle airport parking.

All airport customers who need car parking are offered 2 options to choose from:

  • Terminal direct parking;
  • General parking;

Terminal direct parking is the most progressive and convenient option. The fact is that the fourth floor of a huge building that serves for parking has a direct connection to the main terminal of the airport via skybridge. This is the fastest way to get from the plane to your car and back.

The exact address of Terminal direct parking is 17801 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA. The only drawback of this type of parking is its price – $5 per hour, or $37 per day. Also, reservations are not allowed.

General parking is another option to leave your car at the airport. It’s available on 1-3 and 5-8 floors of the building. Seattle airport parking rates in this section is $4/hour, $30/day or $140/week.

Parking downtown Seattle

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If you need to leave your car in downtown Seattle parking, then you need to look for special garages marked with ‘P’ sign. The cheapest of them have an orange $3 inscription, which means the price of parking per hour is three dollars.

Also, those parking garages that are marked with a turquoise marker offer a fixed price for evenings and weekends. It’s usually cheaper than the standard tariff available in other garages – less than $7 for these times. The regular parking price in garages marked with blue ‘P’ sign is most commonly hourly and varies between $3 and $8 per hour.

For your convenience, there’s a comprehensive map which is an excellent way to find the cheapest parking downtown Seattle in just several clicks. Another advantage provided by online services is a real-time parking tracker showing currently-available parking spaces.

As you can see, Seattle parking is not a problem at all, and in order to choose the necessary option you just need to use these valuable recommendations and a smartphone in your hands. Also, don’t forget to follow the traffic regulations on the road to avoid any problems when traveling to Seattle by car.


Long Road Trip Tips- Get Them All!

Are you getting ready for a long trip? What kind of car do you prefer? You may prefer a mid-size vehicle. But it feels like a compact car is not as save as an SUV car. From the other hand, SUVs eat too much gas. There are always so many things to think about before the trip. Our long road trip tips will help to cope with any situation.

long road trip essentials, long road trip tips,

How to plan a long road trip?

It can be really great to take a car, full tank of gas, open road, and go into the wind. Your long road trip is a unique way to travel and explore the world at a low cost. It takes no matter whether you are renting an auto or driving your own car, planning goes first. Here are a few long road trip essentials you should do before you hit the road.

What to bring on a long road tour?

You should start by listing all the road trip essentials. So, bring medicines, toiletries, some food, and all necessary documents, including your driving license, registration, and a navigation system. Don’t take many clothes as you can always stop along the route and do laundry. Finally, a long road trip packing list wouldn’t be full without books and movies for entertainment, and an emergency kit with the first aid suppliers.

What things to check in my car before a long road trip?

Of course, your rental agency has already checked everything for you. But it is never too much of a good thing if you check the car condition, scratches, tires, and all the rest that usually causes troubles on a long road tour.

How to prepare my auto for a long road trip?

Even if you packed all the must haves for a long road trip on the board, you shouldn’t forget to do a basic check of your rental auto before you hold the keys. Check the tire pressure and the mileage! Why don’t you check the windshield wipers, car battery, safety pads, even lights, and signals? Do an inspection! First of all, you are responsible for the car, so it is better to know about all possible problems beforehand to avoid fees and headaches. Secondly, a clean auto also helps to feel more comfortable, doesn’t it? Check much more long road trip tips by following the article!

DO’S and DON’TS on a long road tour

Your long road tour is going to be exciting for the whole family. But riding a car forever and a day can be really boring. Have you a strategy on how to entertain yourself and your family during a day or week-long road trip?

long road trip essentials, long road trip tips

How long does the perfect road trip have to be?

What is an ideal road tour for you? There are many long road trip tips you may follow to push your journey close to ideal, but it depends on what you expect from your particular trip. The ideal amount of time you spend on a road depends on where you are driving. But generally speaking, 7-10 days is enough for most destinations.

DO’S on a long road trip

The long road trip essentials include:

  1. Play your much-loved tunes

Going crazy on loud music when you are in the driver’s seat can make the time go faster. If you rent an auto with a great sound, it can be a big pleasure to listen to retro tunes or a soundtrack from your favorite films.

  1. Play some movies

Watching movies can be a fun thing to do on a long road trip. You can use your phone, iPad, or DVD player is your car hasn’t built-in screen.

  1. Play classic road games

It can be board games, mini-games, and even portable video games, of course, if you are not on driving. Playing games needs your attention. It is better to focus on driving.

  1. Pack a special bag with books, puzzles, and everything you may need to entertain yourself and your passengers.
  2. Get some sleep

If you feel tired on a long road trip, you may stop the car get some sleep. Having someone, who can drive the car instead of you, use your sleep mask to take some rest even on the go.

What to do with KIDS on a long road trip?

Everything depends on your creativity and what your toddlers like to do, get yet another portion of long road trip tips:

  1. Take some audio books

It can be a great idea for a long road trip. That’s so cool that everyone, including a driver, can listen to adventurous stories together.

  1. Play Traveling Alphabet

This game is very popular to play with preschoolers on a long road trip. The aim is for each player to finish the sentence using a word that begins with a specific letter.


long road trip tips, long road trip essentials, long road trip with toddler

  1. Create a travel bag

It can be a travel backpack or even a LEGO box. Fill the bag with LEGO details or different fun stuff to keep your kids amused on the road.

  1. Play virtual games

The most popular virtual game for young travelers is Hide and Seek. Just try to imagine a place to hide! It’s so fun to hide everywhere no matter what size it is. Of course, it is a virtual game!

Long road trip tips

When taking a long road trip don’t forget to plan the route first. Nothing but planning is able to make a long road tour more enjoyable, especially when you travel with the kids and family. Here are the long road trip essentials to remember when listing everything you may need for the tour.

  • Plan carefully

Have you already planned the route? Plan your travel course and the roads you are going to take. Renting an auto for a long road trip, ask for a GPS system or just check the map carefully. That’s the biggie to mark on your map all the places where you can stop for fueling, snacks, and safe resting along the way.

  • Make stops every three hours

It is advised to take short breaks from driving every 2-4 hours. Just stop the car, take some food, use the bathroom, or just relax and stretch your legs for a while. It boosts your energy until the next pit stop.

  • Eat light and drink much water

One of the long road trip food ideas recommends eating snacks and a small portion or healthy food at regular intervals. Forget about tacos and spicy chicken! Fast food and tones of donuts aren’t a good idea on the go. You feel full and uncomfortable. Attention: drink enough water!

  • Call 911 if a car breaks down on a long road trip?

Sure enough, the best thing to do is to avoid a break down on a long road trip. So, check your vehicle before you rent it. But in case of a road accident you need to inspect your auto to find out what is wrong and call your insurance company as well as your rental agency. Check your rental contract and ask for a roadside assistance. It would be great to have another car in replacement when you want to continue your long road tour.

Remember that you are packing for a long trip! Ask for the car inspection all to pieces before you begin driving. Do you see anything suspicious? Ask for another vehicle! We hope all these long road trip tips will help you experience the best traveling in your life!

Parking Las Vegas – Find All The Cheap Options!

Las Vegas is a really stunning place, with its beautiful views, colorful streets, festivals, performing arts, and hotel complexes. Of course, this is the last place that comes to mind when you hear the word CHEAP. Vegas leads the list of most expensive cities in America so that finding cheap or even free parking in Las Vegas Strip or any other district seems to be unreal.

Parking options in Las Vegas

Las Vegas park garages are probably the biggest in the whole world. Do you believe that? It sounds like it could be true. Of course, every service should be paid.

parking las vegas, las vegas strip map, circus circus las vegas, map of las vegas strip

How much are you charged for the car parking in Vegas?

As a rule, different properties set different prices for the car parking in Vegas. Thus, you can easily drop your car for some time in a garage of a casino or nearest shopping mall! How long? The first hour is free! It is a popular parking option and you will find it everywhere in the city. Of course, big resorts have a fixed price for parking, even if you drop the car for an hour. The best variant for you to stay in a hotel where you are parking your vehicle!

  • First-hour parking costs you nothing;
  • Up to 5 hrs costs you about $3-10;
  • Up to 24 hrs costs you about $10-15;
  • Leaving a car for more than a day you pay about $10-15 per each day.

How to validate a ticket for parking in Vegas?

You can easily sign off your ticket in many different ways, including a restaurant or casino manager, cashier, slot attendant. This is your chance to avoid parking fees or get cheap park in Las Vegas. Remember, validation is usually required for self-parking garages ONLY!

How much do you pay for valet parking in Vegas?

Free car park in Vegas is not always available unless you could find a no-cost valet parking option in some big hotels. Sometimes, you should wait for long for the valet service! Check Vegas car park costs before you reach the hotel or casino.

Valet parking

  • Up to 4 hrs costs you about $10-15;
  • Up to 24 hrs costs you about $15-20;
  • Leaving a car for more than a day you will pay $15- 20 per each day.

Everything you should know about the street car park in Las Vegas

City malls and hotel complexes on the Strip offer a wide range of parking services. Downtown is not different. Try to find a good and possibly cheap place to leave your car. It would be rather careless of you to leave it in the street unwatched and unprotected. It is better to use free parking lots in Vegas.

How much do you fee to park in the street?

On-street parking spots are rarely met in Las Vegas You can leave your car in the street lot from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The price is about $1-2 per hour. But you can hardly find many cars parked on the street in Vegas.

How to avoid car parking fees?

Park a car in Vegas and pay nothing! The sure-fire way to waive parking fees is to become an honorable member at the local hotel or casino. How to gain membership? Just sign up for the hotel credit card.

Simply, try to avoid places that charge you for parking. Remember, such legendary names as Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, Casino Royale, Treasure Island. They don’t take money for car parking. So, of course, free self-parking is a desirable option!

Where to find the cheapest park lots in Las Vegas?

Come and see! Almost all of popular Strip resorts take money for staying car in their comfortable garages. Nevertheless, you can take a few free parking hours in Las Vegas if you know where to find them. Self-parking will cost you about $5 when leaving a car for 2 hours and more. Valet parking will cost you about $25-30 at the same hotel or casino.

Where to get free parking hours in Las Vegas

  • Shopping malls. Try to catch free parking hours in the malls along the Strip and Mandalay Bay.
  • Stratosphere Tower. Park a car for no cost.
  • SLS Hotel. Park a car for no cost.
  • Circus-Circus. Only valet parking is paid.

Park your car at Las Vegas airport

McCarran International Airport lies about 5 miles to the South in Downtown. Sure enough, it is considered to be the busiest airport in the USA. Pick one from many available parking options here.

parking Las Vegas, Las Vegas airport parking

How much do you pay for a long-term parking lot at McCarran airport?

Looking for a place to leave your rented car for long, you should check all available long-term park options at Vegas airport. Pay attention to the Economy Park Lots, Valet Parking, and Daily Garages at Terminal 3. You will pay about $6 daily to place your car there.

How much does it cost to fee for short-term parking at Vegas airport?

It is not a problem to leave your car for a day or even a week. Daily and hourly parking are the most popular options at the airport. To get a short-term parking service at Las Vegas airport you need Terminal 1, 2. If you are waiting for passengers or dropping someone, just park your car for an hour, which will cost you $2, two hours will cost $4 and 3 hours – $7. For more than 3 hrs you pay $3 per each hour.

How much is overnight/daily/weekly parking at Las Vegas airport?

McCarran Airport has a wide range of parking options. You may leave your vehicle for a short or long period and also pay for a valet parking which costs you about $20 per day. Daily and overnight parking options are served at Terminal 1 and Economy Lot. You are charged about $10-16 per day.

Hotels near McCarran Airport

Looking for the park and fly option you should check Las Vegas hotels with no-cost parking around the airport. It’s very convenient to book a room in the hotel waiting for your flight. Leave the car at the hotel garage on departure. Free shuttle option is also available.

Parking prices in the hotels all-around the airport

Hotel Rates/per night
McCarran Inn

Over a distance 1,1 mile


No park and fly option

Four Seasons

Over a distance 1,2 miles

$20 for valet parking

$22 per stay per park and fly option

Resort Desert Rose

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Mandalay Bay

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Inn Howard Johnson

Over a distance 1,3 miles

Homewood Suites

Over a distance 1,4 miles


No park and fly option

MGM Resort

Over a distance 1,5 miles

Luxor Hotel

Over a distance 1,5 miles

Marriott Hotel

Over a distance 1,6 miles

Bluegreen Club

Over a distance 1,2 miles


No park and fly option

Parking Las Vegas Downtown

Parking is a hot-button issue for all Vegas guests. Everyone is trying to find a place to park a car in Las Vegas for no cost. It’s high time to revise parking prices available in Downtown.

map of las vegas strip, parking Las Vegas

How much is a fee to park a car in Downtown, Vegas

Main Street

Comfortable valet spots are often met in the Main Street, Downtown. Are you ready to pay? Self-parking costs you about $3-5 hourly. The garage is situated near here.

Fremont Street

Las Vegas parking fees are higher at Fremont Street. You will be impressed with much space and a massive parking structure here. Pay hourly about $3, and daily $12.

Binion’s cheap park

Looking for the cheap parking in Downtown, Las Vegas, welcome to Binion’s! It’s really cheap! You are charged no more than $1.50 hourly without validation! Can’t believe the prices! First three hours are no-cost!

The D

Park price is about $2 hourly and free for hotel guests.

Downtown Grand

Parking price is $5 for the first two hours, $1 per each hour.

El Cortez

You can park your car for no-cost in Downtown Las Vegas at El Cortez ONLY if you live here. Otherwise, you have to pay $5-10 for parking without validation.


Park fee is $5 hourly.

FREE PARKING at hotels in Downtown – Privacy Policy

So, your Vegas adventure starts right now! It would be irrational to waste money for parking. How about trying to find free parking in Vegas and save some money for the casino or other city attractions? It is not that simple to find a free parking slot in the Sin City, Downtown. Check hotels!

Parking Resort Fees in Downtown

Downtown Hotel Parking Rates
California Hotel $5 daily
Grand Hotel Downtown No-cost
El Cortez No-cost
Four Queens $3 daily
Las Vegas Fremont Hotel No-cost
Golden Gate No-cost
Golden Nugget Hotel No-cost
Main Street Hotel $5 daily
Gold Spike Oasis No-cost
Las Vegas Plaza Downtown No-cost

Legendary Strip – car parking opportunities

Searching for a no-cost car park in Vegas, don’t forget about the legendary Strip. Of course, the Las Vegas Strip map is various and complicated. Nevertheless, it is not that difficult to find Las Vegas free parking options around. Most of the hotel complexes, shopping malls, and casinos do not take money for parking.

parking Las Vegas, free parking las vegas strip, map of las vegas strip, las vegas strip hotel map

Which casinos don’t take money for car park on Las Vegas Strip?

City casinos usually charge about $20-25 daily for parking on the Strip. Do you expect to lower the price? Just sign up for a casino credit card and get the membership. This is a fast but sure way to waive fees and get no-cost parking on the Strip casinos.

Which hotels on Las Vegas Strip allow no-cost car park?

The map of Las Vegas Strip overfilled with the following resorts that allow parking your car for no cost:


Car park in Circus Las Vegas is for no cost. Valet car parking costs you about $10 when you leave the car for up to 4 hours. According to this, leaving the car for more than 4 hours you will pay more, about $15.

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas allows using parking garages for no cost. May is a period when the hot touristic season starts. You have to pay about $7-10 to park a car there. Don’t forget about first-free-hour parking option!

SLS Hotel

The hotel offers free park – a perfect place to leave your car.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Free Self-parking at PH is available. It’s expected that there will eventually be a parking fee that applies to the guests of the hotel along with visitors, but self-parking is still free. However, there is a parking fee to valet park at Planet Hollywood.

More than 4 hours: $15

4 to 6 hours: $20

6 to 24 hours: $24

Up to 24 hours: $24 for each extra day.

Tropicana Complex, Las Vegas

Welcome to the most popular no-cost parking area you can find on the Las Vegas Strip map.

Treasure Island

All guests and casino visitors get a parking place for no cost. Treasure Las Vegas is advertised as a fee-free car park area on the Strip.

Venetian & Palazzo

These mega-popular resorts allow no-cost parking.

Hard Rock

Park for free close to Strip.

Wynn Las Vegas

You shouldn’t pay for parking here. They charge you for valet only.

MGM Resorts Parking fee

MGM Resorts International require a parking fee at all Las Vegas hotels and casinos. Click here and get more information!

When are Las Vegas Strip resorts going to charge for parking?

No-cost car park options were popular in Sin City not that long ago. Unfortunately, this pleasant bonus is quickly changing with some of the largest hotel chains. In the meantime, most of the hotels offer only an hour of free parking. For instance, self-parking at Caesars Palace (Caesars Entertainment Palace) is now $12 for 1 to 4 hours.

There is something more for you to learn about park garages in Vegas. Sometimes, when you go through the security desk at the parking entrance, don’t be surprised if they ask you to roll down your window and show your documents. That happens in Vegas!

California Road Trip in a Rental Car – How To Plan?

Without any doubt, California road trip is considered to be one of the most exciting road trips in the USA. There is always much to see in this place. Ride a car and explore the state cities, world-popular national parks, valleys, and picturesque beaches between them. The territory is huge and your time is often limited. Where and what car to take for rent? Where to stop for dinner and night on your road trip? How long to stay and how much money to take with you to feel comfortable? No worries – follow this planner and get answers to all your questions.

How to plan a California road trip?

Do you want to know how it feels to drive your car along the famous Pacific Highway? It must be one of the most exciting trips. Think of the places you want to stop at, how long you will stay, where you will get some rest, and where to take dinner. You can make the best journey in California only if you make many efforts to plan it wisely.

When to set off on a California road trip?

The ideal road trip in California starts in late spring and goes through summer to early autumn. July and August can boast almost perfect weather. But these are the busiest and crowded months with high prices for hotels, food, and cars for rent.

What is the best ride in California?

California journey planner includes such popular cities as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Pacific Highway, also known as Highway 101, is a popular and beautiful route you have ever met. Californian cuisine, Golden Gate Bridge, wild mountains of Big Sur, and many other MUST-DO stops make your DREAM DRIVE complete. Many visitors like exploring Southern California as this part offers plenty of things to do. And also, it must be said that visiting hiking trails is a really good idea in case you are looking for something special.

What to take with you to California?

Taking a road trip California, you have to be strategic about what you bring with you. It doesn’t matter what place of California you are planning to visit, you need a pair of denim shorts, hoodies, and other pieces of clothes that are stylish and comfortable in the Bay Area. The most transitional shoes in California are flat lace-up sandals and functional but cool sneakers or espadrilles.

road trip planner, California road map, California road trip

California on-the-go attractions

California attracts visitors with its bright cities, beaches, amusement parks, forests, deserts, islands you can find nowhere else. Even a short ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco impresses you with such California road stops as legendary Hollywood Hills and Disneyland. Read more about California road trips ideas.

  1. Los Angeles

This place is the most atmospheric city you have ever seen. Also, this is a start point for most travelers, where you can ride a vehicle and dive into your California coast road trip. Take a journey to Hollywood and legendary Beverly Hills, visit Getty Centre and Griffith Observatory. There is always many interesting places to see and things to do for kids and adults.

  1. Riverside County

This must be your next stop and a big mark on your California road map. This place attracts you with its delicious wines, Oak Mountain Winery, and the most exciting event – hot-air balloon ride.

  1. San Diego

California exploring is impossible without a stop in San Diego. You should visit a legendary place – Old Town that takes you a few hundred years back. Never miss the Cabrillo Monument and Sunset Cliffs. This romantic place is good to meet the sunset.

  1. Ghost Town

Looking for a good place to take some rest after a long drive you come to Calico Ghost Town. Just make a stop and take a short excursion to the underground mine and through the city.

  1. 66 Route

You cannot find this legendary route on a map. But still, this is the oldest and adventurous highway in America. You can find it when traveling from Chicago to Needles and to the east to stop in Santa Monica. Also, you can get the legendary trail driving through various states.

  1. Death Valley

Welcome to the hottest place you can meet in the east. Death Valley National park is a huge and important part of all the road trips to California. Feel brave among dunes but always have your car in view.

  1. Redwood National and State Parks

Californian national parks tour takes you to the north of the country to Redwood National and State Parks and the coastline. This territory belongs to the tallest trees on the Earth and a good place to stop for a day camping. It is a really perfect place for California road trips.

  1. Disneyland

The road trip California is impossible without visiting Disneyland, located in Anaheim. This is an area of games, rides, shows, restaurants, and all possible attractions for kids and adults.

The well-liked routes out of California – check them all!

Do you rent a car for California road trips? Where to? Have you in plans to visit Florida, Denver, Oregon, San Luis, Santa Barbara or San Diego? Just take advantage of your drive.

california coast road trip, road trip california, northern california road trip

California – Oregon

It starts from Los Angeles and takes you to the neighbor Oregon. To get to Washington you should follow US-101. This is a popular touristic route that takes you about 10 hours driving along the California Coast. Or you can hire a budget vehicle in San Francisco and go on I-5 N and US-97.

Interesting places: Chandelier drive-through tree in Leggett, Avenue of the Giants, Redwoods State Park, Founders Grove, Southern Oregon Coast, Dune Country.

California – Florida

California to Florida route takes you along I-40E for 2702 miles. It is about 40 hours of driving.

Interesting places: Nashville, Grand Canyon, San Antonio River Park, Houston, New Orleans.

California – Texas

To take a ride to Texas from California you spend about 25 hours and 1 800 miles. You drive through 4 states and have a lot of interesting places to see. You have a choice: traditional I-40 or a new route I-10.

Interesting places: Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, Malibu, LA, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, and Carlsbad.

California – Colorado

The California road trip to Colorado is about 776 miles. It is 17 hours of driving. You can find so many natural attractions to see on your way!

Interesting places: NV National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley.

California – Michigan

You need to follow the route I-80E to reach Michigan. The journey takes about 30 hours of driving and more than 2 000 miles.

Interesting places: Empire Historic Park, Salt Lake City, Wyoming Prison Museum, Detroit, Greenfield Village, Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

California – Virginia

California to Virginia ride starts at I-40E and takes you to Seligman for a short break. The route is 2 500 miles long, and you’ll spend about 40 hours driving.

Interesting places: Grand Canyon, Route 66, Memphis, Nashville.

california road trip, road trip, california coast road trip

How much can it cost to drive a car to California?

Don’t expect that your road trip to California will be cheap. Of course, there is always a variant to save some money.

Your expenses for a California road trip vary from $200-$300 per day, including car rental, gas, some food, and places to stay if needed. Of course, most of your budget goes to pay for a car. But there is always a way to cut down your rental price. You can read about it below. Speaking about hostels, food, and drinks, it’s all up to you. The prices you meet are really different.

Rental auto: $60-$150 per day;

Gas: $4.20-$4.60 per gallon;

Hotel: $150-$250;

Hostel: $20-$40;

Camping: $10-$20 (you can find a place for free);

Sandwiches: $8-$15;

Coffee: $4-$5;

Dinner for two in the cafe: $50-$80.

Prices for gas in California region

The highway condition is perfect in the whole state. Of course, different people pick different routes and go at a different speed. Gas prices vary based on what place of California you have picked for a trip. In general, the price is around $4.20 to $4.60 in California and lower in the other states.

Hire a car in California. How much money do you need?

California stretches about 900 miles from Mexico to the northwestern American border. There are so many worthy places to visit, including National Parks, legendary routes, valleys, and wineries. Rent a car in California and start your journey right now!

Prices for an economy class rental car at Los Angeles Airport (LA)

Rental agency Price per day
ACE rent a car from $51
Alamo Rent a Car logo from $37
Advantage rent a car from $35
AVIS Rent a Car from $60
Budget Rent a Car from $58
Dollar Rent A Car from $55
Fox Rent A Car from $38
Enterprise Rent-A-Car from $55
Hertz from $47
National Car Rental from $49
SIXT Rent a Car from $69
Payless Car Rental from $37
Thrifty Car Rental from $57

What car brand is perfect for a California road trip?

Everything depends on how many people you have and how much luggage you take. Some people prefer SUVs, others like convertible cars to enjoy the beautiful coastline. Here are the most popular car brands when it comes to rental:

Small cars – Chevrolet Spark, Ford Fiesta, Nissan Versa;

Full-Size cars – Volkswagen Jetta, Nissan Altima;

SUVs – Ford Escape, Toyota RAV;

Vans, minivans – Nissan Quest, Dodge Grand;

Exotic cars – Corvette.

road trip california, california road trip, california coast road trip

How to travel cheaply on a road tour in California?

Everyone wants to take a California road trip on a budget. Before you start your journey you need to plan it carefully.

So, how to pick the cheapest car for rental?

  1. Don’t take a car in Los Angeles

If it is possible, try to take a car for rent somewhere far from LA airport, or even in the neighbor city San Francisco, San Diego. The prices at the airport are always money-taking.

  1. Bring a navigator

If you don’t want to pay for GPS, you can take a navigation system with you.

  1. Pick a car with a lower center of gravity

When you pick a car for your California road trip, you should pay attention to vehicles with a low center of gravity. The low cars and SUVs are not very comfortable for a long journey and for the hairpin turns of California. Ford Mustang is a good choice.

  1. Take automatic cars

If you want to feel comfortable in California turns and mountains, ups and downs, it is better to take an automatic car.

How to define where to stop for night and dinner on a road trip to California?

Of course, it depends on what destination you have picked. Let’s consider the most popular California ride: Southern California Destination (5 days). The area between the two legendary points attracts people the most. You will meet Echo Park, La Jolla, Huntington Beach, Channel Islands, Malibu.

Stop to sleep:

Los Angeles Samesun Venice Beach ($96 per night);

LA Grafton on Sunset ($225 per night);

LA Hollywood Hostels ($129 per night);

San Diego Zoo Hostel ($77 per night);

SD Lucky D’s ($25 for bed).

Stop to eat:

SD Lost Abbey;

San Diego Green Flash;

A.O.C. in Los Angeles;

LA Tabula Rosa Cafe;

El Prez in San Diego;

Night Market Song Cafe in Los Angeles.

If you think of driving a rental auto, there are many things to consider. Hope, these tips will help you to find the best and the cheapest transport. Wish you a happy California road trip!

Florida Road Trip Is Waiting For You – Start It Right Now!

How to plan a road trip to Florida?

According to many travelers, Florida is a sunny pearl on the crown of America. A road trip to Florida is an incredibly interesting adventure to the southeastern United States, full of new impressions and unforgettable experience! Beautiful weather in a tropical state contributes to car traveling, while the variety of spectacular sights hits the eyes. Even in January, the temperature is kept around 20°C and therefore there’s no bad moment to travel to the Sunshine State.

Florida road trip is an advantageous and comfortable way of exploring the surrounding area: spacious parking lots and excellent traffic conditions will make your journey really easy. Moreover, when traveling by car you can make all your Florida road trip ideas come true, without becoming attached to their location.

One of Florida’s most exciting routes is the Florida Keys road trip. It stretches for more than 130 miles and passes through 42 bridges, including the famous Seven-Mile Bridge.

Also, Florida road trip map has such unique route as Beachfront Avenue, running along the Atlantic Ocean from St. Augustine to Miami.

florida keys road trip, florida road trip, road trip florida

In general, there is no shortage of amazing routes in Florida. The main thing is to plan your car trip correctly and not to forget to grab the following things:

  • Documents: passport, international driver’s license;
  • Car neck pillow;
  • Money, and credit/debit card;
  • Car Video Recorder;
  • Smartphone USB Car Charger;
  • Navigator (can be provided with car rental);
  • Portable refrigerator;
  • Sunscreen.

Florida road trip destinations

Sights of Florida are the most beautiful and interesting places created by both nature and man. Local beaches, national parks, amusement parks and ancient cities with fortresses annually attract the attention of millions of people. Judging by the travelers’ reviews, there are a lot of destinations for any taste, which are worth seeing during your road trip to Florida:

Universal Orlando Resort

Orlando, Florida road trip, Universal Orlando Resort

The city of Orlando is known primarily as a large-scale entertainment center. Its Universal Studio Resort is considered to be one of the most interesting, bright and colorful clusters of various attractions. Visitors will be able to plunge into the magical and exciting atmosphere of their favorite game and animated films, watch the process of creating a movie, and someone may even be lucky enough to participate in the filming.

Design District in Miami

Design District in Miami, Florida road trip

The Design District is the area in Miami, filled up with stores of world famous brands, designer showrooms, and art galleries. From the very first minute of your stay, there won’t be any doubt left – you have fallen into a very stylish place.

Even if you are not too interested in fashion and shopping, you can go to local shops, which look like the museums – half of them specialize in works of art and designer décor.

The appearance of the area itself can be regarded as an independent work of art – the facades of buildings are very intricately decorated with street art, sculptures, and installations.

Disney World Orlando

Disney World Orlando, Florida road trip

Another road trip to Orlando Florida will lead you to Disney World. In the park, children can enjoy riding on the carousel, themed shows, incredible fireworks and much more. Disney World has a unique atmosphere of magic, so adults will have a unique opportunity to forget about everything and dive for a while into the world of childhood, where the trees are big and Mickey Mouse is real.

Fairchild Tropical Garden

Fairchild Tropical Garden

The vast collection of this garden, which covers the area of 34 hectares, includes rare tropical plants, including palm trees, cicadas, flowering trees,+ and vines.

This amazing green territory will be a perfect relaxing getaway for Florida road trip travelers. During the year such events as the chocolate festival, the International Mango Festival, the Butterfly Festival, the Bird Festival, the Orchid Festival are held there.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park, Florida road trip

This is the largest US area, where untouched subtropical wildlife reigns. It is here that you can find rare specimens of the fauna and see animals that have long been considered endangered. The park belongs to the world heritage sites and international biosphere reserves, which makes it important for the whole planet.

What are the most popular routes out of Florida?

Florida has such a convenient geographical position that many travelers choose it for interstate traveling. Among the most popular routes to start your road trip in Florida are:

Florida to Tennessee road trip (700-800 miles)

The road to Tennessee will take you about 11 hours driving through Atlanta, Georgia and about 12 hours if you choose the route through Birmingham, Alabama. Plus, you will need some time for rest, lunch, and sightseeing.

Atlanta city hosts the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere, while Tennessee is famous for the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. The final point of the journey is usually Nashville – the US capital of country music.

Florida to Tennessee road trip, Florida road trip, road trip Florida

Florida to Colorado road trip (1,900-2,100 miles)

On the way to Colorado, you will have to cross 6 intermediate states – Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. In total, you will need to spend about 29-30 hours to get to the end point. However, so that the road doesn’t tire you, and you could see many interesting places, it’s recommended to drive for not more than 8 hours a day. Traveling from Florida to Colorado will offer you many amazing natural landscapes, including the mighty mountains, charming plains, and endless wheat fields.

Florida to Texas road trip (1,300-1,500 miles)

Texas is the epitome of the Wild West, thus many tourists choose this route for the road trip from Florida. You will cross the Mississippi and Louisiana borders throughout this interstate journey. Houston, Dallas, and Austin are among the most worthwhile places to visit in Texas. Very often, drivers choose reverse Texas to Florida road trip, which is also incredibly breathtaking.

Florida to California road trip (2,700-3,000 miles)

Having traveled from Florida to California, you will see the most iconic American landscapes on your way. You will have to cross Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, then drive along the Mexican border through New Mexico and Arizona. As for travel time, it will take about 40 hours. It’s better to distribute it for 5-7 days to feel comfortable and see the maximum of amazing places. Most often, beaches of Los Angeles are the final destination.

Florida to California road trip, Florida road trip

Florida to New Jersey road trip (1,100-1,400 miles)

This route will allow you to admire the east coast of the United States, including such states as Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington are the most interesting cities on your way, so you can find a few extra hours to explore them. As in the case of a road trip from New Jersey to Florida, the total travel time is about 17-22 hours, depending on the intensity of traffic, and the duration of rest.

Florida to Virginia road trip (800-900 miles)

This trip will appeal to those who want to explore the life of the times of the colonial era and the Civil War. The fact is that Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia hold many historical monuments. You have to spend about 12-13 hours to get there from Florida.

What is the cost of a full Florida road trip?

The exact cost of the journey can’t be counted by any Florida road trip planner. This is because the needs of each individual traveler differ significantly, causing a big difference in the money spent.


However, it’s still possible to create an approximate list of major items, and specify the costs for each of them separately:

  • Car rental. The average price of car rental in Florida is $25-35 per day for the economy through a midsize vehicle. For full-size or convertible you need to pay $45-60 per day.
  • Car Refueling. The average price of gasoline in Florida is $2.5 per gallon. If you plan to drive about 200 miles a day, your daily fuel expenses will be around $20.
  • Hotel room. The price varies in different places in Florida. For example, in Orlando, you can find a room in a 2-star hotel for $50-60 per day, and in a 3-4-star hotel – for $110-220. While in Miami, housing prices are about 20% higher, regardless of the hotel class.
  • Food. If you can dine in such establishments as McDonalds or KFC, then you have to spend about $20 a day. When choosing a cafe serving more familiar food, get ready to pay about $40 a day.

After performing simple calculations, it’s clear that each day of your Florida road trip will cost $115-200 a day. This price doesn’t include visits to amusement parks, national reserves or any entertainment facilities.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a road trip to Florida?

Before analyzing the prices for rental cars in Florida, you need to decide on first the required number of seats, the type of prevailing terrain on your journey, as well as check your travel budget.

Actually, all cars from the USA car rental companies such as Enterprise, Alamo, Dollar-Thrifty, Budget, National, and Hertz are good for your road trip to Florida, but the most suitable car groups are SUV and full-size vehicles. The high ground clearance makes them possible to drive even in off-road conditions presented in national parks and reserves. In addition, the spacious interior of such cars will provide enough comfort to passengers and driver. At the same time, budget travelers can book compact, economy or mid-size vehicles, which are also a perfect solution for small families. You can easily check all car rental offers in Florida via our Rental24H mobile app.

 Florida road trip on a budget

The average prices for rental cars in Florida are provided below:

  • Economy/compact/midsize cars – from $25 per day: Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Cruze, and similar.
  • SUVs – from $40 per day: Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, Mercedes GLC, Chevrolet Tahoe, Jeep Wrangler, Hyundai Santa Fe, and similar.
  • Luxury/premium cars – from $50 per day: Nissan Maxima, Mercedes E-Class, Lincoln MKS, Range Rover Velar, Cadillac XTS, and similar.
  • Convertible cars – from $60 per day: BMW 4 Series, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and similar.

How to travel cheaply on a road trip to Florida?

Almost every traveler has a limited budget, so the issue of saving is very important. We are glad to provide some valuable recommendations on how to enjoy Florida road trip on a budget:

  1. Reserve compact cars in the USA. Besides the pleasant rental price, such cars are very economical in terms of fuel consumption, which can save you $10-20 a day.
  2. Avoid hotels in the city center. The fact is that the price of hotels in the city center and on its outskirts may differ by 2 times for the same class of room. And since you are traveling by car, you don’t depend on public transport and can easily find the cheapest hotel offer.
  3. Find dining spots in advance. If you want to dine for reasonable rates, it’s better to find suitable places on your way in advance. This will help you save budget and eat tasty food at the same time.

The USA Road Trip In a Rental Car – What To Know

Why choose the USA road trip?

The United States is not only famous for the skyscrapers of New York, the beaches of California plus casinos in Las Vegas. There’s plenty of interesting areas in this country, such as the national parks, Grand Canyon National Park, State Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, pacific coast along with the pacific coast highway and in order to see all these beautiful, amazing, funny and fascinating places, you should go on a USA road trip. This is evidently the best and most convenient way of traveling, providing the following benefits:

  • Freedom of movement. This means that if you see something interesting on your way or if you learn about some unusual place, you can easily deviate from the course or linger a little.
  • Relatively low cost of American road trips. What to see in America with a limited budget? No worries! In case the number of passengers is equal to the number of seats in the car, then you will greatly save and visit a lot of incredible spots at the same time.
  • Mobility. You can go to the store or another place to purchase everything you need at any time. When traveling by train, this opportunity is unlikely to be presented.
  • Unlimited amount of baggage. You will be able to take almost all you need – you will be limited only by the capacity of the trunk and you won’t have to worry about the excess weight.
  • Privacy. Other people won’t bother you, which means you can completely relax.
  • Time-saving. Sometimes road trips by car are shorter than, for example, a train ride.

usa road trip

That’s why many travelers prefer to enjoy road trips in USA. Where to go is another important issue of the drivers, but actually, there’re many options to choose from. For example, Route 66 – an iconic road connecting Los Angeles in the east and Chicago in the west, or SR 1 Route running from San Francisco to San Diego, Overseas Highway. Especially, travelers like taking trips along the pacific coast and driving the Pacific Coast Highway. Among the most visited USA cities are New Mexico, New Orleans, San Diego, and Key West.

How to plan a road trip across the USA?

Careful preparation is the key to a successful journey. Therefore, many travelers are concerned about how to plan USA road trips to feel the maximum pleasure and avoid any unexpected situations on the road.

Generally, the major points to do before the trip include:

  • Plan your route. Take the map and create an approximate direction to move, and places to stop/stay. Use Google Maps or a special application, which is more convenient and reliable.
  • Be sure to learn the features of the area to which you are going. This will take everything you need and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Examine the weather conditions, find out the forecasts.
  • Reserve a rental car at the starting point of the journey. Check the availability of the one-way option.
  • Plan your budget. Calculate all major and unforeseen expenses that may arise on the road: for food and drinks, for petrol, as well as for the hotel in case you decide to stay on the way.
  • Find out how long an American road trip will take, or how much time you spend on the road. For this, determine the distance that you will need to drive, and divide it by the average speed. It’s better to accept the minimum values ​​in order to have a time margin.

road trip usa cost, cheap road trip usa

Also, every journey implies the presence of the most necessary belongings that will be useful to you. Among them are:

  • Documents – passport, insurance policy, and a driver’s license;
  • Money, and credit/debit card;
  • Smartphone USB Car Charger;
  • Car neck pillow;
  • Portable refrigerator;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Navigator.

What the cost of the full road trip in the United States?

Any trip requires money, and American road trips are even more so. Someone decides to live in a tent, someone chooses a hotel, and someone can eat just one burger per day and drink a liter of water – each person’s spending will differ, depending on personal needs. Many of the travelers are dreaming to visit national parks which is not cheap actually. However, in order to approximately count the number of required funds, it’s necessary to determine the main points of expenditure.

A compact/economy car will cost $15-30 per day, a convertible – from $45 per day.

  • Lodging

It depends on the location. For example, in Las Vegas you can easily book a room for $50 per day, in San Francisco – 2-3 times more expensive.

  • Food

In every major city, there’s a large selection of cafes where you can find healthy food. The average bill with a drink will be about $18-20 (without alcohol). If breakfast is included in the hotel price, then you will spend $20-40 per day for meals.

  • Visiting nature reserves

Be sure to buy an annual pass to the National Park, it will allow you to visit them for free all year round. Its cost per person is $20. However, National Park is one of the most exciting places to visit and it worth the money you’ll spend.

  • Amusement parks

You’ll spend about $100/person for amusement parks.

Summing it up, expenses for the car, food, and accommodation are about $100/day. A two-week trip with visiting nature reserves and amusement parks will cost about $1500.

If you decide to travel to Canada, your overall expenditure may increase by an additional 20%.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a road trip in the United States?

Cars for travelers are offered by many companies. However, the vehicles of the companies that offer the one-way option are most suitable for an American road trip, as they allow to pick-up and return your car in different locations.

car rental in USA, USA car rental

Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, National, Dollar-Thrifty, and Hertz are the best agencies for traveling around the USA. In addition to cheap rates, they feature excellent rental conditions and reliable cars.

Here’re the average prices for rental cars in the USA:

  • economy class (Toyota Corolla, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, and similar) $14-16 per day;
  • business class (Nissan Maxima, Toyota Camry, Dodge Avenger, Hyundai Sonata, and similar) $20-34 per day;
  • SUV (Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Tahoe, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet Suburban and similar) $30-80 per day.

How to travel cheaply on road trips in the USA?

It’s not a secret that cheap USA road trip is a dream of each traveler. The fact is that the total cost of the trip is quite significant, and not everyone can afford it.

USA road trip

Even if it’s impossible to reduce travel expenses by 2 or 3 times, but you can try to reduce them by 20-30% by using the following travel tips:

  • Book car rental in advance

If reserving vehicle 2-3 weeks before the desired pick-up date, the price will be much lower.

  • Choose economy car

The excellent fuel efficiency of small cars will significantly reduce the expenses for gasoline on a road trip.

  • Find a cheap pick up location

Don’t rent a car at the airport – it’s better to pick it up in the city center.

  • Save on food

Usually, the portions in local cafes are quite large, so one serving will be quite enough for 2 people.

  • Search for a suitable lodging

It’s recommended to avoid hotels in the city center and book a hotel with on-site parking. This will significantly reduce accommodation expenses, and allow you to find a place for your car.