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Car Rental Puerto Rico Can Be A Piece Of Cake!

Puerto Rico is an iconic nation in the soul of the Caribbean. Luxurious beaches, a developed tourist infrastructure, a high level of service and breathtaking nightlife beckon visitors from different parts of our planet. Plus, an incredible number of historical monuments and stunning landscapes won’t leave anyone indifferent. A visit to Puerto Rico will be quite interesting, even for greatly experienced travelers. Moreover, this applies not only to nature, culture, or attractions, but everything that can be seen there. Puerto Rico has a well-developed road network, including highways, which are controlled by the local Roads and Transportation Authority. Intercity bus service is very poorly developed. The only link between the capital of the country, San Juan and the west coast, is provided by the small bus company Linea Sultana. Locals prefer to travel around the island exceptionally on their own transport, so car rental in Puerto Rico is a reasonable solution for those travelers who don’t like to stay in one place.

What to know about car rental in Puerto Rico?

On vacation, every traveler wants to make his trip as easy and hassle-free as possible. Whether you are going for just a couple of days or for a long time, your trip will be more pleasant and will bring much more pleasure if you pick up Puerto Rico car rental.

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You won’t need to rely on public transport in Puerto Rico. You will be able to get off the plane and drive directly to the desired destination by yourself. Also, you can forget about the painful attempts to squeeze into a crowded bus with suitcases!

Since this island country is relatively small, car hire gives freedom of movement. White beaches, beautiful forests, and amazing ancient fortresses – all this will be at hand.

In short, with car rental in Puerto Rico, your travel issue will be finally resolved. All you need is to have valid driving documents, passport ID and your age should be at least 21. 

According to thousands of travelers’ reviews, the average price for a vehicle on the island is $12-15/day, which means you have almost 100% chance to get cheap car rental in Puerto Rico. However, you need to search for cars in different locations, and make a reservation in advance.

Car rental companies in Puerto Rico

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Competition among Puerto Rico car rental suppliers makes it possible to improve the service quality and set prices at a more affordable level. Therefore, the presence of a large selection of companies is good news for travelers looking for attractive options.

The list of agencies specializing in car rental in Puerto Rico includes both well-known international brands and local providers:

  • Dollar car rental Puerto Rico
  • Alamo car rental Puerto Rico
  • Payless car rental Puerto Rico
  • Enterprise car rental Puerto Rico
  • Avis car rental Puerto Rico
  • Thrifty car rental Puerto Rico
  • Target car rental Puerto Rico
  • Budget car rental Puerto Rico
  • EZ car rental Puerto Rico
  • Hertz car rental Puerto Rico
  • Sixt car rental Puerto Rico
  • NU car rental Puerto Rico

Counters and offices of companies are located both within airports and in urban areas. Typically, airport locations operate 24 hours, while city pick-up spots are available from 8am till 5pm.

The range of cars available in Puerto Rico includes all available sizes. Do you need a spacious minivan for a large family, or a compact car for budget travelers? No worries! What’s more, SUVs, luxury cars, and mid-size vehicles are also at your disposal.

Another feature of companies in Puerto Rico is the insurance requirements. All suppliers ask to have a valid liability protection, while damage insurance is included in the rental. If you decide to get protection as an extra option of your credit card provider, then you should make sure it applies to car rental Puerto Rico.

Most popular Puerto Rico locations to check out

A wide range of car rental companies means every renter will have enough places to pick up a car. Offices and rental kiosks are situated both at airports and in urban locations, near the main tourist sights and within the hotels.

Those travelers who are going to reserve a car rental Puerto Rico at the airport will have a greater choice of cars compared to city points, but the final price may be slightly higher.

car rental in puerto rico. puerto rico car rental

Since the island itself is rather small, you can focus not only on a specific location but also on the suitable vehicle and an attractive price when looking for a car. So, this is another key to the best car rental in Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, you have the opportunity to book a car not in each spot, as the demand for cars is very large. 

However, most likely you will find suitable options in the following locations of the island:

  • Ponce Mercedita Airport;
  • car rental San Juan Puerto Rico Luis Munoz Airport;
  • car rental Aguadilla Airport Puerto Rico;
  • Fajardo;
  • Bayamon;
  • Mayaguez.

Car Parking in Puerto Rico

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Using rental car in Puerto Rico can be complicated by some factors, and parking is one of them. The fact is that in some places, such as the historic part of San Juan, the streets are very narrow, and it’s very difficult to find a suitable place to park your car.

When traveling to Puerto Rico, you have 3 parking options:

  • street parking;
  • parking garages;
  • hotel parking.

Street parking spots are equipped with parking meters that accept bank cards, coins, and special tickets. They can be bought everywhere in Puerto Rico and give the opportunity to leave the car for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Parking garages are paid at the entrance – the average price is $2-3 per hour, or $20-30 per day.

Hotel parking is one of the most convenient options, but overnight parking can cost $30-50.

For violation of parking rules you’ll be fined. Parking ticket can be paid either by yourself or upon car rental drop off – the company will withdraw the required amount from your credit card.

Tips and hints on car rental in Puerto Rico

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You know, it’s very good to have the advice of experienced travelers wherever you go. Therefore, the following recommendations will certainly be useful to those who are going on a trip by car rental in Puerto Rico:

  • Reserve car hire online

Online reservation is more profitable than in-person rentals. In addition to a pleasant price, you will get a much more extensive selection of Puerto Rico car rental deals. By the way, the Rental24H mobile app is one of the most reliable ways to reserve an auto from any car rental company there.

  • Check options of local car hire providers

Sometimes, you can significantly reduce your spending by picking up a car not from a well-known international suppliers like Europcar or Avis, but from a local provider who most likely has a more loyal price.

  • Use credit card coverage if possible

Rental insurance is a necessary thing, so the company will certainly offer you its options. However, they are more expensive than the coverage provided by your credit card supplier.

  • Avoid narrow neighborhoods  

If you want to visit the cramped historical parts of San Juan or Ponce, we recommend you leave the car in the nearby garage to explore the surrounding area on foot. Narrow streets are not only a difficult place for parking, but also an easy way to damage your car.

  • Take advantage of transponder to pay for toll roads

Puerto Rico has many toll roads, and the bad news is that checkpoints for some of them don’t accept cash. Your rental car Puerto Rico supplier will definitely offer you this device, so don’t refuse it.

Car travel should bring pleasure, especially if you visit such a natural oasis as Puerto Rico. The roads of the island cover the most picturesque places that will make your car trip bright and memorable. In order to get the maximum of positive impressions and avoid unexpected situations, then determine in advance those destinations where you want to go and follow these recommendations.


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