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Car Rental With Debit Card in the USA

The presence of different payment methods during the journey makes the choice of a vacationer richer. This statement is especially true when it comes to car rental. A few years ago, the lack of a credit card meant that you couldn’t rent a car. However, sometimes there are situations when it is impossible to use it, or it is not presented at all. Fortunately, nowadays car rental with a debit card is at renter’s disposal, even if this is not the most typical way of payment. Actually, this option is quite widespread and is used by millions of holidaymakers around the world, but there are some differences from the car hire procedure held with a credit card. Bear in mind that it is always better to have a credit card for international travel and car rental as well.

Why car rental with a debit card is a less liked payment option?

  • Money on such a card is your personal funds. If the rental office blocks the deposit, then you lose the opportunity to spend your personal money.
  • The operation of blocking money on a credit card is not taxed until the money is withdrawn. Therefore, if booking with a debit card you risk overpaying the extra money.
  • Together with the driver’s license, supplementary IDs are required.
  • Non-credit cards come without insurance included. Thus, you’ll need to purchase the coverage additionally.
  • Debit rental may imply certain restrictions for in-state renters.
  • Some companies apply extra fees on debit-holders.

Another little drawback is that debit card customers cannot rent the full range of vehicles. Most often, certain limitations concern luxury, exotic, and special cars.

If performing a rental, the main restriction is to have a sufficient money balance on account – usually, it’s about $100-$500. Since car rental providers don’t request the credit card data on the stage of reserving a car, then it’s possible to pre-book a vehicle with a credit electronic card and they pay for it with a debit one.

Car rental companies’ policies concerning debit cards in the USA

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Even though getting a vehicle without a primary card is the exception rather than the rule, a large choice of companies providing this opportunity is the key to the ideal car rental with debit card wherever you go.

In the USA, almost all agencies allow debit card car rental, including both national and local providers. Each supplier features its unique requirements, thus before choosing a particular deal you need to review the degree of its loyalty in relation to the holder of this type of cards.

More detailed information on them is given below:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


Debit card rentals are enabled at airport and city pick up locations throughout the USA. If you’re going to use a debit card, you should notify Enterprise in advance – special rental conditions may be applied.

Thrifty Car Rental


Thrifty provides a credit check. The company prohibits the use of debit cards, but they are allowed for payments only.

AVIS Rent a Car


Some company’s locations don’t support this type of payment. An additional cash deposit is required for each Avis rental car. The company will compensate it right after drop off.

Budget Rent a Car


If the renter uses a debit card, then a security deposit minimum of $100 – $500 will be withheld on it. A deposit amount depends on the certain location and car size.

Dollar Rent A Car


For debit card payments, Dollar is competent to block the amount of $200-$350, plus the complete rental tariff. Non-prepaid MasterCard, as well as Visa electronic cards, are allowed.



According to Hertz policy concerning payment options, it’s possible to find an excellent vehicle at most car rental locations around the USA. It’s important that your card had MasterCard or VISA emblem, and was released in the name of the chief renter. Hertz always provides a credit check process to make sure of your solvency.

Besides the foregoing agencies, debit card rentals are offered by Sixt, Payless, E-Z, Alamo, National, and AVR, thus you’ll definitely find your best supplier. Also, car rental with a debit card under 25 USA can be unavailable with some dealers.

Step by step recommendations on renting a car with a debit card

Clear guidance is a guarantee of a successful car hire operation. In order to make the whole rental process maximally smooth, it’s recommended to follow the next steps:

  1. Carefully inspect all deals to select the cheapest rental car at the desired dates.
  2. Make sure that the agency providing the chosen car is ready to operate with your electronic card since some suppliers accept specific types only. Cardholder’s name and surname should be specified on the card.
  3. Pass a credit check process. This means you must have the necessary balance on your card for disbursing the rental and holding the deposit.
  4. Show additional ID documents upon request. It can be a passport, residency account or utility bill.
  5. Provide your insurance coverage proof, if you already have it. Otherwise, purchase the required package at the counter.
  6. If necessary, present your return flight ticket. Some providers claim this document at airport locations as a confirmation of your future plans.

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