4x4 car rental

4×4 Car Rental – Everything You Have To Know?

Car rentals make our life easier, especially in those moments when you can’t use your own transport. At the same time, any company that has a professional approach to its business and has a reliable reputation can offer an extensive list of cars, starting with budget options and ending with luxury vehicles. When choosing a car rental, you need to accurately represent the purpose and conditions of its operation. So, if the need for a vehicle due to frequent movement in the city, without transporting passengers, you should pick up a compact city car. This will save the total rental cost and refueling spending. However, in case you are planning a trip on country roads somewhere in the highlands, then 4×4 auto rental is really what you need.

4x4 car rental

What 4WD and AWD vehicles are?

Four-wheel drive…For many motorists, these words sound like heavenly music. More than half of novice drivers mistakenly believe that if the technical documentation for a car has the 4WD marking, this car will show excellent acceleration dynamics on the highway, perfectly maneuver on slippery urban asphalt and replace the tractor on a bumpy country road.

The AWD and 4WD systems are widely used not only on SUVs and crossovers – mid-size and compact cars are equipped with this type of drive even in the basic configuration.

The 4WD system is technologically simpler than AWD. Plus, it’s very reliable and cheap. The 4WD is a four-wheel drive, which is connected at the request of the driver.

The driver himself connects four wheels through a button or an additional lever providing 3 modes:

  • 4WD High;
  • 2WD;
  • 4WD Low.

Unlike 4WD, the AWD system is automatic, which saves the driver from having to independently control the characteristics of the road. The on-board computer independently monitors the quality of the surface through a hundred sensors, and preemptively switches the mono drive on both axes as necessary.

AWD is almost never used on SUVs. The main category of the cars, where the automatic all-wheel-drive system is installed includes urban crossovers, hatchbacks, and sedans.

As a result, if you need a 4×4 vehicle rental, then most likely you will find it in the SUVs section. And vice versa – automatic 4 wheel drive car rental can be found in almost any vehicle category.

Where and when is better to use 4×4 rental auto?

In order to find it out, first, you need to understand what is a 4×4 vehicle. By and large, this is a regular car, which provides additional space for the driver and passengers, and also has a large carrying capacity. At the same time, it was created for movement on a problematic road surface.

4 wheel drive car rental makes sense in three cases:

  • in off-road conditions;
  • when driving on a snowy surface;
  • when towing.

4x4 car rental

Thanks to an independent suspension of the wheels, such a vehicle manages to maintain a mechanical grip under almost any conditions. However, there are some nuances when using rental car 4WD. The fact is that usually car hire insurance doesn’t cover off-road driving and towing. What’s more, it can entail large sanctions from the company, and even cause you to get blacklisted.

Thus, the only legal reason to use all-wheel-drive car rental is a snow-covered road in mountainous regions, and companies use this fact for profit.

Indeed, for example, to get to the resorts of Colorado or the snowy entertainments of Salt Lake City, you won’t find a better way than 4×4 auto rental. With this vehicle, you will feel comfort and confidence, and as a result, safety while driving.

How to get cheap 4×4 vehicle?

From a general point of view, there are no differences between the process of reserving 4×4 rental car and any other car. However, the market cost of such cars is one of the most expensive due to the high price of the car itself in relation to mid-size vehicles and minivans. In addition, AWD car rental vehicles are much more expensive to maintain, and their insurance is also more expensive. All these spending form the basis of the rental price.

But how to find cheap 4 wheel drive car rental? Check out the following tips:

  • Book a car in advance

An early reservation is always more profitable than picking up a car on site. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a suitable 4×4 auto rental a few weeks before the expected date.

Also, keep in mind that on weekends and during holidays the demand for cars and their price rises, which may even cause a shortage of cars exactly where you need it.

  • Compare similar offers

If the desired rental car 4 wheel drive is available via several suppliers at once, choose the vehicle featuring the most attractive price.

  • Check cars in multiple locations

Imagine that you are going to a ski resort and you need a car. Probably, in the nearest rental point, the price will be higher, because it’s the most convenient in terms of location. In order to find the best price, search for a car in other nearby but less-popular locations.

  • Look for special promotions

Some companies hold promotions, which imply receiving additional discounts. This is another key to cheap rental car 4WD.

4x4 car rental

What are the risks of renting a 4×4 car?

The use of this kind of rental carries some risks in the event of non-compliance with the contract. If you get caught while driving off-road or towing, then get ready that your CDW insurance will be invalid. This also applies to personal insurance and insurance provided by your credit card provider.

But this is not all – after such a case, you may no longer be able to rent a car at all, since you will be blacklisted by car hire companies.

In order to avoid problems, each renter should know the list of actions that can cancel the insurance. Don’t forget to check the privacy policy of the car rental company you choose!

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