Rental Car Taxes and Fees by State

Each trip is associated with a waste of money, especially if it’s a trip to the USA. Therefore, budget planning is a fundamental element of a successful vacation – likely, nobody wants to spend too much money without getting the desired pleasure. What are the major components of tourist spending? They include visa preparation, plane tickets, accommodation, food, sightseeing, and transportation. It’s not a secret that many tourists are accustomed to travel around the United States in a rental auto. This is very convenient in terms of movement since it’s possible to be free from public transportation schedules. Also, it doesn’t break your budget, because the average price for car hire in the US is about $20-40/day. Unfortunately, a significant part of the final price is occupied by rental auto taxes and fees by state. What is the exact proportion of these extra charges in the total rental price?

rental car taxes and fees by state

Rental car taxes and fees by state

Different rental auto taxes in each state means that you pay a different price for a car, even if you pick up the same model from the same company. The amount of the additional fee is regulated not only at the legislative level but also by the companies themselves – they include airport taxes, insurance, and other hidden options. For a quick comparison, check out the table of rental auto taxes by state:

State Car Hire Surcharge Fuel Tax per gallon State Car Hire Surcharge Fuel Tax per gallon
Arizona 5.6% $0.19 Montana 4%+4% $0.32
Alaska 10% $0.15 Missouri 4% $0.17
Alabama 1.5%+4% $0.21 Nevada 10%+6.85% $0.34
Arkansas 10%+6.5% $0.22 Nebraska 4.5%+6.89% $0.28
Connecticut 3%+9.3%+$1/day tourist fee $0.44 New Jersey $5/day $0.41
Colorado 2.9%+$2/day rental fee $0.22 New Mexico 5%+$2/day $0.19
California 7.25%-9.5% $0.56 New Hampshire 9% $0.24
Florida 6%+$2/day $0.41 New York 6% $0.46
Delaware 2% $0.23 North Carolina 8%+6.95% $0.35
Dis. Columbia 10.25%+5.75% $0.24 North Dakota 3%+6.83% $0.23
Hawaii $3/day $0.48 Oklahoma 6%+8.93% $0.17
Georgia 4% $0.31 Ohio 5.75%+7.15% $0.28
Idaho 6% $0.33 Oregon 17% in Multnomah County only $0.37
Iowa 5%+6% $0.31 Pennsylvania 2%+$2/day $0.59
Indiana 4%+7% $0.42 The Island of Rhode 8%+7% $0.34
Illinois 5% $0.34 South Dakota 4.5%+1.5% $0.30
Kansas 4%+8.68% $0.24 South Carolina 5%+7.43% $0.21
Kentucky 6% $0.26 Texas 10% $0.20
Louisiana 4.45%+9.45% $0.20 Tennessee 3%+9.46% $0.26
Maryland 11.5% $0.35 Utah 2.5%+7.5% $0.29
Maine 10% $0.3% Vermont 9% $0.32
Michigan 6%+6% $0.41 Virginia 10% $0.21
Massachusetts 6.25%+$2 state fee $0.27 Washington 5.9% $0.49
Mississippi 6%+5% $0.22 West Virginia 6%+6.38%+$1/day state charge $0.36
Minnesota 9.2%+7.43% $0.29 Wisconsin 5%+3% $0.33
Wyoming 4% $0.24

States Providing the Highest Taxes and Fees

Obviously, each state has its own extra percentage rates in terms of car hire. However, why in some of them rental auto taxes are especially large?

The fact is that in these states local administration is authorized to set the number of additional fees at their own discretion. And if we add these taxes to the state fees, plus daily tourist charges, the total amount can reach almost 20% of the whole rental price.

rental car taxes and fees by state

Well, which states have the least profitable rental auto taxes and fees?

State Car Hire Surcharge Average combined Rate State Sales Tax Additional charges may apply Total Percentage
Nevada 10% 6.85% 2% 16.85%-18.85%
Minnesota 9.2% 7.43% 16.63%
Arkansas 10% 6.5% 16.5%
D. Columbia 10.25% 5.75% 16%
Rhode Island 8% 7% 15%
N. Carolina 8% 6.95% 14.95%
Tennessee 3% 9.46% 12.46%
S. Carolina 5% 7.43% 12.43%
Connecticut 3% 9.35% $1/day 12.35%+$1/day
Kansas 3.5% 8.68% 12.18%

Recommendations on how to avoid high fees in the USA

Despite the rather high rental taxes plus fees, everyone who is going to rent a car in the USA can significantly reduce his spending. In order to do this, check out some useful guidelines that allow you to lower the price tag slightly:

  • Avoid car hire at the airport

Airport charges are another item of expenditure for a car rental company. This means that it will be 100% included in the price of the car, and the rental itself will be more expensive than a similar one in the city location.

  • Read the rental terms and conditions carefully

Sometimes, unscrupulous providers deliberately hide the real value of extra payments so that the total price of the car looks attractive. Thus, read carefully the terms of the rental, especially those items that are written in small print.

  • Choose the best location to start the trip

If you are going to have an interstate journey around the United States, which implies a long-term car hire, then it makes sense to choose a state and destination to pick up your car with the smallest rental car taxes. For this reason, see the first table of this article.

Road trip to the USA is always an unforgettable experience wherever you go, so don’t be afraid of extra charges applied when choosing to use rental cars. Often they don’t have a very strong effect on the final price, which means you won’t exceed the limit of your budget and will be fully satisfied with your vacation.

Car Rental Puerto Rico Can Be A Piece Of Cake!

Puerto Rico is an iconic nation in the soul of the Caribbean. Luxurious beaches, a developed tourist infrastructure, a high level of service and breathtaking nightlife beckon visitors from different parts of our planet. Plus, an incredible number of historical monuments and stunning landscapes won’t leave anyone indifferent. A visit to Puerto Rico will be quite interesting, even for greatly experienced travelers. Moreover, this applies not only to nature, culture, or attractions, but everything that can be seen there. Puerto Rico has a well-developed road network, including highways, which are controlled by the local Roads and Transportation Authority. Intercity bus service is very poorly developed. The only link between the capital of the country, San Juan and the west coast, is provided by the small bus company Linea Sultana. Locals prefer to travel around the island exceptionally on their own transport, so car rental in Puerto Rico is a reasonable solution for those travelers who don’t like to stay in one place.

What to know about car rental in Puerto Rico?

On vacation, every traveler wants to make his trip as easy and hassle-free as possible. Whether you are going for just a couple of days or for a long time, your trip will be more pleasant and will bring much more pleasure if you pick up Puerto Rico car rental.

car rental puerto rico parking

You won’t need to rely on public transport in Puerto Rico. You will be able to get off the plane and drive directly to the desired destination by yourself. Also, you can forget about the painful attempts to squeeze into a crowded bus with suitcases!

Since this island country is relatively small, car hire gives freedom of movement. White beaches, beautiful forests, and amazing ancient fortresses – all this will be at hand.

In short, with car rental in Puerto Rico, your travel issue will be finally resolved. All you need is to have valid driving documents, passport ID and your age should be at least 21. 

According to thousands of travelers’ reviews, the average price for a vehicle on the island is $12-15/day, which means you have almost 100% chance to get cheap car rental in Puerto Rico. However, you need to search for cars in different locations, and make a reservation in advance.

Car rental companies in Puerto Rico

car rental puerto rico, car rental in puerto rico

Competition among Puerto Rico car rental suppliers makes it possible to improve the service quality and set prices at a more affordable level. Therefore, the presence of a large selection of companies is good news for travelers looking for attractive options.

The list of agencies specializing in car rental in Puerto Rico includes both well-known international brands and local providers:

  • Dollar car rental Puerto Rico
  • Alamo car rental Puerto Rico
  • Payless car rental Puerto Rico
  • Enterprise car rental Puerto Rico
  • Avis car rental Puerto Rico
  • Thrifty car rental Puerto Rico
  • Target car rental Puerto Rico
  • Budget car rental Puerto Rico
  • EZ car rental Puerto Rico
  • Hertz car rental Puerto Rico
  • Sixt car rental Puerto Rico
  • NU car rental Puerto Rico

Counters and offices of companies are located both within airports and in urban areas. Typically, airport locations operate 24 hours, while city pick-up spots are available from 8am till 5pm.

The range of cars available in Puerto Rico includes all available sizes. Do you need a spacious minivan for a large family, or a compact car for budget travelers? No worries! What’s more, SUVs, luxury cars, and mid-size vehicles are also at your disposal.

Another feature of companies in Puerto Rico is the insurance requirements. All suppliers ask to have a valid liability protection, while damage insurance is included in the rental. If you decide to get protection as an extra option of your credit card provider, then you should make sure it applies to car rental Puerto Rico.

Most popular Puerto Rico locations to check out

A wide range of car rental companies means every renter will have enough places to pick up a car. Offices and rental kiosks are situated both at airports and in urban locations, near the main tourist sights and within the hotels.

Those travelers who are going to reserve a car rental Puerto Rico at the airport will have a greater choice of cars compared to city points, but the final price may be slightly higher.

car rental in puerto rico. puerto rico car rental

Since the island itself is rather small, you can focus not only on a specific location but also on the suitable vehicle and an attractive price when looking for a car. So, this is another key to the best car rental in Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, you have the opportunity to book a car not in each spot, as the demand for cars is very large. 

However, most likely you will find suitable options in the following locations of the island:

  • Ponce Mercedita Airport;
  • car rental San Juan Puerto Rico Luis Munoz Airport;
  • car rental Aguadilla Airport Puerto Rico;
  • Fajardo;
  • Bayamon;
  • Mayaguez.

Car Parking in Puerto Rico

puerto rico car rental, car rental puerto rico, rental car puerto rico

Using rental car in Puerto Rico can be complicated by some factors, and parking is one of them. The fact is that in some places, such as the historic part of San Juan, the streets are very narrow, and it’s very difficult to find a suitable place to park your car.

When traveling to Puerto Rico, you have 3 parking options:

  • street parking;
  • parking garages;
  • hotel parking.

Street parking spots are equipped with parking meters that accept bank cards, coins, and special tickets. They can be bought everywhere in Puerto Rico and give the opportunity to leave the car for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Parking garages are paid at the entrance – the average price is $2-3 per hour, or $20-30 per day.

Hotel parking is one of the most convenient options, but overnight parking can cost $30-50.

For violation of parking rules you’ll be fined. Parking ticket can be paid either by yourself or upon car rental drop off – the company will withdraw the required amount from your credit card.

Tips and hints on car rental in Puerto Rico

rental car puerto rico

You know, it’s very good to have the advice of experienced travelers wherever you go. Therefore, the following recommendations will certainly be useful to those who are going on a trip by car rental in Puerto Rico:

  • Reserve car hire online

Online reservation is more profitable than in-person rentals. In addition to a pleasant price, you will get a much more extensive selection of Puerto Rico car rental deals. By the way, the Rental24H mobile app is one of the most reliable ways to reserve an auto from any car rental company there.

  • Check options of local car hire providers

Sometimes, you can significantly reduce your spending by picking up a car not from a well-known international suppliers like Europcar or Avis, but from a local provider who most likely has a more loyal price.

  • Use credit card coverage if possible

Rental insurance is a necessary thing, so the company will certainly offer you its options. However, they are more expensive than the coverage provided by your credit card supplier.

  • Avoid narrow neighborhoods  

If you want to visit the cramped historical parts of San Juan or Ponce, we recommend you leave the car in the nearby garage to explore the surrounding area on foot. Narrow streets are not only a difficult place for parking, but also an easy way to damage your car.

  • Take advantage of transponder to pay for toll roads

Puerto Rico has many toll roads, and the bad news is that checkpoints for some of them don’t accept cash. Your rental car Puerto Rico supplier will definitely offer you this device, so don’t refuse it.

Car travel should bring pleasure, especially if you visit such a natural oasis as Puerto Rico. The roads of the island cover the most picturesque places that will make your car trip bright and memorable. In order to get the maximum of positive impressions and avoid unexpected situations, then determine in advance those destinations where you want to go and follow these recommendations.


Seattle Parking – Find the Most Suitable Option!

Seattle is an ultra-modern and high-tech city in the state of Washington. Space Needle, Columbia Center, Boeing Everett Factory – the list of its unique places is impressive. Also, the city is full of iconic historical sights, which makes it an incredibly popular destination among travelers. Convenient road system and reasonable prices for gasoline contribute to the fact that many visitors to the city use car rental instead of public transport. This is a very suitable way of transportation allowing every tourist feel free to choose where to go and what to see. However, due to the fact that there are a lot of cars in the city, searching for Seattle parking can cause a headache and complicate your journey…

seattle parking, seattle parking ticket, parking seattle

Parking in Seattle

When using a rental car, probably many auto-travelers will face the problem of parking in Seattle. This is not surprising, because it’s very difficult to easily navigate the place where you have never been before, especially if you are a foreigner.

The good news is that you can avoid many problems if you prepare their solution in advance. Therefore, by following some guidelines getting Seattle parking lots will be both easy and fast.

Each driver will be able to choose among the next parking options:

  • Street metered parking;
  • Parking lots and garages;
  • Hotel parking.

As in any city, the cost of parking is a value that directly depends on the specific place and time of day. As for the largest city of Washington, Seattle center parking fee during the busiest hours is about $5 per hour, while on the outskirts of the city the price drops to $0.5-$1 per hour.

The most peak hours to leave your car are usually between 11am and 5pm. If you need overnight parking in Seattle, then you will be happy to know that it’s free from 6-8 pm till 8am. Also, parking is not paid on Sundays and some national holidays. Unfortunately, it will be hard to find such spaces in the high-demand areas.

Another tool for a hassle-free Seattle parking is a special parking permit. The only drawback is that it requires actual confirmation of the residence, which means it’s available for locals only.

Street parking in Seattle. What is important to know?

parking seattle, seattle parking

You know how convenient it’s to leave the car close to the required place in order to have quick access to your personal transport later. For this reason, Seattle street parking is the most commonly used way to park a car.

No worries about whether you will find a free space where you need it, because Seattle parking map covers all the major attractions, business facilities and other popular destinations throughout the city. The price of street parking is one of the highest among US locations, which means that choosing the right place will help you find the best rate and save your budget.

Parking meters are the way to pay for a space for leaving your car. Usually, they accept cash, coins, electronic bank cards, and have a 2-, 4- or 10-hour limit. The whole procedure takes several minutes:

  • You find a convenient parking spot.
  • Choose the required parking time and pay in any way possible.

In case of violation of Seattle street parking rules, you will be ticketed or even towed. Also, keep in mind that general traffic rules prohibit leaving the car for more than 72 hours in a row at the same parking space.

Cheap parking spots in Seattle

Due to the large area of the city and the abundance of Seattle parking places, at first it will be difficult to decide where to leave the car. There’s a general rule – the closer to the center, the higher the cost. However, you can still find even a free place at the busiest areas.

For quick searching, you can use Spotangels, which is an online resource showing all available places for cheap parking in Seattle. The most popular city destinations and their parking rates are listed below:

If your goal is to find a cheap parking garage, then in this case look for the orange $3 signs offering the same price for short-term parking. However, all these places have already been entered into the online services database, and it will be much more convenient for you to use them and not to search for a parking place while driving through the streets of Seattle.

In addition to Spotangels, affordable parking in Seattle can be found by using such handy apps as Spothero, Park Mobile and BestParking

Seattle hotels with free parking

seattle airport parking, seattle parking map, seattle parking

Sometimes it’s very important to have a car at hand to be able to quickly start the engine and go to any place at any time. For this reason, many travelers want to take advantage of hotels in Seattle with free parking.

Of course, this is very convenient from the point of view of transportation, since you can plan your vacation according to your needs and desires, without looking at the bus or subway schedule.

Also, when returning in the evening to the hotel by car, you will save yourself from the need to leave it in a parking garage somewhere in the vicinity of the hotel and go from there on foot.

Luckily, the list of hotels which include overnight parking in Seattle into the room price is quite large, so it will make your choice easy and quick. Here’re some attractive options for travelers:

  • Kings Inn (2106 5th Ave) – $152/night;
  • Hotel Max (620 Stewart Street) – $149/night;
  • Hilton Seattle (1306 6th Ave) – $181/night;
  • Marco Polo Hotel (4114 Aurora Ave N) – $98/night;
  • Brighton Retreat (45th Ave S) – $105/night;
  • The Paramount Hotel (724 Pine St) – $167/night.

You have chosen a hotel but it doesn’t provide free parking in Seattle? In this case, you’ll have to pay additionally $20-$50/night for a separate guarded space for your rental car.

Top airport parking in Seattle

Imagine that you have a business or leisure trip with a starting point in Seattle. You need to get to the airport, but you don’t want to pick up a taxi. One possible solution is to use your own car for this purpose, and then leave it at Seattle airport parking.

All airport customers who need car parking are offered 2 options to choose from:

  • Terminal direct parking;
  • General parking;

Terminal direct parking is the most progressive and convenient option. The fact is that the fourth floor of a huge building that serves for parking has a direct connection to the main terminal of the airport via skybridge. This is the fastest way to get from the plane to your car and back.

The exact address of Terminal direct parking is 17801 International Blvd, SeaTac, WA. The only drawback of this type of parking is its price – $5 per hour, or $37 per day. Also, reservations are not allowed.

General parking is another option to leave your car at the airport. It’s available on 1-3 and 5-8 floors of the building. Seattle airport parking rates in this section is $4/hour, $30/day or $140/week.

Parking downtown Seattle

seattle parking, seattle parking ticket, parking downtown seattle

If you need to leave your car in downtown Seattle parking, then you need to look for special garages marked with ‘P’ sign. The cheapest of them have an orange $3 inscription, which means the price of parking per hour is three dollars.

Also, those parking garages that are marked with a turquoise marker offer a fixed price for evenings and weekends. It’s usually cheaper than the standard tariff available in other garages – less than $7 for these times. The regular parking price in garages marked with blue ‘P’ sign is most commonly hourly and varies between $3 and $8 per hour.

For your convenience, there’s a comprehensive map which is an excellent way to find the cheapest parking downtown Seattle in just several clicks. Another advantage provided by online services is a real-time parking tracker showing currently-available parking spaces.

As you can see, Seattle parking is not a problem at all, and in order to choose the necessary option you just need to use these valuable recommendations and a smartphone in your hands. Also, don’t forget to follow the traffic regulations on the road to avoid any problems when traveling to Seattle by car.


One Way Car Rental No Drop Fee! Get the Best Deal!

Travelers take a car for rent at any given opportunity. Also, they often pick a one way rental option to band two travel points, airports, or just explore a new area. Sure enough, all tourists want to get one way car rentals no drop fee. No one likes penalties. Hiring the rental vehicle and leaving it at different spots is often money-taking.

one way car rental no drop fee

Sure ways to wave one way fee in America

Drop penalties in America usually bump into such criteria as the company-partner you rent a car from, travel distance, and a tourist season. You can even find a variant to take a rental auto one way with no fees at all. How to do that?  

  • Check rental spots

First of all, look through the list of big car hire agencies with numerous locations. But even these giants may not offer one way rental with no required penalties from some cities. Don’t focus on the airport rental only. Pay attention to the off-airport rental spots. You can save a lot or just get a car with a minimum fee.

  • Read the fine print

One way car rentals no drop fee can be real if you know how to find it. Hiring an auto you fill in a special form where you can indicate the finite location and check the car rates. There is a variety of interesting offers. Also, you can find even more attractive proposal like a special one-way promo, city-to-city sales, airport-to-city specials. You may think that this is your real opportunity to take a car one way with no drop off charge. But you should know that the one way penalty is usually waived when you hire a car online and may not be seen in the total price. Read the fine print carefully to know all the price details.

American car hire agencies with one way deals

Never forget, not all american car hire agencies provide one way car rentals without having to pay for dropping-off the car. Even big respectable agencies with numerous rental spots all over America and abroad may not offer one way car rental without charges. So, if the agency you used to deal with charges you for one way rental option, it makes sense to change the agency.

Most demanded agencies and their ONE WAY FEE policy:

Alamo Rent a Car logo


Be careful when booking with Alamo. They may take the so-called inter-city fee. The penalty is not seen when booking online. Surprisingly, you figure it out only when you pay for your auto in the rental office. But still, most of the locations go with no drop penalties.

AVIS Rent a Car


Looking for one way rental cars deal with no fee for drop-off with Avis you can find a special proposal – one way airport-to-city transfer. You can ride a car one way across the nearby cities or airports. Such a proposal is also available when you take an auto in most of the US cities such Las Vegas and so on. You can check them on the website.

Budget Rent a Car


Hunting for the cheapest one way car hires no drop fee deal with Budget. Like Avis, they offer you a one way drive between two given cities for $9,99. The names of the cities you can check on the Budget web page.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


This agency has many interesting one way proposals on its web page. The one way penalties vary by locations. Also, they have special offers with no penalties.

One Way Car Rental – Hot Travel Routes in the United States

When you hire a car in any of American states one way, the extra money may apply. It varies depending on where you reserve a car. If you want to get one way car hire with no payments for dropping off your car, check the route carefully. Do you think that economy class car rental one way with no fee, forget it. One way deal doesn’t work with economy rental cars.

one way car rental no drop fee

No drop-off costs

Let’s see what the top requested car hire spots usually offer. Pleasantly, you have a real chance to pass over the fees for one way destination. Thus, California one way deals are free of charge. The most significant rental spots such welcomes visitors with no additional costs.

Go from Los Angeles to San Francisco

This travel destination is the hottest one way rental route without fee for dropping off the car. It is not only in the USA but in the whole world. People come to see Disneyland, Santa Cruz, the Big Sur. It takes you no more than 7 hours of driving there. Leave the car and continue your trip in any direction.

Go one way from Miami to Orlando

Miami is another popular rental location where tourists often come to visit. This sunny state is very hospitable for drivers. Do you have in mind to rent a convertible car? There is nothing like driving from Miami to Orlando with the roof down! Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, green countrysides are especially attractive for people who like sport and nature. What is more, one way car hire no drop fee.

Go from Orlando to Tampa

Orlando is a place of bright attractions for kids and adults. Orlando International Airport is a rental spot with no one way drop charge. Ride your automobile and visit Tampa. This is a perfect place for all who like beach vacation and subtropics.

Go from Seattle to Portland

3 hours driving and you can get to Portland from Seattle. This destination usually takes no one way fee and full of sights and memorable places to see. Additionally, Portland offers a big range of road trips you have definitely never seen!

Rates do vary! The final price depends on the route you are following and the rental privacy policy in the chosen city. That’s why, before hiring a vehicle, learn the company’s politics and double check all possible fees.

Car Rental Return – What To Expect?

You have had a road tour and about ready for the car hire return. It is not a problem at all as the biggest rental agencies such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, National, Thrifty, and others have offices in all major cities and airports including the international airport. As a rule, they are waiting for you from around 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. But before return the rental cars, there are a few facts you need to know.

car rental return

Return-the-car step by step

Find the answers to all problematic questions about the car rental return RIGHT HERE. This information will open your eyes on how to save your time on dropping off procedure.

  1. How much time does it usually take to return the auto?

This process can be really fast. It takes up to 10 minutes! Of course, it can take longer in a hot season or when something is wrong with the car – up to 20 minutes or an hour.

  1. What if I come earlier?

Early return is not a good idea. But if it happens, you face uncontrolled fees – Early Return Fee.

  1. How long does it take to return deposit?

As a rule, you can expect your money back in a period of 15 working days. Some banks take up to 30 days to process the refund.

  1. How is it possible to return a car after hours?

Car hire return after hours is real if you confirmed this with the manager. In short, you have to drop the keys into the special box and leave your auto at the parking spot.

  1. Is it possible to hire an auto when you have no idea about the return date?

Just pick the vehicle for the tastiest price. Later, when you realize it is not enough, you can renegotiate another time schedule. Call any rent a car agency and they will explain how it works.

  1. How to pay for your hired auto with debit on return?

It’s a well-known fact that you should pay for the car with a credit card. Also, you should know that you can hire a car with your MasterCard or Visa debit card. Feel free to contact Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Fox, Hertz, Payless, Sixt, and Thrifty.

  1. What happens when I damaged the car?

No doubts, if the car agency gets their vehicle damaged on car rental return, you can say goodbye to your money. You are charged!

  1. What if I can’t return my car on time due to “bad weather”?

Call your agency and explain the situation. They may or may not accept it as a valid reason. But if you wait to tell them, you can get an unexpected penalty.

Rental car returning – USA Car Rental Agencies’ rules and restrictions

You have unlimited opportunities to catch the best deal for your road adventures or a business trip. It is not a problem to find what you need in the USA with the help of high-class car hire services. Which company is worth your attention? Find the answer here!

car rental return

Which agencies allow ONE-WAY RENT?

How to return a hire car at another place? Bringing your auto back at another state or city becomes real with the right partner agency. It is usually called a one-way rental. You can meet rental agencies, fining their clients for a one-way rental. According to the privacy policy, it is allowed to return Alamo rental car at different locations. ACE, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, National, and Thrifty also have drop-off options at select locations. Enterprise one-way rental is allowable for certain vehicles only.

Which rental agencies don’t take penalties for the car return at another place?

Drop-off options at a new place are available WITHOUT FEE from ACE, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, National. The drop-off penalty with other car rentals companies varies per destination. The price can be about $70.

Which car rentals agencies support your idea to drive a car from Canada to America?

You can find such cross-border one-way cooperation the most expensive one. Availability may be limited to different locations and your particular dates. Hertz, Alamo, National are the most needed agencies if you want a car hire return else around the country.

Useful recommendations on car rental return

You know a lot about car hire rules. What about more qualitative information on how to return a hire car? How long does it take to return a car? What to do to avoid charges on your return? Let’s see!

car rental return

  • Search for a place to fuel your car

Most rental agencies have full to full fuel policy. So, detect the nearest place on your map where you can fill up the car before leaving it on the parking.

  • Take photos of your car

Taking photos of your car on return might help if there are any questions about the car damages.

  • Check all your things before leaving

Don’t forget your stuff and all the goodies in the car. Check twice.

  • Let the agent inspect your auto

The rental manager will examine the auto and do all the paperwork. Finally, he takes the keys.

  • If you return your car after hours

Try to find a key box on the location! If you can’t see such a place to drop the keys, investigate the office door or search for a contact number in your papers.

You have had your holidays. You feel relaxed and refreshed. There is nothing to spoil your vacation. The car return procedure is not unclear and shady anymore.


What If I Pick Up Rental Car Early?

Traveling by car is always interesting and convenient. You don’t need to be attached to anyone, be afraid of being late to the train or bus station, as well as overpay for luggage. With a rental car you’ll feel like a boss. That’s why many travelers prefer to rent a car and explore the city and even the whole country on wheels.

If you booked a car in advance, the on-site receipt procedure will take not more than 30 minutes. You come to the car hire counter at the appointed time or you are met by a company representative, then you submit documents, fill out an agreement, and pick up the car.

However, there are situations when it’s more advantageous for you not to lose precious traveling hours and to pick up a rental car early, that is, before the agreed time. But the question is whether companies allow early pick up procedure and what difficulties may arise in this case?

pick up rental car early

Can you pick up a rental car early?

In order to answer this question, you probably should first check the policies of companies. The fact is that this issue is not regulated by documents anywhere, and this means its outcome depends on many circumstances.

First of all, you will be glad that the availability of pick up a rental car early still exists, but the general rule is the longer the period remaining until the real pickup time, the greater the probability that you will be denied.

The assumption that your car will be waiting for you on site 4-5 hours before the scheduled time is wrong. After the drop off procedure, all vehicle systems need to be carefully checked before the vehicle is handed over to you. Of course, it will take some time, especially if some faults were found in the process.

Plus, every renter wants both the car and its interior to be clean, which would entail a waste of additional time on washing the car.

On average, you can expect pick up rental car early if you visited a rental desk 1-2 hours before the contract time. Keep in mind that suppliers’ prices are based on the 24-hour format, and when picking up a car earlier, you must also drop it off earlier to avoid additional fees.

USA Car rental companies’ policies concerning early pick-up

pick up rental car early

As it was mentioned above, suppliers don’t have an official policy to pick up rental car early, but at the same time they try to satisfy those travelers who need a car before the scheduled time.

Obviously, in a period of high demand, it will be harder for the company’s employees to prepare a car, and you may be refused an early pick-up at all. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if you have to wait a bit.

In order to maximize your chances in an early pickup, you should contact the supplier as soon as possible and ask about this possibility. After you warn the company about this fact, it will probably try to make the car servicing faster.

Finding the right car rental places with early pick up is another way to get a car at a convenient time for you. As a rule, airport locations have a greater choice of cars and staff, which gives more opportunities when such non-standard situations arise.

Step by step recommendations on early pick-up

pick up rental car early

Careful planning is the key to pick up rental car early as efficiently and easily as possible. Therefore, follow these guidelines to avoid unexpected situations with car hire in the future:

  1. Try to clarify all the details of the upcoming trip in advance to determine the optimal pickup time.
  2. If you admit the need for early pick up, then choose a location with an extensive range of available models to have more alternative options.
  3. In case you understand that it’s absolutely necessary for you to pick up a rental car early, don’t forget to notify the company about it in any way possible including telephone, email or via online support. Of course, you should do it as soon as possible.
  4. After that, the supplier will be aware of your intentions, and will tell you about the possibility to pick up the car earlier than it was planned initially.

AAA International Driving Permit – How to Obtain?

Today, the car is the most progressive type of transport in the United States. It’s used for a variety of purposes, including simple road trips around the city, business and leisure needs. In this regard, many Americans who travel outside the country are also accustomed to traveling by car. Fortunately, you need quite a bit for this – obtain AAA international driving permit and get a car for a rentakat the desired destination.

What AAA International Driving Permit (IDP) Is?

It is a special document allowing the person to drive his personal vehicle or rent a car in the territory of another country, subject to the rules and regulations established by local law. This document is valid on the basis of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. IDP is adopted as a driver’s identification form in 175 countries around the world. It has a translation in 10 different languages, contains a photo, a name, and information about driving qualifications, so it takes away all the problems when traveling outside the USA.

aaa international driving permit

If you are an American citizen, then you can get this precious document through AAA, which is the American Automobile Association. Nowadays, AAA is the world’s largest automotive club, although, in fact, it serves automobile clubs in the USA and Canada only. The association is a non-profit community created to protect the interests of motorists in North America.

Therefore, this organization is authorized to distribute international driving permit AAA certificate. The cost of this service is $20. All you need to do is fill out a special form, attach the necessary documents and send it by mail. The estimated time to complete the IDP is 10-15 business days, which means you will receive it in about 2 weeks.

IDP has certain features:

  • It can be used for 1 year after issue;
  • It doesn’t work for driving on the territory of the USA;
  • It needs to be effective within 6 months of application date.

International Driving Permit Locations

The association has many offices in the United States and Canada. More than 54 million people are its members, and this is not surprising since America is considered to be one of the most motorized countries in the world. So many people like renting American automobile!

Regarding the number of branches, the association has 57 official locations in the USA, which makes it possible to obtain this permit at the most convenient location. New York, Minneapolis, St Louis, Phoenix, Austin, and Los Angeles:  each office serves its own area, so before contacting AAA you can find the nearest branch in advance.

Keep in mind that the driving permit (IDP) through AAA is available only to US citizens, and can’t be issued to foreign country people traveling to America. As a result, the international driving permit AAA only works jointly with a domestic driver’s license.

aaa international driving permit

What are the requirements to receive an International Driving Permit (IDP)?

As a private organization, the Automobile Association has its own requirements for obtaining the permit.

First of all, you should read the privacy policy and make sure you satisfy the following requirements:

  • The minimum age is 18+ years old;
  • Hold a non-expired USA-issued driver’s license.

The next task is to download and fill out a special form that will contain your personal data. Then prepare 2 standard American-sized passport photos and your current U.S. driving document. Now you can take it all and head to the closest AAA subsidiary to apply for an IDP. Already on site you have to pay $20 for the service.

However, what if you don’t have the opportunity to visit the AAA office in person? No worries. There’s a way to get this permit via mail.

In order to do this, you should send the already completed paper form, 2 signed passport photos, a copy of both sides of the driving license to the neighboring AAA branch. Also, you will need to contact the office in advance to clarify the method of payment.

As mentioned above, after these actions, the accomplishment of your order will last a maximum of 15 business days, and after about 2 days you will receive all the documents back in your hands.

International Driving Permit online

Another convenient way to receive an IDP is a perfect option for those who are used to taking benefits from online services because now you can significantly simplify the entire procedure for obtaining IDP.

aaa international driving permit

By following the simple steps, you can complete all the necessary documents faster avoiding extra paperwork:

  1. Go to the official AAA website, where you will find a special license form.
  2. Fill out the application form online, specifying your personal data, information about your U.S. driver’s license, the type of car you are going to drive with your IDP, as well as address information.
  3. Attach 2 standard-sized photos, signed on the back, and a payment receipt.

As you can see, IDP is the key to a trouble-free trip abroad. Moreover, you don’t need to pass any additional driving exams. Just choose one of the most convenient ways, spend a little time and you will get the desired document that will give you real freedom of movement in more than 175 different countries.

However, don’t forget that the IDP itself is valid for only 1 year, and if you are an avid road traveler, then take care of this issue in advance.

Also, you must be aware of the American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA) which has been assisting for all those travelers wishing to drive private passenger cars, and other motor vehicles while traveling abroad. So, American Automobile Touring is a good choice whether you are on vacation, going to visit a family or have some business purposes.


4×4 Car Rental – Everything You Have To Know?

Car rentals make our life easier, especially in those moments when you can’t use your own transport. At the same time, any company that has a professional approach to its business and has a reliable reputation can offer an extensive list of cars, starting with budget options and ending with luxury vehicles. When choosing a car rental, you need to accurately represent the purpose and conditions of its operation. So, if the need for a vehicle due to frequent movement in the city, without transporting passengers, you should pick up a compact city car. This will save the total rental cost and refueling spending. However, in case you are planning a trip on country roads somewhere in the highlands, then 4×4 auto rental is really what you need.

4x4 car rental

What 4WD and AWD vehicles are?

Four-wheel drive…For many motorists, these words sound like heavenly music. More than half of novice drivers mistakenly believe that if the technical documentation for a car has the 4WD marking, this car will show excellent acceleration dynamics on the highway, perfectly maneuver on slippery urban asphalt and replace the tractor on a bumpy country road.

The AWD and 4WD systems are widely used not only on SUVs and crossovers – mid-size and compact cars are equipped with this type of drive even in the basic configuration.

The 4WD system is technologically simpler than AWD. Plus, it’s very reliable and cheap. The 4WD is a four-wheel drive, which is connected at the request of the driver.

The driver himself connects four wheels through a button or an additional lever providing 3 modes:

  • 4WD High;
  • 2WD;
  • 4WD Low.

Unlike 4WD, the AWD system is automatic, which saves the driver from having to independently control the characteristics of the road. The on-board computer independently monitors the quality of the surface through a hundred sensors, and preemptively switches the mono drive on both axes as necessary.

AWD is almost never used on SUVs. The main category of the cars, where the automatic all-wheel-drive system is installed includes urban crossovers, hatchbacks, and sedans.

As a result, if you need a 4×4 vehicle rental, then most likely you will find it in the SUVs section. And vice versa – automatic 4 wheel drive car rental can be found in almost any vehicle category.

Where and when is better to use 4×4 rental auto?

In order to find it out, first, you need to understand what is a 4×4 vehicle. By and large, this is a regular car, which provides additional space for the driver and passengers, and also has a large carrying capacity. At the same time, it was created for movement on a problematic road surface.

4 wheel drive car rental makes sense in three cases:

  • in off-road conditions;
  • when driving on a snowy surface;
  • when towing.

4x4 car rental

Thanks to an independent suspension of the wheels, such a vehicle manages to maintain a mechanical grip under almost any conditions. However, there are some nuances when using rental car 4WD. The fact is that usually car hire insurance doesn’t cover off-road driving and towing. What’s more, it can entail large sanctions from the company, and even cause you to get blacklisted.

Thus, the only legal reason to use all-wheel-drive car rental is a snow-covered road in mountainous regions, and companies use this fact for profit.

Indeed, for example, to get to the resorts of Colorado or the snowy entertainments of Salt Lake City, you won’t find a better way than 4×4 auto rental. With this vehicle, you will feel comfort and confidence, and as a result, safety while driving.

How to get cheap 4×4 vehicle?

From a general point of view, there are no differences between the process of reserving 4×4 rental car and any other car. However, the market cost of such cars is one of the most expensive due to the high price of the car itself in relation to mid-size vehicles and minivans. In addition, AWD car rental vehicles are much more expensive to maintain, and their insurance is also more expensive. All these spending form the basis of the rental price.

But how to find cheap 4 wheel drive car rental? Check out the following tips:

  • Book a car in advance

An early reservation is always more profitable than picking up a car on site. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a suitable 4×4 auto rental a few weeks before the expected date.

Also, keep in mind that on weekends and during holidays the demand for cars and their price rises, which may even cause a shortage of cars exactly where you need it.

  • Compare similar offers

If the desired rental car 4 wheel drive is available via several suppliers at once, choose the vehicle featuring the most attractive price.

  • Check cars in multiple locations

Imagine that you are going to a ski resort and you need a car. Probably, in the nearest rental point, the price will be higher, because it’s the most convenient in terms of location. In order to find the best price, search for a car in other nearby but less-popular locations.

  • Look for special promotions

Some companies hold promotions, which imply receiving additional discounts. This is another key to cheap rental car 4WD.

4x4 car rental

What are the risks of renting a 4×4 car?

The use of this kind of rental carries some risks in the event of non-compliance with the contract. If you get caught while driving off-road or towing, then get ready that your CDW insurance will be invalid. This also applies to personal insurance and insurance provided by your credit card provider.

But this is not all – after such a case, you may no longer be able to rent a car at all, since you will be blacklisted by car hire companies.

In order to avoid problems, each renter should know the list of actions that can cancel the insurance. Don’t forget to check the privacy policy of the car rental company you choose!

Long Road Trip Tips- Get Them All!

Are you getting ready for a long trip? What kind of car do you prefer? You may prefer a mid-size vehicle. But it feels like a compact car is not as save as an SUV car. From the other hand, SUVs eat too much gas. There are always so many things to think about before the trip. Our long road trip tips will help to cope with any situation.

long road trip essentials, long road trip tips,

How to plan a long road trip?

It can be really great to take a car, full tank of gas, open road, and go into the wind. Your long road trip is a unique way to travel and explore the world at a low cost. It takes no matter whether you are renting an auto or driving your own car, planning goes first. Here are a few long road trip essentials you should do before you hit the road.

What to bring on a long road tour?

You should start by listing all the road trip essentials. So, bring medicines, toiletries, some food, and all necessary documents, including your driving license, registration, and a navigation system. Don’t take many clothes as you can always stop along the route and do laundry. Finally, a long road trip packing list wouldn’t be full without books and movies for entertainment, and an emergency kit with the first aid suppliers.

What things to check in my car before a long road trip?

Of course, your rental agency has already checked everything for you. But it is never too much of a good thing if you check the car condition, scratches, tires, and all the rest that usually causes troubles on a long road tour.

How to prepare my auto for a long road trip?

Even if you packed all the must haves for a long road trip on the board, you shouldn’t forget to do a basic check of your rental auto before you hold the keys. Check the tire pressure and the mileage! Why don’t you check the windshield wipers, car battery, safety pads, even lights, and signals? Do an inspection! First of all, you are responsible for the car, so it is better to know about all possible problems beforehand to avoid fees and headaches. Secondly, a clean auto also helps to feel more comfortable, doesn’t it? Check much more long road trip tips by following the article!

DO’S and DON’TS on a long road tour

Your long road tour is going to be exciting for the whole family. But riding a car forever and a day can be really boring. Have you a strategy on how to entertain yourself and your family during a day or week-long road trip?

long road trip essentials, long road trip tips

How long does the perfect road trip have to be?

What is an ideal road tour for you? There are many long road trip tips you may follow to push your journey close to ideal, but it depends on what you expect from your particular trip. The ideal amount of time you spend on a road depends on where you are driving. But generally speaking, 7-10 days is enough for most destinations.

DO’S on a long road trip

The long road trip essentials include:

  1. Play your much-loved tunes

Going crazy on loud music when you are in the driver’s seat can make the time go faster. If you rent an auto with a great sound, it can be a big pleasure to listen to retro tunes or a soundtrack from your favorite films.

  1. Play some movies

Watching movies can be a fun thing to do on a long road trip. You can use your phone, iPad, or DVD player is your car hasn’t built-in screen.

  1. Play classic road games

It can be board games, mini-games, and even portable video games, of course, if you are not on driving. Playing games needs your attention. It is better to focus on driving.

  1. Pack a special bag with books, puzzles, and everything you may need to entertain yourself and your passengers.
  2. Get some sleep

If you feel tired on a long road trip, you may stop the car get some sleep. Having someone, who can drive the car instead of you, use your sleep mask to take some rest even on the go.

What to do with KIDS on a long road trip?

Everything depends on your creativity and what your toddlers like to do, get yet another portion of long road trip tips:

  1. Take some audio books

It can be a great idea for a long road trip. That’s so cool that everyone, including a driver, can listen to adventurous stories together.

  1. Play Traveling Alphabet

This game is very popular to play with preschoolers on a long road trip. The aim is for each player to finish the sentence using a word that begins with a specific letter.


long road trip tips, long road trip essentials, long road trip with toddler

  1. Create a travel bag

It can be a travel backpack or even a LEGO box. Fill the bag with LEGO details or different fun stuff to keep your kids amused on the road.

  1. Play virtual games

The most popular virtual game for young travelers is Hide and Seek. Just try to imagine a place to hide! It’s so fun to hide everywhere no matter what size it is. Of course, it is a virtual game!

Long road trip tips

When taking a long road trip don’t forget to plan the route first. Nothing but planning is able to make a long road tour more enjoyable, especially when you travel with the kids and family. Here are the long road trip essentials to remember when listing everything you may need for the tour.

  • Plan carefully

Have you already planned the route? Plan your travel course and the roads you are going to take. Renting an auto for a long road trip, ask for a GPS system or just check the map carefully. That’s the biggie to mark on your map all the places where you can stop for fueling, snacks, and safe resting along the way.

  • Make stops every three hours

It is advised to take short breaks from driving every 2-4 hours. Just stop the car, take some food, use the bathroom, or just relax and stretch your legs for a while. It boosts your energy until the next pit stop.

  • Eat light and drink much water

One of the long road trip food ideas recommends eating snacks and a small portion or healthy food at regular intervals. Forget about tacos and spicy chicken! Fast food and tones of donuts aren’t a good idea on the go. You feel full and uncomfortable. Attention: drink enough water!

  • Call 911 if a car breaks down on a long road trip?

Sure enough, the best thing to do is to avoid a break down on a long road trip. So, check your vehicle before you rent it. But in case of a road accident you need to inspect your auto to find out what is wrong and call your insurance company as well as your rental agency. Check your rental contract and ask for a roadside assistance. It would be great to have another car in replacement when you want to continue your long road tour.

Remember that you are packing for a long trip! Ask for the car inspection all to pieces before you begin driving. Do you see anything suspicious? Ask for another vehicle! We hope all these long road trip tips will help you experience the best traveling in your life!

American Express Car Rental Insurance Coverage

With the development of information technology and online reservation capabilities, car rental has become a global service chosen by millions of travel and road enthusiasts. Every car rental company has its advantages. There is a big number of them around the world. It’s not a secret that the journey involves dangerous situations that may arise along the way. All this can lead to certain consequences, including injuries to people, damage to cars and private property, as well as the loss of the vehicle as a result of theft. Of course, these aspects cause the material responsibility of the renter, but how to avoid it?

What an American Express car rental insurance is?

Car rental protection is a frequent headache for all drivers who have a road trip. The fact is that it’s very difficult to choose the most profitable option among all the available packages since there’s an opportunity to buy insurance right at the car rental company’s office, as well as order it from third-party providers.

However, there’s another way to get insurance, and it’s completely free of charge – just check your credit card. If it has an American Express logo, then you are lucky! This provider cares about its customers, producing many benefits. American Express rental car insurance is one of them!

Although the package features only LDW/CDW insurance, covering vehicle’s damage or theft, this is still good news, because you don’t pay for it. Most often, AmEx operates as a secondary option, but Premium package can be used as a primary option. Remember that AmEx doesn’t include liability protection anyway.

When using insurance via AE outside the USA, there are several nuances, since it can’t be applied in such major destinations as Australia or New Zealand.

Consequently, you can’t use the insurance of a credit cards provider on the territories of these countries. In all other cases, you don’t need to buy the optional CDW/LDW – AmEx protection will be available to you. The main requirements for compliance with the terms are that the reservation and rental payment is performed with exactly this credit card.

In order to buy such coverage, it’s not necessary to take additional steps – if you’re AmEx cardholder, then you already have this insurance on your rental car.

american express car rental insurance

Different American Express Cards – Benefits

Multiple choices of electronic cards from the well-known American provider can confuse any traveler, as each of them offers something special in terms of car rental insurance.

Fortunately, we are pleased to announce that you automatically receive free American Express Rent a Car Insurance when using any bank card, whether it’s a Gold, Blue or Platinum one. Some differences between the protection plans are shown in the table:

Card Type AmEx Gold AmEx Blue AmEx Platinum
Insurance cost $0 $0 $0
Max rental period 30 days 30 days 30 days
Max CDW Benefit $50,000 $50,000 $75,000
Max Medical Coverage $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Death Coverage (accidental) – Cardholder $200,000 $200,000 $200,000
Death Coverage (accidental) – Passengers $20,000 $20,000 $20,000
Max Personal Property Coverage $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Geographical Limitations Australia, Italy, New Zealand

The Platinum Card from AE one of the main credit cards on the market today. It carries a steep annual fee. This Platinum Card offers a couple of different types of benefits you may want to take advantage of renting a car experience:

Before using AmEx as a car hire dealer, first, check the privacy policy and a list of vehicles that can’t be covered by it:

  • Limousines;
  • Off-road vehicles;
  • Tuning cars;
  • Luxury/Premium cars;
  • Commercial mini-vans;
  • Cargo and full-size vans;
  • Antique/Exotic cars.

Basic CDW/LDW options provided by AmEx are secondary packages, and compensate only damages that are not covered by principal insurance. However, those who want to get an advanced car rental protection plan may request Premium insurance, which, in addition to the basic opportunities can operate as a primary option. It covers:

  • Liability;
  • Damage;
  • Theft;
  • Medical Expenses.

This means you won’t need to purchase any other insurance if you decide to use a Premium protection offer. Unlike conventional insurance, AmEx Premium car rental protection is available for extra money, but in turn, you get much more benefits that will make your trip better, and save you from headaches in the event of an insured accident. 

american express car rental insurance

What are the major features of Premium Car Rental Protection from American Express?

Price $24.99/rental
Max coverage period 42 days
Covers Exotic/Antique Cars Yes
Primary Coverage Yes
Max CDW Benefit $100,000
Max Medical Coverage $15,000
Accidental Death Insurance – Cardholder $100,000
Accidental Death Insurance – Passengers $10,000
Max Personal Property Coverage $5,000
Geographic Limitations New Zealand, Australia

American Express International Car Rental Insurance

Are you going to have a big car trip around Spain, Germany, or maybe you want to visit the beaches of Portugal?

AE does everything to be closer to its customers, providing coverage options in almost every corner of the world. Therefore, you can be calm when planning your upcoming trip.

Due to the nature of local insurance requirements, some countries forcibly incorporate CDW/LDW in each car rental deal because it is mandatory by law. One of them is Italy.

The fact is that in order to use protection from AmEx, you must refuse the car hire insurance. And, since this is not possible due to local restrictions, you actually don’t need insurance from a credit card supplier, because it won’t work there.

Also, we are forced to claim that AE can’t be among the most attractive insurance providers to use for car hire in Australia. The reason is that only premium cardholders can insure rental cars in such a way. But since the cost of such cards significantly exceeds the price of the rental, it’s absolutely inappropriate.

Until recently, the list of countries where it was impossible to request American Express Insurance included Ireland, Jamaica, and Israel. In these destinations, companies required to buy coverage on-site only. However, starting in 2017, this restriction was removed, and everyone who holds an AmEx can get their advantages in these countries again.

Thus, you see that wide international insurance capabilities of American Express contribute to a safe car traveling, making an outstanding background for the development of the industry.

The secondary coverage – car rental loss and damage insurance included with lots of American Express cards will cover you when an eligible rental auto is stolen or damaged. But you should know that since the insurance is secondary, you will have to file with your personal car insurance first unless you do not have personal auto insurance.

american express car rental insurance

American Express Car Rental Insurance Advantages

The high cost of insurance at the car rentals offices made travelers look for alternatives. As a result, the increasing popularity of protection packages purchased from a credit card provider indicates that this is a very profitable offer.

Why is American Express Insurance a good choice?

  • Attractive Price

If you use Amex as the major insurance plan, then you can cover your expenses for only $24.99 for the entire rental period, which is very cheap. For comparison, the full coverage will cost you an average of $26-32 per day. Agree, this is a very significant amount despite the fact that 1 day rental of an intermediate car is about $45 per day.

  • Ease of use

You no longer need to waste time reading a contract at the rental desk, or look for a third-party insurance supplier – everything is already in your wallet! Your bank card is your protection package. Provide a document confirming that you already have the primary insurance, and all attempts to sell you insurance in the office will be in vain.

  • Exotic and luxury cars coverage

The insurance for expensive cars can finally destroy your budget. But now this is not a problem! Price for Premium car rental protection (AmEx) is provided regardless of the market value of the car, which will allow you to save a good amount on your account.

Summing it up, the card – AmEx can bring much more value than just keeping your money. Having the abilities of a traveler’s protector, it will come in handy when you rent a car. Moreover, both from the financial and practical points of view, it’s not inferior in its capabilities to the options offered on the counter, and sometimes even surpasses them. So, remember this valuable information and maybe in the future, you will get even more pleasant bonuses from your electronic card supplier!