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Rental cars available in Weipa, Australia

Looking for a car rental in Weipa, Australia? Check out the most popular and reliable car rental companies that are available in the city, available car rental classes and models in Weipa, Australia, all possible car rental locations in Weipa, Australia where you can get the best rental car prices.

Car rental offers below present deals from the latest searches in Weipa, Australia. You can see some basic characteristics of the rental vehicles and their rental prices in Weipa, Australia, but for more detailed and up-to-date information, click on the "Rent a car" button of the car you like.

Toyota Yaris


Rent Toyota Yaris
  • Free additional driver
  • Airport fee

$33.56 /day

Mitsubishi Lancer


Rent Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Free additional driver
  • Airport fee

$42.43 /day

Mitsubishi Outlander


Rent Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Free additional driver
  • Airport fee

$51.80 /day

Mitsubishi Pajero


Rent Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Free additional driver
  • Airport fee

$100.34 /day

Map of car rental locations in Weipa, Australia

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Where to rent a car in Weipa, Australia?

For your convenience, we have gathered all possible car rental locations in Weipa and the surrounding area on this page. Please note that the prices and the number of offered cars may vary depending on the rental location. For example, renting a car at the airport is often more expensive than downtown, but the car inventory there is the largest. Thus, you can choose the most suitable car rental option in Weipa at the rental locations listed below:

Nearby car rental locations at airports

How much is car rental in Weipa, Australia?

The final price is a crucial component in deciding which vehicle to reserve. In order to answer this question, the first thing to do is to list all the factors that can affect the final vehicle rate.

The main elements that determine the car rental rate in Weipa, Australia are:

  • seasonal reason;
  • length of the rental period;
  • geography of the upcoming trip;
  • car class;
  • insurance type;
  • vehicle additional equipment;
  • extra options;
  • provider’s pricing policy.

If you are still interested in what the cost of car rental in Weipa, Australia is, the average car rental price among all car sizes and types is $57 per day, while the car rental rates vary from $34 to $100 per day in Weipa, Australia.

What is the cheapest car rental location in Weipa, Australia?

In general, there are a lot of locations, including downtown places and airports, at road travelers’ disposal in Weipa, Australia.

In terms of the lowest prices and the range of vehicles to select from, the best solution would be to reserve a rental car in Weipa - Airport. The cheapest car rental offers provided here are:

  • $34 per day for Toyota Yaris or similar (Economy) from THRIFTY
  • $42 per day for Mitsubishi Lancer or similar (Standard) from THRIFTY
  • $52 per day for Mitsubishi Outlander or similar (Suv) from THRIFTY

What is the most popular rental car company in Weipa, Australia?

The popularity of a particular rent a car agency is the thing that depends on how often customers choose rental car deals provided by this company. In this sense, Thrifty is a leader in providing excellent vehicles, along with outstanding service, and a good price in Weipa, Australia. The cheapest offer from Thrifty in Weipa, Australia is Economy Toyota Yaris or similar available from $34/day.

How do you get a rental car in Weipa, Australia?

The total cost of a trip is what disturbs most travelers who are going to Weipa, Australia soon. Indeed, a good rest is not only when you are overwhelmed with pleasant emotions, but also when there’s still a little cash in your wallet.

This is a particularly relevant issue among those who rent a car in Weipa, Australia to travel and explore local sights. Of course, on the one hand, you get complete freedom of movement and your travel desires. However, unlike a regular journey, the road trip adds extra items to the expense list – these are the car cost, insurance, and fuel expenses.

The good news is that there are several ultimate solutions to lower the entire car rental cost, thereby saving money on more enjoyable needs in Weipa, Australia:

  • Don’t delay your reservation, since the most cost-effective offers appear several weeks prior to your trip.
  • When picking up a car for a longer period, you get a much cheaper car each rental day. Keep this in mind when planning your trip.
  • Searching in neighboring downtown or airport locations gives you a better chance for a cheap deal.
  • If you don’t need a huge trunk, choose a compact, economy, or mid-size car. You will be pleased not only with their price but also with outstanding fuel efficiency.
  • Reserve a car with ‘pick up full - return full’ fuel option to avoid paying for unused gasoline.
  • Choose an insurance package that will be able to cover your potential risks only.
  • Border crossing and one-way journeys may add some expenses if not planned properly.
  • Get additional benefits from discounts and promotions.

Which rental cars I can rent in Weipa, Australia?

You will be glad to know that there are absolutely no limits when searching for the perfect vehicle in Weipa, Australia. The rental car vendors are always ready to provide the best option according to your desires, needs, as well as financial capabilities.

The list of available rental car types includes:

  • Economy
  • Standard
  • Suv

Mini through mid-size car rentals are the best for budget travelers, while premium, luxury, and convertibles rentals will always let the driver feel at the top of the world. Also, a 7-seat minivan is fully compatible with a big family journey. Your specific goals are the key to the final decision.

How to hire a car without a credit card in Weipa, Australia?

It’s possible to use either a debit card or a credit card to reserve and pay the cost of car hire in Weipa, Australia on our website.

In most cases, car hire companies require a credit card with a necessary amount of money for a deposit. It’s required to reimburse for vehicle damage caused by the driver’s fault, but it doesn’t cover accidents protected by your insurance.

Recently, the number of car hire companies that allow debit cards to cover the deposit has increased. In search results on our website, you can filter the suppliers that can hire a car with a debit card. Carefully read the rental conditions of specific offers.

You usually have to provide a credit card or a debit card in the name of the main driver at the rental counter during pick-up of your car hire in Weipa, Australia.

Can someone else drive my rental car in Weipa, Australia?

The additional driver option is the way to let someone drive your vehicle in Weipa, Australia.

After including this option during reservation, your trusted person is authorized to get behind the steering wheel of a rental car. The additional driver should be opted on the website booking page or directly at the agency’s counter.

What insurance is the best for my car rental in Weipa, Australia?

Insurance is the thing that provides financial stability to you and guarantees compensation for potential damage to the car rental provider. On the basis of these conditions, you 100% need a protective package each time you rent a car.

You can be insured with personal domestic coverage, or use your bank card provider to protect yourself while having a road trip abroad.

Otherwise, you can buy a full insurance plan or Excess reduction from the car rental company you choose. These types of protections are purchased at the rental desk in Weipa, Australia.

What is more, you can select Excess insurance on our website. This will save you from unnecessary worries and headaches during your trip. It will protect your Excess fee amount that will be frozen on your credit card.

What type of gas policy is the best in Weipa, Australia?

Among a few available fuel options offered by various car rental vendors in Weipa, Australia, full-to-full is the most profitable solution.

You pay exclusively for the gas you used, without any extra surcharges. What’s more, you can refill your car at local gas stations in Weipa, Australia, which will additionally save you a travel budget.

How to pick up a rental car in Weipa, Australia?

A quick and trouble-free pickup is what every car renter is looking for in Weipa, Australia. Follow some rules and the whole procedure will be easier than ever before:

  1. Keep all necessary documents with you, including your passport, driver’s license, International Drivers Permit (IDP) if required, a credit card, and a printed reservation voucher.
  2. Don’t forget that the same documents (except credit card) have to be prepared and provided for all additional drivers.
  3. Check the condition of the car you are going to pick up for scratches and chips. If there are any, ask to add them to the contract and take pictures of them.
  4. Check your fuel and mileage policies to avoid problems in the future. Don’t forget to note the level of gas in the car you going to pick up.
  5. Detect the presence of all necessary additional options (GPS, Child Toddler Seat, Infant Child Seat, Booster Seat, Ski Rack, Snow Chain Set, WiFi Access, Snow Tyre Set, etc) if you booked anything.
  6. Don’t forget to ask where the drop-off point is and whether it is different from the pick-up location in Weipa, Australia.
  7. Plan your route and go!

How to return a rental car in Weipa, Australia?

Drop-off is the last but no less important step in the entire car rental process in Weipa, Australia. To make it go smoothly, check out a few ultimate tips:

  1. Set aside enough time to return your rental car in Weipa, Australia not to be in a hurry. Sometimes, it is difficult enough to find and get to the car rental drop-off point, and there can be lines.
  2. Plan your trip in such a way to drop off the vehicle at the exact time, or even half an hour earlier then it’s specified in the contract. Don’t be late!
  3. Make sure that both the interior and exterior of the car are clean and in good condition. Otherwise, you will be charged.
  4. When using the full-to-full option, visit the nearest gas station to refuel your rental car before returning it. Save the receipt as proof.
  5. After reaching the drop-off point, check if you haven’t forgotten personal belongings, such as a charger or a mobile phone in the car.
  6. Contact your car rental company to accept your vehicle if needed.

How to rent a car with in Weipa, Australia?

  1. Choose the dates you need to start and finish your rental in Weipa, Australia. Specify the time when it will be convenient for you to pick up and return the car. Don’t forget to leave enough time for the formalities during drop-off!
  2. Start your search.
  3. Read the terms and conditions of your car rental, paying special attention to the following points:
    1. Limited or unlimited mileage. If there are restrictions on the daily mileage, you could end up paying more if you drive long distances. The unlimited mileage option could save you money in the long run.
    2. Insurance. Pay attention to the cost of full insurance and the amount of the Excess fee. It happens that the cost of your rental is low, but the Excess fee is huge and the cost of insurance is also high. This is made with the expectation that on arrival at the office, you will buy the insurance and thus a rental company will reimburse the low cost of the rent. Calculate the total cost of your rent!
    3. Fuel. Check the fuel options to find the best deal for you. Pre-purchase fuel is suitable for long trips over long distances or if you don’t have time to fill the tank before returning the car. If you have time and there is a gas station near your return location, Full to Full option could save you money.
  4. Think about what is more advantageous for you: buy excess insurance, full or partial insurance at the rental desk in Weipa, Australia, or buy neither one nor another. It can depend on the budget for a particular trip, on your driving experience, on how familiar you are with the driving style in the region where you rent a car, etc. Note that if you are a young driver, the amount of deposit for you may be higher than for drivers whose age falls within the range of 25-75 years - this can be a criterion in making a decision too. If you need help with this matter, please contact our support team.
  5. Drivers License. You must have a current driver's license for rental. You can get an International Driving Permit (IDP) from your home country if you plan ahead. Pay attention to whether IDL is required by the rental company. A cost of an IDP is not so high and it’s very likely that you will manage to make it in time. However, if you have an IDP and it is not required for rental in Weipa, Australia, take the license with you anyway.
  6. Credit Card. If you have a credit card with the necessary amount of money for a deposit, there is nothing to worry about. If you don’t have a credit card, double-check the rental conditions of the car rental agency to see if they accept debit cards to pre-authorize the deposit.
  7. After choosing an appropriate car, select the insurance that you want and book the optional extras that you need for your trip. If you decided to buy deposit insurance, choose an appropriate option from the proposed list. Then click “Continue”.
  8. Enter your personal data and payment details in the corresponding fields. At the payment stage, it doesn’t matter what type of card (debit or credit) you use.
  9. Usually, you have two payment options: Pay in full or Pay 25.00 USD deposit. If you select the second option, the remaining car rental balance will be automatically deducted from your card 7 days before your pick-up date. Free cancelation will be still available for such bookings. You will receive your car rental voucher once the full payment has been taken. After selecting the payment option, confirm your booking.
  10. When the car rental company receives and confirms your booking, you will get an email with a confirmation of your car rental in Weipa, Australia and a link to your voucher. Follow the voucher instructions (do not forget to print your voucher and take it with you).