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Modern young people who choose to travel by car in Australia often face the inability to rent a vehicle due to age restrictions. In many locations, only 25 years old and older renters are allowed. But what if you are a youngster dreaming of an incredible road trip, or a young businessman traveling for official needs?

Fortunately, under 25 car rental Australia is a great opportunity to fulfil your plans as it allows getting behind the steering wheel for those who are 21-24. So, keep reading to find out how to get it done easy with us.

How do I get a rental car under 25 in Australia?

The process of booking a car through Rental24H.com is simple, but before starting it, make sure you have everything you need to complete it fully. This means that you must comply with all points of the provider's requirements, including:

  • Acceptable age to rent a car in Australia is at least 20 years old;
  • Active driver's license with a good driving history during the last year of use;
  • A credit or debit card that was issued in your name.

Once you are 100% sure you meet these requirements, you can proceed with the car reservation. Going through our system takes little time and will get you a car after 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Search for Australia car rental under 25

Pick the desired location, specify the duration of the trip by entering start/end dates and pick-up time. Using filters, compare the options and select a vehicle.

Step 2

Confirm reservation

As soon as you add the necessary additional options to your car hire under 25 in Australia, decide on the fuel policy - enter your data and payment information. After that, confirm the reservation and print the voucher.

Step 3

Collect car hire under 25 Australia

Having arrived at your final destination, find the provider's counter or office. The staff will ask you to introduce the documents necessary for signing the agreement, and then you will receive the keys to your vehicle.

Top under 25 car hire locations in Australia

Not sure how to choose a good starting point for your big road journey? Perhaps, this list of the often-used locations to rent a car Australia under 25 will come in handy. Check it out, and you will be one step closer to making the right decision.

What companies rent a car under 25 in Australia?

It can be hard to know which hire car company to choose. With our powerful comparison tool you can get offers from the following major car hire outlets in Australia available for young renters:

What are age requirements for renting in Australia?

Each provider has its individual requirements regarding the renter's qualifications, and compliance with them is a crucial step in arranging a deal. While planning your trip to Australia, be sure to read through the terms and policies of your chosen provider. Here we have listed for you some main requirements to collect car rental Australia under 25:

  • Renter must be at least 21 years old at the time of rental. Get ready to pay more for each day due to the applying of a young driver's fee.
  • The driver's license in English must be with you. An international driving permit together is required if your domestic licence is not in English.
  • Your license must be at least 1 year old and have a good driving history without major records.
  • When using the probationary license, you will pay an additional 20 AUD per day as the Probationary License Fee.
  • The minimum age to rent a car in Australia of premium, luxury, and SUV classes is 30 years old. A full driving license is required.

Car classes allowed for under 25 car rental in Australia

Young drivers have unique requirements and restrictions: they can’t rent a car Australia under 25 of such classes as luxury/premium, convertibles, exotic vehicles, passenger vans, 7-seater minivans, and generally large and expensive cars.

Companies who provide car rental for under 25 in Australia consider underage renters not experienced enough to pick up a vehicle of a higher class, and for this reason, they impose this ban. The minimum age to rent a car in Australia sometimes increases to 30 years for drivers who want to enjoy a luxurious and large vehicle. As for under 25 years old renters, the following categories are at their disposal only:

Mini / Economy Compact / Midsize Fullsize / Standard SUV

FAQ about car rental under 25 in Australia

How much does it cost to rent a car under 25 in Australia?

Depending on the booking time, location, and your chosen provider, daily rates to rent a car under 25 Australia may differ. But we’ve gathered some numbers from popular locations in the chart below to give you the idea of the price range:

Economy Fullsize SUV
Hyundai Accent, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris, or similar Toyota Camry, Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, or similar Nissan Qashqai, Mitsubishi ASX, Toyota Kluger, or similar
46.00 - 72.00 AUD 55.00 - 66.00 AUD 66.00 - 126.00 AUD

Is there a fee for renting a car under 25 in Australia?

Yes, you have to pay the ‘Young Renter Fee’, which is calculated on a daily basis. It’s applied to everyone who uses car rental for under 25 Australia. Please note that you’ll be charged once, even if several under 25 years old drivers travel with you.

Car rental agency Minimum age to rent a car Under 25 car rental fee, per day
Alamo 21 - 24 15.00 AUD
Avis 21 - 24 27.50 AUD
Alpha 21 - 24 21.00 AUD
Budget 21 - 24 16.50 AUD
East Coast 21 - 24 9.90 AUD
Enterprise 21 - 24 23.50 AUD
Europcar 21 - 24 30.25 AUD
Firefly 20 - 24 16.50 AUD
Hertz 21 - 24 16.50 AUD
Sixt 21 - 24 8.80 AUD
Thrifty 21 - 24 27.50 AUD
Keddy 21 - 24 30.25 AUD

How can you avoid an under 25 car rental fee in Australia?

AAA membership is one of the affordable ways to avoid paying a young driver surcharge, which will save you 25-35 AUD a day. This rule works for drivers aged 20-24 if they pick up rental car Australia under 25 from Thrifty or Hertz.

All benefits you receive from AAA membership regarding car rental include:

  • free additional driver;
  • waiving underage fee;
  • free baby seat;
  • full 24/7 service and technical support;
  • discounts on hotels, flights, and tourist tours.

Do you need a credit card to hire a car under 25 in Australia?

A credit card is more recommended than is mandatory when you intend to pick up under 25 car rental Australia. However, using a debit card instead of credit may not be available among many companies. Plus, this may cause additional restrictions.

For example, today, only SIXT, Avis, and Enterprise are ready to rent a car if you are a debit cardholder. But what about other vendors? Their rental policy provides for the blocking of a deposit for the car hire under 25 Australia, which is necessary to compensate for possible losses not covered by insurance. This can only be done with a credit card.

Therefore, with a credit card, you get access to more companies, which means your choice will be much more extensive. In any case, always carefully read the terms of a particular provider - this will help to understand better what to count on and how to choose the best car rental for under 25 Australia.

Please note that if you make a reservation through our system, we will accept a debit or credit card for it.

Is it possible to rent a car in Australia with a US license?

Yes, a full US driver's license can be used to rent a car in Australia. Student driving permits or temporary licenses are not suitable to rent a car under 25 Australia. If your license is not in English, be sure to prepare an international driving permit.

Where to pick a rental car under 25, Australia?

Australia, with its main cities of Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, has hundreds of urban locations to pick up a car. However, airport spots are especially convenient because you will jump in your car immediately after landing and baggage claim.

We compare offers from the leading companies that have offices throughout the country, and this makes it possible to use the one-way option. This eliminates the need to return a rental car under 25 Australia to the same location. As a result, you can drop off your vehicle in a completely different city or even state. How do you like this idea?

What insurances can you take with your under 25 rental car in Australia?

It’s essential to protect your car from any situation on the road. Thus, rental providers usually offer basic packages, including damage and theft insurance, as well as liability and fire insurance that come with your car by default.

When searching for under 25 car rental Australia on our website, you will see what coverage is already included in the price - check this next to the car icon. This is very convenient since you will know for sure what you paid for and what you still need to purchase additionally.

What do you get from car rental insurance under 25 in Australia?

It's simple - you get the financial stability and calm nerves on your road trip by car rental under 25 Australia. Usually, the coverage differs for each provider, but we’ve compiled a list of the insurance products available for young renters, so you can have a better understanding of the subject:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP). With this insurance plan, you will protect your wallet from expenses related to car damage or its theft. Usually, it contains a certain amount of excess, after which your coverage begins to act. Also, sometimes companies offer zero excess for car hire under 25 Australia, which means a complete cancellation of your responsibility. However, there are some exceptions for CDW and TP:

  • CDW doesn’t cover damage to mirrors, chassis, roof, windows, tires, interior, and key.
  • TP doesn’t protect your personal belongings in the car - there is another type of insurance for this. Therefore, don’t leave something valuable inside of the rental car Australia under 25, but instead put it in the trunk, thereby protecting from potential theft.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Coverage (PEC). PAI reimburses possible medical/ambulance expenses caused by injuries as a result of an accident, and it also applies to passengers. PEC allows you to financially protect personal items that can be stolen by someone from the car.

Liability Insurance. This coverage makes it possible to avoid liability for property damage or personal injury caused to third parties participating in the incident. It’s recommended for under 25 car rental Australia; otherwise, you may suffer significant financial losses if such a situation arises in your trip.

Prices we show to you in search already include the minimal coverage, but if you need more, you can always get extra insurance at the counter from your rental provider. It makes sense to check with your credit card company, as very often, you may already have some insurance options on hand. Contact the bank that issued your card to find out if your insurance plan covers a rental car under 25 Australia.

Do you need to purchase additional insurance if you’re hiring a car when under 25?

This is always good when you are fully protected during your trip. This means damage to the car, theft of personal belongings, and or claims from third parties will affect your financial condition. However, you have to pay for it, and this entails additional costs when you rent a car under 25 Australia.

In general, providers do not oblige under 25 years old renters to buy full insurance, allowing them to make their own choice. It’s recommended that the car has protection against damage from theft, and you receive financial guarantees in case of possible injury and theft of personal belongings from the car. Also, liability insurance is equally important one – it’s necessary to compensate for potential losses from claims of third parties affected by accidents.

Full insurance for the car hire under 25 Australia may include additional damage waivers covering any damage to your vehicle, including tires, mirrors, windows, etc. In any case, you should always know which insurance is already included in the rental, and which you can purchase optionally. This will allow you to choose the perfect coverage plan that suits you.

Can I rent sports cars or luxury cars in Australia if I’m under 25?

If you are a young driver who likes fast sports vehicles but is worried about an acceptable age to rent a car Australia, don’t despair. Some companies are ready to provide Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang, which are icons among powerful vehicles.

But most likely, luxury vehicles won’t be available to you because of the specifics of the rental policy. Each provider has its own lineup for under 25 years old drivers, and you better read carefully rental terms and policies to find out which models you can collect.

10 Tips on how to get a cheap rental car under 25 in Australia

  1. Make an early reservation

    Rent a car Australia under 25 right after you bought a plane ticket and booked a hotel. The best time is 2-3 weeks before the upcoming trip when the demand for cars is not so high. This will give you an advantage in terms of a wide selection of vehicles and low prices.

  2. Search for the best deal

    You can pick up the first car you’ve found, but it doesn’t look like a cost-effective way to get a cheap car rental under 25 Australia. Therefore, start searching on our website to compare offers from leading providers such as Enterprise, Budget, Thrifty, Hertz on the go, thereby choosing the best option available at the moment.

  3. Save on insurance

    No, we don’t mean to refuse insurance at all - just try to find a third-party provider. Very often, this method can be half the price than you get insurance on a counter, which is a profitable solution for under 25 car rental Australia. Maybe you spend a little more time searching for a reliable provider, but in the end, it will help to save quite a lot.

  4. Use your home GPS device

    The satellite navigation system is a vital thing for traveling through unfamiliar territory. You can take it as an additional option and pay for it daily, but we know the right way to save - grab your domestic GPS device. If you don’t have one, it’s enough to take a smartphone and Google Maps installed on it.

  5. Compare prices in neighboring locations

    Look for car rental Australia under 25 not only at the airport but also at urban pickup spots. Typically, the airport is an expensive location where you will pay 20-25% more for the same car available at the city branch of the rental company. Hence the conclusion - it may be cheaper to take a taxi to a non-airport location and pick up a vehicle at a more attractive price. In any case, compare different Australia rental car under 25 offers and conclude.

  6. Don’t choose exotic cars

    Perhaps, it’s your dream to drive a BMW or Audi convertible along the Great Ocean Road, but it may be quite expensive. If your main goal is a budget trip, then be realistic - choose the car that fits your needs and size. Remember that the more significant and cooler the vehicle, the more expensive it’s.

  7. Don’t overpay for fuel

    When you reserve a car hire under 25 Australia, choosing the right fuel policy matters. With prepaid gasoline, you buy a full tank of fuel, and your task is to use as much as possible because the remaining amount won’t be compensated.

    Want to save? Then give preference to the full-to-full option. It works as follows: you pick up a car with a full tank of fuel, and you need to return it in the same condition. This is a better option for Australia car rental under 25 because you only pay for what you consumed.

  8. Inspect the car before jumping into it

    Carefully go around the car and check for chips, scratches, and similar damages. Ask them to be recorded into your contract so that when the vehicle returns, the company doesn’t have a reason for a claim.

  9. Take photos of the car upon return

    This will help to prove your innocence in the event of possible late claims from the company. Before you drop off car rental under 25 Australia, take a photo of the mileage, bodywork, and interior panels to have strong evidence if necessary.

  10. Get benefits from promotions and discounts

    This is another way to get a car cheaper than expected. When searching for a vehicle on our website, look for offers with discounts or free additional options. Sometimes you can rent a car Australia under 25 with a free additional driver or Sat-Nav option.

Under 25 car rental Australia: Few more points to consider

  1. Always pay attention to inclusions and exclusions from the price of a car from different providers. Fees, taxes, and additional options can add a considerable amount to the final cost of an Australian rental car under 25, so consider this fact when choosing a company to deal with.
  2. Both the major and all additional drivers must be prescribed in the agreement - this is an essential procedure. In the event of an accident or another insurance event, if an unregistered driver was driving a car, the coverage will be canceled and not valid at all.
  3. Travelers who drive an Australia car rental under 25 must be prepared for higher fees in case of damage to the vehicle or other incidents causing material loss to the company.
  4. If you are an inexperienced underage driver, keep an eye on your driving time, and always take a break to relax. Fatigue negatively affects the reaction speed and perception of the road situation, which can lead to an accident and other adverse consequences on your trip.