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At Rental24H.com, we understand that drivers of all ages want to rent a vehicle, as this is a perfect way to explore the trodden tracks. This is even an option to replace your car if necessary, not to mention the evident benefits of this means of traveling compared to public transport. Therefore, we’ll help you to find great car rental under 21 in Australia from major providers and compare them quickly to find the best option for your next trip.

Can you rent a car in Australia under 21?

You are permitted to rent a car in Australia under 21 if you are a holder of a full driving license. In the situation, if you have only L’s (Learners Licence) or P’s (P Plate), renting a car is unavailable to you.

Not so long ago, the permitted age was 25, but the situation has changed to provide a wider group of drivers with an opportunity to rent a car in Australia under 21. Nevertheless, this is possible only at extra cost, and underage drivers have to pay extra fees quite often.

TOP locations to rent a car Australia under 21

If you rent a vehicle planning to explore the country most conveniently and advantageously, you are sure to be interested in the top locations where you can pick up your vehicle. To ease this task, here are the major locations where you can find car deals to hire a car under 21 in Australia:

Which car rental companies can I use in Australia under 21?

Rental24h compares offers from the leading car hire under 21 Australia companies, among which are such international providers as Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, and Hertz, alongside some local rentals like Bargain and Redspot. Drivers under 21 can use the services of Firefly and Sunset, depending on the location.

We collate all car rentals in a single search, so you can get rid of the need to visit the website of each company separately hunting for cheap car rental Australia under 21 deals. This means we are not a plain site with price comparison. Here you will find all the required information to make your choice wisely, considering such criteria as ratings, fuel policies, pick-up locations, car size, and much more.

With us you can compare offers from such providers in Australia:

What do I need to get a rental car under 21 in Australia?

Getting a car in Australia for young renters requires a few things:

  • To hold a valid driver’s license;
  • To be of a certain age;
  • To have a credit card (or debit card in some cases);
  • To have insurance that covers a rental car.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Australia?

Various car rentals classify underage drivers differently. You are allowed to drive if you are under 20, but you’ll need to pay a charge called a Young Driver Fee for this. Our site allows you to consider various vehicles from more than 20 providers in Australia to determine the option that suits your age to rent a car in Australia.

Why do car rental companies charge young drivers more in Australia?

As younger drivers cannot boast of enough experience, statistics say that insurance claims are made by them more frequently, and their amount is more significant. Because of this, renting companies demand an additional fee from young drivers for car rental under 21 in Australia to cover the higher risk they take.

We’ve put together some information about young renter’s surcharge that rental companies have in Australia:

Car hire supplier FireFly Alamo Enterprise Europcar Thrifty Hertz
Minimum age, years 20 21 21 21 21 21
Young driver supplement/day (under 21) 16.50 AUD 18.00 AUD 23.50 AUD 30.25 AUD 27.50 AUD 16.50 AUD

Under 21 car rental in Australia: Driver’s licence requirements

A driving license from your native country (e.g., the USA or any other) is necessary to hire car under 21 Australia. If you plan to stay in the country for half a year or longer, it is better to apply for an international driver’s license prior to leaving your country or can get it in Australia. Check that your local driving license is valid (the term of it should be not less than a year), as well as your credit card.

Anyone driving a car must be a holder of a driving license which:

  • is in English or has a certified translation into English if it comes in any other language;
  • is valid for vehicle driving;
  • is not a learner’s permit;
  • is held for more than 12 months;
  • suits any other terms included in the Rental Agreement or in any Additional Terms.

Please note that there are certain restrictions on car rental in Australia under age 21. This relates to certain classes of vehicles like luxury or exotic cars.

How can I rent under 21 in Australia if I’m on P-Plates?

With some providers, it is quite possible to car rent Australia under 21 with a valid Provisional License (P-Plate). For this, you are to fulfill such conditions as:

  • The term of the P-Plate license should not be less than 12 months at the moment when you are starting to rent a vehicle.
  • The P-Plate must be displayed on the vehicle by customers;
  • Full insurance should be accepted by customers;
  • The customer should adhere to the conditions of the rental agreement and the limits related to the Provisional license.

It is not allowed for learner drivers (L-Plate) to apply for a car hire in Australia under 21. There are companies like Enterprise that will impose an additional Probationary License Fee, which comprises about 20 AUD.

Australian/New Zealand Underage Drivers

Green & Red P-Plates are OK, although extra fees are used.

International Underage Drivers

Rental providers don’t demand an International License for a car hire Australia under 21.

NOTE: Police in certain Australian states might demand an English certified translation of the license if you do not have it in English.

Under 21 Insurance Coverage options for rental cars in Australia

Our price rates we show to you in search include a minimum coverage if you rent a vehicle in Australia, as all under 21 car rental Australia come with Standard Liability or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Nevertheless, you are still responsible for any excess in case of any problems with the vehicle.

Prior to even commencing pondering over, you are to evaluate your own insurance policies to ensure what your coverage comprises. Before you rent a car under 21 in Australia consider the following:

  1. Your personal insurance policy. Certain insurances may cover a car rental under 21 Australia too. That’s why, check out everything, if you wish to save some greens on this. Doubling your expenses to cover everything is certainly a good option, but this is not the best way to save on insurance.
  2. Credit card coverage. As credit card organizations proceed to offer numerous advantages to boost their status in this constantly competitive sphere, you can quite hope to get car rental coverage via your credit card. If this happens with you, you may choose this insurance as one of the means to save funds.
  3. Travel insurance. When you travel abroad, numerous all-inclusive trip packages contain coverage for rented vehicles. Study this issue and collate the prices. You might be amazed at what turns out to be cheaper finally.

FAQ about car rental under 21 in Australia

To make your Australia under 21 car rental research even easier, we’ve made a set of questions our customers do ask us frequently.

What is Excess Reduction and do I need it renting in Australia under 21?

We’ll make it simple. For instance, if your car rental under 21 Australia contract includes an excess of $3,000, you will respond for all damages to the vehicle up to $3,000. The company will cover anything over this sum.

If you do not want to cover the extra $3,000, it is possible to decrease this sum by buying Excess Reduction. This elective coverage is an extra fee charged a day and can vary somewhere in between $20 - $65 a day, based on your Australia car rental under 21. You give $25 a day additionally, and your excess will be decreased to $500 from $3,000. If you choose to take the Excess Reduction, you will be proposed various levels that will decrease the excess depending on how much you pay a day additionally.

Although you need to realize that this coverage doesn’t comprise any single vehicle accidents (SVA) or problems with windscreens, headlights, or tyres (WHT). You are to buy extra coverage to cover these forms of damages and accidents.

It's a pity there are no simple answers to the question of buying extra coverage for an Australia rental car under 21. Everything depends on your tastes. The wisest decision is to study all coverage levels, look through the terms and conditions attentively, and clarify everything with the rental organization in case of any misunderstandings and then, finally, select the insurance option that suits you the most.

What type of a rental car suits your travel needs in Australia?

Here we would say you should think over what kind of traveling you are looking for and what your rental car under 21 in Australia preferences are. What do you require? Comfort? Space? Style? Economy? Various vehicles are suitable for multiple trips. Here is a short breakdown for you:

  • The road journey: a long road journey demands convenience, durability, and a good GPS. You need a large vehicle with enough space for your luggage.
  • Moving in the city: because you will stop quite frequently to the town and move further, it is better to give preference to manual transmission; in terms of parking, compact and mini cars are better.
  • Travelling with your family: movers traveling with families require spacious vehicles like SUVs. The majority of car rental under 21 Australia companies provide baby/infant seats for an extra fee.
  • Adventurous trips: if your plans include traveling along difficult terrain or winding and steep roads, choose vehicles with four-wheel drives and manual transmission.

How to pick the right car rental under 21 for Australia?

Car rental for under 21 in Australia allows you to feel independent of public transport and other conventions, even in a foreign city. The right choice of a rental vehicle includes getting the most out of what you want at the minimum cost. That’s why, on our site you can conveniently compare offers from different rentals by numerous criteria and filters you wish. You can compare vehicles by:

Car class Mini, economy, compact, intermediate, fullsize.
Car type Car types are shown with details about number of doors, luggage, passengers, etc.
Pick up options If you pick up at the airport you will save time, still this option may shorten the range of your choices. Meet-and-greet services and free shuttle buses can widen your scope for car rental under 21 Australia.
Car specifications Choose the bonuses (or must-haves) you want, such as air conditioning, free cancellation, unlimited mileage, free breakdown assistance, free additional driver, GPS and four-wheel drive.
Fuel policy There are two main options: full to full (your car’s tank is full when you pick it up and must be returned full to avoid a fee) and same to same (you simply refill the tank to the level it was when you picked it up).
Transmission Here it’s simple to choose between manual or automatic. Automatic transmission is widely common in Australia, some other countries like the UK favour manual cars strongly.
Drop off point When searching to rent a car Australia under 21 in some cities, you can select to return your car to a different drop off location to your collection point. That may be from one airport to another or you may want to pick up your rental car in the city and then return it to the airport.

Can I hire a car one-way from Sydney to Melbourne under 21?

Yes, you can. It is not a problem to find a car hire under 21 in Australia from one location to another. In case you wish to do this, pick a different place to drop off. Keep in mind that plenty of rentals will ask to pay a One Way Fee, which is generally called a drop charge, for such a variant of renting. On Rental24H.com, one way fee will be added to the rental cost displayed to you.

How much does gas cost for young renters?

Knowing where to refuel your car rental under 21 Australia is a crucial thing. Gasoline, known as ‘petrol’ in Australia (and it is better to call it so to avoid confusion), is sold in litres. One gallon amounts to 3.785 litres. Australia has high prices on petrol, so be ready to pay something in between $3.25 – 4.50 per gallon, and in some isolated parts, the price is even higher. Self-serve gas stations are at your disposal around the country.

When should I book my rental car in Australia under 21?

Commonly, early booking promises better prices and a more extensive selection of vehicles. If there are no upfront costs and no cancellation fees, you simply risk nothing. We highly recommend using early bookings when you hire car under 21 Australia for Easter, Christmas, or other holidays.

Do rental cars come with GPS for young drivers in Australia?

This is not a standard kitting-up. Yet, you can rent a GPS device to control your route on the track while hiring the vehicle.

Traveling across unfamiliar areas is a great way to spend your time vacation. But if you get lost in some isolated areas, it is not so pleasant. A GPS device could be the thing you require to get the most enjoyable experience with under 21 car rental in Australia and not to appear in some faraway regions without knowing where to go.

How do I pay for Road Tolls when renting a car under 21?

In Australia, you are to pay for all toll roads with electronic means. You will not find cash toll kiosks. When using toll roads, you must pay the fee for this. You can do this easily if you register for a pass during 3 days of moving on the toll road. Numerous rental companies will charge you automatically with all toll roads used if you rent a car Australia under 21.

Can I take my rental car to the Ski Fields in Australia?

Without any problems, but only under the condition that you have acquired a special snow package from the under 21 car rental Australia company. Your insurance might not cover using a rental car above the snow line without a snow package, and you can be charged for any damage that happened with the vehicle. The Snow package comprises such points as Snow Chains, which are obligatory in the country above the snow line.

Is it more expensive to hire a car with manual or automatic transmission for a young driver?

On the contrary to other countries, the price for a car hire Australia under 21 with automatic transmission is mainly the same as with a manual one, or in some situations, it is even cheaper. The more significant part of rented vehicles in the country comes with an automatic transmission. This fact simplifies the renting procedure for those who have a driving license for automatic cars only. Our website offers a filter that will help you sort the vehicles by this indicator.

Rental24H Top Tips before you hit the road

Check the vehicle: It is a standard procedure to examine the car you plan to hire for damages. Ensure that you examined the vehicle for all the damages and that the rental car representative takes notes for all the problems noticed (generally, they have a form and diagram of the car to mark this). Do not forget to take photos of all the defects detected.

Clarify the fuel policy: Many Australia under 21 car rental companies will charge a lot for refilling your car with the patrol. Keep away from such pricking fees by refilling your vehicle before returning the car. Inquire about the fuel charges possibilities if you do not wish to bother yourself with refilling the tank, or ask the company representative about the gas station nearby to avoid wasting time moving around the city that you do not know.

Clarify the rules: Moving along the off-roads through an impressive rocky scenery or taking a ride on a car ferry for the places unfamiliar to you can cost you extra fees. Be sure to clarify whether you need to pay any extras for using a car in unconventional trips or a car ferry.

Find perfect timing: Never take a rented vehicle at 8:00 in Melbourne downtown to learn how to drive on the left during rush hour traffic. It is better to take the car in the middle of the day to try it at the Australian suburbs that are merely ghostly during this time of the day. You will have no delays taking the car at this time!

Several other methods to save your funds on hire car under 21 Australia:

  • ❖ Practically in all situations, you will pay less doing reservation online than via the counter.
  • ❖ In some cases, you will pay a lot for getting a child’s seat. Plenty of air companies permit you to check-in a baby seat for nothing.
  • ❖ Numerous car rentals let family members become added drivers without paying for this. Check this before paying any extras.

Mind your Safety when you rent a car in Australia under 21

Australia isn’t the safest place for traveling, but it is not dangerous. Here are some recommendations we’ve get from our experienced customers for underage drivers to avoid accidents:

  • Do not drink alcohol while driving.
  • Constantly keep to the speed restriction (or even below it) on your rental vehicle. In urban areas, it is mainly 60 km per hour (35 mph), on highways – 110 km per hour (68 mph).
  • Hold a safe distance with the vehicle ahead.
  • Never drive in the blind spot of your car beside you if you drive in 2- or 3-lane traffic.
  • Make pauses every 2 hours. If you haven’t traveled long distances before this trip, approach this matter seriously, and ensure that you are not overtired while driving.
  • Never talk on the phone while driving.
  • Mind kangaroos, as they can appear on the road suddenly in front of your car. When you see an animal on the side of the road up ahead, stop if you do not want to destroy the car hire under 21 Australia.